Sunday, September 30, 2007

Country Dreams (part two)

Read Part I first. Click here.

All was well. The baby was growing, and together, they prayed and thanked God for the gift of life he was giving them.

(November 21, 2002)

Dear Von,

Yesterday was really the best day of my life with you. I feel like we moved up another notch on that 'ladder of life' we live on. Even though everything in our life is good, it just got better.

Mainly, what I gained yesterday was a deeper respect for you and our relationship. I realized the value of your friendship and love for me. I know without any doubt that I am loved by you, and with all your heart.

Thanks for the date last night ... it was fun!



Thanksgiving came and they celebrated family, love and a new life that is coming. Their baby was growing and had a strong heartbeat. All was well and fall would turn to winter quickly.

(November 28, 2002)

Dear Tan,

Happy Thanksgiving! It was good to have dinner here with your kids. This evening was the first time I really felt like we were a family together. Next Thanksgiving we will have another family member with us, our child. We will be complete.

I love you Tan!


It turned cold quickly and he lit a fire in the old wood burning stove on the back porch. Together they huddled around the stove and felt the warmth of the fire. They laid out a lifetime of plans for the child they would have. They named him. They decided who he would look like. They decided his future. Then they chuckled. He might be a she, and they started all over again.

That night as they slept, she awoke to sudden sharp pain. Pain that wouldn't go away. She woke him up and he called her Doctor. As he helped her out of the bed, she doubled over and her knees would no longer hold her. As he helped ease her to the floor, she felt the wet gush and warmth of blood trickle from her, and she felt the baby that they loved so much pass from her.

He held her close and they together they cried. Telling each other that they would not do this again. It was too hard. Too emotional and it hurt too much.

(December 4, 2002)

Dear Von,

It's been a bad week hasn't it? My whole world turned upside down when we miscarried again. Even though I'm sad, I know I will be okay and I thank God I have you. You have the kindest spirit and are always there for me. When I think of you, I always first think of my best friend, then my love, and how you have changed my life.



He wrote back to her and told her that everything would be okay. They had each other. That was all that mattered. He wouldn't put her through that again. He would be content without a child. He never considered being a Father until he met her, and he didn't need to have a child to live his life with her. They would have each other, her children, and grandchildren would surely come one day.

(December 4, 2002)

Dear Tan,

We had a very sad day. We will have other sad days, but we will have a lot more happy ones, than sad ones. I know it is harder on you and I'm so sorry for what you've been through trying to have our child. We still have a lot to be thankful for. We still have each other.

We just had our first snow of the season. I hope it's the last!

Your love for life,


Christmas came. It was white and it was beautiful to her. Her kids were there and they too were settling into the new of a changed family.

(December 25, 2002)

Dear Tan,

Merry Christmas! I love you with all my heart! You got your wish, it was a white one and a very cold one! I'm still hoping that we won't get anymore snow!



She looked for their journal. She wanted to write to him first... but he had beat her to it!

(December 25, 2002)

Merry Christmas! I love you with all my heart too. This was a great Christmas for me. I have you, and my kids, and I'm so happy with my life. Thank you for my camera. I love it!

All is well in the Siekman house .... isn't it wonderful?



New Year came and they were so busy. The cold is hard on the cows and the cold would chill him to the bone. He was back and forth from the barns to the house constantly trying to keep everything thawed and running. It seemed that they had no time for each other. She worked and he had too much to do. A dairy farm is a busy place to be, especially in the cold of the winter.

(January 1, 2003)

Dear Tan,

You are the love of my life and I am lucky to have you. I can see you and hear your voice even when we're apart. If you listen closely, you will always be able to hear my voice say, "I love you Tan." Always.

Happy New Year ... and may it be better than ever for you.



The snow had melted and the days were slowly getting warmer. Easter was right around the corner. His parents were elderly. They were failing and they needed him more. They had so much pride and they would never ask for help. His Father was fading before his eyes. The thought of losing him was more than he could bear. He had worked with his Dad, hand in hand, since he was a little boy on this farm.

