Wednesday, May 30, 2007

A Fun Night

This is Laura! She's our niece and lives down the road from us. She loves our kiddo's and they love her. She is their favorite playmate! Laura comes home from college and visits them all the time. Now she's on summer break so they'll get to see their Laura a lot!
They rolled around on the ground and got tossed up in the air and they ran and played until after dark!
They always have so much fun when Laura comes!

Mommy loves Laura too! She was a very vital part in the beginning when it was so hard. Laura would come and help feed babies. It was so nice because we always had someone for each baby. Laura's Mother is Von's sister Janet and they are truly the best in-laws that anyone could ask for, especially when you have triplets!
Save your energy Laura .... we need you to keep coming back to play!
Be Blessed,

Mommy's Girl!

If you ask Meg if she's a princess ... she'll tell you YES! If you ask her if she's a movie star... she'll tell you YES! If you ask her if she's Miss Hollywood .... she'll tell you NO, MOMMY'S GIRL! Way to go Meggie! She loves these darn Elmo glasses and most of the time she wears them on her head! Way too prissy already .....
Be Blessed,

Tuesday, May 29, 2007

All About Jay

Jay Wyatt Siekman

It's all the little things that make a big thing when you're a Mother! There are so many special little things about Jay that makes me love him so much. It's the little memories that all pile up and makes me so happy to be Jay's Mommy!

Here's a few little things that have become a big thing in my heart!

  • The first time I truly saw Jay he was laying in an incubator on a ventilator, and he had his little arms above his head and was sprawled out there like he was snoozing on the beach! All laid back with not a care in the world! He's still that way today!

  • Jay was the first of the triplets to come home. He ruled the roost for two days and had all the attention. He still rules the roost!

  • Jay loved me to sing to him ... He would look directly into my eyes while taking his bottle and I would sing The Old Rugged Cross to him. Today when he has a boo-boo and needs a quick rock and a quick hug, he hums! I smile! It's our song!

  • Jay is beautiful. Inside and out ... he is so loving! He shares his hugs and kisses so easily and is the first one to the aid of his comrades (Meg and Sam). He pats them when they are crying and stays with them until they are up and flying again.

  • Jay feeds the hand that bites him. Sam is a biter and when Sam is in trouble for biting Jay ... Jay takes him a toy to play with and pats his leg and says, "it's okay Sammy!" (this melts my heart)

I love you Jay!


Monday, May 28, 2007

All About Sam

Samuel Von
SAM is so very special to me! Not because he is the very last child I'll ever have or not because he is so darn cute and so darn funny at times. Not because he thinks everything is his or not because he's a triplet.
Of course I love him equally the same as my six other kids ... but Sam is so deep.
I know with every ounce of my being that Sam personally knows God. There is a song that I hummed to Sam when he was in NICU on a vent and when he was so sick that he almost didn't survive. I would pray for him and barely touch his arm and quietly hum the song Step by Step. He remembers that song. I've written about this before, but this evening ... I played a Praise Baby DVD with the song Step by Step on it. Again, like Sam does every time he hears it ... he stops what he is doing and slowly walks to the TV. He then came over to me and stood between my legs. I reached down and held his hand and ask him if he knew God. Sam said, "yes!" I believe with all my heart and soul that Sam knew exactly what I was asking him and he knows exactly who God is. I ask him if he remembers being born, and again he said, "yes." I ask him if he remembers being in the hospital, and he said, "doctors." I ask him who held him first, and he said, "Toni." (A wonderful nurse that spent hours holding Sam when he came off the ventilator in the night). I ask him if he remembers coming home, and he said, "Jay -- Megan." I did not prompt him to say doctors, Toni, Jay--Megan and he has not been conditioned to say this. He answered my questions honestly and even though he's only two and a half years old, he knew what he was talking about.
I know that God was with Sam all the times I couldn't be there and I know that God held onto him and gave him a earthly life ... and I know that Sam knows God. I should know him better too ... he gave me Sam. Sam taught me a lesson tonight. To be more thankful for what I have and to completely hand it all over to God. You'd have to look into Sam's eyes when he answers and you'd have to see him when he hears that song .... you'd know too that he truly knows God. I hope he knows him all of his life!
Step by Step (Michael W. Smith)
Oh God, You are my God
Oh God, You are my God
And I will ever praise You
Oh God, You are my God
Oh God, You are my God
And I will ever praise You
I will seek You in the morning
And I will learn to walk in Your ways
And Step by step You'll lead me
And I will follow You all of my days
For you alone are worthy
And forever we will sing
Be Blessed,

