Monday, December 31, 2007

Happy New Years Eve!

Just a little year in review ....

This little piece of my life, my blog, isn't a year old yet. I started it in March of this year and didn't think anyone would be interested in "Me." I was wrong. I've met some really wonderful people along the way, some that I hope to someday meet. I get more emails from readers, than I do comments, and it's so much fun to peek into their lives. Some have shared stories from their heart and others sorrow, and others just vented. I've shared my soul. My life. My family ... and my heart.

In January the winter was cold here in Indiana. We didn't get the kids out much. Only to daycare and back home. We were so lucky that they didn't get sick much. We truly were blessed in that aspect. We were sinking into the "terrible two's" with triplets. Right smack into the heart of it. Looking back now, I can say ... it wasn't too bad. As I look at pictures through out the year, I smiled at this one. We were over run with toys. They needed them all. As they grow now, we've given a lot away, and the path is wider in our house these days.

February found these little guys a little more interested in television. They love Barney, Backyardigans and Jon and Kate plus Eight ... how funny is that? They love to watch the babies.

February also found these kiddo's forming an intense bond with each other. They started talking, and looking out for each other. Sam was a biter, and still is on occasion. When he'd get in trouble for biting one of them and was put in time-out, Jay and Meg would sit with him and hold his hand. Triple trouble all the way ...

Speaking of babies, February also brought excitement for me. I photographed the birth of a set of quintuplets. It was an awesome experience ... one that I'll never forget. Fifty fingers .... fifty toes, and they're all beautiful and healthy.

March came and the winds blew ... and warmer days were upon us. We ventured out more and more. This picture is probably my all time favorite ever. The kiddo's had two speeds - fast and faster. They were happy and so excited to explore their world. They were no longer babies ...
April of this year was unseasonably warm. They spent most of their days outside and always wanting what was on the other side of the fence.

May brought beautiful weather for beautiful pictures. The grass was green and the kids loved it. They loved to pose for me and let me take their pictures. They would run and stop and yell out "cheese." ....
June was hot this year and I had a hard time keeping clothes on them. It was about this time that Meg truly discovered the color Pink, and from that moment on ... she became a princess.

July brought dog days and independence .... we walked a lot in the evening. We almost wore out the road. Hand in hand they'd walk.
August was fun. They explored their world and made everyday an adventure. I can still hear the giggles and laughter ring when I think back to this day.
September brought Sam's first black eye. A month before they turned three years old, life is getting better. It's a little easier now than when they were younger.
October .... birthday month. It's hard to believe they're three. They are blessings from above! They're potty trained and the cribs are gone. They talk, sing, and know their ABC's and can count to ten.
November brought fall and massive beautiful crisp leaves to play in. They're growing leaps and bounds and everyday is a new day. They love each other.
December .... yes, they love each other. Another year is beginning for these Ordinary Miracles!

Be Blessed Everyone and have a great new year!

Ordinary Miracle

It’s not that usual when everything is beautiful
It’s just another ordinary miracle today
The sky knows when its time to snow
You don’t need to teach a seed to grow
It’s just another ordinary miracle today

Life is like a gift they say
Wrapped up for you everyday
Open up and find a way
To give some of your own

Isn’t it remarkable?
Like every time a raindrop falls
It’s just another ordinary miracle today

Birds in winter have their fling
And always make it home by spring
It’s just another ordinary miracle today

When you wake up everyday
Please don’t throw your dreams away
Hold them close to your heart
Cause we are all a part
Of the ordinary miracle

Ordinary miracle
Do you want to see a miracle?
Its seems so exceptional
Things just work out after all
It’s just another ordinary miracle today

The sun comes up and shines so bright
It disappears again at night
It’s just another ordinary miracle today
It’s just another ordinary miracle today

Sunday, December 30, 2007

Caught a Mouse last Night!

As usual, it's very difficult to catch all three of these kiddo's at the same time and herd them into their bedroom at night. Last night was no different.