He had always looked up to his Father as the man he wanted to be like some day. He patterned his life after him and worked hard to be like him. To have his morals and his integrity. To work the same land that he had, and to have his wisdom. His Father had taught him so much. He loved his Dad. He would be there for this man, to help him and take care of him as long as they needed him. He knew these days would some day come, but he didn't know how heavy his heart would feel once these days got here.

She was a nurse. She could see that his Father was failing fast. She would stand beside him and take care of him along with her husband, and his family. He was a good man. The man that molded her husband into the man that he is. She loved him too. She would miss him when he was gone. She knew that it would be soon.

She spent a lot of time at his parents house. She got to know his Father well. He talked to her, and he confided in her the two regrets that he had in his long life, and he gave her advice. She would take his advice and hold it true to her heart all of her days, and she would always thank this old man for his wisdom.

Spring was here. It came in gently, and she had a plan. A simple plan to help the older man that she had grown to love, to have no regrets, before he left this world. She knew just how to make that happen.

(March 13, 2003)

Dear Tan,

One of the greatest gifts of love is helping some one to grow. You have helped me to be a better person. You have helped me to see that I have been wrong for a lot of years in something that I thought I was right about. Too many years went by, and I lost track of what is important in life.

First being .... family. I thank you for the gift of my brother. The brother that is so important to me. The brother that lives right down the road from me, that I love. I'm so ashamed that I let so many wasted years go by and caused Mom and Dad such heartache. It must have hurt their hearts, for their sons to not speak for ten years. Thank you for showing me how important family is. I can't imagine not having my brother in my life again. I truly missed him. I only hope that he will forgive me. A simple foolish quarrel .... and so many years wasted.

I hope Mom likes the memory letters she will get for her birthday from all of her family. I hope she likes them as much as we do. I (like you) have enjoyed reading each letter we have gotten so far. How did you convince Dad to write Mom a letter? I still can't believe that he wrote to her. She will love reading the letters over and over again. The album they are in, is beautiful. Mom will love it.



Little did he know, she was helping an old man that loved his old wife very much. The old man just didn't know how to say the words anymore. The old woman wouldn't remember hearing them anymore. She would however, read those words over and over again.

(March 26, 2003)

Dear Von,

I am so glad that you and your brother will soon walk down the same path again. I know that you will get there. This was your Dad's wish, and one of the regrets in his life, that years ago he never stopped this feud between his sons.

Yes, Mom will love the book of letters from all of us. She might not be able to remember the day to day things now, but she will remember all that we've written about and she will read it again and again. That was the other regret your Dad had, that he didn't tell her often that he loved her. He said he was too busy working and all the years slipped away. But, he wrote it in a letter to her .... a letter that she'll read after he's gone, and she'll know. He loved her.

I love you Von. I know these days are hard for you ... and I'll always be here to help you.



Early in June, on a quiet night in his home .... his Father passed away. He had wished for two things. His sons were right with each other, and he found a way for his wife of many years to know that he loved her. She read his words often, and he had died with no regrets.

Thanks for reading .. and be blessed!

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Saturday, September 29, 2007

A Good One!

One Down .... and Two to Go!

Picture Day!

We took the kiddo's to "Yellow Banks" today to do pictures for their upcoming 3rd birthday. I had a plan. Pictures of each one of them sitting in a rustic old bench on the porch of a old log cabin. It was just a dream ....Not one of the one hundred fifty shots turned out good. Every picture here is a cropped version of something bigger and NOT good.
No one would sit down! This was the position of choice! S.T.A.N.D.I.N.G!
Then Sam growled at me when I told him to smile!

Meg had to have the boots on and then jumped off the porch about a thousands times!
Jump. Jump. Jump. Jump! Do-Dah! Dee-Do! Da-Day! Jump. Jump.
Sam spotted a small lawn tractor .... and it was all over for him! Come back Sam! Oh Sammmmmmmy!

Did you say Smile Mom? No Way Jose!

