Friday, September 21, 2007

Sam's Bug!

This morning before the kiddo's went to preschool they were outside playing for a few minutes on the porch. Sam found a big black 'wolly-worm.' It was the biggest, fluffiest worm I've ever seen! Sam was so excited about finding that worm.

He picked it up gently with both hands cupped and let it crawl up and down his arms. You could see the love in his eyes and you could see this boy's heart burst wide open for his bug. He was talking to it, and asking it questions, and kept saying, 'my Bug, my Buggie' as it wiggled all over him.

Sam showed me his bug and then showed his Daddy. He was showing Meg his little willy-worm when I came in the house to get my camera. She was 'ewwing and ahhing' over Sam's bug as he proudly stretched out his arm and showed her.

I came back outside just as Jay came running up to see what the excitement was all about ... just as the little worm fell off of Sam's outstretched arm and onto the sidewalk. Jay promptly, like most little boys do, yelled, "BUG!" and instantly squished it onto the sidewalk with his shoe.

I realized that even at the young age of two, Sam knew that his bug, was no more. His little heart was broke and the tears he cried were full of sadness for his friendly black worm. 'My Buggie', he cried as he stood there looking down at his still little friend. At that moment, he knew that his little worm was gone. Forever.

No matter how much you love your children and no matter how much we protect them, we can't bring those little black bugs back to life, and mend those little broken hearts. These lessons learned are so hard.

Jay won't remember this particular little black worm that he squished and Sam won't remember this particular little black worm that he loved, but I'll always remember his face watching that worm with wonder and love in his eyes.

I hope Sam always has this much passion for all the 'little black worms' in his life ... no matter how small they are.

.... as always, be blessed.