Wednesday, October 24, 2007

A Dream Comes True (Part One)

February 2004

On a bitter cold night, just a short week after his Mother passed away, they lay in bed and made a pact. Before they fell asleep, holding hands a decision had been made. They would do whatever it took to have a child together. He desperately wanted to become a Father. She desperately wanted him to. Defying all odds, and against medical advice, they did .....

They sought help. Help that came in the form of a talented Doctor and a beautiful young woman's gift. With all odds against them, and a warning that they wouldn't succeed, they took a chance. They knew that God was with them, and they knew in their hearts this was their last chance. God is good.

She wrote a letter. A letter to a young woman that she didn't know. A woman that she would always think about, and a woman that she would always pray for. She knew that the young woman would get her letter and her gift. She didn't sign the letter .... for she couldn't.

(March 29, 2004)

We want to thank you from the bottom of our hearts for giving us a chance to have a child together. Even though we don’t know you, we know that you have a big heart, and that you are a very caring and compassionate person or you would not have done this for someone you don’t know. We know that you will probably always wonder if we were fortunate enough to have a child, so we wanted you to know that if we are blessed, our child will have a very good life and will be very loved.

We want you to know a little about us also. We’ve been married for almost three years ago. My husband is a farmer and I am a Nurse. His family has farmed here for almost 200 years. We live in the country in a big old farmhouse. It’s an awesome place to live. I feel like we live in a small piece of Heaven. My husband is the kindest person I’ve ever met in my life. I know if we do have a child, he will teach him or her something very worthy every day.

We would like you to have these Willow Tree Angels as a remembrance of what you’ve given us. Heart, Hope, and Thanks.

Again, Thank you and remember in life to always be a giver and you will have peace in your heart. I will always keep you in my prayers and thank God you came into our lives this way. You are a beautiful person!

Three days later, life would begin.

(April 2, 2004)

Dear Von,

Today was a special day. It was the day we were given a gift. A gift from heaven. The gift of life.

I watched your face the whole time. I felt your hand in mine, and I felt the connection we share. What are the odds? We don't know. But I have faith .... and that faith will get us through this.

You're loved Von!


p.s. Please always pray for her, this woman. She has to be a good person to have given us this. Never forget that in life you always give more than you take, and how do we repay her? With prayers and good wishes ....

The week wore on .... and time stood still, and only time would tell. .... and it did.

(April 10, 2004)

Dear Von,

Congratulations! It looks like we've done it. We've done it good. Twins! I'll pray that they are beautiful boys for you, but if we're having girls .... I know you'll be just as happy. You are going to be the best Dad in the world.

I guess it will take a while to soak in. It's funny .... all we ever thought about was having just one baby, now we're getting two!

My head is reeling ... I'm in shock! How will I do it? My girls are having babies at the same time. I'm going to be a Grandmother, twice, just a couple of months before these guys get here. What have we done? I'm so excited, yet so scared.

I guess "real" will come soon enough. We are going to have our hands full! Can we do it? How?



The state of shock was overwhelming. It was like a blast of reality in their face. Surreal, but not real, yet it was true. Two babies were coming, and all would be good.

She wanted to buy something for them. For in the back of her mind, she needed something to tell her they were here ... and something for them in case it didn't last. Together they went, and bought their babies a gift. Each a little bunny that said a prayer. One yellow and one green, and she hugged them. As they left the aisle in the store, she felt an overwhelming feeling to reach back and grab another one. A third little green bunny found a home with the others.

Quickly, the days flew by and it was time to see the little ones growing inside of her. They were so excited to see two heartbeats. To see that their dream had come true.

As she lay on the table at the Doctor's office, she kept her eyes closed tightly and she prayed. He stood beside her. One hand on her shoulder, and the other intertwined with hers. He too prayed. ... that they would see the heartbeats, and all would be well. The heartbeats were there, and were strong .... and there were three.

He turned pale, and he felt weak. He had to sit down. She closed her eyes and felt the tears roll down her cheeks with the reality of what they had done. She was almost forty-eight years old and he was all but fifty. Being a nurse, she knew what was ahead, and it wouldn't be good.

Without speaking, and in stunned silence, they left the office. She turned her face away from his and the tears poured down her face .....

Be Blessed Everyone!

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