Tuesday, September 30, 2008

Puddy Sunny Poo

This "Puddy Sunny Poo" came to our house today. First of all, she's a little baby Puddy ... so she didn't come to our house on her own. Chances are, since I live way out in the sticks and since she didn't arrive with a big bow around her neck, I know that The Neighbors did not gift us with her presence. But, anyway, she came. Here.
When I picked up the littles after work today, I told them that there was a surprise at our house waiting for them ... and the surpise was black and had four legs and was a baby girl. Yes, at first they thought it was a cow, but I quickly dismissed the idea of them rolling around in the barn with the calves today.
Sam was so excited, and who is always the quickest to reply said, "Is it a crocodile?" He just knew it was. He wanted to know if it had a rubber band around it's mouth so it wouldn't bite him. I think that trip to the Zoo a few weeks is still haunting him.
Jay on the other hand always puts some thought into his questions and answers. After he told Sam that Crocodiles don't come to our house because they have to live in the pond by the barn, not in our yard, then he asked, "Is it a big bird that will poop on us?" No Jay! You've never had a big bird poop on your head. "Yah Huh" he said, "Once time a long time ago, a big bird came down to where I was working on my tractor and my little boy got bird poop on him." Jay and Sam both have imaginary little boys these days ... little farm boys that work in their barns. Too Cute!!
Meg, being the little Mother and the practical one, said "Did you have a baby in your belly?" No Meg, I didn't have a little black four legged baby in my belly. Not today anyway.
Just as we were pulling into our driveway, I told them. It's a puppy. A baby girl puppy. They were so excited and instantly started jumping out (after undoing the carseats of course). I have never seen three kids so happy and so excited to see a puppy in my life. Of course, the puppy loved them too. The four of them rolled all over the yard in a tangled mass of legs and yelps and giggles.
Then I ask them what her name was. So between the three of them ... Puddy Sunny Poo got her name.
Now, to the stranger that drove the 4-wheeler by real slow today and dropped off this adorable long legged awkward cute little puppy, if you read my blog .. just let me say this to you, "It's not cool to dump puppies in the country just because you know some kids live there." Not cool at all.
So now we have to figure out what is to become of Puddy. We already have a Sam, Molly and a Katie ... and of course a few too many cows. Then we have to figure out what and how to tell the kids why Puddy isn't here tomorrow because I know MM thinks we're on overload with the three that we have now.
I'm wondering if the neighbors up the road a bit, the ones with six kids need a puppy .... No, I'm not going to take her there and dump her off ... but I am going to take her there when the kids are home and ask if they want her ... that's not cool either, but I'm between a rock and hard spot here. Maybe I should tie a big red ribbon on her neck and paint her toenails red and say, "Merry Christmas Neighbors!"
Oh Poo! What's one more dog??!!!

Monday, September 29, 2008

The Girls

A photo op. That's what I always have when Kelcie and Meg get together. They love the white fur and they love love love the camera.

I ask Meg who Juli was and of course she said that she was her sister ... but I ask again who Kelcie was and as always, "she's my best friend." Stinkpots they are, with a wild case of the giggles!

It's just very cool that Meg's best friend is her niece. Meg kept telling me that I'm Kelcie's Grandma but I'm her Mommy .... but then she kept calling me "Grandma Tannie" and Kelcie was calling me "Mommy." Funny funny girlies!

Saturday, September 27, 2008

Welcome to the World Babies

This little foot belongs to Mia ... and her Mama and Dady are Angie and Todd, and they just started a blog for their little "Miracles Unfolding." Ther link is on my sidebar and you all can follow along through their journey in NICU and what all is to follow.
Yes, it's another Mrs. A., and since they've started a blog ... I thought I'd share these awesome pictures with my friends and readers. These are the triplets that I photographed their birth five weeks ago. They are amazing and are growing and doing so well.
This little hand belongs to Silas, and he was so perfectly created by God.
... and this third little hand below belongs to Jagger. They amaze me and it brings back so many memories of when my Littles were this small. Even though these guys are still not yet four pounds, they're mighty, and they're growing stronger every day. Mainly, they have God's hand on them to ensure that.
You can click each picture and read the scriptures that are written on them. Their parents set forth a scripture from the bible for each of these kids to stand firm on all of their life. Isn't that a great idea?
So if you have a chance, go visit these three little miracles and welcome them to the world of blogging, and you can keep up on these special little babies that I have the pleasure to watch grow through my lens.