As soon as we hit the top of the stairs, they scatter and hide from me. This is turning into a nightly ritual. They love to play "hide-and-seek." They're just too cute! Jay slid under an old antique dresser that we have in the living room upstairs. Of course his head was peeking out and he was giggling at me. Meg ran into her bedroom and hid in the corner with her pillow over her head. Sam leaped over the side of the sofa, ducked behind it and crawled along the wall until I could see him. Of course I could hear him too. "Jay .... hide Jay .... giggle-giggle-snort-laugh-giggle!"

I pretended to not find my little darlings and looked high and low and called out for each one of them. They stayed put and giggled and yelled out to me that they were hiding! Sam especially stayed put. He was stuck! Stuck. Stuck. Stuck. Stuck to a sticky glue mouse trap. Both feet firmly planted onto that little trap that was hid behind the sofa. He couldn't move his feet.

Mr. Dairy Wife had to air-lift him straight up and over the back, and rescue him! Needless to say, we couldn't pull the glue trap off of his pajama's with him in them, so we shucked him right out of them just to salvage the kid! His cute little pajama's weren't salvaged. I couldn't get the glue off of them. Any ideas anyone?

Those little mouse traps are STICKY!

Be Blessed Everyone.

Friday, December 28, 2007

My Favorite Kids

Here's a few snapshots taken tonight of my favorite kids. I told each one of them that they are my favorite. I always do things like that. I want them to feel special. Don't let the cat out of the bag okay? Jared and Elissa made it home from Mississippi and we had Christmas all over again at Juli's house this evening.
Here's my favorite kid Joey. He's so special, and he's my very most favorite one. He's with Mariah, and she's my favorite kid too. Someday this favorite kid of mine is going to marry her, and she'll be even more favorite. Joey gets big headed sometimes because he knows he's my favorite. I have always told him that I love him more than any other kid named Joey in the whole world. He believes me too. He's been my favorite Joey for twenty-four years.

Here's my favorite kid Jared. He is so special and he is my very most favorite kid. He's with his wife Elissa and she's my favorite kid too. She's going to be my very most favorite eye doctor in a few years. Jared has it in his head because he was my baby for twenty years before the triplets came that he is my best favoritestly kid of all times. I tell him that so he feels special. He is special too. I used to whisper in his ear when he was a little boy that he was my very most special favorite little boy named Jared, and he was the best loved Jared in the whole wide world, and my very most favorite one. He believed that too. He's been my favorite Jared kid for twenty-three years, come next week.Here's Juli. She's my utmost special favorite kid. She knows it too. She's here with Derek and he's my favorite boyfriend kid. I like him because he thinks Juli is his favorite too. Juli is my favorite kid because, well just because I said so. She gave birth to my favorite grand daughter and that pushed her right up to the top of all time favorites. When Juli was a little girl, we used to go late night shopping for bubble bath and girly things and makeup and she used to say to me, "Mommy, I'm your favorite kid right?" ..... she was right. She was and still is. My favorite kid.
It was always our secret. We whispered it in each others ears all the time. She's been my favorite Juli Beth for twenty-five years!
Here's Jared and Joey together. You just don't get any more favorite than this. Two brothers together. I sure hope they don't tell each other that they're each my favorite kid. I might get into trouble!

My favorite oldest kid named Josh wasn't with us tonight. He's twenty-six and he had to work. But he's my supreme favorite too. He didn't give birth to my cutest favorite grandson named Luke, but he is his Daddy and that makes Josh my ultimate favorite kid that is a Dad. When Josh was a little boy I used to wake him up in the middle of the night and whisper to him that he was my bestest favorite Josh and I loved him more than any other kid in the universe. Then I would kick my butt a million times for waking him up. I really did too. But then, that was before I had any other kids. Now I tell them all that they're my favorite ones. Each and everyone one of them. All seven of them. They're my favorite kids!

