Monday, June 30, 2008

ABC & G - 4 times the Fun

Another peek in the wheat field! A week ago I got to play with these little guys .... yes, I'm still in that same wheat field! These boys were great sports and so full of oneriness! They have great personalities and just cut up and laughed so much! Their hamming it up made the pictures even better!

These little fellows are four months younger than my little kiddo's and some day they'll be in the same class at school. Oh my, that teacher will have her hands full with quadruplets and triplets in the same class! I can just imagine how busy she will be!

Thanks Jody and Kathy for bringing the boys out ... it was fun and we got some really great shots to boot!

Tonight I'll be doing another triplet family out here on the farm! You'll get a sneak peek of them tomorrow! They're real cuties too!

I'm so desperate to keep that wheat, Marlboro Man agreed to keep the northwest corner for me ... whew!

Be Blessed Everyone.

Pictures in the Park

After a not so good Saturday (no electricity from Friday evening to Saturday evening) we had a good Sunday.

Yesterday afternoon I met up with my wonderful photographer friend Peggy, in her beautiful town park. We were on a mission to get some good pictures of these kiddo's. It's hard for me to get them all together, facing me, without running away. After all, I'm the Mommy.

Peggy did a great job of snapping just the right expressions. I did a great job of story-telling and pecking out tall tales to keep them sitting while she took their pictures.

Meg of course, and Jay, after he warmed up a bit started loving it. Sam, on the other hand, needed Pretzels and Orange pop, TLC and lots of coaxing. But like a trooper ... he came through! I'm proud of you Sam!

Through the drizzle and spurts of sunshine, they turned out just wonderful. Peggy has lots more to send my way and I can't wait to get them. Thank you Peggy!

Be Blessed Everyone.

Name this Photo!

Just tell me that this is the cutest picture that you've ever seen in your life! ... and that it should be the cover of a Hallmark greeting card, or be printed in poster size with some catchy little phrase at the top!

So here's what I want you to do ... click the picture and look deep into his eyes and give this photo a name! There's no prize included, but I am going to print the title on the picture and frame it. It's going to be on a little shelf in our bathroom. I just love it that much!

I do have to add so that you'll get the heart tingles and chuckles that I got when I looked at this ... I took this in a parking lot in a huge park. Just Sam and his potty chair. ... and he did say to me as he looked back, "don't take my picture." But he's just three, and I'm the Mom, and I know a sweet moment when I see one!

You better hurry, because MM checks my blog every couple of days, and I'll be toast when he sees this!

Wednesday, June 25, 2008

Quints on the Farm: a little peek

Yesterday evening we had a yard full. Fifty little toes everywhere. It was so much fun and we ended up with lots of great pictures of each kiddo and wonderful family pictures as well. I have to say, never in my wildest dreams did I expect five babies to do as well as they did. I still can't believe how easy it was to get this family shot, and they all looked straight at my camera. But we had a plan! Straight from their car seats to the big rock in my backyard! (you can click on the pictures for a larger view)

Then the fun began. We did a few "Mommy and Daddy" pictures, then got some closeups of each kiddo as they played in the grass, and in a little antique rocking chair. We then had so much fun trying to sit them all in a row on some little chairs. I can tell you ... E's little legs were like fast moving wheels! That kiddo is going to win some races some day!

Off to the wheat field we headed for a few diaper shots on a quilt in the wheat. That did not happen ... but oh, it was so much fun trying!

It was like a fast-forward movie dressing five kid's for the next shot on a little red pedal tractor! They loved the tractor and were all over it. Mr. P loved the smoke stack best and was very content trying to chew on it while Mr. E was busy running around it. Mr. L was the driver while his sisters Miss J and Miss S were content to sit in the little red wagon! I think I loved this part of it best. They are the cutest little Quintuplets that I've ever met! (only ones I've ever met too). We did all this in exactly one hour. Whew!

You see, these kiddo's are very special to me. I was there in the delivery room, me and my camera, with Em and Rob when they delivered these wonderful babies almost 17 months ago. I was so honored that they ask me, when every single photographer in the whole area would have loved to do what I got do ... to photograph the birth of their babies. It was so intimate, and so personal, and so beautiful to watch these babies take their first breath.