Sunday, May 27, 2007

Marlboro Man Loves Me!

He proved it today! Beyond a shadow of a doubt, he proved it. It wasn't necessary that he shout it from the rooftops or publish it in the newspaper . He didn't have to write me a mushy letter or tell me he loves me for having his babies, and three at one time even. Nope, he never said a word. But I knew when I saw him quietly walk up the sidewalk and onto the back porch. His eyes were spelling L-O-V-E and he had a big grin on his face! He never said a word as he came in the door. He simply sat down two containers, picked up a baby and started changing diapers to help me get them ready for nap time before he went to milk cows.

My heart swelled so big and I instantly knew that I am loved beyond words. Marlboro Man is a man of few words, but he said it all when I saw what he left on the back porch!
I live so far out in the country that there isn't even a horizon! Just miles of farmland, cows, a few snakes, a few spiders and lots of flies! It took a lot to transplant me out here on this farm and Marlboro Man is making sure I stay!

Awww, the simple things make life worth living .... like being loved by a man unconditionally, and having no snakes or spiders within a 50 mile radius!

Although I do have to wonder if that stuff is a gimmick for us wussy wives that moved from the city to green acres? I wonder if he is going to sprinkle a circle around the house with that snake be gone stuff and laugh behind my back or will he be crying tears of laughter while fogging under the house for spiders? I wonder if Rural King laughs every time some very sexy tanned farmer man comes in and buys that stuff? Right now it doesn't matter! It did the trick! It made this woman very happy! I might even think about having more of his babies! But I am going to read the fine print on that Snake-A-Way stuff!

Be Blessed,

Saturday, May 26, 2007

Pink Clover

You would never know that the flowers in the background are pink clover ... I love black and white pictures. They just look so rich and so much more clear to me. Sam has picked me a flower I think. But he really has probably picked it for Aunt Janet or Jay or Mike or Meg or Daddy ... I'm just the woman with the camera that is driving him nuts!
In all honesty I only shot about 6 images of Sam. He was last in line today. I ripped his shirt off of him and stood him in front of the clover and said, "Sam, say cheese!" He looked at me like I was a mad woman .. and he went on to ignore me as such! It's so funny because when you look at a picture ... you really don't know what is going on behind the scene! Meg on the other hand loves to pose! I got about 191 shots of her ... and would you believe all of them are good. Meg really isn't my favorite subject. She just loves to get her picture taken.
She played peek-a-boo in the clover and had so much fun. After the 191 images she looked at me and said, "more Mommy?" I just had to take one more!
Jay of course is ready to do anything to get out of the fenced in play yard! After I chased him around the yard and down the road about a quarter of a mile ... he was ready to get his picture taken. Maybe instead of ready .... he was just too tired to play in the clover! He just simply sat down and talked to me. "What you doing Mommy?" "Cheese Mommy?" We've got to get rid of that Cheese word!
I bet you anything Jay only stood up and picked a flower because he was getting ready to run again .... see that look in his eye? I think we'll change his name to Slick Siekman!