Don't I have the cutest smiling-est favorite kids in the world? I think I'm their favorite Mom too! Who's your most favorite kid?

Be Blessed Everyone.

Thursday, December 27, 2007

True Love

It really is true love. Love between a Mother and her Daughter. My Daughter and her Daughter. I was there to witness it. From the very beginning, from the very first moment that my Daughter became a Mother. It was love at first sight, and an instantaneous overwhelming rush of emotions, that rose up and tickled my heart, as I experienced this miracle happen.
Three years later, that love has grown into a bond that will be forever. My daughter is a single Mother now. It's just her and Kelcie everyday. It's hard some days, but that love is always there. I see it in the smiles, and hear it in the laughter.

This Christmas morning, my daughter woke alone with her daughter. It was just the two of them. She wanted her to be in her own home, with her own Christmas tree, and start their own traditions. She wanted Kelcie to open her presents in her own home.
My daughter is smart and beautiful. She's strong, and she'll make it just fine as a single Mom raising her daughter. She's an awesome Mother to Kelcie, and she's my best friend.
As her Mother, I worried about her because she didn't have a present to open on Christmas morning from her daughter. Kelcie's Daddy didn't take her shopping to buy a present for her Mommy. In fact, he didn't want her on Christmas, and this saddened me to look at this beautiful little three year old girl and think how could he not want to be with her. It saddened my daughter as well. But she's strong, and she made Christmas beautiful for her Daughter.
Santa was told that Kelcie needed to get her Mommy a present, and he helped her. It was wrapped in beautiful paper and tied with the most beautiful yellow ribbons, and held the most precious gift in a rainbow of color. Colors that Kelcie's Mommy knew exactly what they stood for. Godly colors held together by a silver circle for her to wear. A circle, that is never-ending.

White for forgiveness and pink for Love. Gold for glory and yellow for Heaven above. Green is for eternal life and Blue for the baptism of being born again anew, and red for the Blood of Christ that washed away the sin (black).
It's sealed with a kiss ..... a kiss that says, "I love you Mommy!" ... and she does. She has a wonderful Mommy, and she has a Mommy that loves her from the deepest center of her soul. It's true love!
Be Blessed Everyone .... remember those Mommy kisses you had when you were little, and remember now to give them, no matter how big your little ones may be!

Tuesday, December 25, 2007

Merry Christmas!

It was wonderful. It was magical. It was exciting, and they took my breath away. They believe with all their hearts .... and Santa came, and he left them all that any little kid could wish for.

This morning I waited for my kiddo's to get up and I reveled in the excitement that was surely to come. ... and it did. Three years old is such a wonderful age for kids. They loved all their presents, and they had such a good time.

... and seriously folks, I didn't go way too overboard, and Mr. Dairy Wife was very proud of me. It was definitely worth it, and so are they!

Have a great Christmas!

Monday, December 24, 2007

Coming Home for Christmas

My older kids were here for Christmas Eve .... and it hit me like a ton a bricks when we sat down to dinner that this was the first time ever, that we weren't all together for Christmas. One of us was missing. Jared couldn't come home from Mississippi because he had to work

As we sat around the table chatting and telling stories, the kids talked about missing Jared, so we called him. We put him on speaker phone and the very second I heard his voice ... I started to cry. So did Juli. It's as if our minds were in the same place, and we missed him. I think when our eyes met, we both realized that this was a first for us.

We're very close, my kids and me. My heart actually ached from missing Jared today. My every thought was thinking about him and his brothers and his sisters not being together, and I was teary eyed several times today. A part of us was missing, and it wasn't the same.

When I think about having seven kids .... it's not like I had seven kids in a row. It's like I have two sets of kids. An older set and a younger set, and the two are completely different. Completely different families, and the two are not one. They never will be, and that makes me feel as if I live in two different worlds. I think that's why I fiercely struggle to maintain my family unit. My older kids and me. A bond to not be broken. Life is different when you come from divorced parents, and life goes on. And it did.

