Thursday, May 15, 2008

Littles - Chapter Five

Dear Littles,

Yesterday you went to the Dentist for the first time, and I forgot to take my camera. Actually, it was your second visit there, but the first appointment for you.

I was so surprised. I never dreamed in a million years that it would go as smooth as it did. You never cease to amaze me how big you're getting to be, or how at times, when I think we're in for a bad time, you do the opposite. Yesterday was that kind of day.

Jay, I was so proud of you for going first. But then again, you had a rainbow at the end of tunnel. A little rubber bouncy ball was sitting on the counter waiting for you. Such a little prize, but to a scared little boy, it was everything you ever wanted. That little ball was the key to your bravery, and made it all worth it. You looked so small in that big chair, and when you reached out to hold my hand and I saw the fear in your eyes, I just wanted to scoop you up and hold you tight.

Sam, I was just as proud of you. Although you couldn't bring yourself to sit in the chair alone, none the less, you did it. You laid on your Daddy's lap and opened your mouth so big. I stood beside you and held your little hand, and when I saw Jay slip his hand into your other hand, my heart burst wide open. I love it that you all love each other so much. I hope you always do. Meg gave you her "Lambie" and you held it tight.

Meg, what can I say? You didn't do so well. You were scared, and I wanted to take you home, but I knew that this was something we needed to do. You cried, ... and my soft heart almost did too. You too laid on your Daddy's lap, and we all held onto you, and Sam gave you back "Lambie." Sam told you that it would be okay and Jay patted your leg. They were so brave at that point and only wanted to console you. But we got through it. Only because you cried, and when you cried, you opened your mouth.

Your little "sweet toothes" had no "sugar-bugs" and you had no cavities. What a good report you all got. Now, if only you remember that going to the Dentist is a good thing ... for we have to go back in six months and do it all over again.

I love you guys,