Saturday, March 31, 2007

Best Friends? Buddies? Brothers?

My son Joey, on the right, and his best friend Mike came out to the farm today to go fishing. They've been friends for a long time. For years and years and years. Since they've been boys! Now they're men. They're twenty-three years old and have established the path in their life that they'll follow. Even though they're all grown up and supposed to be mature responsible adults, they still have a funny silly side that only friends can have with each other! They were posing like Jared, my other son, and his fiance' Elissa posed, when I took their engagement pictures last week. You should have heard the laughter and seen the smiles while these two clowns imitated the poses!
Here they are hugging the tree! Even though I know they're playing around, these two guys would go to the end of earth for each other. They are so lucky to have a friendship like this, and I am so lucky to have a son, that has a friend with Mike's integrity, who also is a friend that I know will always be there until the end of their time.
"Okay Brother Eblin" Mike says as he shakes Joey's hand! Mike has called Joey this ever since I can remember. It's kind of ironic that this is the name he has chosen for his friend. After a couple of years of Joey deciding what his calling in life would be, he decided to be a Minister. I'm so proud of the man my son has become and so proud of the choices he has made. He's still in college and has a couple more years to finish. Mike has finished college and moved about 4 hours away, and has chosen a good job as well. These two boys will always be friends, buddies and brothers in their hearts. Distance will not separate them.

They're leaving now.... but I know "my boys" will be back another day! Another day to fish, another day to have fun and another day to visit me ... MOM!
Be Blessed,

Spring is Here!

Yes, Spring is finally here! It's been a long hard Winter being in doors all the times. They picked flowers, played in the dirt, walked all over the yard and explored their whole surroundings!

Meg loves flowers! She's quite "girly" these days!
She's totally oblivious to anyone around. She's so absorbed in the yellow flowers around her.

Sam on the other hand, is still a ham! He poses and says, "Look at Me!"
Jay is so intently watching Meg pick the flowers, and has his "serious" face on. When Jay has this face on, he's so deep in thought you can almost see the wheels turning in his little head!
Be Blessed,

Friday, March 30, 2007

All Good Things Come in Three's!

I was looking through "old" pictures (well not too old, only two years old) and realized that I took this picture exactly two years ago today. They were 5 months old! As I think back over the short time since these kiddo's were born, it amazed me that I can specifically remember this day so clearly and that the attitudes and personalities of these babies are still the same. I miss the days of them being small enough to carry them around all the time. I miss the sweet smell of baby skin.

I think "time flies" way too fast when you're a parent and especially when you are a parent of triplets. The sleepless nights are a blur now and the busy days are here. It's hard to believe that these sweet babies are kid's now and when I turn around and look again... they'll be even older. Time flies when you're having fun... and having these guys are definately a barrel of fun these days!

As the old saying goes .... All good things come in three's!

Be Blessed,

Thursday, March 29, 2007

We Love our Suckers!

We surely do love our suckers! We know what "cuckers" are and we want them! Immediately! Yesterday!! ... and why didn't you give them to us sooner!!! They look so angelic and so peaceful and like they're such happy little children. ... so content sitting on a see-saw eating their suckers in the warm sunshine! Yeah right!!!

Just smiling and licking away.... an occasional crunch here and there... and they don't just want "one" either. It's at least two or three, or all their grubby little hands can hold! They win ... they got their sucker right before dinner just because they demanded it .... and because I'm easy!

This is how they demand their suckers! Three "ear piercing" screams ...... "CUCKERS!"

Tuesday, March 27, 2007

A Poopy Day!