Be Blessed,

Thursday, May 24, 2007

Megan Grace

Megan Grace
I think she is beautiful! She stirs all my emotions as a Mother and I love her so much. I sometimes just can't believe she's my daughter. The word love doesn't even begin to describe how I feel about this little girl! Meg is having major separation anxiety issues when I leave her. It breaks my heart. I hear that is normal for a two and a half year old. She sure knows how to play on a Mommy's heartstrings!
Today was much better when I took her and the boys to the babysitter. She didn't become hysterical when I turned onto the highway and she didn't cry when we pulled into Jessica's driveway! She grabbed her little suitcase that we had just bought at a yard sale that we stopped at along the way. She wanted her pony's and wanted a snow cone! I think we're making progress! Which is really great, because I was ready to let her win and just take her to work with me everyday .... which of course would have entailed taking the boys as well. I suppose I could just tell my boss, "I'm sorry, but I have to bring my two year old triplets with me because Meggie cried!" I think he'd buy that ....
Be Blessed,

Wednesday, May 23, 2007

We Went Exploring ...

Daddy, Jay, Meg & Sam
in the field behind our house, and we found Hay! Lots of Hay! BIG bales of hay! ... and Jay asked about 40 times, "what's that Daddy?" "Hay?" "Cows eat Hay?" "Daddy, what's that Daddy?" "Hay Daddy?" "Daddy, what's that Daddy?" "Hay?" "Cows?" "Daddy?" "What's that Daddy?" "Hay?"

Sam poked sticks at the hay bales and ask, "Hay Daddy?" But Sam only ask once ... he was too busy getting the stick stuck in the hay ... and exploring! We can't keep up with that little fart! He's everywhere and all over the place all at once!

Meg on the other hand didn't like the hay ... she must have remembered when her Daddy sat her up high on the hay bale so I could take her picture .... Meg has a memory like a elephant! Nope, she wasn't having a thing to do with the Hay! The only thing Meg said was, "Megan go home Daddy!"
I love this picture ... the sun was setting and it put a beautiful glow on the bales of hay. But then again, I love any picture I take with Marlboro Man with his triplets in it!

Be Blessed,

Monday, May 21, 2007

Children Are A Gift From God ...

God sent me three packages
that needed special care.
Take care of these tiny gifts
for they are very rare.
Watch over them with all your love
and let them feel your touch.
Take care of their every need
for you are needed very much.
These gifts will grow up very fast
as you soon will see.
Love them with all your heart
and let them be what they will be.
When these gifts have fully grown
look at Heaven up above.
Know they exist because of God
and all his precious love.
Someone sent this poem to me when my babies were born and I read it periodically when I run across it. It reminds me of how precious they are and how grateful I am to have them. I'm so blessed to be their Mother.

Sunday, May 20, 2007

Our New Toy!

We have a new toy ... and our Mommy thinks it's wonderful!

Because ... we are happy and entertained again! Entertainment is very important when you're two years old and come in a three pack!Hi Jay! How is it up there? This trio can climb high and slide fast! They run as fast as they can and climb up to the tower and wave to me and say, "Hi Mommy!" every time before they slide down.
Hi Meggie! You're so big up there!
Oops Sam! Mommy's not in the tree .... turn around Sam, look over here! Here I am Sam! Over here! Hey Sam! That's a tractor on the road! Okay Sam, never mind ... I'm not important anymore am I? (We have to thank Aunt Robin for giving up this new toy: Thank You Aunt Robin ... we love you! ... and Mommy really loves you!)

Be Blessed,


Wednesday, May 16, 2007

Duracell Bunnies!

Sam, Meg & Jay
The race is on! These kiddo's have more energy than the Duracell bunny! They run everywhere ... and they run all the time! No walking around this house ... it's a full blown race for everything.
The kids were playing outside like they do everyday and boredom set in. So I opened the gate and let the herd out! They ran all over the yard... up and down the road and around and around the driveway! They ran for 15 straight minutes! Not even slowing down once! They giggled and laughed and screamed and RAN! They had so much fun and SO much energy! It makes me wonder how much energy they'll have in a few years! I think the best is yet to come.... ha!
Be Blessed,

Sunday, May 13, 2007

My Birthday and Mother's Day!

