Tuesday, September 18, 2007

Love Worth Finding

Yesterday evening I was playing with the kiddo's out in our yard .... just snapping one picture after another. Sam ran over to a stump by the road and was standing on it trying to grab a tree limb.

Then I spotted this. A baggie twirling from a string. For a brief second, fear ran through me. Someone had been here and put this in our tree. It was tied to a branch just above my head and was dangling like a pretty Christmas ornament. As it blew in the breeze I could read the paper inside of it. One side was a different language and the other side said, Love Worth Finding.

At that moment when I read the word Love ... I knew that Marlboro Man had put it there just waiting for me to find it! He often gets in hot water for not scoring a '10' in the romance and courting me department. He's even been caught giving me flowers that his sister picked for me, and pretended they were from him.

Anyway, I was feeling all mushy and cozy inside and decided to leave it hanging there until he came home. After the kiddo's were in bed last night, I nonchalantly said to him, "can you come outside? I want to show you something." I was feeling all warm and cuddly and in love. He'd done something special!

I got a little flashlight and we walked out to the tree. He didn't say a word to me as we walked to the side of the road. I was just waiting for him to say, "you finally found it." I was so excited and so happy, and was feeling downright giddy.

I shined the light up in the tree for him to see that I'd found his card to me! I told him how much I loved him and thanked him for it. In my mind I was thinking ... WOW! He's really trying to be romantic! Silently, he grinned ear to ear, and reached up and untied the string for me. Then as he handed it to me, he said, "I love you too, but this came from a balloon and landed here in the tree. I see them all the time out in the fields."

Just like the piece of balloon tied to that string .... I was instantly deflated. We stood there laughing because I'm a BIG romantic ... and he's NOT, and I should have known that he wouldn't have done that! Oh well, a girl can wish can't she?

... and as always, be blessed.

p.s. The balloon had traveled almost 20 miles to get to me! It was from a Church and had wonderful scriptures in it about ..... Love.