Sometimes you just have a "poopy day!" Some days it's just a little more "poopy" than other days! Today happens to be a whole load of "poop." A wagon load of COW POOP! I feel a little sorry for my sister in law today because I know this load of poop and about 40 other loads of poop are going to be deposited as fertilizer in a field right by her house. She's going to be smelling poop for days! I'm sure since she grew up on this dairy farm, she's smelled her fair share of cow poop!
Me, on the other hand, grew up in town and I'm still not used to the smell of all this cow poop! I've lived out here for six years and I still hate the smell of cow poop. I hate to see cow poop. I hate to step in cow poop! I hate the flies that love the cow poop! I just hate cow poop in general! It amazes me that cow's poop so much! There are tons and tons of cow poop on our farm. The barns are full of cow poop after the winter months and now Marlboro Man is busy spreading that precious commodity on the fields before he starts spring planting. It's almost like he's running a race with Mother Nature to get all that poop in all the right places before he gets so busy this time of year! It's still just cow poop to me! Piles and piles of brown chunks with Hay and flies! ....and I don't like cow poop!!!!
As much as I hate cow poop, I love living out here in the midst of it... I love the farm and man that came with it. It's a great place to raise kids, except of course, when they are climbing fences surrounded by this golden brown sludge! My fear is that one of these days, Jay or Sam will come carrying a handful, or Meg will be picking out the straw saying, "he loves me, he loves me not!" I guess that's a little extreme, but who knows... any thing can happen when you're surrounded by cow poop!
Today was just another poopy day!

Jared and Elissa

Jared was my youngest child for 20 years. Within the span of 3 minutes he became a middle child. Now he's getting married in July.

He's marrying Elissa. I like her. I like her a lot. She's good for Jared and he's good for her. I worry about him getting married. I worry because for 20 years he was my baby, now he's all grown up. I worry that he'll be in a strange city and mainly I think I'll worry that I won't be needed anymore. I think it's a "Mom Thing!" Worrying is our job! Jared will teach inner city around the Memphis area and Elissa will be in Optometry school. They're both great kids and I couldn't be any prouder of them! I know it's a good thing that they are headed in the "right direction", but that direction takes them a long way away for four years. But, the rainbow at the end of this journey for them, is that they'll end up right back on "home porch" after Elissa finishes school. I think that is my greatest fear in life as a Mother is that one of my little fledglings will move so far away that I'll not get to see them often. I don't think I'd be a good "long distance Mom!" I have decided that letting your kids grow wings and fly away for awhile is a good thing .... as long as they always come back!

Today was the day of the beginning of his journey to leave me. I shot their engagement pictures. We walked all over this farm and I shot 700 pictures in a little over a hour and a half. Elissa picked out about 75 to keep. I think as I edit each one I will probably be feeling little tugs in my heart and will be feeling a little melancholy. I'll probably think that each picture is my favorite, and I'll probably kind of be wishing that he was still "my baby" for just a while longer. Even though I love Elissa.... when your kids get married and leave that little nest that we built for them, it's hard. Yes, it's just a little bit hard for me right now ...
Be Blessed,

Monday, March 26, 2007

A Beautiful Dirty Face!

Sam had so much fun today! He played outside almost all day... He played from morning til dark, except for nap time. He drove his car up and down the sidewalk a million times, he rode a horse at least 20 miles and he wrestled a Alligator all over the yard! He earned this dirty face!!!

The tear streaks and the snot on his nose, mixed with dirt makes Sam "all" boy! He picked up sticks, held a worm and kicked the dog twice. He crawled under the porch, over the steps, and laid down face first in the dirt when he didn't get his way! Yep, Sam earned this dirty face!

He pushed Jay off the porch, pulled Meg's hair bows out and threw her glasses in the yard! He stomped all the snacks, poured out the water and bit Jay! Yes, Sam had a great Day! ... and he earned this dirty face!!!

Be Blessed,

Sunday, March 25, 2007


We worked on our fence again. It's all finished except for putting the pickets on the gate. The "trio of terror" will be contained as of tomorrow! It's like freedom for me because they won't be able to run in three different directions. They are going to love it! It's a whole new world out there for these guys....

I'll be able to keep them out of the cow poop, the barn, the pond, the mud, the road, the puddles and out of the pasture!

These kiddo's are the most inquisitive
little guys I've ever met. I thank God
everyday that they are able to be the nosy little creatures that they are! I thank God that they can run and they can laugh and play!

They are just discovering their world. Today was the first time Sam petted the dog. The dog's name is Sam also, although we have changed her name to Molly-2 to avoid confusion with Sam the kid! Sammy sat down on the grass with "Sam" and kept petting her and saying, "Hi Baby!" ... I thought my heart was going to melt! "Sam the dog" loved it as well ... these three new creatures running all over her yard is probably nerve wracking for her!