I don't want to sit! I like it like this. MOMMMMM!
What is this? A Bear? A wooden Bear?
I think I'll just take a nap. Don't bother me and get that camera away from me! NOW!!!

Look Mom. Watch me climb up the side of this log cabin. Jay! Jay! Get down Jay!
Yes Jay .... it IS a wooden Bear!
NO Jay! Don't kiss the bear! It might bite!

Okay everyone .... you're all sitting together! LOOK at ME! LOOK at ME!

Smile Jay!
Down Everyone ..... You'll fall! GET DOWN EVERYONE! NOW!
Hey! Come back .... I'm not finished! Please Come back. I have suckers! Hey! Yoo-Hoo!
Come on kids! Turn around! Look at ME! One more time!

No! Don't open that door. Someone lives there! Get back everyone! NOW! Do you want to go home?
Good Kids! Come on now .... sit back down on that bench! Please? For Mommy?

Hey Sammy! Want some candy? Just look at Mommy one more time. Please???

Yay Meggie! You're doing it! Smile Baby!

Way to Go Jay! Just look at Mommy! Who you love Jay? Yeah! Mommy's boy!
Needless to say, it didn't work out today. No wonderful birthday pictures! Just cropped out bits and pieces. But we have tomorrow afternoon and then again next weekend!
as always, be blessed.

Thursday, September 27, 2007

Little Green Hearts from Heaven

I've had this little plant in my house in my kitchen, in a corner by my stove, for almost four years. I really don't know how old this plant is, or what kind it is. It used to belong to my sweet sweet Mother-in-law. She used to have a lot of plants on her back porch. She seemed to have had a green thumb, and her plants flourished. After she passed away, I brought this plant home, plopped it into a new container, added water and sat it in a corner by a window. It is very neglected and at times looks very bad. Whatever kind of plant this is ... it doesn't require much water or tender loving care.

Tonight I was cleaning the stove after dinner and I noticed something different about this little neglected plant that just keeps hanging on. It has a sprout! A wild little sprout growing out of the dirt. It isn't attached to my plant, but is right beside it. I couldn't believe what I was seeing. Look close!

Yes, three little hearts. You can't see the one on the back side. They are all attached, as if they're holding hands, and standing in a circle. They made me smile. I know exactly where they came from.

I take it that this is a message, from that sweet sweet lady that is no longer with us, to let me know, that she is sending me 'three little green hearts from heaven' and is watching over these three little kiddo's that she never got to meet.

It's just very ironic that I found this tonight. Last night, Meg was holding a picture of her Daddy and her Grandma, and was telling her Daddy, "this is my daddy and my ga-ma." I believe that her Grandma was listening!

... as always, be blessed.

Tuesday, September 25, 2007

Country Dreams (part one)

A continuation of the story, 'Modern Day Woman ... Old Time Man.' Click here to read it first!

Even though she had been in his house many times before, it felt different now that they were married. This was her home too. Her house to make a home. To make changes and turn this old farmhouse into a home for the both of them. Together they would blend hers and his, and twine their lives together.

He could see the changes coming. Nothing would be the same. This old house was no longer just a house to sleep in. It would become warm, inviting and full of love. He could see that changes were coming. Good changes. He prayed for changes that would bring this farmhouse to life again.

She divided her time between him and her kids. Not wanting her youngest to change schools his senior year in high school, she lived between two houses. Spending some nights with her kids, and some nights with him, and working in the daytime .... the school year flew by. After her son's graduation, they moved to Indiana for good. Jared moved with her and started college near by. They moved Joey into a small apartment and he started college locally. Only 30 minutes from home, but so far away. Josh and Juli were living their lives and on their own.

He was ready for her to live in their home full time. He missed her, but knew that she had a commitment to her kids. He wanted her with them as much as she needed to be. He wanted the best for them too. As they embarked upon a new path in college, she came home to him.

She was home.

Living here came as easy as if she'd been here all her life. she could hear the quiet of the night and sounds of the country, as she would just walk a circle around the house and through the yard. She had dreams. Dreams of spending her life here and raising another child here with him.
She was home. Home where he wanted her to be. His home. Now their home. His life was falling into place with her. Maybe they would have a child. Life would be good and she would be here beside him for the rest of his life.

