Wednesday, January 30, 2008

~ The Storm ~

~ Early that day, she drove into town. Alone. It was rare for a woman to drive a car so far. But she had spirit, and she had a driving force to set the pace for other women, .... and she had a car. A 1946 Ford, and it was hers. She was sure people talked, but she didn't care. She was an independent woman, a good Mother, and she had a job to do. She didn't leave the farm often, but that day, she was on a mission, twenty-six miles from home.

"Let them talk," she thought as she neared a group of women by the road. She knew they had gathered there just to watch her pass by. She knew they had heard the gossip. She knew they'd be expecting her to go. They boldly stood with babies on hip, hats on heads, aprons on, and she could see the disapproval in their eyes. ... and in the quiet of her mind, she could hear the cluck of their tongues. She straightened her hat, raised her chin a bit, and set her sight on the road. She drove past the women as if they weren't there.

She wouldn't be in town long. Just long enough to do the job she had come to do. Then she would head home .... to the farm. To her babies, and to the man she passionately loved. Eight hours, and she would be back home again. Her babies were safe, and her husband was working busily on the farm. He knew she was going, and he knew she'd be back. She always came back.

Some said she was a little "dizzy in the head", while others said she was crazy. She thought about the women that had watched her leave that morning, and she thought about the gossip she'd heard them say about her. She was a loner, and she didn't care. Business done, she was heading home.

The wind had picked up as she left the city, and an eerie darkness loomed off to the side. It just didn't look right. It was too black. A storm was coming she thought ... a bad storm. Would she beat it in that old car. The radio didn't work, and she was alone. An unusual fear gripped her as the rains started, and the car shook in the wind. She drove blindly through the rain. She felt alone in the storm. She felt small. She felt vulnerable. She couldn't see what was coming ... and she couldn't stop. There was no where to stop, and no where she'd be safe. She had to get home ... to her babies.

As the storm beared down ... she felt like it was singling her out, punishing her and making her pay as she raced a step ahead of it. Her heart was in her throat and she could feel her chest pound in fear. The old car violently shook, as limbs and street signs flew around the windows. She could hear the roar of the storm rise above her. She felt the tension in the air and heard the split of wood as it passed over her. She felt like she was fighting for her life, and all she wanted to do was safely get to her babies. She turned off the key, and braced herself as she ran through the downpour. She forced the door open and fell inside weeping. She was exhausted. She was safe .... and she was home.

Well, she wasn't exactly home ... but she was at daycare. ... and for once, she'd made it on time! She has always hated storms, and she hates to get her hair wet! .... and maybe the storm wasn't that bad, well maybe it was. .... and maybe she drove a 2005 Toyota instead. Maybe the radio did work, but maybe she was chatting on the cell phone. Maybe she was just on her way home from work, like she does every evening ... and maybe she's just crazy, and delusional. Maybe she needs medication ... or maybe she just likes to write good stories. Maybe someday, some one is going to kick her butt ... So, maybe you'd like to see a cute picture of her babies sitting all snuggled up in her bed this morning, because the electricity really was out, and they were cold. (maybe) ... and maybe she always gives them cute little valentine baggies with candy hearts, marshmallows and gummi hearts for breakfast.

Maybe you'll forgive her ... for she's "dizzy in the head" and a tad bit crazy you know!

She's not even signing this .... because she doesn't know who wrote it. She has memory problems, and she's old you know, and just a little tainted in the head. Just a tad bit. She's just not right somedays. .... BUT, she does have cute kids, and that's worth something, and she NEVER lays them down and forgets where she puts them. Never. She's not that old or frazzled in the head. Well, maybe. ... on a bad day.


... and since she has so many lurkers ... if you're not mad at her, just "ring the bell" ... well, there's not really a bell, so just click the star below, and vote, and let her know you still love her! Heck, just vote twice. That will make her really happy, and she just might write another story. Lordy Be .... God help us all.


One more tiny small little thing: no comments please with the word "nuts" "crazy" or "mental" or "psycho" in it ... or she just might write a story about you. ha~

Tuesday, January 29, 2008

The Big Head

I am so full of it ... that I have Megan convinced that she's "Cinderella". I know, it's against Marlboro Man's better judgement, him being so practical and always thinking ahead of consequences .... but I tend to live for the moment, and it's just so darn cute how she cocks her head to one side, rolls her eyes and talks with her hands ... and tells me, "My name is not Megan ... it's Cinderella, or Princess, or Sleeping Beauty, or Ariel, or Belle ... or whatever Princess is dancing in her little head at the moment. Anything ... except Megan, and the look she gives me says ... "Don't forget it either."

But last night she was someone completely different, and she told the boys who they were too .... she told them that they were, "The FarmHouse Kids." She said it so arrogantly and so flippantly, that you would have thought she was famous, and knew it too! ~ The boys echoed her in awe, like they too were royalty, and just realized it.

