Thursday, July 31, 2008

Happy Birthday Kelcie Jo

I had company this evening. She came to show me how high she can jump and how hard she can stomp. She also decided that I could take a little picture of her, or two or twenty or one hundred thirty-six!

Her Mommy is going to show her "Grandma's" blog so she can see the pictures ....
... and read all the nice comments from all of "Grandma's" friends that are wishing Miss Kelcie a Happy Happy Birthday!
It just seems like yesterday that she was born ... and on Saturday Kelcie will be four years old. I just can't hardly believe that she's growing up right before my eyes. We're having a dual party! Luke will be four just four days after Kelcie and .... we're all going skating and I'll get lots of pictures of every smile and fall!
By the way, here's her new stomping boots! Oh my goodness ... she reminds me of her Mother!
Be blessed everyone.

Wednesday, July 30, 2008

Monday, July 28, 2008

Splish Splash

Yesterday evening the Little's went swimming in the local swimming hole down the road, aka the neighbors pool. At first they were apprehensive, but it didn't take long and they were jumping right in.

I have this phobia of them and water. Not that I don't want them to like water and have fun swimming and playing ... but we have a pond right at the edge of our yard and I want to instill in them that they can NEVER get in the water without a life jacket.
Their Dad is even worse than me with the life jacket thing, which surprises me greatly. Usually he is more lax, but because of kids and farm ponds you can't take chances.
This is a different life than raising kids one at a time. I know ... because I've been there, done that with stair-steps, and there is nothing like three peas in a pod, who take every opportunity to make chances of conniving up ideas together! There's not a tattler when all three join in on the fun!
So we have to be safe and do everything we can to protect them, not only in a well supervised pool, but for the opportunities that might arise when their little minds are clicking.

The "Heart" of Livia

Don't you just love these big eyes? Yes, they're really almost that bright blue. I got a new lens and it does this to eyes ... with a little help from Photo shop of course.

Liv and the kids were in the pool this evening and I shot a few pictures of them playing in the water, and this picture just screamed, "make me artsy." .... So I did! Liv is our niece and she's a cutie. She's just starting to try to talk and is a little doll and I love her bunches!~

Now I'm going to go make Sam, Jay and Meg artsy too!

Sunday, July 27, 2008

~ Spoof ~

You know, there are times that someone needs to literally kick my butt and twist my head in circles to knock some sense into me .... like the other day when I picked a skinny young cat up on the road.

This cat appeared homeless. He/She was standing on the side of the road meowing for all he was worth. Marlboro Man said he was just hitch-hiking and I was the sucker that stopped!

So I put the cat in my van ... took it out to daycare with me to pick up the kids and tried to pull a slick one. I nonchalantly said, "there's a kitten at the door meowing." Every adult in the building sighed and said, "that's just wonderful .... another cat dumped off here." I felt the heat crawling up my neck, so I put the cat back in my van and pretended that I was going to find it a home. I wasn't about to confess that I dumped the cat at the door just about three minutes before!

So the cat takes a ride with me and the kids to a Nursing Home several miles away so I can check on a IV that I had to pull for pharmacy. Being the good nurturing Mother that I am ... I'm thinking that dang cat is starving and needs something to eat. I grabbed a little container of ice cream and thought it would eat it. Well, it did! The whole container! The whole container of Chocolate Ice Cream.

When we got home, Mr. Marlboro Man was none too happy with me. His first statement brought reality schreeching home .... "if you put that cat outside, the dogs will kill it instantly, and you can't keep it in here, so what'ya going to do with it?"

I'll tell you what I did with it .... for three days I've cleaned up liquid cat poop (thanks to the chocolate ice cream) on the enclosed back porch and listened to it cry and claw at the door to get in. Never again will I bring home a homeless cat.

This morning "Spoof" got a new home ... Juli came over and I sweet talked her into taking the sweet little kitty home to Kelcie. When she said that she'd take it ... I cut holes in a big cracker box, put the cute little thing in there and taped it shut. I put the box in Juli's arms and shoved her out the back door and locked it behind her! (Not really, but I wanted to.)

Spoof is now Sassy ... and Sassy is now loved! Thank you Lord for bringing Juli here this morning!

