Sunday, August 31, 2008

New Ride

This is their "new ride." An all-terrain triple wide jogging stroller. Put it this way ... it's bigger than it looks and it won't fit through doorways and this sucker is a eye catcher! Just what we don't want! You should see it with the sun visor/canopy on it. I felt like it was as big as the cars that passed us on the road. Now I'm wondering if I'll need a license to push it ??!!

This is the second time we've tried it out since I've been so busy with Juli's wedding lately. I am amazed that it pushes so easy with two fingers ... and on a gravel road to boot! That might have something to do with the four man sized bicycle tires that are attached to it. I'm going to ask Marlboro Man if he'll strap a little gasoline engine on it for uphills.

My mission is to take the Littles for a walk every evening after work. My ultimate mission is to lose some weight before Winter! Then I'm passing this monstrosity on to The Holsey Triplets who are just the perfect size for it! Stacey was squealing with delight when I told her about the deal I got when I bought it, because she put in her dibs first to take it off my hands when my Littles soon outgrow it, and next Spring she'll be out and about strolling her babes around in it.

I paid "thirty dollars" for this because the lady who had it didn't know how to fold it down, and thought no one would ever buy it, because it takes a pick up truck to haul it around. She was so wrong .... only a triplet Mom knows those secrets ... ha~ It folds right in half and will fit in the back of our mini van perfectly! I just loves deals like this ... and it's in fantastic condition too.

So if you live close ... watch out because we're on the loose, and be careful because if I hit you ... it's likely to total your car!!!!

Saturday, August 30, 2008

Sneak Peek - Juli's Wedding

I've only edited ONE image from the two thousand that I took, and this is the one. It's the one that stood out to me when I took a quick sneak peak through all my camera cards that I shot today. Isn't she stunning? Aren't they both?? ... and she's my daughter!

Tomorrow I'll edit more and write about this wedding that took place place today. It was pretty amazing and very different .... different in a good way and I loved it. It was very non-traditional, upbeat and I can say that the bride and groom danced in front of the altar unexpectedly and skipped and twirled their way back down the aisle to the beat of "Walking on Sunshine."

Details and more pictures later .... for now, I'm off to bed for some richly deserved sleep!

Thursday, August 28, 2008

The Brows

Dilemma! Oh do I have Dilemma!

When I took the Littles to preschool YESTERDAY morning .... almost twenty-four hours ago, I whipped by my "Beauty-tician" and got my eyebrows waxed. They are now gorgeous little brows with a perfect little arch in the middle.

I just have to change the subject and comment on how I hold my breath, grit my teeth and grip the chair arms until my fingers bleed when I know that she is going to rip the skin off my face about four times. So how in the heck do those of you that do, do Bikini waxes?? If you do .... you are a brave brave woman! Talk about guts and glory!

Okay ... on with my story. Gone, is the wild forest of my uni-brow and those scraggly gray wires that curled up and sprung out across the middle of my forehead. Well, they really weren't that bad .... but almost! But it sounded good didn't it?!

Now for the dilemma part. By last night my entire forehead, eyebrows, eyelids and top of my nose turned bright red and was whelped up and swollen. Any of you ever been there??? It ain't pretty.

Juli's wedding is in two days and I have a big problem. I'm the MOB (Mother of the Bride) and I have to fix this. Last night because I'm such a good Mother and put all medications up out of the reach of my children and I couldn't find the Hydrocortisone cream .... I smeared Desitin diaper rash cream across my face. It didn't work.

I'm thinking here's my choices:

1. Duct tape it and hide it

2. Write on my forehead ... "hehehe ... I screwed up didn't I?"

3. Pretend: I don't have a clue what you're talking about! My eyes are almost swollen shut??! Are you serious???!! You're kidding meeeee!

4. Walk down the aisle backwards.

What would you do? I'm desperate for some help here. HELP!!

Tuesday, August 26, 2008

The Princess and the Four Wheeler

This evening, the Princess grew wings. Pink wings and a little pink tutu that she bought with her very own dollar.