Well ... they are. They're famous to me ... and they are "The FarmHouse Kids" ... just ask Meg! She'll set you straight. I just can't wait until MM hears this one .... I'm gonna get tsk'ed at, with a couple of raised eyebrows!

Humble kids they are not!

Be Blessed Everyone.

Monday, January 28, 2008

Carter Update

It's been a long week and a half since I've gotten to see my "newest little favorite" guy. We've all had really snotty noses and been sick, including me!

SO, today after work, I snuck up to NICU to visit my little guy. Was I ever shocked! This little guy isn't so little anymore .... he's a whopping 3lb-10 oz. Can you believe that? He went and gained a whole pound while I was gone! I was just itching to get my hands on him .. but I wouldn't have gotten him sick for the world.

Today he had his first real bottle. He did not tolerate it well. He tried, bless his little heart ... but he's just not ready yet. He's 33weeks and 5 days now and it's time to start trying him. Usually babies have to be at around 34-35 weeks to know how to suck, swallow and breath all at the same time,without their little heart rate dropping ... and his dropped. His nurse did say that they'll continue to attempt twice a day until he "does it."

AND tomorrow .... guess who is going to give him a bottle? I'm sure you guessed! ME! I will have long awaited pictures tomorrow.

It's really funny, because I don't know the nurses in the NICU since I had my babies at a different hospital ... but last February I photographed the birth of a set of Quintuplets at that hospital. It just seems like yesterday since they were born. The same nurses are there, and I have to tell you .... those nurses are fabulous and I know my little guy is in good hands. I remember Emily W. telling me how great they were with her five little bundles ... and she was right, they are top notch. They love "their babies!" Carter couldn't be in better hands, than of those nurses. I'm so glad I got to experience Emily's birth of her Quints with her, and got to meet those nurses back then. Time flies .... it's been a year for the Quints. I know Carter will do just as well, and it's just around the corner that he'll be big enough to come home too.

Be Blessed Everyone.

Sunday, January 27, 2008

You Know it's LOVE ...


1) You're so tired that you prop your little princess up next to you on pillows, with all her worldly belongs, such as Cinderella paper, a crayon, lip gloss, a little doll and a few blankies .... just so that you can sleep a few extra minutes. .... and when you pry your eyes open five minutes later, you find that she had a ink pen hidden in that treasure box, and she has drawn your silhouette, and outlined your body on your best and favorite sheets and has autographed your pillowcase at least forty times. It's LOVE! Real LOVE!~

2) Your little guy is sick in the middle of the night, and you snuggle him in your bed, and you're nose to nose, all cuddly, and he coughs and sneezes, and all his little "sick bugs" are sucked up your nose. You're trying hard not to breathe, and you start blowing to stop them from entering .... but you know in your mind, they are smarter than you, and they are hanging onto your nose hairs fighting to get in. .... and you know, in three days .... they'll win. It's LOVE! Real LOVE!~

That's LOVE! Mommy LOVE!~

Be Blessed Everyone.

Saturday, January 26, 2008


Sam woke up at 3:40 this morning to watch "Bob the Beel-dor" .... He woke up Jay and Meg to watch it too. Sam loves to share! Mommy wants to trade Sam in for a new model right now.

3:40 AM, Sam: "Jay, Meggie .... wake up. Bob the Beel-dor is on TV"

3:41 AM: Jay is standing in Mommy's room with a pillow and blankie.

3:50 AM: Jay is back in his own bed, but Jay is not a happy camper.

3:51 AM: Meg is in recliner with blankie whimpering.

3:55 AM: Sam is sitting up in bed with forty-seven stuffed animals, six pillows, nine blankies, a tractor, two cars, a book, a little back-hoe in hand and a sippy cup of water. Sam is content. He's watching his favorite movie. Bob the Beel-dor!

4:05 AM: Mommy is shushing everyone.

4:10 AM: Daddy is getting ready to go milk cows.

4:11 AM: Everyone is crying because Daddy is leaving.

4:12 AM: Daddy is giving everyone a "high-five" before he leaves.

4:12 AM: Mommy is about to have a meltdown.

4:15 AM: Jay and Meggie ARE having meltdowns.

4:20 AM: Daddy leaves to go milk cows and leaves Mommy to deal with with total chaos in the middle of the night. (Mommy begged Daddy to trade her places, but Daddy just grinned and gave Mommy the cheesy evil eye) Mommy really couldn't milk a cow, and Daddy really doesn't like Bob the Beel-dor.

4:30 AM: Sam is sitting in his bed with forty-seven stuffed animals, six pillows, nine blankies, a tractor, two cars, a book, a little backhoe in hand, a sippy cup of water and is picking his nose. Sam is content. Sam is watching his favorite movie Bob the Beel-dor. He does ask to turn up the sound so he can hear his Bob over the wails of his siblings. But, Sam is happy.

