Wednesday, April 30, 2008

Littles - Chapter Four

Dear Littles,

Last week we started a new tradition in our home. Every morning since, before we leave to go to preschool, you sit in a row on the couch and we talk, and we hold each other's hand. Your Daddy and I sit in front of you on your little chairs, and we make a circle. A circle, that is our family. .... and you listen, and you talk. In your childish voices, you talk with such sincerity, it melts my heart.

For a few minutes, we talk about you, and how much you are loved, and we talk about your life. Although you're young, we want to set a foundation for you to follow. We want to teach you honesty, and integrity. We want to teach you values and respect. But for now, we want to teach you to love each other ... and to always hold that high in your heart. You are each other's family ... and that is so important. Long after we're gone, we want you to always cling to each other.

I'm amazed at the maturity of you at three years old, and just how deeply you love us. I see it in your faces, and I hear it in your voices, and it reinforces just how much I love you. I know how my heart feels when I see you. I know that joy when I feel the warmth, and the smallness of your hand, as you slip it into mine.

You now are remembering what we talk about about, and you're telling each other, and you're telling us it is time to have "our family talk." You're reminding each other, and you're hugging one another and you're saying, "I love you."

This week, I've made it my mission to write down every little thing you've said about us as a family, and how we love each other. "For with love, all things will fall into place as you grow." Mainly, I'm intrigued at how you interpret and relate it to each other, and us as a family. Then I remember .... you are only three years old. ... and I smile.



Monday, April 28, 2008

The Heartbeat of Motherhood

The gals over at "5 minutes for Mom" are having a contest. A photo contest, and the prize is a $1,000.00 gift card. Go enter! Click the logo on the sidebar to get there.

Do you have a picture, that as a Mom, it makes your heart beat just a little bit faster and catches your breath when you look at it? I do. I take so many pictures of my kids, it's hard to pick just one, but for today ... here is my newest favorite picture that makes my heart melt, and tells me that it is a wonderful thing .... being a Mother.

It's Megan and Kelcie. I was taking pictures of these two the other day, and without prompting, they just leaned over and kissed each other. It was a true Motherhood Moment for me!

As most of you know, Megan (on the right) is Kelcie's Aunt (on the left). My first Grandchild, Kelcie, was born two months before my triplets were born.

It was a Motherhood experience to be pregnant at the same time as my daughter Juli. We shared a lot together. We shopped a lot together, and in the end, we shared the joy together .... these two beautiful daughters that truly love one another.

When I look to the future and imagine their life in twenty-five years, I hope they are as close then as they are now .... and I hope they both are blessed and experience The Heartbeat of Motherhood together ... just as my daughter Juli and I did.

Not to leave the boys out ... this was just a girlie moment. We have those when Kelcie is here visiting! It's a girl thing you know!

Be Blessed.

Friday, April 25, 2008

Fruitful Friday

Meg is my daughter. Kelcie is my Grand Daughter. They both are three. This evening they were fairy princesses, and they loved every moment of it ... and each other.
They walked. I followed. Hand in hand and together. They took my breath away and at times I couldn't see for the tears in my eyes. How can one heart be so full?

They told secrets and they whispered to each other.
Then they danced. With each other. Barefooted in the grass.
.... and they twirled. They were Ballerina's. Today.
Best friends. Forever.
They saw me. ... and they were so shy, and they giggled.
Then Kelcie had to go home, and Meg was so sad. Their fairytale for today came to an end. .... until the next time.

I am still amazed that one woman can have this life ... and bear this fruit. I am just so blessed ... don't you think?
(Click the pictures)

Wednesday, April 23, 2008

Bug Juice

I promise I didn't beat them. Really I didn't. I wanted too ... but since they can use the phone now ... I was afraid they'd call 911 or CPS on me.
Actually CPS might have backed me up on this one!

Here's the skinny on this post: this evening I had to go start an IV and get it going before I could leave the city. Marlboro Man had to stop milking cows to pick the kids up from daycare, and as soon as I got home, I loaded the kids up and headed half way back to town to "Subway" to meet up with my son Josh and feed the kids.

It was great to see Josh and catch up on Luke and Carter. A Grandma has to do that every once in a while you know!

The Littles were so well behaved and such perfect little angels in the restaurant, I let my guard down. Boy did I ever!