Jared and Elissa will be coming home Wednesday night, a day after Christmas and we will be together Friday night. I can't wait to see his smiling face.

Then, in my self pity, I had long lingering thoughts for those Mother's whose children won't ever be coming home ... and my heart ached. I can't imagine the emptiness and the ache in their hearts, and how the days, and particularly the holidays, are forever changed. The pain must be unbearable, but it must be endured.

I am particularly drawn to someone I don't know personally, who lost a beautiful daughter a little over a year ago. Today I prayed for her to be uplifted, and know that her daughter is in heaven, and that her broken heart finds a way to love her in her absence, and not in pain from the emptiness. As I read her blog, I find that I admire her for her strength, but know that she has experienced the worst pain a Mother can have, and that saddens me. She has lost a child to death, and that child, her daughter, left behind her own children.

I am asking those that read here, that when you're celebrating Christmas with your families tomorrow, please pray for those Mother's that have a piece of their heart missing, ... and pray for my blog friend Vonda, and her Wee Ones, and her angel daughter Kyla that won't be coming home for Christmas.

I hope everyone has a very Merry Christmas, and one that is safe. Be Thankful. Share. ... and Love each other.

Be Blessed Everyone.

Sunday, December 23, 2007

I Believe

It's amazing after all the years of raising kids, and now that I have these kiddo's and my Grandkiddo's ... that I believe again. Yes, I believe in Santa Claus again. He is the major reason for all the excitement around my house this year. He is coming to see us in a few days and we're so excited.

We only put our tree up a couple of days ago, which was none too soon. These kiddo's are so excited they can't contain themselves. They sit in front of the tree and talk about Santa bringing presents. They take the ornaments off the tree and put them back on and sit back down again. They're waiting until Santa comes.
After a very lengthy discussion with Mr. Dairy Wife doing most of the talking about the true meaning of Christmas, and how we don't want to buy a bunch of toys and get caught up in the shopping, and how we want these kiddo's to grow up humbled by the holiday and the meaning, we came to an agreement, to keep it real. (for the record, HE wanted this more than The Dairy Wife did, she just nodded her head and blinked a few times at him) Just a few presents ... and lots of excitement .... and make their Christmas wonderful. This is the first year that they actually are excited.

THEN .... The Dairy Wife went shopping one day alone, a day with her sister, another day alone, and a day with her daughter. She shopped again after work a couple evenings and she shopped yesterday with Marlboro Man and the kids, ... and she is shopping again today.
She didn't keep it real. She's so ashamed. He doesn't know it. She didn't tell .... and she won't. She can't. He'll find out Christmas morning when Santa comes. She's in trouble. SUCH .... Big Trouble.
She got all wrapped up in the lights and music, the traffic, and the people shopping and going nuts. While singing Christmas songs, she grabbed and clawed her way through the toy aisles and wrestled a fat man down to get a "Leapster". She fought her way through the crowds, with a heaped up loaded cart, and even shoved a few old ladies out of the way, just to get few prized toys that she thought they'd love. Not only did she grab one toy, but she grabbed FIVE of everything. .... and when she left the store, totally exhausted, she was happy. Each time she shopped she was even happier. Deliriously happier, and still singing!
Boy, she's in big trouble. .... and so ashamed! She'll let you know what happens when Mr. Dairy Wife sees what "Santa" brought!
Be Blessed Everyone and I hope you're all having a great holiday season!