4:45 AM: It's not pretty right now on The Dairy Farm. (Mommy is still contemplating a meltdown too)

5:00 AM: Sam, Jay, Meg and Mommy are trudging down the stairs to go potty. (Mommy is so sleepy)

5:10 AM: Mommy is peeling an apple and dividing it perfectly evenly into three little bowls. Mommy has to make sure no one has more than the other one and all the little apple pieces are the same size. (Mommy thinks Jay is obsessed). Mommy then puts seven animals crackers into three little baggies and zips them all up.

5:30 AM: Sam, Jay and Meg are sitting in their beds eating apples and animals crackers.

5:45 AM: Mommy is stretched back in the recliner, and all covered up, with her feet propped up so a mouse doesn't bite her toes. (Did someone see a mouse?)

5:55 AM: Jay is peeking over the edge of his bed looking for the mouse, and Meg has her head covered up so the mouse can't see her. (Mommy should be ashamed of herself, but she's not)

6:10 AM: Jay and Meggie are asleep. (finally)

6:15 AM: Sam is sitting in the middle of his bed, wide eyed, with forty-seven stuffed animals, six pillows, nine blankies, a tractor, two cars, a book, a little backhoe in his hand, a sippy cup of water, a full baggie of animal crackers (he swiped Jay's and Meg's) and is perfectly content. Sam is watching Bob the Beel-dor. Sam loves Bob, and Sam is very happy.

6:20 AM: Mommy just had to come tell all you nice people about Bob the Beel-dor, and now Mommy is going back to bed. Mommy knows that Sam is going to be a very cranky little boy today and she needs a good nap!

Be Blessed Everyone and Have a Great Day!

Thursday, January 24, 2008

Things Kids Say

This evening on the way home Sam was sick, feverish, throwing up and whimpering. Jay was feverish and turning white, and we couldn't get home fast enough. I'm sure tomorrow is not going to be a good day with these little guys.

Meg was not saying one word. I ask her if she was okay because she was so quiet, and in her little voice, she said to me, "My voice is asleep." .... another heart melter to go down in my book of memories!


This morning Jay came sliding into the kitchen as fast as he could get there before I could get the gate closed. He opened the fridge door and saw a Coke in there, and wanted it. His Daddy told him he couldn't have a drink until after breakfast (yes, he resorted to bribery). Jay looked up through those long eyelashes and said, "I just want to touch it!" .... another heart melter to go down in my book of memories!

What are some of the cute things your sweeties have said that are in your book of memories?

Be Blessed Everyone.

Wednesday, January 23, 2008

The FarmHouse Kids - Adventures on the Farm

Exploring the Farm: The boys ran and chased the little rabbit that hopped across the yard. Sam and Jay couldn't run as fast as the Rabbit, and soon it was out of their sight....

These pictures are a part of a story. A story about The FarmHouse Kids, who are triplets, and live on a farm. They'll explore the wonder of farm living, and learn about the different animals that live on their farm. They'll feed a baby cow, and take care of newborn kittens. They will play in a barn in the hay, and swing from a rope. They'll milk a cow and give a mama cat milk for her babies. They'll learn about tractors and combines, and they'll learn about growing food to eat. They'll get a new puppy, and they will ride a pony. A Goat will chase them, and they will run through the pastures, and they'll find a creek and see a fish. Mainly .... they'll have fun learning. .... and so will you. Every day will be a new adventure on the farm, staring The FarmHouse Kids.
Growing Food on the Farm: "Can I eat this?" Jay asked as he pulled a grape from the vine. "Yes," said his Mommy as she helped him pick the purple grapes. "We'll take them in the house and wash them first. Then we'll make a pie." "Can I help you?" Jay said. "Of course you can Jay, we'll make a pie together." Jay and his Mother carried the grapes into the house ....

