Monday, June 28, 2010

Juli – SOHK 2010

Juli IMG_2072 LR
Juli … it was so much fun to play “senior pictures” with you the other night.  Let’s do it every night this week!
Juli has been bringing Kelcie here for Vacation Bible School with my kids this week, and we had two hours to kill night before last, so we played hard.
Juli IMG_2032 LR
When Juli jumped down, well she didn’t really jump per se, but she slid down on her butt … she had attracted 24 little buddies crawling up her pant legs.  TICKS!  She must have gotten into a nest of them!  But she loves the picture, so it was well worth it!
Juli IMG_2100 C
Then we really played hard!  Right here in front of the computer … I played with the liquify tool and made her boobs bigger, her stomach lean and firm, rounded her butt and took a bulge off of her right thigh, and right before I saved the image, I sculpted her arm just a bit.  She loves her Mama even more now .. too bad I can’t do that in real life.  Now I think I’m going to set up a tri-pod and make myself skinny on top of a hay bale.  Just don’t know how to turn back time a few years or twenty and get to live this life all over again!  :)

Wednesday, June 2, 2010

Jay ... What Can I Say!

This kid .. the kid that never wants his picture taken begged this evening.  Then when he popped up on the rock, he said, "Sooo ... if I sit here and let you take my picture, do I get a treat?  If I smile and let you do it five times, do I get five treats?"  (that means five clicks .. and only five clicks ... he has good ears)

So I said, "Well ... if you go put on some different clothes and let me take your picture the way I want to, I'll let you have five treats."  (that means five little bitty pieces of candy)

Then he said, "Oh forget it Mom ... you're just not worth it!"  Then off he hopped and ran off to his world of Camo, farming and a dog named Gus!  (that means he'll sneak in the house and get the candy anyway)