Saturday, July 26, 2008

The Farmers and the Fair ~ A Story

The farmer had had a busy day. The heat was exhausting and beared down on him all day as he worked in the Hay fields. Time was always against him during Hay season. One hundred degree weather and not enough hours in the day took it's tole. But he had a plan, and he worked hard and worked as fast as he could to get finished. He still had cows to milk, but in a few hours he would be finished, and another hot day would be under his belt.

He had plans for that night. He was going to take his family to the county fair. The Little's couldn't possibly have remembered going the year before, but this year they were excited and had talked about it all day. They wanted to see the tractors and see the animals. They just wanted to go. After a spit bath in the car and a change of their shirts, they were ready.

It was late when they got there, and the sounds of the fair loomed off in the distance. The lights from the Ferris wheel lit up the night like a party in the sky. The whole county had turned out for a Friday night fair. The grandstand was full, and the tractor pull was in full swing. The Carnies were luring them in with their colorful trinkets while the kids stood in awe in front of their stands.

They wandered over to the livestock barns to see the cows. There's something about living in a small place, where you know everyone, and everyone knows you. Farmer's stick together at the fair. It's always been that way ....

Sam, Jay and Meg were so excited when we got there. We parked at the front entrance so they could see the Life-Vac helicopter first. I was so surprised because they actually wanted to ride in it. Whoa! I think not!!!

It really was exciting to watch the kid's faces as we walked closer to the crowds and the noise. They were so excited to ride the Merry-Go-Round, so we did it twice in a row and that was the end of their rides. They'd only go if we could go with them, and that in itself pretty much ruled out what they could do, and what we'd fit in. Plus, the fact that tickets were 1.75 each and we needed 5 tickets for every ride.

Then we visited the cows. (Like we don't see cows everyday) Then the pigs. Sam petted every pig in the barn. One by one. By the time we moved on to the rabbits and chickens, my kids were not smelling too good! But, we'd made it to the county fair ... and these farmhouse kids are still talking about it!

On another note, you thought you were going to get a big ole romantic story about Marlboro Man and The Dairy Wife didn't you? Well, I fooled you this time .... I was just doodling in my head, and made that first part up! But the guy does work hard, and I do feel sorry for him in this heat. I offer everyday for him to wear short pants, come in and sit with me in the air conditioning, drink tea and take naps, but he won't do it .... nope, because he's a Farmer!!!

Be Blessed Everyone.

Thursday, July 24, 2008

You're My Best Friend

Tonight we went down the road to the neighbor's house to a jewelry party. Just for girls. The neighbor's daughter is Meg's best friend and best playmate, and she was the hostess.

Wanna play Tootsie best friend??? My little girl loves her best friend very much. Her best friend has been very involved since Meg was born. In fact, she was there when Meg was born, and will be here for many years to come.
About a week ago we realized that Meg's new dress was almost just like her best friend's dress, and of course we love to play dress up.
So this evening, Meg's bestest friend changed her clothes and out the door they went to have a little photo session with Amanda. Amanda played photographer and I played editor after I swiped her SD card :), and we ended up with some pretty amazing images to print for the girls.
This best friend is getting married next year and Meg will get to be in her wedding. We're practicing already! We're going to miss you out here on the farm Laura! Make sure you come back often so we can play some more. It's a girl thing you know, and we are the girls!
Thanks Laura for being Meg's best friend and cousin, and for giving her someone wonderful to look up to for the rest of her life! Mainly, thanks for taking the time to always play!

Tuesday, July 22, 2008

Hot Summer Days

Just a few pictures of my kiddo's on a hot summer day. A couple weeks ago or so, we went walking down the road again with my camera. Maybe someday I'll actually get to photograph the front of them without them separating and running! Someday .....

This little road leads up to one of our barns where some cows live. It's our favorite spot to play, and the barn is so intriquing and full of neat stuff for little kids. I just haven't figured out what yet ... but they love it, and always come back out really dirty, and really happy. Isn't that just a kid thing?
Hope you enjoyed your country walk with The FarmHouse Kids!
(the pictures look glorious in a larger size ... just click them)
Be Blessed Everyone.

Bee Stings

Cute little guy huh? He might be, but his real life cohorts aren't so cute.

Yesterday evening when I got home, it was so hot we decided to play in the water hose and fill up the pool for the Little's. When suddenly, a swarm of Wasps attacked Meg and stung her multiples times.