Growing food on the Farm: "Pick one for me Sammy" Jay said to Sam as they ran up and down the row of grape vines. The purple grapes were ripe and ready to be picked. The grapes were shining in the sun, and the little boys couldn't resist them. They ate the grapes and filled their pockets ....
Animals on the Farm: "There's a Rabbit." Meg said as she began to run towards it. "Can I have it?" she asked her Mommy. "No Megan" her Mother said, "the Bunny needs to be free, but we can follow him and see where he lives." Megan took her Mother's hand and together they followed the Rabbit ....
Harvest on the Farm: "Can I drive the tractor?" Jay asked his Daddy. "You're a little boy Jay, and the tractor is very big. Let's pretend, and you can sit up high in the seat and I'll show you how it works. Then someday, when you're bigger and older, you can drive a tractor too ....
Recently, I was notified that my stories about The FarmHouse Kids - Adventures on the Farm were accepted by a publishing company. The illustrations will be my own pictures, and my very own FarmHouse Kids will be featured.
I'm very excited about this new venture. Although the stories are intended to be educational, they will be humorous and inspirational about a set of triplets that live on a farm. You'll never know what these kids are up to, or what they'll do next.
You'll see actual machines working during harvest, and you'll see the kids in all the pages. They're curious, and they want to help!
At the end of the day ... they'll always go home with their Daddy.
I've been writing stories about The FarmHouse Kids since they were born. Stories that I would whisper to them when I would hold them and rock them, and stories that their Daddy told me about when he was growing up on this farm. I knew I was destined to come to this farm to live my life, and I know I was destined to become the Mother of The FarmHouse Kids. The stories are mainly fiction, with lots of reality in them.
I have no guarantee's yet that my book will be published, and I don't know all the "in's and out's" yet. But for now, it's looking good that I'm headed towards becoming the author of a children's book. I'm praying for just one book, but who knows where it will lead. We'll see. I tend to think big ....
Be Blessed Everyone.

Tuesday, January 22, 2008

My Littles ...

Tonight when we put our Little's to bed .... it was strangely different than what we've been used to.

In the past several months, since we've upped them a notch, done away with the cribs, and gone to open toddler beds for fear of them becoming claustrophobic beneath the crib tents, it's been total chaos at bedtime. Yes, I'll admit ... it has been my most dreaded job as a Mother. We've had to battle the Little's to bed every night. We spring up and down like a yo-yo to keep them in their beds. It has been a two hour task every night. One that I dread .... with a passion.

But tonight as I settled into the big soft recliner we were forced to move to their room .... the atmosphere was so different. Quietly so. Peacefully so. It was serene. .... and a warm blanket of maturity was settling over the room.

They got their drinks, got into their beds and snuggled down into their pillows. I gently covered them up and they stayed in place. I kissed each one of them, and they hugged my neck. I did the "high-five" routine and they grabbed the blankies that they sleep with. It was quiet ... and only the shadow of the TV light was in the room. I started a prayer as we do every night and they raised their hands towards heaven and repeated what I said .... then all was still.

I stood there for a few seconds not knowing what had happened, then sat down in my chair. Sam then turned his head towards me and said, "Mommy, can we watch Bob the Beeeed-ler?"

I put the movie in the player and walked out of the room .... and not another sound was heard.

Could it be .... that my Little's are growing up?

Be Blessed Everyone.

Monday, January 21, 2008

Do You Have a Purple Toothbrush?

Marlboro Man somehow had all three of the kiddo's squeezed into our tiny little bitty bathroom this evening. I'm not kidding, our bathroom is smaller than most closets. He doesn't see the need to build another bathroom in this house. So I always see the need to let him take them, hoping that someday soon he'll see the light.

So, as always, they all had to go pee all at the same time. He doesn't sing the "Line Up - Line Up" song that I sing, because he's really not very good in the "pee department." They get one up on him every time. Some times I feel really sorry for him .... other times I just lean against the wall, bite my hand, cross my legs and laugh until I lose my breath.

Tonight he heard me in the hallway laughing ... and he got one up on me. He came out sweating, carrying Sam and dragging Jay and Meg, and smirked, "Do you have a purple toothbrush?" When I told him "yes, who else's would it be ... only two adults live here." He then said to me, "Oh, thought I'd tell you that I rinsed it off!" and smirked his way on past me, not missing a beat.

Gotta love that man .... at least he told me!

Be Blessed everyone.

Please Pray for Susan (WhyMommy)

Tomorrow ..... Susan is going in for a double Mastectomy. She has fought a hard battle and is winning. She has two little boys, a husband, friends and a whole family that love and need her. Mainly, she has life. A life to live and a life to give to others.

I've been praying for Susan pretty much since she was diagnosed. I'm asking that all you readers please pray for Susan as well. Please take a few minutes in the morning and lift her up in your prayers. Ask God to give steady hands to the Surgeons and let them find clean margins. Let her be aware, and hear them tell her good news. Mainly, pray that she will be cancer free, and be able to live that life with her children and those that love her.

.... and in the morning, please share her story and ask those you know to pray for her. Please visit her at ToddlerPlanet and let her know that you're praying for her as well.

Thank you Everyone ... and Be Blessed!