Josh helped me strap them back into their car seats before we parted ways ... and he handed them their orange "Bug Juice" (drink). That was a fatal mistake. Although at the time I thought it was okay. After all, I could see them, and they had just won the "I'm perfect" award!

They sang songs and giggled on the drive home and kept the spout closed on their Bug Juice ... just like I told them to do. Then the phone rang! ... and I got to talking, .... and they got to giggling. Complete belly laughs!

Then. I looked in the mirror. They were completely soaked with Bug Juice. It was running down their faces and their heads were saturated with the sticky orange syrupy stuff.

The moment they made eye contact with me ..... all giggles ended and it was dead silence in the car. No one made a peep and I didn't say a word. (It's all about choosing your battles with three year olds these days.) They just starred at me, and finally I told them they were in trouble. Big trouble.

When we got home and I unstrapped them from the wet car seats, they ran up to the back door and into the house and instantly started crying and telling their Daddy that they were in BIG TROUBLE!

My camera just couldn't resist. I think I have a big job ahead of me in the morning, and it involves a saturated sticky backseat in a Toyota!

Be Blessed Everyone.

Tuesday, April 22, 2008

Picnic with Daddy

Yesterday evening after work I picked the kids up and we made a plan. It involved a surprise picnic and their Daddy. So off to "Bernies" we went to buy a Slushie and a Lunchable.

We talked all the way over to the farm about our "picnic at Grandma's house", and how we were going to sit on the big rocks and watch the cows while they were eating. They were so excited and chattered like this was the biggest thing in the world to them.

Even though their Grandparents both passed away shortly before they were born, they know them. They talk about them and talk to their pictures, and they make up the most vivid stories these days.

It's so important to me that they know the Grandparents they never met. I show them the sign on the milk house that has their Grandfather's name, and we say the letters that spell out his name. Irvan Siekman. I tell them how he used to milk the cows there a long time ago, and he taught their Daddy how to milk a cow. .... and they love to climb on the tractors that he used to drive. We talk about the flowers he planted as we walk through the yard, and we peek in the many birdhouses that he put up. They love the stories, and they ask many questions as we walk around the house their Daddy grew up in.

We peek in the windows and they ask if their Grandma is in there ... and I tell them that her presence is everywhere, but she lives in Heaven now. We talk about how she would love to hold their little hands and walk with them, and how much she would have loved them ... if only she could be here. They don't fully understand Heaven yet ... but for now, their Grandparents are still with them, and for now ... that is what they need to know.

Our picnic didn't happen at Grandma's house yesterday because their Daddy was already on his way home, so we did the next best thing ... they shared their snackie with him in our front yard, at their little picnic table, and we talked about Grandma and Grandpa, and all the fun things they would do ... if only they were still here.

Be Blessed Everyone.

Monday, April 21, 2008


This morning, about 7:00am, Marlboro Man came walking in from milking the cows like he does every morning. ... but this morning he had his hand behind his back, and a awesome smile on his face ... and these beautiful Lilac's in his hand. He'd picked them from a bush he'd grown from a start, many years ago.

Long ago the coal mine came through the old home place where his Grandma and Grandpa had lived. .... and right before they bulldozed it, his Dad and him went over and dug up the Lilac bush for his Mother. He planted one too, and now we have this beautiful bush that belonged to his Grandma from a long time ago.

Just as he held them out for me, Meggie said, "Daddy, are they for me?" Being the wonderful Daddy that he is, he gave them to her, picked her up and swung her around and off they went to get a vase of water!

It made her day! Lucky little girl isn't she, to have a Daddy who brings her flowers!

It made my day too!

Be Blessed Everyone.

Sunday, April 20, 2008


First of all ... I am completely re-composed after a screaming tantrum and complete meltdown this morning involving these boots. I am just now able to show you the pictures, and tell you the story without having gall bladder attacks and heart palpitations. .... about the story: it ain't purty and it ain't mud! (click the pictures for a real good view)

My Mississippi kids came home for a quick 24-hour visit to see everyone, and we were going to get together for pizza around noon. Well .... we were late!
Reason: Marlboro Man was watching the kids, outside, while I was getting ready. Twenty minutes. Twenty minutes was all he had to do it. Just watch them for twenty minutes. Well, he did. He watched them.
He watched them run out to the barn. He watched them climb over the gate, and he watched them roll around and stomp through the "highly fertilized mud" that we have mounds of, in that barn. He watched them chase the cows out of the barn, and he watched them run across the field.
Then, when he saw me, and the look of horror on my face ... he took out running after them like he just noticed what they were doing. Then he brought the little poop covered yard-apes back in the house. I'm not talking to him at the moment! I might again in 2011, but for the moment ... he's getting the silent treatment!
All I can say is that next week I'm starting a new blog and changing my name. I'm going to be called "The City Wife."
After you all stop laughing, I do need some advice about this from ALL of you ... because your opinion does counts!
What would you do?
Be Blessed Everyone.