It makes my heart sing today to see them so perfect and so healthy. Like I told Emily long ago before she gave birth ... just believe, have faith, and give it over to God, and you can do this. She did.

These two people know how blessed they are, and not only with their perfect little babies, but with each other. What a beautiful family they are. Emily has posted more pictures on her blog. You can go there to see a few more little peeks of these chubby little cuties!
Thanks Emily and Rob. I can't wait until next time!

Tuesday, June 24, 2008

Child Labor

I think farm kids are exempt from child labor laws. So we decided to let them have a go at cleaning out the barn. Well, not exactly cleaning out the whole barn .... just the cow poop that runs out of the barn.

I'm going to have to talk to Marlboro Man about having the ground leveled there so it runs back in. I don't think he'll go for it, but it's worth a try. He's the kind of person that thinks ... well, it's been running out of that barn for 200 years .... why change it now?
So we opened the garage door and started throwing shovels and rakes and hoes out in the yard. Then we grabbed a couple of lawn chairs so we could sit and watch them work. These kids are smart kids .... they knew exactly what to do! They each grabbed their favorite tool and got to work. We didn't even have to tell them that it was cow poop. After all, it's laid there in the sun and dried real good ... and for all they know, it's just dirt. Special Dirt!

Even the Princess got in on the action ... and she never gets dirty. Never. Ever. It's against all her rules as a woman child.
Then she even picked up the dried piles and started picking out the pretty rocks that were embedded in it.
Then, I couldn't stand it anymore! My daughter. The self-acclaimed princess of the farm picking apart cow patties! Ewwwww!
"Hey Princess! That's cow poop you got there in your hand!"

"Hey Meg! Drop it! It's gross! It's cow poop!"

"Hey Meggggg! No Meg! Don't put the rocks in your pockets ... it's cow poop!"

"Oh Meg! I thought you were my Princess! Ewwwww! Gag! Spit! Spit! Gag!"

"No Meg! Don't put the rocks in your mouth!"

Okay .... this isn't cute anymore! No more child labor on this farm!

"Marlboro Man ... you're going to have to do this yourself. Me and Meg are going shopping!"

Monday, June 23, 2008

Country Babies

Breathtakingly cute huh? Sunday evening I met our niece Amanda in the wheat field to have a little photo session with Livia. Liv hammed it up and had a great ole time until almost dark.

Not only have I been shooting my very own FarmHouse Kids in the wheat, I've been busy shooting a few others in the wheat field as well. Friday evening I photographed a little set of quadruplet boys. They were the cutest little boogers. The cutest picture of all was when all four boys stuck their fingers in their nose and had a good ole time laughing. It sure loosened them up and got them in the mood for picture taking. I'll make sure to ask their Mother to post a few pictures on her blog. You'll be able to see them right here when she gets them up. YagerQuads.

... and talk about multiples, tomorrow evening there will be five little heads popping up in the wheat. You can see them right here in a couple of days. I'm sure their Mother will be posting a few sneak peeks right away, just as soon as I get them edited and emailed to her. The Wright Quintuplets. Right Emily???

Wednesday morning the wheat will be long gone! It's time to cut it, bale it and make way for planting beans. Marlboro Man said my time is up!

Be Blessed Everyone.

Sunday, June 22, 2008

Dear Littles - Chapter Seven

Dear Littles,

You were so unaware of me standing behind you taking pictures. You sat together by the water so peacefully, and you were so engrossed in watching the Mama Duck with her three little babies. Three. Just like you. She was so proud of them. Just like me.

I could hear you talking and I could hear you counting. Over and over you counted those three little ducks. Then I heard Meg naming them. She said, "Sam the duck, Jay the duck, and "Me" the duck. Three .... just like us." ... and you all agreed.

No matter how I see you grow individually, I will always see you as a unit. You are unique. Even though there are three of you ... you still are just one. A set. You came together.

Just like your Daddy and your Uncle Don, they will always be a pair. They too were born together. Mainly, what I love is how much I know they love you.

Just like I do.

Love, Mom

Wednesday, June 18, 2008


The wheat is drying fast and it won't be here next week. I've waited for a year to get pictures in the wheat field ... and this evening we did it. There are so many great shots I can't even begin to edit them, but then, I can't 'not' edit them either. So that will be my weekend mission, then I'll post my favorites. Trust me ... they are good!