Josh, Amy and Luke
Juli, Kelcie and Mark
My Mother's Day for this year has ended! It was a great day. We went to my sister Robin's in Illinois. She lives on a lake...literally. It was breezy and sunny and it was a perfect day. We cooked fish, ate and chased kids all day. We sat around and talked and laughed and yes, chased kids some more!
I got to see all seven of my kids today. Juli and Mark played around with Kelcie in the water .... Joey fished and Jared got to stay for a little while before he had to go to work. Josh had to work all day and I got to see him later in the day. It's hard to get your kids together when they have families and have other commitments.
To me, having a family that gets together is what life is really all about. Having a family to love is wonderful .. and having them love you is even better! I love my family and I am so blessed to have them in my life!
Juli wrote me a letter for Mother's Day .... I had ask her to do this. She started out writing about when she was small ... and led up to her being a Mother. I have to say, she made me cry and over all, this was the best present I've ever had in my life!
Be Blessed,


I think I'll write this post about me since today I'm officially 50 years old. I've been dreading this day ... I thought it would hit me really hard! Even though I'm only a couple minutes into the day ... I think I'm going to be okay! Nothing happened to me! I'm still the same! I'm just 50 now! That's the big "five-0!" A lot has happened to me in the last 50 years .... mostly all good things! All in all, I've had a very good life. Here's some of the highlights of my life (not necessarily in order):

  • Josh - my oldest child! He was born on March 18, 1981. I was scared to death to become a Mother. But the moment I saw him ... I loved him so much that all the fears went away. It's been 26 years since I gave birth to him and I love him even more than that first moment that I heard him cry. He's a good man and he's a great Daddy to Luke who is almost three years old. Josh drives a semi, a loader, a skidder, and lots of big big equipment. It worries me to death!
  • Juli - my daughter! She was born a year after Josh, June 15, 1982. Juli had the blackest hair and soooo much of it! She is Mommy to Kelcie Jo ( who is almost 3 years old. Even though I'm Juli's Mother... she is my very best friend. I am so lucky to have her in my life. Juli works for Toyota night shift and has her nights and days turned around. So does Kelcie!
  • Joey - my son! Joey was born December 11, 2003. He goes to St. Louis Christian College. Two years down and three years to go and he'll be a Minister. All of a sudden Joey matured and I look up to him and admire him greatly. Right now he's a poor college student trying to make his way.
  • Jared - my son! Jared was born January 4, 1985. He just graduated from Oakland City University last Saturday. He's getting married and moving to Memphis in July and hopefully will teach there. He was the baby of the family for 20 years and he became the middle child all in three minutes.

To become the middle child I guess you pretty much figured that there were three kids born after Jared. They just all happened to come at the same time.

  • Meg, Jay & Sam - my triplets! They were born October 17, 2004 when I was 47 years old. I planned to have another baby in my late years .... I just didn't plan to have three of them at one time. I wouldn't trade them for the world, even though it's tough at times. You have to be smarter than them, and that's hard sometimes. They are a team and it's all for one!
  • Von - my husband! Even though he's at the bottom of this list .... he truly is at the top! I love this man (someone has to do it!) He's the best Daddy in the world and he loves me as much as I love him.

I'm a Mother, a Mommy, a Registered Nurse, a small business owner, a photographer, a wife, a daughter, a sister and I believe in God.

Being 50 can't be all that bad .... I've always thought that 50 is halfway, so I guess that means that I'm halfway! 50 down and 50 to go! I can live with that!

Be Blessed,


Friday, May 11, 2007

They Did "It" at the Babysitters!

I just couldn't believe it! Couldn't believe that they would do the "dirty deed" at the babysitters! Not my children! They had a "poop party!"