Tuesday, December 18, 2007

Things Kids Say

Tonight as me and the wee ones were driving home from daycare, we were singing Christmas Songs. It went like this: (you have to know that they have a pair of orange black & decker toy goggles that go to a tool set and we ad lib a lot and make up the words as we go .... Mommy does that and the tune is always off key)

  • (Mommy singing loudly) Here comes Santa Claus. Here comes Santa Claus .... right down Santa Claus lane. Santa Claus is bringing toys to all the boys and girls.
  • (Jay interrupts in a singing tone) Hammer, driver, goggles.
  • (Meg) Orange Jay?
  • (Jay) No, Banana
  • (Sam) Me want one ... me like Banana too!
  • (Mommy laughing loudly) Here comes Santa Claus. Here comes Santa Claus .... right down Santa Claus lane.
  • (Sam yelling) Bananaaaaaaaaaa ..... me want Bananaaaaaaaaa!

You had to be there! I just love the simplicity and honesty of kids!

Be Blessed Everyone!

Monday, December 17, 2007

Twelve Christmasy Things About Me!

I read this over at Quilted Hills and Rose tagged everyone reading. So here goes "Twelve Christmasy Things About Me."

1) Every year since I've been a Mother, for the past twenty-six years, I've written a letter to my children, telling them how much they mean to me. I roll the letter up like a scroll and tie it with the same piece of ribbon that is attached to a cream colored Fenton glass angel ornament. Every year I've updated and replaced the letter, and I lay it on top of the Christmas Ornaments in the box. It would be the very first thing to be seen, in case I am no longer here for Christmas with my kids. No one has ever read the letters but me, and sentimental me, cries every year when I read the old letter and write the new letter. (Don't tell)

2) When I was a little girl, Christmas was so much fun. We kids always peeked. We unwrapped our presents and wrapped them back up for years before we got caught. One year Mom was so mad at us, she took all the presents away, and on Christmas morning she went out to the trunk of her car, and gave us everything unwrapped in sacks. I'll never forget that .... it ruined my Christmas, but as I think back on it now ... it ruined Christmas for my Mother too.

3) Because I was so sneaky as a child and a "peeker" I was determined to outwit my children ... and I did. I never put a name on their packages and they never knew which present was theirs or their siblings. I've never told them to this day how I did it. Each package had a string of numbers on the tag. Some were long numbers and some were short. Since I had four kids I would assign a number such as 78547529057537 to a present. This present belonged to Jared. How can you tell? Jared is the fourth born ... and the fourth number is a four! This would be Juli's: 928473745985676. Juli is the second born. The funny thing is how much time they would spend adding and subtracting all those numbers. Smart Momma, huh? It wouldn't work for the triplets though now .... they came as a package deal!

4) I collect Snowmen ornaments. I love them.

5) I procrastinate wrapping presents until the last minute. I hate wrapping presents. You'll find me in the wee hours of the night on Christmas Eve still wrapping presents with my eyes crossed and nodding off! But this year, I'm going to do better! (sure thing)

6) Christmas is my favorite holiday. I love it, and I love to shop.

7) I hate getting or giving gift cards or money for Christmas.

8) We always had a real Christmas tree when I was a little girl. I loved the smell. Now I wouldn't have a real tree if my life depended on it .... well maybe, if my life really depended on it. But only then. I love my artificial tree. It's really tall and skinny ... like I want to be in my next life.

9) When I was a child, I hated always having to leave almost immediately after we opened presents. We always went to my Grandmothers when I was really small. Although I loved her and I loved going there, I wanted to stay home and play with my new treasures. As my kids got older, we stayed home and I cooked Christmas Dinner so they didn't have leave their new toys. Instead we went to Grandparents later in the afternoon. I still do that.

10) I remember the excitement on Christmas morning and how we would wake up long before daylight. I remember that my Mom and Dad would make us go back to bed and wait until daylight. The anticipation almost killed me.

11) On Christmas Eve when we went to bed, there were always presents under the tree, wrapped presents. But when we woke up in the mornings .. everywhere around the tree had unwrapped presents from Santa Claus. That's how I knew he was real. I did that too with my kids as they were growing up. The best part was watching their faces the very first second they walked into the room. It was priceless, and took my breath away. I'm sure you all do that too.