For a year I've planned to take that rocking chair out in a wheat field. It belonged to their Grandmother and possibly her Mother. I know she used to rock her babies in that chair ... oh how I wish she was here to rock my babies in that old chair.

The kids had a great time. The "neighbors" (aka known as Uncle Mike and Aunt Janet) walked down the road and met up with us to help keep the Little's from running a country mile to the other end of the field.

It was the golden hour for picture taking and a perfect time to tell another story in their life. I have to say, I love living out here in the middle of cow land and raising these kids ... and I love seeing their life unfold through my camera's eye.

Be Blessed Everyone.

Sunday, June 15, 2008

Happy Birthday Juli Beth

Dear Juli,

Happy Birthday! I've thought all week about your birthday and how you would be turning twenty-six today. I thought about the day you were born and how excited I was to really have a daughter. I waited a long time for you, and you were everything I ever wanted.

When you were born, you had coal black hair, and lots of it. More than I'd ever seen on a baby. If I hadn't witnessed your birth, I would have said that it was a mistake ... you couldn't possibly be mine. You looked like a little Indian papoose. You were so fat and all that black hair stood straight up. It was amazing. You looked so dainty the day you came home from the hospital. You wore a tiny little yellow dress that my Grandmother made for you. She hand sewed lace in rows and rows on the bloomers.

I still have your baby clothes, and every tooth you lost as a kid, sealed in a envelope, with a letter of what you did that particular day. I still have your hair barrettes and your little earrings. I have little notes that you wrote me, and beautiful pictures of you. I have your homework from Kindergarten and your first diary. The time has never been right for me to give them to you ... or else the time hasn't come for me to let them go yet.

You were so prissy when you were little. It was all about being a princess and definitely all about pink. Kelcie is you made over. Through my eyes, it's like watching you grow up all over again. I think you must know that.

My best memories of you growing up are the times that me and you would sneak away from the boys and go buy "girl things." You always wanted everything and loved to buy shampoo and bubble bath. We talked and laughed during our late night escapades, and I loved the closeness that we shared.

I loved being pregnant at the same time as you. I loved our shopping dates and all that we did together to get ready for our babies. I had great plans of the two of us with our babies doing everything together. Though my road turned a different direction when I had triplets, and we didn't get to do things together as much as I wanted. It's been a hard three years for me with the kids, but now it's easier and we're planning again.

Then you grew up, and left home. You married and had a child, then divorced. Your heart was broke and it broke mine too to see you hurting. You acted so strong, and were so independent, and you've been a terrific single Mother to Kelcie the past two years.

Then you met Derek, and now you're planning a August wedding. Not only did you find someone that is good to you and Kelcie, you're gaining a son as well. I think when you finally turned your life over to God and left it in his hands ... he showed you the plan he had for you.

Juli, your road hasn't always been easy lately ... but it looks like the path you're traveling now is golden! I hope your day was beautiful. Just like you!

I love you Sis!

Love, Mom

Will You Marry Me?

Last night Joey ask Mariah to marry him. I haven't heard the details yet and knew better than to call and ask, but I know he did it, because he told me he was going to, and told me where and how. This is the big secret that I posted a couple of weeks ago!~ Now I can tell it!

Joey had called me and told me he was going to ask her and he ask me if I would help him pick out her ring. I was so honored to think that he would ask me to do that. The sentimental part of me thought that was the sweetest thing ... to ask the woman that he loves so much, to help him do something so important for the other woman that he loves as well. I am so proud to be Joey's Mother.

Mariah's ring is so beautiful. It's style is antique and the center diamond is princess cut. While we were looking, Joey kept saying to me, "she deserves so much more" ... then he found the one. The perfect one that she deserved. Mariah will have two thin wedding bands ... one on each side of her engagement ring. I haven't ask Joey this yet ... but I'd like one to be from him and God, and the other to be from me. One to symbolize their unity .. and the other to tie this new Mother-Daughter relationship that is meant to be.

The plan was to take Mariah to a really nice restaurant, the FishBone Grill, then on their way to take Mariah back home last night, Joey was going to drive between the lakes near her house ... and under the stars, he was going to ask her to marry him.

I can just picture it in my mind ... this romantic kid of mine proposing to this wonderful young woman, on his knee out in the wide open, with the water glistening from the moonlight, and God looking down and nodding his head ... that this is right.

