Sunday, February 28, 2010

Valentine's Day 2010

Valentine's weekend, I had a wonderful little two day escape with my kids ... big and little and all of my Grandkids to a awesome indoor waterpark at French Lick, IN. They are my Valentine's .. and it was my gift to them. It was just a little funky to be inside a huge glassed in waterpark and watch it snow like crazy on the outside!

Nine kids and eight adults and we were still losing kids everywhere. But we found them all before it was time to head home. Given the fact that we were the only group with all the kids wearing life jackets in the baby pool, we knew they were relatively safe. Can you believe that I said that?

I let my older big kids talk me into going down a couple of water slides about 120 mph that sucked the breath out of me and shot me out like a cannon. Given the fact that I was and am still sore and rickety, I would do it all over again in a heartbeat.

This was our "first annual get-a-way. Joey and Mariah came from St. Louis, while Jared and Elissa drove up from Mississippi just to make me happy. I love them for that. Josh and Jessie and Juli have all the kids ... so for them we were on a great big wet playdate!

Mother's Day we have a date in Carbondale, IL at Castle Park ... then the end of June we're attempting a mountain cabin in Gatlinburg. Am I crazy? Crazy about my Kids!