They literally attacked her, and only her. She was stung on her face, chest, arms and legs. Needless to say, after a visit to the Emergency room and a shot in the leg of Decadron, all turned out well for her. Thank goodness, to be stung that many times, it was her first sting ... the second sting is usually the worst because your body has built up proteins that cause a worse reaction.

As we were getting ready to leave for the hospital, I had to go back out onto the porch to get the boys shoes, and the nasty little critters stung my hand in several places, got my ankle and my arm. I think for some reason those bees have it in for us! Ouch.

So this morning, Marlboro Man is out there armed with a garden hose, a can of Hornet spray and has on a coat! Should I take a picture???

Be Blessed Everyone.
**Added** - The Bee's are gone. All three nests of them under the porch!

Friday, July 18, 2008

The Mississippi Kids are home

My far away kids are home for the weekend. It is so good to see them and get a good hug in from that Mississippi son of mine.

Of course, we planned a little photo session in the city for this evening. It was lots of fun and Main Street will never be the same again!

The street is beautiful and the old store fronts aren't too shabby either! I love the orange brick wall below and the old iron bench there.
I'll post a few more tomorrow ... some ice cream licking and someone got splashed ... and it wasn't me!

I really think I like these square pictures, and the emotional Mom side of me just has to write a few words on them!

Be Blessed Everyone.


I've created a little monster. After over three and a half years of my camera being shoved in her face, to capture every breath that she takes, she's decided that she loves it. Praise God, because I love love love love love to take this girl's picture!

This child is no longer just a kid .... she's a "G-I-R-L." A very prissy girl and she rolls around on the floor posing. It's hysterical to watch her. I have a model in the makin' and I think it's fantastic! She is feeding my passion and wearing out my shutter!

It's amazing to have watched the transformation of a shy backward little girl to this new girl that is becoming more sure of herself as she absorbs the world around her.

For now, I'm just loving it! But I also know how important it is to keep her grounded ... so every once in a while I point my camera at the boys! I kid.

Be Blessed Everyone.

Thursday, July 17, 2008

You have the whole world in your hands ~

Dear Sam,

When I saw this picture of you that I had taken yesterday evening, I had to edit it. I can see your serious side. The one that I rarely see. It only lasted for a split second ... but I was quick enough to catch it.

You're our funny guy. The jokester. The one that laughs with all you have, from the inside out. You're the smallest, but you have a big personality and a big heart. You are the leader of the pack and you are so sure of yourself. You keep me hopping and always on my toes.

I often think back to the first few weeks of your life when you are being just Sam. In your beginning, it didn't appear that we would bring you home, and it certainly didn't appear that you would be healthy, both physically and mentally. But you are. You beat the odds, and you proved everyone wrong. Except God. He held you and lifted you up. I believe that.

I never believed them when they told me that you wouldn't live, and I didn't believe them when they said that you would not live a normal life if you survived. I believed that God had a bigger plan for you, and he gave you this life so that you will change men and move mountains. I believe that you are such a miracle that God will use you in a way to change the world. I believe that.

You have the whole world in your hands Sam ... the whole wide world, and someday when you're grown up ... I'll be here by your side as you speak and the world listens! I believe that.

I love you,


A perfect world ... is a boy and his Dog

Yesterday evening the kids ran to the garden to pick a few cucumbers, but Sam got sidetracked by his dog Sam the Boxer. He sat down under the tree with her and scooted as close as he could get and laid his little head on her and gave her all his love.

Sam the Boxer loves attention, and especially attention from our little Sammy. Sam the Boxer is getting old, and was here on this farm a good several years before I came, and long before these kiddo's were even thought of. So, it's a big change for her as well ... to have these kids growing up on her farm. But, she's adapted well, and loves these kids. She's a gentle old soul that loves the hugs and kisses that our Sammy gives to her.

Yes, it's a perfect world ... when a boy has a dog he loves.

Be Blessed Everyone.

Wednesday, July 16, 2008

~Joey and Mariah ~

Life is good. Joey gave Mariah her ring a few weeks back, and a couple days later I took these pictures. Mariah had to put a boot in my behind to get them edited, and I am so glad I did. They turned out just beautiful.
Love. These two kids have a very special relationship and I'm so excited to get to be a part of it. Now I have to get busy and edit the rest of them and make that woman a storyboard before she gets that other boot after me!


"Little Boys ~ Big World"

I held my breath the whole time! One Hundred and Eleven times. Times two! It's my job and was way against my better judgement ... but they had fun! Whew!