... and she called herself "Hanna OnTanna" as she twirled and sang as she danced down the sidewalk.
She was in her own Princess world ....
until a beautiful red carriage drove by.
Then she shed her wings.
... and jumped on.
There is no room for girlie things when you have a apple tree and a barn full of cows down the road.
Bye Princess .... see you later!

Sunday, August 24, 2008

Keep Mira Smiling

Mira. She's a 2.5 year old little ball of fire ... and she's a triplet. Mira has end stage renal failure and will be having a kidney transplant soon. She was born prematurely and had some serious problems at birth. Today she is a smart little girl with a whole world ahead of her ... and we are hoping that she receives two wonderful kidneys to make that happen for her.

Her Mother Sheryl is in my online triplet group, and over the past couple of years we've all watched Mira grow and heard her stories and have grown to love her.

There will be a fundraiser in Wisconsin for Mira soon and the Mom's in our group are helping out by painting this canvas for the upcoming auction.

We each have a square and we each have painted our message on the canvas. All of our kiddo's have signed it with their handprints. The picture above is Me and my Littles as it passed through here. It's exciting to see the progress as it goes from California, Nevada, Idaho, Pennsylvania, Michigan, Wisconsin and Indiana. We even have a square reserved for our Mom and kiddo's that are in South Africa. Our canvas is traveling around the United States with love from all of us ... and we all want to Keep Mira Smiling!

You can read about Mira at her website or leave a good wish at She's a cutie and we all hope she gets her new kidneys and a new way of life without pain or suffering. I'm not asking my readers to donate, just read about her and IF you want to donate .... follow your heart.

We Love you Mira!!! Keep on Smiling!!!

Saturday, August 23, 2008

Us Girls

Here comes the bride ... and the bride has been hopping lately with all the wedding details. Six days to go and she's still calm and collected.

This evening my two daughters and I met up for dinner. Juli on my right and Meg is on my left. We met up with her six bridesmaids and her new Mother in law to be.

We had a great time at Olive Garden and we went over the rest of the wedding plans and I delegated jobs to everyone to finish before next Saturday. It just sucks to be the boss ... but somebody has got to do it! Ha ~ (just kidding) I think that falls under the category of "MOB" Mother of the Bride.

I can't believe it ... but almost every single little detail is done. I had a list and we stuck to it, and boy did it ever help to have all the details down in black and white.

Mainly, what I loved the most was having my two girls with me. I am one lucky Mom to have these beautiful girls. This is the first time we've gone to dinner without the boys. They stayed home on the farm with their Dad. Megan absolutely loved it and danced with her shadow in the parking lot.

Late tonight I carried her in and tucked her up, and hopefully she'll have good dreams and great memories of her big sister's bacherlorette party!

Be Blessed Everyone.

Friday, August 22, 2008

Hi Honey ... I'm Home!

Hi Everyone! Wow ... I haven't posted in a week and still almost "three thousand" people came to visit me, and for all the countless emails in the last couple of days of all of you checking on me to see if I'm okay ... I am. I'm back.

I didn't go anywhere, but I've been very busy. So busy that my head is still spinning in circles and I want to stop and get off. I'm nearing the end of the month at work and that is busy. I got called out two nights ago late in the night to start an IV and again last night, and that is busy.

My daughter Juli is getting married next Saturday ... and let me tell you, that is BUSY! Busy and exciting. My tonight and this weekend we are finishing wedding plans and making sure we didn't miss any details.

I'm also on stand-by and ready for two triplet Mom's that are in the hospital that are "hanging by the hair of a thread" that could possibly deliver. But we're praying that they can hold off for another two weeks at least. Both are very early, 28 weeks, but their babies are very healthy ... just need to bake in their cozy little ovens a bit longer. For those of you that don't know ... I'm photographing their births. I would appreciate everyone that reads here to say a quick prayer that A & A continue to hang on and keep those babies put! (Sorry A#1, I'm hoping you buy at least another week or two ... and I'll duck next time I come visit you in case you throw a shoe at me) Just kidding ... she's been a great sport for having been there for two months! A#2 just moved into the hotel(hospital) today for the duration ... and she's still a happy camper!!! I can joke about this, because I've been in their shoes, and the ceiling in a hospital room isn't really all that pretty. But just look at the little treasures that they'll get in the end. Baby A, B & C times TWO! Woo-Hoo!!!!