Sunday, January 20, 2008

House of Quiet

Yeah Right! I'm not sure what has happened recently, but we are reeling here from lack of sleep, total chaos and disorganization, from three little short people that self-appointed themselves, moved up in ranks, and are now heading a plot to take over our world. (my old English teacher would love to get a hold of that sentence ... ha ~) Just today Jay (above) became the Drill Sargent! He can bark out an order quicker than an Auctioneer! Not just one order either ... but he can keep them coming in rhythm. We have found ourselves jumping to attention when he speaks! Why is that? He's only three years old and only three feet tall!Meg, on the other hand doesn't bark out orders. She screams them at us in a shrill voice that almost broke four crystal glasses yesterday. Of course, we instantly jump through hoops to make her happy ... because her first order of the day came at 5:50 this morning. It's like reveille in their room in the mornings. Meg screams, "Mommmeeeeeee" and Sam and Jay jump up crying. Even the best soldier needs a nap once in awhile though.
I saved this little guy for last. He's "Sneaky Sam", a valued component of the CKHOOA squad. (Can't Keep Him Out Of Anything). Sam doesn't need any sleep. He's up reprogramming the DVD and reordering the movies on the TV at 2:00am. Here lately, he's going down as the sun is coming up, as Meg is getting ready to belt out Reveille. Needless to say, this little guy that is the head of the intelligence department is cranky all day. We all know that when Sam's cranky ... it's a bad day. A real bad day.

Don't even think they're cute. It's all a disguise. They've got it in for us, and they're taking over our world! Fast!

Be Blessed Everyone!

Saturday, January 19, 2008

New Blog - The Dairy Wife

After reading Kara at McTriplets, I think she's come up with a great idea. So, I'm following suit. I'm going to separate my blog. I'll continue to have this one with the same address for my kiddo's. I will be changing the header to say "The FarmHouse Kids," as well. That way I can follow along in their lives and do as I'd planned to do when I started this blog almost a year ago, and three hundred post ago. I want to print it for them someday. So from now on, this address is for "kid stuff only." Of course you can always link to the new from here, or add both addresses to your sidebar.

If you want to hear about me, my life, my nonsensical funny stories, and of course Marlboro Man, you can visit me at . I'm not saying that I won't mention the kiddo's there, because I will, but my new blog is going to be more personal. I want to do more writing .... I have a whole book all welled up inside of me and I'm just itching to tell my story. In fact, I just posted there right before I came back here to tell everyone. So go read it, and leave a comment.

So I think over the next few days, I'm going to start moving things to my new digs. You'll see lots of changes while I'm reconstructing ... but I promise, I won't be deleting anything. Just getting it all in order, so it will load faster and be more organized.

Please bookmark both blogs and make sure to visit us frequently. We love company!

Be Blessed.

Friday, January 18, 2008

Trickle Down Effect

Being that I'm honest and believe in Pay-It-Forward and everything, I confessed to The Country Doctor's Wife in a comment, that I am having a substantial increase in traffic on my blog. I think this is due to the ad she placed on Pioneer Woman's blog to increase her traffic. That woman is smart. She has her thinking cap on!

At first I thought .... "okay Dairy Wife, just keep your mouth shut", and reap the benefits. Then I got to thinking ... "hmmm, this might work to my advantage." After all, I have a really big cell phone bill to pay from chatting with my blogger friends. I could kill two birds with one stone and keep the Marlboro Man happy, and keep my cell phone.

If Rechelle, aka Country Doctor's Wife, charges me royalty .... I can charge you, and I can make some money, keep my cell phone and talk to Okie Nana and Bubbles all the time, and everyone else that I love. Whew!

All we have to do is this. We all can add each other to our sidebar and we'll all have the "trickle down effect." I just love it when I have great ideas and a plan comes together! Thanks Country Doctor's Wife! You're one smart cookie too!

Okay everyone ... I'll spell it for you. T.H.E.D.A.I.R.Y.W.I.F.E. and be sure you go visit Rechelle at the Country Doctor's Wife, and tell her I sent you! Please go. She's waiting and sitting there eating shrimp.

Oh, one more thing, don't let her header scare you off ..... she's not really frigid! She's only referring to the weather!

Be Blessed Everyone.

Thursday, January 17, 2008

Verizon ... Way Back When

I was reminiscing today as I was driving, about when I was growing up, and how times have changed so much. When you say forty years ago, that's a long time ago. But on that time line of life ... it's just a drop in the bucket. On the other hand, on the technology end of it ... forty years ago was cave man times.

As I looked down at my cell phone, I thought about gadgets. I chuckled as I remembered when I got my first cell phone. You talk about cool. I was so cool. I had the latest and greatest phone in the world. That baby rocked. It only weighed 4 pounds, had push buttons, and got a great signal as long I was no where near a tree . I would wrap the plug in cord around the black bag it came in several times, sling it over my shoulder and talk away. I was mobile. .... and I had 100 minutes to use as I pleased. .... and that was only ten years ago!

Now I have a sleek little all metal phone, that fits in the palm of my hand, that does everything I'd ever want it to. The only thing it doesn't have, is a built in ATM machine, and I'm needing a built in ATM machine. I'm collaborating with Verizon as we speak, to remedy that problem.