What a steep slide for two little boys! Maybe next time, they'll let me go down!

Sunday, July 13, 2008

The Girlfriend

Overheard through the TV monitor while "The Dad" was putting the Littles to bed.

Jay: My girlfriend is not home. She has to work late tonight.

Dad: Well ... you tell your girlfriend that her boyfriend is going to get his little butt spanked if he doesn't get in that bed! Now!!!

Jay: I don't have a girlfriend!

Gotta love that quick wit and the mind of a three year old!

Cow Feed and Kids

This evening we had visitors. The neighbor and her daughter, and her daughter. Actually the neighbor is my wonderful sister-in-law, who walked up our road with Amanda (PhotoChick) and Liv, who came to play with the Little's.

The kids had a good time together, and as the neighbor and her girls were leaving, I looked around for the kids and found them here. They were jumping in the cow feed and throwing it everywhere. Well, actually Meg was, and I lifted the boys in so they could join in the fun. It's my job to make sure they have equal rights! There's no favoritism around this farm! No Sirree!

Amanda was kind enough to run back and snap a few pictures for me since my camera was in the house and someone had to make sure they didn't bury each other in ground corn feed. Thanks Amanda!

Now, we have to keep this to ourselves, because we certainly don't want Uncle Don or Marlboro Man to see the mess they made in there, or how much corn made it to the floor! But look at how much fun they had! So we'll just pretend that we don't have a clue what happened in that little building.

I just love these corn covered kids and the shanigans they come up with!

Be Blessed Everyone.

Wednesday, July 9, 2008

Jesus and Wal-Mart

Tonight Von read a farming magazine to the boys and I sat on the couch and read a goodnight prayer book to Meg. The same one that we read almost every night. It's her favorite, and she has most of the stories memorized.

Meg gets really animated when she's telling a story and tonight she kept telling me that Jesus was a girl and she (Meg) had to be really good because "she" could see every thing and "she" wouldn't like it.

How do you explain to a three year old, so that they understand, that we believe Jesus is a "he?" This little girl is so firm in what she believes. She kept telling me, "No Mommy, Jesus is a girl ... just like me." With both hands open and stomping her foot in a voice that enunciates every syllable.

How do you keep from laughing when she's just so darn cute when she thinks she's right? By the time I finally gave it up .... Jesus was wearing pony tails, a pink dress and had makeup on and her toes polished. She also had a purse with Tinker Bell on it that she got from Wal-Mart, with a mirror and lipstick in it ... and guess what she had on her feet? Yep, flip flops and they were yellow!

I am still laughing ... because I am picturing Jesus this way and it just ain't right!

Be Blessed Everyone.

I Love You Mom

In the very early wee hours of the morning, at 3:23am, I felt something that woke me up. It was a soft little hand that eased it's way into my hand. It belonged to a little boy with puppy breath that was standing next to my bed. He climbed up next to me and leaned over and whispered, "I love you Mom." I whispered back to him, "I love you too" and pulled the covers back so he could snuggle next to me.

Instead, he said to me, "I a big boy now. I sleep in my own bed with Charlie (cow) and Bob (the builder). I cover you up and tell you I love you. Good-night Mommy. Stay in your bed." .... and with a little kiss on my cheek, he was gone.

I laid there and listened as that sweet little boy got back in his bed, then I tip-toed to the door of his room to peek. Charlie and Bob were on his pillow and each had a little arm around them. The little boy in the middle was already sound asleep.

I stood there for a moment with tears in my eyes, and thanked God for the gifts I've been given, and prayed that he gives me a long life to enjoy these heartprints that he leaves for me as I raise these children.

"Goodnight Sammy .... I love you too."

Tuesday, July 8, 2008

Farm Princesses

Oh how they love each other. More than I know. Kelcie and Megan are more than niece and aunt ... they are best friends. We have a whole wardrobe of princess clothes for when they are together, and they transform right before our eyes. I feel totally excluded in their world ... when they're together.

They love to match and to look alike. They love to trade shoes and touch each other's hair. They love to laugh and do girls things and they burst into giggles about the boys. They live in their own world ... when they're together.

They don't see each other as much anymore. Kelcie has moved a little further away, and goodbyes between these sweet kindred spirits are getting a little harder to say. They're both almost four years old and I hope for all of their lives, that they're close and love each other.