Friday, September 26, 2008

It's all About the Shoes (Red)

Meg isn't your ordinary regular ole run of the mill girl.  Granted I've raised a girly girl and I know girls ... but Meg is entirely different than Juli was at the age of three.  She has big style.  The kind that makes her a trend setter.  Yep, a trend setter.  The kind that can wear anything in any color, even when nothing matches .... as long as she has cool shoes!  
It's all about the Shoes baby!!!
Like I said .... everyone is wanting to be like Meg!

Thursday, September 25, 2008

Mousie and The Littles

How do you teach your children not to smash an innocent wolly worm or a harmless little bug outside because it too has a life, and we don't kill things?

Then you teach your kids to kill those cute little fluffy little mice that look up at you so pitifully when they're stuck on a sticky trap, and they're begging with those shiny beady eyes to please don't kill me ... please just let me go!? Just how do you explain that to a three year old that loves bugs, worms, snakes and all the creatures of the world.

How do you tell them that Daddy is going to take Mousie outside and put him out of his misery ... and Mommy's misery too?! How do you explain that they live on a farm surrounded by fields and Mice is a way of life here and a forever battle, and all Mice go to Heaven.

How do you explain that to three little kids that are standing around you so excitedly trying to see the cute little mouse that is squeaking in fear, that they have named Mousie, and want to feed it a hotdog? What do you do when they want to keep it in their room forever and they are already gathering up toys for it to play with and blankets for it to sleep on? How do you tell them that the little fascinating creature is a MOUSE ... and all Mice go to Heaven?!

Tell me .... how do you teach them that it's okay to kill one animal and not another? In their little eyes and heart they love him ... just like the kitties and calves over at the barn, and just like Sam's Bug.

I'm really stuck on this one because right now they are so engrossed with this little brown mouse and we're waiting for them to go to bed before Mousie goes to Heaven. Forever.

If only Mousie hadn't squeaked so loudly .... and if only the Littles hadn't heard him and, well, you know the rest of the story. If only ....

Poor Littles. Poor Mommy. Poor Mousie!!

Dear Littles - Chapter Eleven

Dear Littles,

Yesterday evening after work we did something different. A new strategy. A new game. A new plan to entertain you, still yet spend good quality time with you. We planned a picnic and some playtime in the park. I was "high-fiving" myself all over the place for coming up with yet another way to spend the evening that didn't entail fifteen calves, cow poop, and a mud filled water hose.

Just you and me, we went to the grocery store on the town square and we each ordered our own Ham Sandwich ... custom made right down to Jay's pickles. You each got your own sandwich wrapped in it's own Saran wrap and your own little sack. We ventured through all four aisles of the little grocery store and picked up Banana's, a bag of chips and a drink, and you each got a piece of bubble gum for your pocket. "For after we eat", you all said in unison.

You thought you were so cool! I thought you were so cute. You thought you were big stuff. I said to myself, "They're not my babies anymore." You marched like little ducks in a row and followed your leader, just like you do everyday. You melted my heart yet one more time. You reminded me again of how blessed I am, and just how wonderful having you has truly enriched my life.

Then we drove to the little park to have a picnic, and you still yet amazed me again. You sat at the table, all in a row, and you ate better than ever. Every bite was in anticipation of playing in the park ... and that little piece of bubble gum in your pocket.