(June 10, 2002)

Dear Von,

I was afraid to write in our book when we found out that we were pregnant again. I was so afraid that if something happened, I wouldn't want to be reminded. Then yesterday when I started bleeding I knew that no matter what happens, this is a part of our lives together and we'll get through it.

I want to remember this time and how happy we were about having a baby. I want to keep my thoughts about how you smiled and how happy this was making you and how much this would change our life. I want to remember the look on your face when you saw the beginning of the baby on the ultrasound screen, and I want to keep all my hopes and dreams and keep praying everything will be okay.

I am so scared and I can't do anything except wait to see what happens. I just want to go back to yesterday morning before this all started. But no matter what, I am still thankful I got to experience being pregnant with you, and that we created a miracle that can change our lives forever.

Yesterday, you summed it up pretty good ... no matter what happens, we still have each other.

I love you.


The little baby they'd created was not meant to be. Another dream was shattered, and two hearts were broken.

(June 23, 2002)

Dear Von,

This has been a difficult two weeks. Everyday I think about losing our baby, but everyday gets better for me. I am trying so hard to be positive about why it happened. As a nurse, I understand ... but as a woman and Mother, it's the hardest thing I've ever been through.

I'm so glad you have been here every step of the way. I know it was difficult for you too and still is at times. I am so glad we named our baby. I know that the name we chose is just for us to know, but it makes me feel better. The necklace you bought me to wear in memory of our little one is beautiful and when I touch it, I am reminded of how much you love me.

I'll never forget how it felt to be pregnant with you, and from the moment we found out, that baby was loved very much. I know God has a place for baby's that weren't able to be born, and he'll keep him in his loving arms.

I love you Von with all my heart, and there is no where else in the world I'd ever want to be, except with you.



His heart was broke beyond words. He was quiet and he too was hurting. In their old journal, he wrote to her.

(June 23, 2002)

Dear Tan,

I love you more today than ever. I know what kind of Mother, wife and friend you are, and I am sure what kind of Mom you would have been to our child had he been born. I know that he would not have had a better Mother.

Maybe someday we will know why he did not make it into our earthly home, but for now we will have to be content to know God is watching over him or her for us.

I love you.


Fall was coming and her heartache was easing. The heartbreak and pain didn't hurt as much, but the twinges were there when a memory came her way. She was content with her family and decided that a child was not in their future. After all, she was forty-five years old and had raised four children. She'd done a good job and she loved them with all her heart. She would wait for grandchildren to come along, and all would be well.

Their first year together being married was coming to an end. She reflected back on how happy she'd been. She loved her home, her husband, her children and her life. She thanked God for all that he had given her and all that was yet to come.

He couldn't believe that a year had gone by so quickly. It was November and the crops were in. He was looking forward to a warm winter with her. He had always worked so hard and had been alone. But this year, his love was with him, and it would be good.

(November 20, 2002)

Dear Tan,

I want you to know that you are the best wife that I could ever hope for, and you are my best friend. You bring joy and happiness into my life. Happy Anniversary.

I love you with all my heart.


She read his letter that he had written in the old journal that lay out on a table in their room. She had something to say to him too. She wrote her words under the letter he had written to her that morning.

(November 20, 2002)

Dear Von,

You too are my best friend.... the best of everything I've ever had in my life, I've had with you this past year. I love you so much and I know I am loved by you just as much.

On top of this being our first anniversary ... we also have the joy of having our child growing inside of me. Hopefully, next year at this time, he or she will be with us.

Happy anniversary and I love you with all my heart too!


All was well. The baby was growing, and together, they prayed and thanked God for the gift of life he was giving them.

... as always, be blessed.

Part two has been written ... Click HERE!

Monday, September 24, 2007

Two Little Boys

Yesterday afternoon these two little guys squeezed between the rail on the porch and the fence. The crack is barely big enough for these two kiddo's to turn sideways and make it through. (this will be fixed). I watched them from the kitchen window to see how they were getting out! Sneaky little critters they are!