12) I feel like I have been given a chance to start over by having these kiddo's in my later years. It's like stepping back into the memories of my older kids all over again. I am reliving the year they were three and the excitement they had for Christmas. This year Sam, Jay and Meg are so excited, and I know it's true .... I've been there, done that ... twenty some odd years ago, and I'm blessed to get to do it all over again.

So in passing along the Christmas spirit, I am tagging Jaye over at Just a Mom, MaryBeth at Four Silly Sisters, and Vonda at Sisterly Ramblings. Have fun ladies!

Be Blessed Everyone!

Sunday, December 16, 2007

~ Togetherness ~

Just one more I wanted to share. It's rare to get a "Togetherness" picture of the three cutest kids on Earth!

Saturday, December 15, 2007

The Dairy Wife's Babies

They're not babies anymore! They just look so big to me these days ... and especially when I see pictures like these. Actually these pictures are the "bust" from the Christmas card attempt. With a little cropping ... a lot of photo shop and a few actions, I ended up with some pretty good pictures of these little kiddo's.

Jay carried the chair off here. He was just getting ready. See that evil little look in his eye and that crooked little grin. He's mischievous.Meg on the other hand is still the Queen! "Take my picture Mom!" about a hundred times. But no cheesy grin this time!
This little guy named Sam had his feelings hurt. He still has tears in his eyes here. It's amazing that even the "bad" pictures turn out "good"... I think it's just the subjects!
Be Blessed Everyone.

Friday, December 14, 2007

Burning the Candle at Both Ends

Hi Everyone!~

I've been getting emails like crazy, and a few phone calls, asking "where have you been? ... and are you okay?"

Yes, I'm okay. I am just burning the candle at both ends right now since it's the Christmas season. I am caught up on proofing photo sessions, well almost caught up. I will be tonight anyway. .... and I am sinking in the "Mommy Bracelets" department. I have stopped taking orders and hopefully I can finish up the first of the week and get things in the mail, then finish up photo charms.

So, don't give up on me .... I'll post a little here and then when I can, then next week the tales will begin again!

Be Blessed Everyone!

Tuesday, December 11, 2007

Happy Birthday Joey

Dear Joey,

Today is your birthday .... and you're twenty-four. It's hard for me to believe that you're a man, yet to me, you're still my little boy. Not only are you a grown man now, but you're a man of God. As a young man you found God, and he has changed your life in so many ways. Of all your many accomplishments in your life, I know that this was your destination. The place that you were meant to be. The paths that you traveled to get there were not hard for you, and I especially love it that you found him when you were young. He will fulfill your whole life in so many ways. Of course, you'll still have struggles, as we all do, but you have the strength of God standing behind you and lifting you up in your life. You're a lucky man.

Joey, we've never talked about this, me and you, but I feel in my heart that God has a plan for you. One that you don't even know yet. I feel that your mission will be to speak to the poor, and your voice will change the lives of many young people. I feel that there will be times in your life that you will be hungry, for you will do without, and give to the needy. I know that you know that God will see you through. I feel that there will be many times in your life that you will be poor on this earth, but so very rich in spirit, and I know this will happen because it will be your choice.

Over the past three years as I've watched you grow in your love for God, I used to think that you were moving away from me, that you were somewhere above me, but I know that you know my heart and I know that even if you're away from me in miles, you're always right here, just a phone call away and you'll always be with me no matter where you are.

My fear used to be that you would move far away, to another country even. I feel it in my bones, that you'll live where you're needed, somewhere that isn't the home you know. We've always been so close, and it's hard as your Mother to let you go, but I know in my heart that you're already gone. There are others in this world that need your presence, and the gifts you have, more than I do. But I also know that I am your Mother, and you love me very much. I'm very proud of you and the choices you've made in your life.

Joey, you're going to be an awesome Minister and I hope that through the course of your walk, you'll find, and lead, many to walk along beside you. Remember to hold their hands, for if they fall, you'll be there to help them back up. Your strength will be like that mighty Oak tree that we've both searched for in the bible, and can't find, the one that must have been in my dream for you, many years ago.