Then before we even got the chance to play on the swings and the slide and all the things that you always climb on, someone had to go poop. That someone would be you Jay. So we got the little potty chair out of the back of the van and made you a throne inside. Meg, Sam and I sat in the sliding door opening so no would see you ... and of course, we did NOT look at you. That would have been a sin. So I whistled while you pooped, and I tried to teach Sam and Meg to whistle too ... then we sang a few songs while we listened to you in the background grunting and carrying on like you haven't pooped in a month ... and we did not look at you, not even when I wiped your butt on the napkins they gave you with your sandwich. All that for only one little deposit in the potty chair! But you were happy and it's a part of life. Pooping is good, and especially when you're only three years old and don't do it in your pants. I am so proud of you for that. ... and off you ran to play.

As I watched you running towards the slide, I saw you make a big circle and come running back to me. You had to poop again you said. "Jay! Jay! Are you serious?" I ask. So off to the van we go yet again with Meg and Sam in tow! You were right ... you had to poop again! Then Sam had to poop and Meg had to pee ... and our little picnic just had to come to an end.

As we drove the two miles to home, we watched the sun setting in the distance and we hurried up to try to catch it, and we tried to whistle while holding our noses, and you were laughing and singing and talking funny. Everyone was happy, and it was a good day, and I only wish that you could remember these times of being Three.

Have I ever told you how very perfect you are? Can you tell by the way I look at you how very much I love you? You are .... and I do.

I will love you forever, and then some ...


Wednesday, September 24, 2008


Just practicing for when she's going to be a super-star rolling around on the fur and posing kind of woman! Just ask her. For now though, most shots were straight up her nose and booger shots!

It's just too cute how she acts, and we don't have a clue where it's coming from!

Monday, September 22, 2008

A Peek at Us

Last evening I ask our niece to snap a few pictures of us in our yard, on the road and by one of our barns. The kids are needing a family picture for a project at Preschool ... so when you're in a pinch and you don't have anything recent, you do a photo shoot! It turned out pretty good didn't it? Be careful what you say .... I own the delete button! Ha ~

Since we all looked a little bit decent ... and you can't tell that the kids took a nap in their clothes and had only been up for about fifteen minutes and I had food all over my shirt (good old Photoshop came through again) we called Amanda and did an instant get it together.

I forgot to put Sam's socks on him so I painted him one with Photoshop! Sam doesn't like to wear socks, and most of the time he takes them off and puts them in his pockets, then puts his shoes back on the wrong foot.

Meg was in a very foul mood .... so foul that not much was going to perk her up. She didn't get her nap out and when Meg's tired ... watch out people. So she has the sweaty wispy hair look going on, but you can't tell that right? It curls just right!

Jay on the other hand was rearing to go! Yay Jay! You rock buddy!

As it ended ... I love the shots she got. We need to do this more! I just don't like to be in front of the camera ... I'm just not that good with Photoshop when it comes to editing off about 30 lbs of my tush!

Sunday, September 21, 2008

Can You Remember?

This evening, well actually about five minutes ago, while I'm sitting here in the recliner (with my laptop) in The Little's Room (that's another story) trying to get them to sleep (instead of having a disco party) .... Sam, who takes after me and is a night owl, got up and was peeking over my shoulder, and he said,

"Where is my Brown Bear with the green on his neck? You got him out of the mailbox when you were on the lawnmower and you gave him to me. You gave Jay the gray one and Meg the white one. My took him with me to the Willis barn in the wagon when Kristina was here. She pulled us in the wagons down there. My was in the orange wagon with my Brown Bear. Where is he now?"

How can he remember all those details exactly? He's not yet four years old and that was months ago. I am so amazed every day with some of the things these kiddo's say and do.

So I started asking him questions, and here's our little conversation:

ME: Do you remember when you were born?

SAM: Yes, My was in the hospital. My Grandpa was holding me. (I just love how he says "my" instead of "I").

ME: Sam, your Grandpa was not holding you in the hospital. Only Mommy and Daddy was holding you when you were in the hospital.

Sam: No, my Grandpa was holding me. My Grandma was sitting in the chair. Then he made me Bob the Builder Movies.

ME: (this is very eerie) Sam, you can't remember that because you were only four weeks old.

SAM: My Grandpa did hold me when my was a baby in the hospital. Pappy Keith hold me. (that is my Dad who visited once)

ME: Do you remember what you were wearing?