"Sam the dog" was just granted another chance at life the other day and we all had a big change of heart and a new appreciation for her!

Jay followed his Daddy around all day today! He carried tools and boards and was a big helper! When he wants something, he will take you by the hand and take you to what he wants and talk a mile a minute.

Jay wanted to pick flowers and took his Daddy over to the "yellow flower bush." He was listening so intently to what Von was telling him. You can read his expressions and watch his face absorb everything he hears.

I hope he always listens to his Father!

Be Blessed,

Friday, March 23, 2007

Kelcie Jo

Meet Kelcie Jo! She's a Princess, she's Barbie, she's just about anything you can think of that's girly!
She's rowdy and rough and sweet and cuddly and thinks she's just as smart as her Mama! Kels as her mama calls her is two!
Kelcie is my Granddaughter. She was born 2 months before the triplets and she calls them, "Mamaw's babies."
She likes to pose and let's me take pictures of her as long as she's the one in charge!
Big blue eyed little girl that I love.

Picking Flowers!

Flowers are starting to bloom! Aunt J. came over this evening to play for a bit. They love their Aunt J.
It's so fun to watch the kiddo's run and play. They're like herding a bunch of little puppies because they all go three different directions.
It's been a long hard winter for these little guys. They are ready for warm pretty weather and a big place to play! I think we'll have to bring out a little picnic table for snacks and a few cots for naps. They love it that much!

Thursday, March 22, 2007

Three Women! Five Babies!

Here we are! The Three Pregnant Amigo's! Two weeks before Juli delivered Kelcie on August 2, 2004 and Amy delivered Luke on August 6, 2004. I delivered Meg, Jay and Sam on October 17, 2004. Amy (left) is my daughter in law and Juli (right) is my daughter ...... and yes, I'm the Mother (center). This is me!

It was and still is the one heck of an experience. Being pregnant with your kids is hard. Being a new Grandmother is hard. Having triplets is hard. Having a baby at 47 is hard! It's all just hard! It's like having too many "irons in the fire" You're being emotionally pulled in three different ways. You want to be there for them, you want to be there with them, and you want to take care of yourself. There were ups and downs, hurt feelings, lots of tears and a lot of missed times on my part, but as the babies have grown into "kids" now, things are so much better. My daughter is my best friend. (I love my daughter in law too). We can go and take the kids places together. We do get a lot of questions and a lot of the "I don't believe your story" looks... but we're family and we do it anyway!

My children: Josh 26, Juli 24, Joey 23, Jared 22, Meg 2, Jay 2 and Sam 2

I'm blessed!

My Belly

Just minutes away from giving birth to triplets I actually felt like a Christmas Turkey! I was huge.... it still amazes me to look at this picture and see that BELLY!~ Did I say HUGE? Mountain-ously HUGE! (It's okay to make up your own words when you looked like this) I felt like a over filled helium balloon!

My sister in law was so impressed, that within hours she showed the entire Indiana State Police Post!

Here's a few little tidbits you ought to know about me. My girth was the same in inches that I am tall! I no longer fit in maternity clothes. I had to wear a size 3X nightgown the last week, I could barely walk with help, I felt like an Octopus with six elbows, six knees, three heads and 3 butts kicking me! Of course I couldn't see my feet ...... and I didn't even get one stretch mark!

Against his better judgement, two weeks before I delivered our little darlings, Marlboro Man took me to Wal-Mart. He left me in the grocery aisle and told me not to move! Of course I moved! I slowly moved up and down the aisles holding onto the cart for support and smiling at everyone I passed. Everyone I met was so friendly.... they smiled, they chuckled, they smirked and they whispered! I started to feel self-conscious and reached down to make sure "everything" was okay and all I felt was bare skin! My shirt had worked it's way up over my belly and my pants were down under my belly. I was so embarrassed I wanted to drop through the floor! MY MOUNTAIN-OUSLY HUGE belly was hanging out for the world to see! I waddled up to the check out counter with my over stacked cart that I could barely push and got in the checkout line that says, "20 items or less" .... My cart runneth over, I had no cash, Marlboro Man deserted me, I was humiliated BUT I wasn't leaving that checkout aisle! I told the checkout girl....."Just ring me up 20 times but I'm not leaving". About that time Marlboro Man appears and saved the day! I do have to add........ I did not go to Wal-Mart or anywhere for that matter again until my Mountain-ously HUGE belly was delivered!
Be Blessed,

Diaper Babies

This is one of my favorite pictures of my little trio. I took this two years ago. It's hard to believe that they have grown so much in the short time since they've invaded my life.
When they were little I would prop them up together on the couch every time they were awake and take their pictures.
We had "photo shoots" in the middle of the night and every afternoon! As I look back now I should have taken a few more pictures than the 16,848 pictures of them that I have!