Yesterday when Jessica put them down for a nap, (they nap together in the same room in pack-n-plays) she heard extreme giggling (that's the cue) and went in there to tell them to lay down. She said that when she opened the door she almost fainted!

All three of them were naked and were covered in poop from head to toe! She had to give all three of them a bath and sit them on the couch while she cleaned everything up!

I just have to say that I'm so glad it was her and not me that this happened too .... he he! Although she did ask that I bring pajama's that can be turned around and zipped up backwards for next week!

I'm so ashamed! NOT! .... and she didn't even take a picture!

I guess I'm still Blessed! ha~

Tuesday, May 8, 2007

Girls Rule!

Uncle Mike fixed Sam's car so he could ride it ..... but Sammy cried and didn't want to share after he learned that all he had to do to make it go.. was to push a button! If Sammy doesn't share, then .....
Meggie takes it away! Girls Rule!
Be Blessed,

Sunday, May 6, 2007

What's the Deal with My Kids?

They Love To Be Naked!
I only went in the house for no more than one minute to get them a drink! I come back out and there is a trail of diapers and clothes all the way to the fence! Is it a triplet thing or a kid thing in general? Nakedness causes lots of laughter and running and giggles! Maybe I should just dress them in their "naked clothes" every morning and save on the laundry .... ha~
Be Blessed,

Is This a Cocky Kid .... or What?

This is a very cocky kid!

Saturday, May 5, 2007

Jared's Graduation Day!

Today my son graduated from OCU! What a marvelous occasion it is to watch your child walk across a stage and receive a degree that will enable him to carve his own path. It took my breath away to watch him. My heart was beating in sync with every footstep that he took as he received his diploma. I felt a few tears escape when I heard his name "Jared Kent Eblin" being announced. I'm so proud to call him my son! Only a short twenty two years ago he was my baby! Now he's a man and he's a college graduate!
Jared and Elissa graduated together today and together they'll move forward in their lives. This beautiful young couple will be married in July and will be moving to Memphis. Another milestone behind them and a whole future ahead of them ... I love these kids!

Be Blessed,

Friday, May 4, 2007

Our New Family Portrait ...

I know you probably don't believe me, but it's true .... this really is Me, Marlboro Man and our triplets! I thought I would share this new family portrait of us. Two boys and one girl ... yep, that's us alright! Jay has the curly hair and Sam is bald ... and Meg is in the middle of course! Aren't we a beautiful happy loving family?

If only I could do something about that green skin .... it's so NOT becoming!

Have a Great Day!

Thursday, May 3, 2007

"I no likes him"

I was reminiscing again and ran across this picture I took of Megan when she was 8 months old. What happened to the baby fat? What happened to the fat cheeks? What happened to those rolls of fat on her thighs? She grew up! They disappeared! After all, she's two and a half now and a little lady! I miss my fat little baby girl .... but the little girl that she's becoming is even better (Sometimes!)

Meg has a personality that is hot one minute and cold the next. She can be the most loving little girl with the prettiest smile and sweetest words, and the next second she is cold as ice and can stare right through you and never blink or crack a smile! Just like she did in this picture. She has the "get it over with" look going on!

She has decided that she doesn't like Michael (my nephew-in-law-to-be) .... she "no likes him!" Michael loves Meg and tries to win her over .... but she "no likes him!" Nope! Not even gummi bears, ice cream or climbing a tree could change her mind!
Oh well, Michael is going to be around for a long long time .... eventually he'll win her over and eventually she will "likes him!" I think I know why she "no likes him." That would be because she now has to share her Laura with Michael that she "no likes!" Two year old's are so funny ...... and so so cute!

Be Blessed,

Wednesday, May 2, 2007

Group Hug!

You just never know what these little guys are thinking or what they're going to do! One thing I know ... they are best friends! One minute they're posing for a picture ...
The next minute they are up to something!It's a "Group Hug!"
"Oh ... Squeeze me tighter!"
"Okay ... now what?"

I really am so very blessed!