Sunday, November 21, 2010

Living with the Angels (Pap Keith and Grandma MaryAnn)

 Two weeks ago on November 2nd, my life changed so suddenly and dramatically that I will never get over it.  My parents were killed instantly in a horrific head-on collision.  I went to the scene thinking that Dad would be confused and need help ... never in a million years will I ever forget how fragile life is, that you can be here happy and talking one second and within the beat of your heart .. be gone.

Dad and MaryAnn (my other Mother) were married for 28 years and I had the best years of her.  I was so lucky to have been blessed with someone that loved me unconditionally and loved my children as much as her own.  We had the best of everything with her.

My Dad kept MaryAnn on her toes, constantly with his shananigan's.  His laughter was addicting and the stories that he told never got old to us.

I'm not going to end this post ... but keep it going.  Right now is too painful to write, I'm still in shock, but I will come back here and write their story.

Rest in Peace with God Dad and MaryAnn ... you will always be loved by me.