Sunday, June 22, 2008

Dear Littles - Chapter Seven

Dear Littles,

You were so unaware of me standing behind you taking pictures. You sat together by the water so peacefully, and you were so engrossed in watching the Mama Duck with her three little babies. Three. Just like you. She was so proud of them. Just like me.

I could hear you talking and I could hear you counting. Over and over you counted those three little ducks. Then I heard Meg naming them. She said, "Sam the duck, Jay the duck, and "Me" the duck. Three .... just like us." ... and you all agreed.

No matter how I see you grow individually, I will always see you as a unit. You are unique. Even though there are three of you ... you still are just one. A set. You came together.

Just like your Daddy and your Uncle Don, they will always be a pair. They too were born together. Mainly, what I love is how much I know they love you.

Just like I do.

Love, Mom