A Cow Named Tammie

This brand new little girl didn't have a name until this morning. Now she does. Her name is Tammie. Marlboro Man calls her "#272." That is just so totally impersonal! I try to tell him that we woman are not just a number, but he didn't listen to me. He just rolled his eyes and shook his head at me, then ask if I was going to be hormonal today.

I named her Tammie because my virtual friend Tammie and the Hellions said, "I love cow's. Is that weird? OK, maybe it is weird, but I swear they are so adorable and sweet looking that I just want to run up and hug their sweet little necks. I am HIGHLY doubting that in suburban California I am going to ever have my chance to touch a cow, let alone hug it."

For a moment, I thought about mailing this one to her because we have way too many cows. Only thing is, when Tammie Jr. grows up ... Tammie and the Hellion's entire neighborhood won't be too happy.

I think I need to tell Tammie that Cows get really nervous in the city ... and they tend to raise their tail a lot and poop! Trust me, Cow poop is not like kid poop. I know Tammie and the Hellions does her share of poop, because she has triplets too (go check out her cutie's) ... but it's not Cow poop! She might not think this little baby cow is so adorable if she saw how often it poops.
Meg loves the baby calf's. She could play with them all day if we'd let her. It would probably upset her if we mailed her new baby to suburban California ... so we'd better keep her here on the farm and just invite Tammie and the Hellions to visit us here in Indiana this summer. The calf barn is Meg's favorite place. That and playing in the hay!

I have to tell you ... I quit following her around with a bottle of hand sanitizer! I finally figured it out that country kids need germs to grow, and besides that ... my sweet Mother-in-Law didn't have hand sanitizer in her day, and everyone grew up just fine. So these days, we'll just wash the cow poop off at the end of the day! I kid. I kid. Maybe a little more often than that! Maybe. Cute country kid, huh?

Be Blessed Everyone.

Friday, April 18, 2008

Kids and Cows

Yesterday evening, we did the nightly "walk down the road" thing. It's a ritual, and we religiously do it every evening once Spring comes. It's also called "entertainment to keep the kids occupied" until help arrives. I'm very smart like that ... knowing when to choose my battles with these kids. Ha~

See that concrete long thing in the background? I don't know what it's called, but I certainly know what to do with it. I pour "cow food" in it so the cow's come up close and eat the stuff. I guess I shouldn't call it stuff ... for it's not. It's highly nutritious. I know that, because we pay a Cow Dietitian a small fortune to tell us exactly what to, and how much, to feed each cow that ground up stuff in the bucket. All I know is that it brings the cows up to the fence and the kiddo's are very entertained. Tell me that's not using my noodle! ... and who says you have to be farm raised to know how to feed a cow?

Our Cows are kind of like my kids. They're on a tight schedule. My brother-in-law, Marlboro Man 2 (MM's identical twin brother) feeds these ladies like clock-work. Right on time twice a day, because the Cow Dietitian says too.

Then I come along and feed them twice a day. Once as we start walking down the road ... and once when we come back up the road. Sometimes I feel sorry for them and feed them even more. They follow along in the pasture as we walk, and the kids love them. Now these Cows are our pets, and we have them trained well. They wait for us every day at the fence as we pull in, .... just waiting to be fed again, and again, and again.

Especially this gal. She's pregnant and I like to think that I'm contributing to her overall good health ... so I feed her quite a bit more. Just the other day while she was standing there eating, she ask me how it felt to have triplets. I had to tell her the truth, so I told her I felt like a Cow towards the end. Let me tell you, she took it pretty personal and got really mad at me. Now she's not speaking to me. What nerve that hormonal heifer has!