SAM: I had on long pants and my boots.

Okay ... he just blew it! I was starting to believe him there for a minute.

ME: Sam you didn't wear long pants and boots when you were a baby in the hospital ... you were little bitty and we didn't have any long pants then, or boots.

SAM: Yes my did! (Emphatically) My weared my long pants and boots in the hospital and my had my green truck and trailer. My worked on my baler by the pond and my Daddy was driving my tractor in the corn field. Meg was in the house because she's a girl and she doesn't do work. She goes shopping. (the boy is just a bit confused there)

ME: Where was Jay?

SAM: Jay was in his bed in the hospital.

ME: Jay got to come home from the hospital a week before you.

SAM: No, my leaved the hospital to help my Daddy farm. Then my go back to the hospital to sleep in my bed.

ME: Did the Doctor say it was okay to leave the hospital and go farming when you were a baby?

SAM: He told me to wear my boots because it was cold outside. My weared my coat too.

ME: Okay Sam ... it's bedtime. Let's kiss goodnight. I love you Sammy.

SAM: Night Night Mommy. My love you. My love Jesus too. Jesus hold me when I was a baby in the hospital too.

ME: Yes Sammy, I know he did. He held you real tight and didn't let you go did he?

Goodnight Sam!

Friday, September 19, 2008

First Breaths Birth Photography

"For where your heart is, there your treasure shall be also."
I witnessed a true miracle this evening. The birth of this beautiful foot, along with five others just like it ...

I photographed the birth of a beautiful set of triplets and witnessed them taking their first breath. I caught the most glorious images that you can ever imagine. I heard their first cries, and I saw their life begin.

As a photographer, I feel so honored to be a part of this. As a Nurse, I am so humbled with each birth that I witness, and as a Mother, I am in such awe and still yet, it brings me to tears at the miracle that God performs. I have learned to never take a moment of my children's lives for granted, and I know I am so blessed.

God has been watching over these babies for a long time, and finally it was time for them to be born. ... and that they did. Healthy and perfect in every way. ... and yes, this was Mrs. A's babies. The second Mrs. A. I photographed the first Mrs. A's triplets three weeks ago, and they too are perfect beings of God.

Not only were these triplets born this evening .... but I'm launching my website this weekend for my birth photography business. My website and birth photog blog will be up and running late Sunday night, and after I have the chance to tweak the bugs, I'll post the links for you to check them out!

This is very exciting for me as I've been working on this for quite some time and finally I'm ready! I will only be accepting three births a month due to the extensive involvement that it entails, plus I want to have time to be a Mom to my own little Trio! With three little ones of my own, it's sometimes hard to run out the door with a 30 minute notice for emergency c-sections .... yikes!

Of course I will be continuing my FarmHouse Kids Photography with business as usual!

So what do you think of that perfect little foot? I want to know. Don't you just want to kiss that little tootsie? Pictures are deceiving ... because it really is a little bitty thing with the cutest little toes attached!

Wednesday, September 17, 2008

Tuesday, September 16, 2008

On Top of the World

Finally ... they turned around, and stood there, together, long enough for me to snap a picture of them! Then .... they were off! Off to play on the farm. Off to "walk" a calf, but instead the calf "walked" them. Off to play in the fresh silage. Off to dance on top of the world!
We're smack in the middle of harvest here. Harvest comes earlier than normal when you're a dairy farmer, and instead of the corn being combined for grain, we chop it. Well ... it's not really "WE" ... it's HE. But, since I'm the other half of him ... I'm taking credit. So, we chop the entire stalk while it's still green. There's a fine line there and a rush to "get-r-done." You have to make sure that the ear is full and juicy, but it's not too dry. ... and with little or no rain it dries faster than normal.

Our cows eat Silage as their main diet along with other things that have been added by their Nutritionist. Yes, they have their own Dietitian that tells us what to feed them. Isn't that like having your own personal barnyard chef?