Happy Birthday my beautiful son, and I love you very much!


Saturday, December 8, 2007

Christmas Card

I decided to turn our this year's Christmas card in a header for my blog. This is us. The most current picture of us and I love it.

Marlboro Man adamantly told me to not put his picture on a Christmas card. He's kind of shy like that, and doesn't want me to send his picture out to everyone on our card list. It's not like his family doesn't already know what he looks like. They do. So I think I'm going to sign it "Don" .... his twin brother. Maybe they won't notice! So don't tell him okay? No phone calls, no emails and no snickers! I do have a great idea though. I found a website that you can order postage stamps with your own picture. Wouldn't he just love that?

I seriously don't know why he is so camera shy. I think he's a good looking man, and it's not like he has a big wart on his nose or something. What is so funny is that he knows I put the picture on my blog header. I can't mail his picture, but I post it for millions to see, and I don't catch flack. I just don't get it. I truly don't think the man has a clue just how big the "world wide Internet" is. So don't tell him!

As I said in my earlier post, a few nights ago we played "photo session", and our niece Amanda took about 449 shots to attempt a group picture of us for our Christmas card. She did a great job and I can't thank her enough. We laughed and had a great time. You just can't imagine how hard it is to keep all three of these kiddo's sitting in one spot.

Tonight I'll be posting the rest, if the kids don't get the best of me!

Be Blessed Everyone and I hope everyone is getting into the Christmas spirit and remembering what it's all about!

Friday, December 7, 2007

A Sneak Peek

A few nights ago we attempted family pictures for a Christmas card. It was a disaster, and at the same time it was funny. The kids carried off the props and all but did gymnastics and were hanging on my backdrop. No lights got tipped over and no one got hurt, so that in itself is an accomplishment. They were totally absorbed in decorating this little tree for about three minutes, and it is a rare moment to get all three of them cooperating at the same time!

We did get one family picture of all of us that I liked. .... just one! Lots and lots of "almost" pictures, and lots and lots of great shots that can be cropped.

I'll post them tomorrow and you can see the choas!

Be Blessed everyone!

Wednesday, December 5, 2007

Sam's Club

You all know that I've posted before about my blog visitors, but this is a new twist. I love to see who all visits me, so I have my little "visitor counter, see who was here thingy" on the side. Sometimes I just want to yell out, "Hello You!" or "Hey didn't stay very long" or "You left me to go there!", but today I think I just got my goose cooked, or at least put a kink in my Sunday dinners! Now I'm probably going to have to start cooking more! No more freebies of the best Sunday samples in town.

This evening after work, I ran into the house to see who all had dropped by my blog. The kids know how to open the door now, so I just left them outside, and they followed me in. Thank goodness we weren't having a blizzard or something, because I had a "feeling" that there would be something ~ really ~ good on my blog!

They calmly took off their coats and shoes and ask for dinner. I on the other hand, was way too busy checking out my visitor log. They helped themselves to a box of crackers, and each kid took a whole pack, but I can clean the mess up later because this is definitely worth it. Jay turned on "The Best of Elmo" and they all sat down on the couch and smashed up their crackers and watched TV! Oh well, I have a Dust Buster and a Dog!

Lo, and behold .... someone from Bentonville, Arkansas, probably a CEO or the VP or someone with power at Sam's Club Corporate office had been reading my blog. They got clued in that I take my kids to Sam's for lunch almost every Sunday. Furthermore, I had posted here exactly how I do it. I got caught and gave away my best kept secret!

If they stop my free lunch/sample Sunday day at Sam's, I am going to be so mad. I think I'm going to drop them a email and tell them that it was just a joke, and if they don't believe me ... then I'm going to tell someone that while they were here, they read a lot of other posts too, and probably on company time.

I did a Google search and my blog and this post both came up under Sam's Club. I think I'd better plan on lunch both Saturday and Sunday this weekend before they shut me down!