MM and MM2 would be livid if they knew that the cows in the barn by our house get fed about five times a day. They'll never figure out where all the feed is going, because they don't think I have it in me to know what that long concrete thing is .... so I'm never telling.
My help arrived and took the kids on down the road. Same road. Same rocks. Same water puddle in the field. Everyday they play, "throw rocks in the water" ... and everyday it's as if it's a brand new game. It truly is great to live out here and have built in entertainment surrounding us right outside our door.

This should be getting filled up with rocks pretty soon. We've been throwing rocks in here for the past two years ...
I did forget to introduce you to this expecting young woman. Her name is Martha. I named her that because she has "Martha Davis Eyes" and she really does love me ... even if she's mad at me for the moment. She's a beggar, and she knows that if she poses for pictures, I'll feed her. She's smart like that.
Well, we'll see you on the next walk! It's time to hit the water hole again on the walk back up the road. It's a must ... Martha is waiting!
Be Blessed Everyone.

Monday, April 14, 2008

Adventures of The FarmHouse Kids

It was an adventure alright!
You think they're all innocent and sweet? Well, let me tell you ... they're not!

They teach me life lessons every day ....
Then they taught me this!
.... and I ignored this.
... and this.
Never saw them before in my life ....
... and these, they are a nosey bunch. Making fun of my baby! They think they're sneaky ....
Ready, Aim ... Throw! Hit 'em square between the eyes Kids! Daddy won't miss a few cows ... just don't show him the rocks!
Have a Blessed Day!

Sunday, April 13, 2008

Confession of a Bad Mother

I did something very bad today, and I have to confess to cleanse my soul, or else it will eat at me forever until I dry up and blow away.

You see ... I've been awake for One Thousand Two Hundred Sixty Six days (1,266). That's how old my Littles are. I'm exhausted, and I really needed some sleep. When you're up for over three years ... you start to act a little goofy!

Once I finally got them to sleep this afternoon, I had so much to do (check my statcounter) that I couldn't take a nap when they did, then time got away from me, and darn it, before I knew it ... they were up and running again. They tend to do that when they come with built in playmates.

When I just couldn't take it anymore and I thought they desperately needed to sit in their beds and watch "Bob the Builder" ... I locked us in their room, and kicked back in the recliner A.N.D. totally passed out. Like a drunk sailor. Dead to the world. My poor kids were on their own to fend for themselves. I'm so ashamed.

Somewhere in my trance I felt like I was suffocating and getting buried alive. I wasn't dreaming. My cute little self-surviving triplets ... since their Mother left them unattended in a safe locked room with nothing but a bunch of toys and a passed out Mommy ... piled every pillow, every toy, every blanket and then, they used me as their personal trampoline!

They were jumping from Sam's bed, to on top of ME! The giggles were hysterical, and so was the mess. Somehow, I didn't feel a thing until I was completely buried under everything in their room.

Then I got caught sleeping on the job. The big kid in the picture came a knocking ... and the fun began all over again.

I DO NOT recommend that anyone ever try to stay up for three and a half years. It makes you crazy. Now I feel better ... I've confessed that I left my children unattended, and the burden of guilt is lifted forever! I kid. I kid.

Now I have to go clean their room .... **sigh** (the price you pay for sleep)

Be Blessed Everyone.

Saturday, April 12, 2008

Laundry Fairy

We've desperately tried for the last several months ... or even more, to get these kids to dress themselves. No Luck. No Success. Not even with the bestest of bribes. We've literally had to do everything for them.

Well, let me tell you .... today it all changed. They miraculously started putting their own clothes on .. all by themselves, and then taking them off and redressing again. Something must have clicked in one of their little heads ... one is all that it takes since they're "monkey see - monkey do" around here.

I kept track. Jay changed his clothes seven times today. That is completely. One drop of water or pee and he needs a new outfit. Socks included. Sam was constantly on the floor putting on different pants. He needed to wear his "favorites," and then he kept checking to see if he had on "Lightening McQueen" underwear. He did ... until we ran out and then he had to wear "Mickey Mouse." Sam too, can't get one thing on his clothes, or we have to change them.

Meg, on the other hand ... well, what can I say? She's woman, and she changed faster than the electric meter was spinning, just because the boys did.

I counted 27 socks, 13 pairs of pants and 11 shirts! I wonder if they think we have a Laundry Fairy that lives here!