As fast as lightning, they dropped to the ground and sped off as fast as their short little legs would carry them. One right after the other. They ran. Jay was in the lead as they rounded the corner of the house, not once looking back. Meg stayed on the porch like a good little girl. I grabbed my camera and was out the door and on their trail.

They couldn't see me watching them as they ran around to the side of the yard and through the garden. They stopped long enough to pick a tomato, then took off again at a full run. I could hear them talking when they were sidetracked by something that would catch their eye.

They ventured into the garage and sat on the lawnmower for a bit ... and played in the dog food. Sam had his hands full of dog food as they were running for the tractor they spotted in a barn. Across the barn lot they ran, throwing the dog food down, they stopped long enough to grab some hay from a bale sitting on the side of a trail.

They were on a mission. Two little boys that had escaped. Two brothers, in their innocence, so totally unaware of the dangers of being two years old, loose in a big world around them. Laughing at their freedom, and laughing at each other. Not knowing that their Mother's eyes would keep them safe. Not knowing that they had done anything wrong. Only knowing that they were together and had each other, and that they were having fun. They were exploring the world around them.

They ran by a pond, unaware of what lay on the other side of the path they were on. Up the path to the barn they went. Until their Mother called them back! Holding hands they slowly kicked the ground and came home. Home to the safety of the world they know. Home. Secure in the house with their Mother until their Daddy builds a new railing to keep them safe.

Boys will be boys, and I'm sure they will escape again, but I'm sure I will be watching over them with a Mother's eye and heart.

.... as always, be blessed.

Saturday, September 22, 2007

And, the Winner is ....

First of all, I have to assure you that Marlboro Man read every single entry. He sat here with pen and paper and literally wrote down all those that he thought should win a 'FarmHouse Kids' bracelet. His list kept getting longer and longer. He is so funny. He even wrote his reasons why. He's such a thorough guy. He laughed and laughed and had a good ole time. I'm going to have to teach this man how to work a computer so he can email you all!

Everyone is a winner though, and wow, lots of entries .... every entry was wonderful and we had so much fun reading them. Marlboro Man took his job so serious, and here are the winners that he has chosen. I do have to say ... we didn't tell each other who we would have chosen, and what was so funny only one of the winners was on both list! I thought I knew the man better than that! ha~

Here are his top three winners (in order) and why.

Barb was his first choice. Barb owns a pair of boots and says she knows how to use them! (that got him since he's knee deep in cow poop most days) She can babysit, potty train triplets and milk cows! She won his heart immediately! Barb, Marlboro Man loves you! Are you married, and can you move here to Indiana? We're looking for a relief milker once in a while! We desperately need a date night out. He also doesn't think you'd run when the cows raise their tails at you! Plus, I don't own a pair of 'cow milking' boots! You lucky woman you! Barb, you can have your choice of any bracelet you want! MM said you can have all of them if you want! (Wait a minute there Marlboro, that's a lot of work for me!)

Secondly, he chose Scott in Indianapolis, IN. His reason for choosing Scott was that only two men entered. MM put their names in a hat and drew out the winning man. Hank, you had a 50/50 chance! Sorry! How fair is that? That's fair! It pays to be a man some days! Scott, have your lovely wife email me and tell me which bracelet she wants. It is for your wife isn't it? It better be! Indianapolis isn't that far from us and I know how to get there! ha~

The third winner is: Mae. She started a rally for Brook and Baby Evie. And boy, what a rally that was. She was bringing in beggars from everywhere. Babies have a soft spot in Marlboro Man's heart. After all, he had three of them at once! I get to chose the bracelet for this one ... and I am choosing to give Baby Evie a 'birth to bride' bracelet. It's a beautiful little tiny bracelet made of pearls and clear iridescent crystals, with a crystal blue butterfly dangle. Little blocks of silver say her 'Evie.' When Baby Evie is all grown up, on her wedding day, she can pin her little heirloom bracelet to her wedding gown, and she'll have her something Old, New, Borrowed, and Blue. Way to go Mae!