If only I could have been there with my camera to capture that moment! Mariah's Mother is just as excited as I have been. We've been "talking" and waiting, and now it's happened.

Mariah?? We're waiting to hear from you!

Be Blessed Everyone.

Saturday, June 14, 2008

Dear Jay

Jay. I look at this picture that I took of you today and I see you differently. My mind sees a different you. You're maturing and growing right before my very eyes. There is nothing that I can do to keep you little. Not that I want to, but I'll miss the little boy that you used to be, when you become a man. The one that has a heart of gold towards Sam and Meg. I hope you keep that trait about you. You are the tender one.

There are many times that we make eye contact, and your thoughts seem so deep ... then you bust out into a silly little grin that I love so much. You twinkle and you sparkle, ... both inside and out. I love that about you.

That, and your orneriness! That too I can see in your eyes.

I love you Jay,


Riding Wild Horses!

It was hot today and we filled up the pool. The big pool. Well, it looked big considering how long I had to stand and hold the garden hose to fill it up.

The whole time the kids were running in and out of the house getting glasses to pour water on me. Even squirting them didn't stop their giggling and fun!

After we had an even amount of cold and hot water so they could play in it ... they bounced and hopped along the side and rode wild horses instead of jumping in the water!

I just love their imagination!

I'm Not a Birdie Yet

Sam: "I'm going to swing way up high in the sky."
Mom: "Way up high in the sky? All the way to Heaven!"
Sam: (rolling his eyes) "I can't swing up to Heaven ... I'm not a Birdie yet!"

I love these little heart tingles!

Tuesday, June 10, 2008

Hay Day

Yesterday morning as I drove down the road while taking the Little's to preschool, I saw the most glorious sight. One of our wheat fields had been baled. There were bales everywhere. For as far as I could see, and all I could think about was how much fun would the Little's have running and playing in that field. I'd imagined a great Kodak moment!
So yesterday evening when I picked them up, I found the opening to that field and drove up along the edge. I unstrapped them from their car seats, and one at a time stood each of them down in the wheat stubble.
I had great visions of taking awesome pictures of them on those beautiful golden bales. By the time I got my camera out and focused ... they were gone!They darted back and forth across the field and kept on running until they were completely out of my sight. Not once did they slow down or listen to me yelling at them. They were moving on like a freight train on a mission, and they were ... long gone.
So I did what any short chubby out of breath Mother of fifty-one would do that was wearing flimsy old flip flops in a wheat field ... I got in my car and drove to the other end of the field.
When I caught up with them, I just kept right on driving ... right on past them. (You gotta outsmart kids these days, and use reverse psychology). I made them think I was leaving them, and it worked like a charm. They started chasing me!
When I finally caught my breath and got them all strapped in again ... I made out like a race car driver in my little Toyota and we darted in and out of the hay bales, then drove circles in the field for twenty minutes with the windows down, while we sang .... "If you're happy and you know it ... "
If you can't beat 'em .... you just join 'em! But you don't wear flip-flops in a wheat field!
Be Blessed Everyone!

Monday, June 9, 2008


(click the picture)
She is simply beautiful, both inside and out, and she is such a genuine gem. I loved shooting her wedding this past Saturday, even though weddings are not my "thing", and given the fact that I was a nervous wreck. Now that I've seen viewed all the images, I have relaxed and can say that I had a lot of fun!!!

In today's world, it's hard to find a person with Hallie's morals and integrity. They just don't come any better than this young woman. Congratulations Hallie and Matt. I know you'll have many many years together.

Saturday, June 7, 2008

My Chick

My little chick has been having a rough time of it lately. I think she's feeling left out. So this evening we had a special photo shoot and she posed and modeled all over the yard. She loves pretty little girly things, so I bought her two pairs of flip flops that light up when she walks. You should see her strut!
When I look at her, I just can't believe that this little girl came into this world weighing less than three pounds, and now she's opinionated and bossy and wants everything her way.

A couple of evenings ago we went to Juli's new house to help her decorate the walls. Megan wanted to spend the night with Kelcie ... but I just couldn't let her go yet. It's not that I don't trust my older daughter, but Meg just isn't ready yet to stay away from home .. or is it Mommy, that's just not ready to let her go???

Be Blessed Everyone.