Which brings me to another reason why I've been so busy. My Birth Photography business. I'm working steadily in the evenings on my website. Hopefully it will debut in about a week along with my photography website that is changing as well.

And ... finally, the cutest reason I've been so busy is this peek of these little cuties below. Besides this beautiful set of triplets, I've done five other photo shoots recently.

This Super-Mom just pooped out for the last week ... but I'm back and will get back to blogging pronto!

Enjoy the pictures below ... they're gorgeous!

Wednesday, August 13, 2008

Dear Littles - Chapter Nine

Dear Littles,

Two days ago you started preschool. "Real" preschool. You think you are in Kindergarten and you are taking it so seriously. You would think that your entire whole world just up and changed with Monday morning, when in fact, it was the same as Friday ... except you had to be there so much earlier and the structure has returned.

I had such a plan for Monday morning, and all your school clothes laid out and ready, and Sam, you changed all that in the span of a heartbeat. Long pants you said, and you didn't like my choice of the shirt I had picked out for you to wear. Then Jay followed suit and between you, you chose what you would wear that first day of preschool. Play clothes, and you would both wear the same thing.

I still have the mind frame to dress you the same and coordinate your clothes with Meg ... and that isn't happening as much these days. Independence is shining through, and you all want to do it your way instead of my way. My heart tightens just a little with every step that you take away from me. It's the way it's supposed to be .... you grow up, and I have to let you go.

I felt like you took a big step Monday morning when you walked through those doors. It was another milestone in your life. One that will lead you down the path of growing up.

On the other hand, as much I want to keep you little and with me ... I want you to flourish, and to grow and to move on. I want you always come back home and think back to these days and know how much I love you.

I thank God at least a thousand times a day for the three of you. Even in the moments of confusion and chaos, I thank him for giving me this chance to raise these perfect and beautiful yous.

Monday evening I ask you what you learned at school today ... and you all said, "Nothing. We just colored and we played." Your world didn't change at all that day ... only mine did.

Surely, all Mothers love their children as much as I love you.


Sunday, August 10, 2008

Fingerprints of God "Winner"

This morning while Marlboro Man and I were putting up the entire north forty acres of sweet corn that he planted .... well, it seemed like it anyway .... I said to him, "Hey MM, what's your favorite number?"

He said, "Are your trying to trick me into something?"

"No Way Man" I said to him ... "I just want to know what your favorite number is."

Then he said, "does this have something to do with all this corn?"

"Nope" I told him ... "I just need to know ... what's your favorite number between 1 and 21."

So he told me. He said, "I know you're trying to trick me somehow, so I'm keeping it low." Now what the heck does that mean. I've never tricked him in my life. Well, maybe just once I did ... I delivered triplets instead of just one baby a few years back ... and he's still in shock. But he forgave me a long time ago.

Then he said it. NINE. Number NINE ... you're the winner. It's Amy!

Here's her comment why she comes here:

I started coming to your blog when I learned about you from Emily and Stacey. I had been wanting babies since I was married and unable to have any. I was searching for an answer and found comfort in "surrounding" myself in different ways, with those who had "beat the odds." Your blog was one that kept me laughing and hoping. Little did I know that God was answering my prayer in his time and way. He has handed me the baby of my dreams. She may not be of my flesh, but she is of my heart. Talk about the finger print of God!Amy 08.07.08 - 9:30 pm #

Now, on a serious note. I was really touched to read all the comments about why you keep coming back here. Thank you all so much for the kind words and for the lift you give me.

I do write from my heart ... sometimes a little too much and sometimes a little too deep, but I'm sincere in my love for my family and God.

Now Amy ... I think I know who you are ... and if I'm right, you live pretty close to me. Although I haven't met you ... I know your story, and you're right ... God handed you a perfect gift handmade by him ... and he did it his way. You're a blessed woman Amy. Doesn't it just feel so good?