Congratulations to all three of the winners! You can email me with your addresses and we can communicate sizes and which bracelets you choose.

Stay tuned! Because, this was so much fun .... I'll be having another contest soon and the prize will be another beautiful piece of jewelry that I make, that you wear around your neck!~ Be thinking of your funniest true confession! (hint hint)

... as as always, be blessed.

Picking Wild Flowers ~

Juli an Kelcie came over this afternoon and we took all four kids to a very big craft show! No strollers. No attention getting wagons. Just their own eight little legs. And they walked all over the fairgrounds until evening. I am still in shock that no one had a meltdown and everyone did so good.

I really think this was the best it's ever been with them. They are growing up ... and I think I'm going to have a life again. This was exactly what Juli and I had been planning for the past three years .... to take the kids together without all the paraphernalia that goes with toddlers. But we are past the toddler stage now .... we're kids! Cute little kids! Our only piece of 'kid stuff' that we toted around today was a little Elmo plastic folding potty seat in a baggy! Four pee'ers kept us busy~

On our way home this evening ... just on the verge of dark, we pulled over on the road and took pictures of Kelcie. She hammed it up and down and all around! She's a Princess you know!

... as always, be blessed.

Friday, September 21, 2007

Sam's Bug!

This morning before the kiddo's went to preschool they were outside playing for a few minutes on the porch. Sam found a big black 'wolly-worm.' It was the biggest, fluffiest worm I've ever seen! Sam was so excited about finding that worm.

He picked it up gently with both hands cupped and let it crawl up and down his arms. You could see the love in his eyes and you could see this boy's heart burst wide open for his bug. He was talking to it, and asking it questions, and kept saying, 'my Bug, my Buggie' as it wiggled all over him.

Sam showed me his bug and then showed his Daddy. He was showing Meg his little willy-worm when I came in the house to get my camera. She was 'ewwing and ahhing' over Sam's bug as he proudly stretched out his arm and showed her.

I came back outside just as Jay came running up to see what the excitement was all about ... just as the little worm fell off of Sam's outstretched arm and onto the sidewalk. Jay promptly, like most little boys do, yelled, "BUG!" and instantly squished it onto the sidewalk with his shoe.

I realized that even at the young age of two, Sam knew that his bug, was no more. His little heart was broke and the tears he cried were full of sadness for his friendly black worm. 'My Buggie', he cried as he stood there looking down at his still little friend. At that moment, he knew that his little worm was gone. Forever.

No matter how much you love your children and no matter how much we protect them, we can't bring those little black bugs back to life, and mend those little broken hearts. These lessons learned are so hard.

Jay won't remember this particular little black worm that he squished and Sam won't remember this particular little black worm that he loved, but I'll always remember his face watching that worm with wonder and love in his eyes.

I hope Sam always has this much passion for all the 'little black worms' in his life ... no matter how small they are.

.... as always, be blessed.

Thursday, September 20, 2007


I can't post a picture, but I'm sure you'll be able to visualize ....

This morning before we took the kiddo's to daycare, Jay had to pee. This is a every morning ritual as we're walking out the door. He likes to pee on ants off the side of the porch. His Daddy taught him that. Can you believe that? Marlboro Man actually encourages that. Jay thinks it's the most awesome thing in the world. To pee on an Ant!

Anyway, they had gone out a few minutes ahead of me. As I came out the door, all I could hear was giggling and hooting! All four of them, yes including MM, was behind the porch swing. Sam and Jay were peeing on (pretend ants in the bushes) ants, and MM was rooting them on.

Meg was standing in the middle with her skirt down around her ankles like the boys. Her Daddy was telling her, "Meggie, you're a girl. You can't pee on Ants." He was getting a real worried look on his face and didn't know what to do with her. She kept insisting that she wanted to pee on an Ant too! He was almost stuttering, and the boys were having so much fun that she wanted to join in! Finally he said, "Go have your Mommy help you." Talk about passing the B-U-C-K!