What prompted this new venture I'm on, is that dear dear husband of mine, Marlboro Man. He saw my cell phone bill. He actually saw my cell phone bill. Then he picked it up, and he had the audacity to thumb through the pages. All the pages. Then he sat down at the table with a ink pen. Being that I'm so quick thinking, I knew I had to divert his attention. So I said, "Hey Honey ... you ah ah ah got a few minutes?" He ignored me. He rolled his eyeballs up at me, raised his eyebrows and twitched his head a little bit. Then I got the look. T.H.E. Look! The one that says, "you're in trouble Tan." That look.

I can actually say that I have never in the fifty years of my life, actually or physically, seen steam come from some one's ears. I thought something was up when his hair kinked up and heat radiated from his body, his eyes turned red and little curls of steam started drifting upward. I was totally amazed at the sound he emitted. His ears actually whistled from the pressure! I jumped four feet backwards and covered my ears!

But I stood my ground. I just stood there and stared at him like a lovestruck puppy. I shook my head just a little bit, kind of like a twitch, just so he'd know I was really listening to him. I raised my eyebrows a few times and then sucked in some air, so he'd know I was concerned too. Then as he waved the pages in my face, I said, "how did that happen?" THAT was the wrong thing to say! I should have said, "Ouch!" or "are you serious?" or "wow ... Verizon never gets anything right do they?" Anything, except, "how did that happen?"

What he didn't say was beans for brains!

He wanted to know who was in Oklahoma. I had to explain that was my new pretend friend Okie Nana. We chatted a long time about everything. I told him she is really cool and has really cute grand kids, and I loved talking to her.

Then he wanted to know who is in North Carolina. Well, that would be Bubbles. She's awesome. Me and her are "buds." She is going to have a new grand baby boy in a couple of months.

Then he rattled off a whole list of city's and states. Seattle, Dallas, Fort Lauderdale, Chicago, Idaho, Atlanta, New Mexico, Corpus Christi, etc... (good thing he didn't have a map and some push pins)

I moved a little closer to him so I could reach my cell phone. I leaned over his shoulder and said, "ummm you smell so good" ... and reached around with my other hand and slid my phone into my pocket before it would disappear off the face of the earth .... forever.

I really don't know why he was in such a tizzy .... I didn't go over my 4000 minute plan. Not one minute over. I had raised my plan so I couldn't possible do that and cost us a small fortune. I am smart like that.

I love modern technology ... and I love Marlboro Man too!

Be Blessed Everyone!

Wednesday, January 16, 2008

Carter Update

I visited my newest little guy, that is my favorite at the moment this evening, and he is doing wonderful.

He no longer has an IV for fluids and they've upped his calories and he is just the cutest little thing. His weight is back up to 2.14 and he's no longer losing weight. His face is starting to round out again. It's amazing how just a few ounces in kiddo's this size can make a difference how they look.

He wore real people clothes for the first time today .... a little blue "very preemie" sleeper that fit him perfectly. His hands are so little that I can't really see a finger nail. They still won't wrap all the way around my finger. Meg's baby dolls are lots bigger than Carter is right now.

I guess in three years I've actually forgotten just how teeny tiny my threesome were when they were born. It's like when you're pregnant and you feel the baby move ... then once they're born you can't remember that feeling. Same with labor.

I held him for about thirty minutes and cuddled him and talked to him, and he stayed awake for the longest time. It was heaven when I was holding him. You know that feeling that tickles in the pit of your stomach and takes your breath away when a new puppy licks your face .... that's the feeling! I'm so in love!

Tomorrow is Carter's Mommy's birthday and she has a nice big present waiting for her, from her two boys, when she goes to NICU tomorrow! Carter whispered in my ear just exactly what to do for his Mommy! Then he winked at me, like we had a big secret, and then snuggled against me and went back to sleep.

I'll be taking pictures tomorrow of this handsome little guy in his new duds, so you'll get a peek at how much he's changing.

Be Blessed Everyone.

Tuesday, January 15, 2008

Banana Splits

Last night after dinner we made Banana Splits. They didn't exactly look like the picture here ... but they were just as good!

We started off with "drinkable" ice cream because that's how long it took to get the kids to cooperate and understand what we were doing. The ice cream had pretty much melted in their bowls.

They couldn't bring themselves to put a banana on the ice cream so they held them in their hands while they ate the rest ... although Sam and Meg drank theirs.

We used a whole can of whipped cream. That was the highlight of the whole thing .... They now know the phrase, "give me another shot!" They got lots of shots including shots directly in their mouths!

Listening to them laugh and giggle was almost worth the mess we made!

Be Blessed Everyone.