My kiddo's are standing on top of the Silo and dancing and twirling and throwing the stuff into the air. They look as if they're almost even with the tops of the trees in the background. ... and they are! Geesh, I hope they don't fall off while I'm standing there taking their pictures. It's all about having a priority you know!
But it's okay ... they won't fall far because our silo is a "trench silo." It's all underground ... and really they're standing on a hill but still almost ground level. The silo is so full and heaped up right now, they can play on top of it until their Dad and Uncle catch them, and then boy, will they be in big trouble. ... and do you think I'm going to tell that I pushed them up there ... no way Jose!
These kid's are happy when they're visiting over at the main farm. Even though we have barns and cows practically right outside our back door ... it's not the same as when they visit the "milk cows" and "baby cows" or where all the tractors are parked, and where their Dad spends most of his working time.

This is Jay ... and his dazed "what the heck happened" look! This is what he looks like when he dances too close to the open end of the silo. This what he looked like when he slid about fifteen feet down the slope of the open end of the silo, and landed smack dab in the middle of the old silage.

Did I tell you that silage ferments and gets all slick and slimy ... and it stinks? It stinks R.E.A.L.L.Y bad!!!

Speaking of fermenting silage ... I wonder if the cows get a little bit tipsy when they eat it? Gonna have to ask MM about that, and I'll bet you $2,587,398.19 that he just grunts at me. He thinks I ask way too may farm questions!

Of course this is Megan ... and this picture doesn't have a darn thing to do with stinking Jay and the fermented silage ... it's just a picture of her sitting here looking cute and picking beans out of some flower pods we found!

Be Blessed Everyone!

Sunday, September 14, 2008

A Cow is Born - Revised

For all you that have me on feeds ... sorry you're getting this again, but due to the higher power of the farm, aka the upper management, or my husband if you may ..... I am revising my post to be a little less graphic with what only represents a beautiful loving birth! I am only doing this to keep peace on the farm since I do have to live here. Talk about an infringement of my rights ... and Mama's. Ha!

I shall speak only of the gentle wonderful birth of a sweet baby calf that my kiddo's named Cloudy. I shall not speak of "assistive devices," and we shall only visualize a natural birth and not get the farm shut down. Okay?! ... and this shall make the neighborhood happy.

Meet Mama. The Littles named her Mama after they met her this evening in a dark barn while she was giving birth. I'm sure she could have done without our presence and an audience ... but being that my Littles live on a Dairy farm and Cows are our bread and butter, and someday soon they'll be out there in the mist of all the excitement, I thought they might want to witness the miracle of birth and the beginning of new life on our farm. Plus, they always get to name the new babies.

They watched with big eyes and had lots of questions. One question in particular that was really cute came from Meg. She asked, "Where are the rest of the babies?" I don't think she has the concept that not everything born is a triplet. Then once we got home this evening, they fired off questions like a rocket.

First of all, they wanted to know where the baby's Daddy was. I just couldn't add to their confusion, but I did snicker when Marlboro Man caught my eye. You see, this sweet little calf doesn't have a Papa. His Papa lives in a Nitrogen tank with about 100 other frozen straws of Cow DNA (semen). MM artificially inseminates all our ladies, and BINGO .... he was successful with Mama about nine months ago!


Cloudy was just your ordinary miracle that happens in a straw filled barn. Her Mother, aka Mama, Moo'd loudly with each contraction. Push push push Mama! Being a Nurse and Mother myself, I wanted to pant for her and teach her Lamaze, then give her a shot of Morphine and get her an Epidural as fast as I could. Then I wanted to call 911 and have her air-lifted to a real hospital with real Doctors.


Our entire family stood on the other side of the fence watching this beautiful miracle unfold.

No one had electricity out here due to the wind storm we had today .. and the only lights were run by a generator on our farm. So this evening, we all just hung out in the barn and Mama just happened to be in labor ... so we had a cheering and pushing party.

After Coudy's birth, my first question was, "Is it a boy or girl?" MM just grunted at me and got busy reviving the baby after they laid Mama's little 100 pound bundle of joy in the center of the birthing room.