Be Blessed Everyone ..... and make sure you go get your free Sunday dinner at Sam's Club this weekend before it ends! .... and I'm so very sorry to all of you that depend on Sam's for lunch too! It will be missed I'm sure! Don't hate me. Okay?

Sunday, December 2, 2007

A Good Potty Tale!

I have to say .... first of all, if you have to go pee, do it now!

Here's the story: We ran into town today to pick up a few things in the pouring down rain. First stop was Toys-R-Us to buy Meg a dollhouse for Christmas. Got it. While we were there, we went to pee.

Next stop was to have lunch .... go pee first thing, fill our plates, eat as fast as we can and get out of there before we have to go pee again. No way! Two trips to the bathroom. All three kids and me squeezed in one stall. Did it ... and out the door in the rain again.

Then we head to Babies R Us so I could run in and grab a couple of white shirts for the boys. I told Marlboro Man to watch for me and I'd run right in and right back out. They didn't have white shirts and I was back out of the store in I know what was less than five minutes.

No mini-van in the parking lot anywhere. Just as I was calling MM on my cell phone I spotted our van way over in the very farthest corner of the parking lot. Way over there! All alone in the corner with no vehicles anywhere around it.

After telling him that I am standing out front of the store, he drives over to pick me up. I opened the door to jump in and the smell almost knocked me down, and all three kids were running all over the back of the van. MM was looking rather sweaty and frazzled and I instantly knew that something had happened. But how could it ... I was only out of the van for five minutes.

He proceeds to tell me that both boys had to pee and Meg had to poop. We have a little potty chair in the back of the van for emergencies and he decided to use it. In the parking lot. Alone. With three kids in a mini-van. Not an RV mind you, but a Grand Caravan, with three huge car seats and only enough room to duck and turn around. He did it.

Meg had smeared poop all over the potty and her leg. Jay had turned every button on and was putting dimes in the CD player and heater .... and Sam had an ink pen and wrote his ABC's and numbers and drew a architectural design of a large building on the dashboard of the van.

Less than five minutes. That's all he needed to look like he'd been run through the mill and hung out to dry! It didn't even occur to him to strap them back into their car seats one at a time!

At this point, between the smell and the screaming ..... we headed home with a potty full of poop and a frazzled husband of triplets. I give him credit for trying and always playing the game!

Be Blessed Everyone!

Saturday, December 1, 2007

~ Cowabunga Boots ~

Cow Boots! Just perfect for a Cow Farm! They got these boots for their birthday last month and would not wear them. Would not put them on .... not one time! They didn't like 'em, and all it takes is for one of them to "not like something" and everyone "doesn't like something." It's a triplet thing!
They were bored today and picking at each other and fighting, so Marlboro Man nonchalantly said, "I think I'll put on my cow boots and go outside and pick up that wood pile." Instantly, all three of these little curtain climbing yard-apes ran and got their "cow boots" and their Carhartt coats. Instant love affair with the new boots! Why didn't he say that a month ago .... ha ~

They helped push the wheelbarrow to the wood pile and proceeded to work like little slaves! I don't know if I ever told you all that we assigned farm chores for them when they started walking about two years ago! Next year the boys are going to start milking the cows. You believe that?

They huffed and puffed and worked like crazy and filled the entire wheelbarrow! Three pieces at a time. Everything happens in three's around here! Three times the fun.
Then they pushed it all the way back to the house! These "cow boot wearing farmer kids" are hard workers. I'm going to have to think of more jobs for them.

By the time they got everything situatated and back in the house, lunch was ready and on the table and they all told me how hard they worked and how they picked up the wood and how they got cold and it was warm in the house, and they "like" their new cow boots! They each brought in a small piece of wood to help MM put on the fire!

Moral to the story: work 'em hard .... nap 'em good! More blogging time for Mom!

Be Blessed Everyone! ~