Wednesday, March 21, 2007

The FarmHouse Kids - Yes, they're triplets!!!

Can you imagine a five foot long stroller that that you have to pop a "wheelie" to even turn a corner? You can't go in stores in a mall because you can't turn around.... furthermore, it looks like a Tornado left destruction in it's path.... you have six hands pulling clothes off the racks! A trail of six shoes and six socks left behind as they throw everything out, and they've slimed everything left hanging, with cookies! The sales people cringe when they see multiples coming in! I cringe at the thought of going in!

You can't go pee at the mall or anywhere because the restrooms aren't big enough for the "monster stroller" and you can't let them loose because they'd play in three toilets and unwind three rolls of toilet paper and you might lose one of them.

The worst part is Wal-Mart Mentality..... Wal-Mart has you by the "balls" when it comes to having triplets..... you have to go to Wal-Mart!!!!! It's the only place that accommodates the stroller and has everything you need all in one place.... groceries, tons of diapers, baby food, milk.... oh yes, 6 gallons of milk a week and anything else you might want. For the most part, the people that frequent Wal-Mart are okay.... but you really get your "winners!" You find yourself avoiding people and thinking that if you don't make eye contact you won't get stopped!

For example, a man walks right up and ask, "Did you automatically qualify for welfare and food stamps when you had them?" I'm so quick, I come right back, "No did you?"

NEXT? "Are they triplets?" "Yes, they are" I say ...... NO WAY! I just want to say, "You think I just collected three kids to waltz through Wal-Mart on a Saturday because it's fun?" They just stare at you speechless and say, "NO WAY! I've never seen triplets before!" WELL buddy.... look again ...... 1..2..3 !!! Can you say TRIPLETS?

The best question is, "did you do that there fertility stuff?" ..... "NOPE, just had sex three times and it really worked!" That gets them every time!!

And of course, the people with camera's...... what is it with people in Wal-Mart carrying camera's??? They ask if you can take a picture of them with the triplets and shove their camera in your face while they pose! EXCUSE ME..... are you hanging that on your fridge buddy, or selling it to the National Enquirer? EXCUSE ME...... don't get to close to Sam, he BITES! We definitely can not afford a lawsuit in Wal-Mart !!!!!

Seriously, the best part of having triplets means they always have a best friend! I'm so happy I have them... and I'm so happy they're two and a half years old now. I'm so happy it's getting a little bit easier! It's been a long hard three years getting them to this age and I'm looking forward to being able to go somewhere other than Wal-Mart this summer! That makes me so happy!

Be Blessed,


Tuesday, March 20, 2007

A Muddy Day

Can you tell it was a muddy day? There was no stopping them once they found the mud.... so what did I do? I went and got my camera! Wouldn't a good Mom have stopped them from ruining their shoes? ... from getting mud on them from head to toe? ... from getting soaking wet in March? NOPE! A good Mom would have let them stomp in the mud for a few minutes and take pictures. A time like this priceless! ..... right along with all the smiles and laughs and fun! I'm a good Mom!!!

Monday, March 19, 2007

Sunday, March 18, 2007

Miss Megan

Miss Meg! You just have to be tough to grow up out here on this farm with two brothers.
I am so blessed to be your Mother... I prayed that at least one of you would be a girl .... and I got you!
I hope with all my heart you grow up girly and frilly and love to shop! We'll do gymnastics, and dancing and all the things little girls love. Poofy hair bows and leggings ..... that's my girl!
You're beautiful and I love you Meggie! ...... "Mommy"

Are those Cows Daddy?

If only we could climb this fence .... we'd ride a cow ... or chase them at least!