Monday, January 14, 2008

FarmHouse Kids Photography by Tanya Siekman

I am officially open for business. I'm really excited about this newest venture in my life, and am very happy that I have the support of Mr. Dairy Wife. Well, most of his support anyway. Some of his support is still skeptical on how I'm going to swing it all ..... and I still don't have my little "schoolhouse" studio yet. We're still working on the ends and outs of that. (he takes a long time to think when it's not something he wants or it's not his idea .... sigh!) Men!

I'm only going to be taking pictures part-time, since I'm busy with the kiddo's and have a full time job. I'll be doing photo sessions in the evenings starting this late Spring, then Summer and Fall on our farm, and weekends now, on location. I'm looking forward to lots of Senior Pictures, babies, kids and families out here when the weather turns. For now though, I'm available on location weekends only.
Now how am I going to work this around three year old triplets? ..... I haven't figured that one out yet. I thought about making them full partners, but they declined, so instead my daughter Juli is going to help me out when I'm in a crunch.
Sooo, take a peek at my new photography website and let me know what you think. It's not 100% complete yet. I am still tweaking it, and the gallery isn't finished at all. I threw those pictures up there to make it work. Changes will be coming over the next few nights. ... That's my late night mission these days, and I'm slowly getting there. I'll also be adding another portal to house my "photo jewelry" and "FarmHouse Kids bling" on the same site down the road when I get this perfected. Hopefully soon!
Here you go! Turn your sound UP and get into it! Make sure you come back and let me know if you like it, or any ideas or suggestions you may have. I'm open for changes! Just don't tell me it's ugly .... I might cry.
Be Blessed Everyone.

Saturday, January 12, 2008

Miss Diva (pictures)

Again, Meg is not my favorite (well, she is one of the favorite kids) because lately she's the only one with pictures on here, besides Carter .... it's just that she's just the only one that doesn't run when I get my camera out. After their nap this afternoon, we redid the makeup and hair. She's still the one and only Diva/Princess/Belle/Cinderella/Queen woman around here! Trust me, if we tell her different ... we hear about it!

... and we hear about it some more.
We worship you Meg. Really we do. Smile bigger .... Mommy has the camera pointed at you.
Okay Meg .... I know when I get "the look" ... you can stop posing now! Mommy is finished!
Be Blessed Everyone.

Miss Diva

I didn't take a picture this morning of our new little Diva/Princess/Belle/Cinderella/Queen. But here's how our morning went .... after Miss Diva slept her first night on her brand new stiff NOT washed Princess Bedding because she had to have them instantly, or a "womanly meltdown" was surely to occur. Those new sheets with her Princesses near her head, must have transformed the little Miss a tad bit.

The boys can't touch my bed!
The boys have their own bed Meggie, they won't hurt your Princesses.

Only for Girls! We're girls.
Yes, they're only for girls.

Make them boys go downstairs NOW!
Meggie, it's okay ... they can play up here too.

(Then the little Miss straightened her bed and put all her beloved possessions on top to cover up her Princesses so the boys couldn't see them ... then we went downstairs for the day)

Mommy, where's my makeup?
No Makeup Meg .. it's too early, you have to eat.

I want to wear a dress.
You can wear a dress Meg. Let's pick one.
(Chooses a play Harlot dress)

I need pantyhose.
How about leggings?

I need my makeup on.
(Mommy puts Mommy makeup on the Miss, including Mascara)

I need more Lipstick.
(Mommy paints the puckered lips RED ... adds gloss)

Curl my hair Mommy.
(Mommy does an spiffy up-do with lots of curls and hair spray to boot)

I want my boots.
(Mommy snaps to attention and finds those boots pronto!)

Where's my fluffy purse?
Right here Meggie with all your makeup in it.

Hold me Mommy.
I love you Meggie. You're my Princess.
(Mommy rocks the Princess and tells her how beautiful she is and we're girls!)

In walks Daddy, with a melted heart and a raised eyebrow, and says, "Ugh ... do we really want to teach her all that?"

Mommy: "Ugh .... she's a Princess!"

Be Blessed Everyone.

Friday, January 11, 2008

Salad World

Beef Fajita Strips .... ready made! Seasoned and perfect. Mouth-watering. Visions dancing in my head, and I could taste them just like I was sitting at Hacienda. Wow, these looked good the day Marlboro Man and I went grocery shopping!

This diet thing is killing me, plus it's costing a small fortune. I've ate enough salad to clean the gut of five large men, and it's getting me no where. See, I don't just like plain salad. I like tomatoes, real bacon bits, cheese, eggs, a little ham (a lot of ham), a few black olives, and anything else I can throw on top.

So I started thinking, "okay Tan, you need a variety .... how about a little Mexican salad? Spice it up Girl!" Then I bought the grilled chicken strips too! .... and the buffalo chicken strips. Then I got real creative! I got some Mandarin Orange slices and hunted down the makings for a Asian salad, and everything for a Taco Salad. This diet thing is going to be fun! I'm turning into a regular "Salad World."