Kelcie and her Mommy are getting married in August and we've been busy planning and doing, and getting and making. Kelcie and Megan will walk down the aisle together in front of Juli, and they'll hold hands and throw flower petals. I'm sure these two will giggle and do it their way.

Be Blessed Everyone.

Saturday, July 5, 2008

Serious Business

Just a few days ago it was so beautiful and breezy outside I thought I'd try a shot of getting a few good pictures of my kiddo's. I love white shirts. I think they look awesome in photo's, plus I just like white shirts in general on kids. They just look so clean. So "white shirt up" we did and headed outside.

Immediately Sam and Jay started exploring and seeing what they could get into. Living out on a farm ... there is always some kind of trouble to get into. Trust me, if Sam can't find trouble, it's not here!

Jay went first. He is really into posing and being very cocky and stylish. He's almost four now and it's ultra cool to be preppy and have 40,874 pictures of yourself. He's almost there too! Just a few more of him laying in the grass and cheesing it up and he'll have met his quota for the day!
Meg was biting at the bit to go next. She snuggled up to the barn wood and tossed her hair around a bit and smiled 11,839 different smiles, and picked and flossed her teeth to make sure they were perfect ... and they are. We got some great shots of her, then we called it quits and headed off to find Sam.

We found Sam. Well, actually Sam found us, and his white shirt wasn't white anymore either. It had a few brown streaks and stains on it. So did his hands and his shoes, and the stick he was carrying!

Remember the first picture? Scroll up and have a look. The one where Sam and Jay were squatting down and having a serious conversation about what they found.

Well .... Sam found it, and so did his bike. He rolled over it about 68,284 times. Just enough times to make sure it got squashed real good!

What is it about a kid and his dog poop?!!!

We didn't get any pictures of Sam. We ran as fast as we could ... he smelled bad!

Be Blessed Everyone.

Weddin Belles for Laura Belle

Meg's best friend just went and got herself engaged tonight. Yep, she's getting hitched next July, and will be leaving our neck of the woods and moving to the city with her firefighter guy Michael.
Meg's best friend is our niece Laura who lives down the road. Laura french braids Meg's hair and paints her fingernails and toes all the time. Meg loves her "Lawer." She draws out her name like Laura is a southern belle. In Meg's eyes, she is ... and she loves Laura very much.
Way to go Laura! So why are you up and doing something like going and getting married and leaving Meg high and dry, with only boys to hang out with? Who's going to paint her toes? (just kidding)
Congratulations Laura and Michael ... we really think it's wonderful and can't wait for the hitchin' next year! The picture of your ring turned out really good for a cell phone shot in a dark car! I can't wait to see the real thing tomorrow!

Thursday, July 3, 2008

Farm Kids!

More kids in the wheat. This time it is another set of triplets. These little kiddo's are 17 months old and cute as buttons. Miss Ali was very much in charge of driving the other two around. I do believe that she is the boss of this little trio. Little Miss Emma and Mr. Nate were happy campers for the most part. This was at the end of our session and they were getting to pooped to pop. They all did so good for their first trip to the farm! Even with the combine chopping the wheat around us! Talk about cutting it close!

The wheat is now all gone ... even my little patch in the corner, but it will be back next year ,and hopefully I'll get to have more fun with my camera and all these little triplets, quadruplets and quintuplets that have been out here over the past couple of weeks.

Thanks Stacey and Donnie for bringing the kiddo's out. Your babies are beautiful and so much fun to play with!

Oh Stacey, sorry about all the chiggers you picked up out here! ... but wasn't it worth it???


Dear Littles - Chapter Eight

Dear Littles,

Sunday we took you to a air show, but there were no airplanes. We went expecting to see big jets and lots of buzzing in the sky, but there were no airplanes. It was too windy and it was delayed.

You didn't mind ... for we found a big hill close by the river where we could watch the boats in the water and watch the trains go by.

You sit for a long time, then you got restless. You realized that the hillside you were on was steep and it was a long way down. You rolled and scooted to the bottom ... and you giggled, and you had fun. You loved it, and I loved watching you. Every time you reached the bottom, you held hands and trudged back up to the top.

I wonder if you'll remember the fun you had, and how big that hill was to three small children. I wonder if you'll someday hear the echo of laughter in your mind when you see this picture. I know as long as I live, I'll remember, and I'll count this day as one that was special. A big hill and my three kids. Will you remember this day?

I love you with all my heart.