If you're the Amy I'm thinking of ... you can email me a picture you would like to have edited into a portrait ... or you can set up an appointment with me to photograph your little darling, free of charge! Call me at 812.459.4774 when it's good for you.

Thanks for reading everyone ... and to everyone that had not commented before ... it's good to meet you!

Be Blessed Everyone.

Coons, Corn and the Neighbors

Bright and early this morning, and yesterday morning too ... Marlboro Man, aka The Milk Man, brought home tons and tons of these things. Secretly I was hoping that the coons had had a great feast ... but MM nipped that in the bud when he put a electric fence around the sweet corn patch.
Not only did he nip them in the bud .... but he probably zapped, fried and splattered the fuzzy critters. He nonchalantly told me this morning that he had a 50-mile fence charger on it, and "he got em good." That's kind of "animal cruelty" don't you think? Poor little things were only looking for food. I think he should at least have given them a little bit.

Zilch! They got none ... He brought it all home to me. ... and after cleaning, boiling, cutting, bagging and freezing almost 60 full to the rim quarts of corn ... I'm pooped!
I do have to say thanks to The Neighbor who came yesterday and diligently worked her fingers to the bone and helped me tremendously. Today she helped even more ... she took Meg and Jay to church with them and kept them all day while MM and I put up corn. Sam, on the other hand, went to town with his Uncle Don and Aunt Bonnie (who are neighbors on the other side) and went shopping and out to eat! I don't have a clue what I'd do without my neighbors and all the times they help me out!
"Yoo Hoo Neighbors! .... I heard that my Green Beans are coming on again and the Tomatoes aren't too far behind."
"Hey! Hey Neighbors ... don't run! Hey! Get your fingers outta your ears! Yoo Hooooooo! Hey! Come back .... don't forget the kids!"

Thursday, August 7, 2008

Fingerprints of God

Just thought I'd show you what I just uploaded to print in a 12 x 12 to frame for my living room wall. You can click the picture to read the words.

Yes, it's the song playing ... well in bits and pieces that is. The words say everything to me and I wanted to be able to see it in print.

What do you think? You want one too? If you're local (within 30 miles)you can earn a free 12 x 12 high resolution printable image to frame, and I will personally meet you in a park of your choice to photograph your kiddo .... and if you're not local, you can email me a large resolution image of your choice, and after some crafty editing and printing, I will drop ship the print to you. ... or you too can meet me in a park within 30 miles of my home. That might be a long drive for some of you, eh?

All you have to do is leave me a comment telling me why you come here ... and this Sunday morning at 8:00 I will randomly choose a winner!

Be Blessed Everyone.

Wednesday, August 6, 2008

The Milk Man and Me

Early this morning Marlboro Man, aka The Milk Man, called me and ask if he could use my new washer and dryer. Like it's not his too! I just had to ask a million questions as to "why, why, why, why, why, why."

It appeared that the storm last night downed a big Rain Tree by the milk house and pulled the electric line right out of the house where his washer and dryer is. You see, he hand washes his ladies teats, all four of them, with soft white wash cloths twice a day. What a Man!

SO ..... he brings the buckets of wash cloths home, and puts them in my new washing machine. The one that whirs and vibrates remember???? The one that scares me. I had the cycle all figured out for him and he told me to put the bleach in the rinse cycle. "NO can do" I say. Bleach goes in the wash cycle! I earned a few rolled eyeballs which caused me to ask, "why, why, why?"

The man proceeds to tell ME ... a woman who has lactated FIVE times in her life, with the last time being for triplets ... all about milking!

The smirk on my face didn't phase him at all. He just kept talking. I heard about how he wets the washcloth and cleans their teats, then their udder ... how he sanitizes each one, and THEN how he expresses each teat to to evaluate the milk. So I had to interrupt him and ask, "why, why, why?"

That man looked at me as if I was dumbest thing breathing air .... "WWHHYYY?" he says. "To see if it's good" he said.

"Oh yeah, right! .... you mean you can tell by looking at what you squirt on a concrete floor, to see if the milk is good?!!" "What are you looking for .... Cottage Cheese?" I ask. By now, I'm getting a tad bit interested in his theory, being that I too have lactated in my lifetime, and he has not.