The whole time Marlboro Man was pushing the cart down the aisles, he kept telling me that it's going to take more than a salad to lose weight, but I wasn't hearing him .... I was looking for Crouton's ... three different salad dressings .... and the lettuce (4# shredded bag). Do I want Bleu Cheese? Uhhhh, I don't think so, so I passed on that thought.

By the time we got finished with my diet foods and checked out I was exhilarated! I was on a roll and all pepped up to lose some weight. Total Diet Foods: $245.00.

I am SO SICK of salads now I could just puke ..... oh, and the Fajita strips, they taste like raw rubber! Maybe I'll try Chicken tonight or stop by McDonald's on my way home from work this evening!

Be Blessed Everyone!

Thursday, January 10, 2008

Three Little Monkeys

We ask the kiddo's what they wanted to do this evening before they went to bed and they all three said that they wanted to jump on our bed. Of course we were in our bedroom heading towards theirs, and the big soft bed just lured them in. Yes, that is Sam wearing one blue glove and one white sock on his hands and has Meg's pink "make-up purse" on his arm. He's a free spirit and anything goes. He lost his pants along the way too.
Meg and Jay were down more than they were up! Three jumpers at one time makes it hard to stay up. Mr. Dairy Wife and I each stood on one side and literally caught them as they jumped.
It's Sam the clown. Down on the floor here. We had a gymnastics lesson of rolling thrown in as well.

It's Jay's turn to roll. Mainly he just wanted his picture taken. He's very "cheesy" and loves the camera. Instant twinkles and smiles when he sees it coming!
We caught a little cuddle time as well.
Jump Jump Jump! Man, what I would give to have that energy!
Be Blessed Everyone.

Wednesday, January 9, 2008

Carter Update

For all of you that emailed and ask how our newest little guy is doing .... he's doing great! Thanks for all the prayers and uplifting messages, and for caring.

This evening I went to visit him, .... and I got to hold him. I rocked him and told him how loved he is, and I hummed the very same song I hummed to his Daddy almost twenty-seven years ago, in the very same hospital NICU. I told him that his Mommy and Daddy love him and they miss him. I told him he has a big brother named Luke that would love to see him. Would you believe, he opened his little eyes a few times and grunted. The pictures make him look much bigger than he really is. His head is the size of my fist, and I have small hands. He has a lot of hair and looks so funny with all that hair on that little head. He's going to need a haircut soon!

I'll be taking pictures every evening of Carter (for his Mommy), and in about two weeks when they start attempting nipple feedings, I'll get to feed him on the days his Mommy can't be there.

Be Blessed Everyone.

Seeds of Life

Seeds Of Life . . .
Two seeds lay side by side in the fertile spring soil……The first seed said; I want to grow! I want to send my roots in the soil beneath me, and thrust my sprouts through the earth’s crust above me….I want to unfurl my tender buds like banners to announce the arrival of spring…I want to feel the warmth of the sun on my face and the blessing of the morning dew on my petals.And so she grew……

The second seed said; I am afraid if I send my roots into the ground below..I don't know what I will encounter in the dark. If I push my way through the hard soil above me I may damage my delicate sprouts…what if I let my buds open and a snail tries to eat them? And if I were to open my blossoms, a small child may pull me from the ground. No, it is much better for me to wait until it is safe.And so she waited….A yard hen scratching around in the early spring ground for food found the waiting seed and promptly ate it.~ Unknown
MORAL OF THE STORY… Those of us who refuse to risk and grow get swallowed up by life.
I read this written on someone else's blog this morning and wanted to share it. Go visit Krisscop, she really has a lot of good things to say.
Be Blessed Everyone.

Tuesday, January 8, 2008

Happy Birthday Bro ...

More of them than him. ... and they are Reindeer here. Tristyn and Kristyn's Daddy is my brother and today is his birthday.

You think I have my hands full ..... well, let me tell you, his are fuller. These two little "dahlings" keep him hopping! He's a single Dad raising these two kidlets alone in a Princess filled house. Pink and purple and only their way! They rule and he's wrapped!

Happy Birthday Jeff .... I love you!

Monday, January 7, 2008


As I wrapped a big fluffy brown towel around Megan after her bath, and sat her on the sink, to dry her hair ....

"It's Brown."
Yes, it's brown. Do you like brown?"

"Mommy, can I smell it?"
Smell the towel? (Mr. Dairy Wife and I looked at each other)

"Ummm, it smells like Chocolate!"
Wow Meggie .... that smells so good! Mommy loves Chocolate! (as I sniffed the towel)

Spoken like a true woman!

Be Blessed Today!