Be Blessed Everyone.

Speaking of Pee .... a couple of days ago I took the kiddo's into the little local market on Main Street, USA ... and as I was trying to get them to hold hands so we could walk in ... Sam downed his "panties" and stood facing Main Street and pee'd in a flowerpot with his jeans down around his ankles. Everyone in the store was smiling at his little bare butt! Only in a small town ....

Friday, April 11, 2008

Dear Littles - Chapter Three

(click the picture for a larger image)
Dear Littles,

Matthew 6:21 For where your treasure is, there your heart will be too.

Our home is filled with pictures I've taken of you. Each one fills my heart. Each one is different, and each one represents who you were. This is my favorite picture of you. .... for you truly are my treasures.

Two years ago. It seems just like yesterday. I can still inhale your baby scent when I think about these days. I can see you toddle down that road, barely walking, yet so independent, and so very different.

Unable to talk, you expressed your wants and needs to me, and were ready to live your life to the fullest. Your every moment was so busy, and your world kept getting bigger.
You expanded your horizons and broadened your views, and loved everything around you. Hand in hand ....

You were in awe, and everything surrounding you was beautiful. You knew no hurts or sorrows, and I was here to make sure your world was safe, .... and nothing stood in your path.

Now you're three, and even more independent. You talk to me, and each other. Completely, and with such passion and heart. You run alone now, without holding each other up, and it's seldom that you fall.

But when you do ... you'll find your treasure in each other.



Thursday, April 10, 2008

A Formal Public Apology

When I got up this morning ... Meg was sitting here at my computer reading my blog. She'd been here for hours taking notes. (I forgot to tell you that I have extremely talented and highly educated three year olds) She ask for a formal written public apology from me, related to yesterday's post, and the fact that I embarrassed her and ruined her reputation.

She said that she absolutely is not a "bully" to her brothers, and she adamantly denied striking Jay. She says that picture was doctored up to incriminate her! .... I said, "uh-huh ... what about him covering his face and cowering down Missy?" Then she threw her little body on the floor and kicked and screamed for five minutes. But when she puckered her lips and pouted for about two hours, and refused to get dressed for pre-school this morning, I knew I had to do something! (I just love preschool)

Therefore, please take this as a public apology to Megan!

Okay Meg, you can quit gloating now .... you've been around those uppity Cows too long! Oh, one more thing ... I changed my password!

Be Blessed Everyone.

Wednesday, April 9, 2008

This Girl

This sweet girl with braids and boots is strong willed. She is independent and can hold her own. She is Woman! The next generation. She will defend the sisterhood someday, and stand up straight and be heard. I want this girl child to always be equal. I want her to be a Christian woman and loving Mother. My wish for her is to be assertive, and to find her place in this world and leave a great mark. I want her to be strong of heart and soul. I want her go grow into a woman that is respected and loved ... and mostly I want her have a faith that runs so deep that no one can shatter it.

I want her to reason and be rational, and never take what's not hers. I want her to respect others and grieve for losses of the heart. I want her to always give more than she takes in life. I pray that she lives long and easy, that she has many years to give to others. I want her to share life, love and laughter with everyone that knows her. I want the world to remember her long after she's gone. I wish her great love in her life. My wish for her is real life.
I hope that she never raises her hand against mankind. I wish her calm and peace. I want her to have sweet dreams. I pray that life doesn't throw her a river of turbulence and strife. I wish only the very best for her in everything that she does. I hope that she sees life as a great gift and never finds those rose colored glasses. I want her to speak to God, and know him personally. I pray that she has a deep trust and values what she has been given.
I wish her complete happiness, and many accomplishments. I want her to dance and to fly, and encircle the world and never leave the ground. I want her to be free. Free from heartache and free from hurt. Although I know life throws us curves, I pray that she will handle them well and always come back stronger than she was. I wish her to be a Reflection of Grace.
These are my prayers for you Meggie. ... but for now, I really wish that you'd stop bullying your brothers. Jay had that tree first. You can't hit him and run. One of these days, he'll catch you, and I'll let him. Though I won't let him hurt you ... I will let him get the best of you, and teach you a few lessons. But I promise, when he's through with you ... I'll make sure that I wipe your tears and give you a hug.
You're just beginning your journey little girl .... may it be sweet with not many scraped knees along the way.
Be Blessed Everyone.