Marlboro Man

My Husband! The hardest working man I know. He hates his picture taken and I know that one of these days he's going to nail me for always having a camera in his face! He didn't know I took these pictures ..... I zoomed him! Sneaky little lens that I love!

I truly love this man and I love to take his picture. He won't pose for me, but he has a few times since I've known him. When I catch his eyes with my camera .... they just twinkle!

I like to get him in action ... working, or doing something with his hands. I love to watch his hands. I'm so obsessed with them. They are so warm and gentle, but so firm, and they're "a working man's hands" and

they're Green!

Yep, that's right! You heard me, a green right hand! Bet you can't figure that out ..... and the first time we met I noticed his green tinged hand. But I didn't ask.... I wanted to, and Lord knows I stick my foot in my mouth every other sentence ... but I didn't ask.

They struck me as sexy and rugged, and yes.... GREEN!

Marlboro Man is a Dairy farmer... he milks "his ladies" every morning at 4:30 am and every evening at 4:00 pm so the rest of the world can drink milk. He uses a disinfecting dip on their teats, that is ..... GREEN! What amazes me is that the cows don't walk around with GREEN teats, but Marlboro Man has GREEN hands! Wonder if cows give GREEN milk?

Saturday, March 17, 2007

Sam's a Ham!

Sammy and his Daddy! Sammy crawled right up there and layed on his Daddy's chest and posed and said, "cheese!" Then he did it again when I ask him to. Sam's a Ham! ... and he falls right into that category of a being a mean little turd, just like Jay!
Everytime he does something mean, he turns around and smiles that "cheesy" smile that melts your heart.

My Sweet Jay ...

Jay! Jay! Can you tell he was pretending to be asleep? He was making little snoring sounds. He is starting to pretend things ...

Jay used to be the most timid and the most shy of the trio, but Jay has turned on! He's a mean little turd now! He wants to hit you everytime you walk by.

Jay can sing.... and dance.... and twirl around.... get dizzy and fall down! He loves to give smacking kisses on my cheek and give hugs. Did I say he was a mean little turd? He is ..... but oh how sweet he is! He's a snuggler and a lover and loves to get held and have his Mommy rock him. I want him to grow up and be a great man.... but oh how I will miss my sweet baby Jay!

We're getting a real picket fence!

Yes we are! A real white wooden picket fence for the kids to have a big place to play. I can envision it now.... me sitting out there on the new porch sipping lemonade and taking pictures of my little darlings playing in the warm sunshine! No fighting, no biting, no pulling hair, no tearing the house a part (triplets can do that faster than single kids... did you know that?), not a million toys to pick up, no climbing on furniture, no fighting.... did I say that already? NO FIGHTING!!!! That's my goal.... no fighting! Whew! .... and of course, no biting!

Speaking of biting, because Sam is a "Ace-in-the-hole biter" ..... he targets his prey, which of course is Jay or Meg, and zooms right in and quickly bites hard and then runs! I've thought of a new invention for biters. A face mask, kind of like the kind that paint baller's use! A shield that keeps him from biting! Wonder how many questions I'd get in Wal-Mart if Sam wore a mask????
By the way, if you're noticing that the man standing next to Marlboro Man looks just like him.... you're very observant! That's Marlboro Man's twin........ you should try telling them apart when they're out on a tractor!

Friday, March 16, 2007

A Day with Daddy

It's amazing how a picture can tug all your heartstrings.... their Daddy... my Marlboro Man loves these kids so much. It shows in everything he does with them. I knew, deep down in my heart, the very same day we knew that we were having these little guys, that he would teach them something valuable every day of his life. .... and he does!

He teaches them love, patience and kindness. He's laying a foundation and building character and honesty, and ethics for the rest of their life. He teaches them that you merely reach out and always give more than you take ....... and they're only two years old! When I look at the pictures of my Marlboro Man with his babies, my heart beats faster and I love them all .... all over again!

Did I tell you I have a "new friend?"

This is my newest friend... I went "road tripping" around the farm the other day and this lady was NOT shy! She nuzzled my camera and let me pet her while I was taking close up shots of the boogers in her nose! I think I'll call her "Bessie" ...... Marlboro Man just calls her "#149"