Poor Marlboro Man .... he's got his work cut out for him raising a girl on this farm!

... and as always, be blessed.

Wednesday, September 19, 2007

Three Times the Fun!

This is about as good as it gets trying to get a picture of these kiddo's all together, in the same place, at the same time! Unedited .... straight out of the camera! I think this was the 156th shot for this session.

I dressed them all coordinating and took my cute little stools with me. My intentions were to take them one at a time, but that wasn't an option. I'm already working on their three year portraits for their upcoming birthday! As soon as the boys saw what I was doing with Meg, they too wanted in the scene.

We were down the road from our house, on the corner of the road, in a ditch! I only had to stop one truck from coming, and thank goodness he stopped and waited for us, or we would have been covered in dust!

The only cooperation I got was from the farmer in the truck. He smiled. He laughed. He had a good ole time watching us! They, on the other hand, were bouncing off their stools faster than I could sit them down!

I think I'll stick to 'one at a time' next time!

... as always, be blessed!

Tuesday, September 18, 2007

Love Worth Finding

Yesterday evening I was playing with the kiddo's out in our yard .... just snapping one picture after another. Sam ran over to a stump by the road and was standing on it trying to grab a tree limb.

Then I spotted this. A baggie twirling from a string. For a brief second, fear ran through me. Someone had been here and put this in our tree. It was tied to a branch just above my head and was dangling like a pretty Christmas ornament. As it blew in the breeze I could read the paper inside of it. One side was a different language and the other side said, Love Worth Finding.

At that moment when I read the word Love ... I knew that Marlboro Man had put it there just waiting for me to find it! He often gets in hot water for not scoring a '10' in the romance and courting me department. He's even been caught giving me flowers that his sister picked for me, and pretended they were from him.

Anyway, I was feeling all mushy and cozy inside and decided to leave it hanging there until he came home. After the kiddo's were in bed last night, I nonchalantly said to him, "can you come outside? I want to show you something." I was feeling all warm and cuddly and in love. He'd done something special!

I got a little flashlight and we walked out to the tree. He didn't say a word to me as we walked to the side of the road. I was just waiting for him to say, "you finally found it." I was so excited and so happy, and was feeling downright giddy.

I shined the light up in the tree for him to see that I'd found his card to me! I told him how much I loved him and thanked him for it. In my mind I was thinking ... WOW! He's really trying to be romantic! Silently, he grinned ear to ear, and reached up and untied the string for me. Then as he handed it to me, he said, "I love you too, but this came from a balloon and landed here in the tree. I see them all the time out in the fields."

Just like the piece of balloon tied to that string .... I was instantly deflated. We stood there laughing because I'm a BIG romantic ... and he's NOT, and I should have known that he wouldn't have done that! Oh well, a girl can wish can't she?

... and as always, be blessed.

p.s. The balloon had traveled almost 20 miles to get to me! It was from a Church and had wonderful scriptures in it about ..... Love.

Monday, September 17, 2007

Another Day on the Farm!

Here's Sam! Sporting what is left of his black eye! Him and Jay had a head on collision last week. Sam is sitting up on top of a bale of hay watching airplanes! He's big he says!

And, here's Sam sitting in the middle of the road. He's in trouble. When my kids are in trouble, I always sit them in the middle of the road. Actually, he plopped himself down there, after he threw his toy cars and threw rocks and hit Jay! He had quite a little tantrum, but he's over it now!
Again, it's my man Sam! He's on the rock now. We sure love that rock for picture taking!

Now we have Mr. Jay! He's one cool cat. Jay likes the big rock too! And Jay loves to get his picture taken! Can you tell?
Jay's in the mood now! He's even sitting on an old stump! He's got that 'cheese' down pat!
Bringing up the rear ... is Miss Meg! She wouldn't sit on the rock, but she can hold it down so it doesn't go anywhere! Miss Meg had the whines today ... almost as bad as all of you gals begging for a FarmHouse Kids bracelet!
... as always, be blessed!