Then he goes on to tell me that the milk in the canal (yes, he called it a canal) is stagnant and the end of the teat is a portal of entry for bacteria.

I cut him off before he could speak another word ... and said, "well yeah, they don't do that to us women."

Then he crossed his eyes, stuck out his tongue and said, "well yeah, you didn't lay covered in cow S#*T all day now did cha?"

Boy, did he just blow it! For a moment there I was thinking he was like a Scientist or Cow Genius, or something, until he stuck his tongue out at me and crossed his eyes!

Even though he's been milking cows for forty years, I still think I know more about breasteses, teats and lactating than he does, no matter how many cows he milks a day!

What do you think?????

Be Blessed Everyone.

Sunday, August 3, 2008

Josh and Carter

Dear Josh,

Anyone can be a Father .... but it takes a special man to become a Dad. I watched you last night with your kids at the skating rink and I watched how you held Carter and how you would bring him so close to your face and kiss his head. I loved seeing you do that.

Even though you've been a Father for four years now, and you've been a good one ... but now you're even better ... you are a Dad. It's so evident that your life revolves around your two little boys.

I couldn't get Luke to hold still long enough to even get a picture of his face. He was loving the party, the presents and the cake wasn't he? But that's okay ... he was having fun.

I love you Josh .... you're a good man with a heart of gold.



Saturday, August 2, 2008

Random Thoughts of an Insane Farm Wife

I stayed up way too late last night ... way too late. In fact, the night was almost over and the day was beginning for some people.

Being that it's Saturday morning I would expect that kids would have a built in ticking system that would make them sleep later than usual. Not here. Not these kiddo's. We're up with the cows on this farm and today Mommy is dragging butt.

Right off the bat I had a canceled photo shoot due to a misunderstanding, but it is rescheduled to tomorrow evening. So all is well in that department.

Marlboro Man started his day (after milking a herd of cows) in the garden picking Green Beans for me to can today. About 14 quarts I'm thinking.

Jay and Meg soon followed him outside at 7:30 to the garden, and was greeting by "Jax" the dog who was taking The Neighbors for a walk. The Neighbors picked up the kids on the way and off they went, and when Sam woke up, Marlboro Man hoisted him up and off down the road to join them for a French Toast breakfast. Man, you just gotta love the neighbors that love your kids .... especially when they have a garden full of corn waiting to be shucked and put up!

This gave me an opportunity for a cleaning frenzy ... and to blog about what just happened to me.

Here while back we bought a new snazzy new front loader washer and dryer with all the bells and whistles, and I'm still not used to it. It does a marvelous job, but of course I like lots of water and I trick the washer to the max. Now granted, it takes two hours to wash a load of clothes being that I change all the settings to the largest, biggest, longest, hottest settings available. I justify this by telling myself that I can do three loads in one and I'm still being energy efficient and saving water and electricity. Can you believe that Marlboro Man doesn't see it my way??!!

So, in the quiet of my house this morning I heard something up stairs. Something banging in the attic or a closet ... or somewhere above my head. I had this fear and just couldn't bring myself to go up there. Of course, I had just spent what few hours I had to sleep last night up there, and no one or nothing jumped out at me, but still ... I kept hearing something alive and moving.

I started up the stairs and decided for my own good, that I'd better call that farmer husband of mine just in case, and so that if something happened to me ... he'd come and save me. He didn't answer, and I couldn't make myself walk up those stairs! So I went out on the back porch with this fear washing over me to see if I could see him in the field on a tractor teddering hay. Of course, he was no where in sight.

With my heart pounding, I stood there and debated whether or not to just grab my keys and go on down to The Neighbors where my kids were .... when all of a sudden the thumping and thudding got louder and closer, and suddenly my entire being started vibrating with fear.

Just like me, my new washing machine had changed cycles and was spinning at a extra high speed RPM! But, Meg's tennis shoes are sparkling clean and snow white!

By the way, I am never staying up til 3:45am talking to the amazing Portland Granny on the phone again. It makes me delusional the next day!

Be Blessed everyone.