Keep in mind, this is entirely different than a human birth. Marlboro Man was kneeling down doing something to the calf's nose, and I couldn't see what he was doing ... so I had to ask. He said that he was tickling it's nose with straw so that it would sneeze. WHAT??? No one did that to my babies after I delivered them. Instead, they got flipped upside down and received a first class massage. I guess MM does the tickle technique since baby calves are born so big and there is a 1,500 pound Mama standing by watching his every move. They do that so that when the calf sneezes, it sucks in air and starts to breathe. Pretty amazing, eh?

Once the baby started breathing, they let Mama have him. She immediately took over and started licking him clean, and giving him some well deserved loving. Licking a calf stimulates circulation. That's very similar to how when human babies are rubbed and dried ... it too stimulates circulation. So close and yet so far ....

Mama, your baby is beautiful, and you did such a good job!

Our babies aren't generally put to the teat of the Mama. Mama's milk goes to you instead. Well, maybe it goes to Sam's Club or IGA, Buehler's or Kroger's or some where. They will give the calf a bottle about an hour after it's born and then it will get up and walk. This little calf won't be living on our farm in about three days ... he just happened to be born a little guy. Little guys don't stay here since we have no need for bulls since we have a Marlboro Man and a Nitrogen tank. He'll be sold to someone who most likely will raise him and ... well, you don't want to know do you?

I also don't want anyone to think we're cruel out here on the farm. As soon as I post this, I'm going to call our local Animal Psychiatric Clinic and schedule Mama an appointment to help her process her lack of bonding time; and the fact that she didn't get to nurse her first born baby boy, related to the fact that she wasn't allowed to make a choice whether to breast feed or bottle feed.

Then next week , Mama and I are going to fly to Washington DC to lobby in congress to change the farm laws of bovine dairy births. We want them to get to room-in for at least the first 48 hours after giving birth, and we want to do away with the mandatory adoption of baby boys! A Mama should have a choice! Just don't tell MM my plans okay??!!

Anyway, my kiddo's went to bed tonight talking about the fluffy little Cloud they saw take his first breath tonight, and they thanked Jesus for letting him be born. Tomorrow evening we'll go visit him and take pictures of him, as we go to feed animal crackers to the Goats!

Saturday, September 13, 2008

Saturday Morning Date

Bright and early this morning our phone rang. It was for the kids. The Neighbors were at the end of our road with Jax and were heading our way to pick up the Littles for a early morning walk and breakfast at their house.

I don't know if they were more excited to see The Neighbors or Jax, but either way they were loving it, and rearing to go. We set a world record on getting three kids dressed and out the door this morning.
They were so happy to leave me that they took off running and only Jay glanced back ... but I'm sure he didn't mean too. I think he was only looking for Jax. Now they're gone, and here I sit twiddling my thumbs and wondering what I'll this morning.
Bye kids! You can stay as long as you want too this morning. Don't worry about me ... I'll find something to do. I won't miss you too much ... no, not too much at all. (heehee-yeehaw)

These kiddo's of mine get around. They have a very active social life flitting from one set of Aunts and Uncles to another. This is their third date this week. I think I need a calendar book to keep up with them!
What you can't see in the light at the end of the tunnel (my road) is Grandma Pat walking up the road to meet them. Grandma Pat is Uncle Mike's Mother, but she's Grandma Pat to us!

Friday, September 12, 2008

Watch Out ... for "The Look"

This is what I get when I point the camera in her face a little too often or when she's not in the mood! She's NOT been in the mood lately!

I get "The Look."

Thursday, September 11, 2008

Goats and Kids

Yesterday after we went to thank Aunt Dana and get a picture of her with The Littles after she had lunch with them ... we went on down the road to visit her Goats. We go visit her goats all the time ...and we never tell her what we do, or why her goats are getting so fat.

There are "tons" of goats that come up to the fence and start talking to us. They stick their heads through the fence and they stand up on the fence and they beg us, "please please give us more animal crackers." ... and we do. Lots more.

We feed them animal crackers until their bellies are bulging and they can't hardly walk anymore. We talk to them and tell them how pretty they are and we tell all the Mama goats that their babies are beautiful ... and they are so proud, and they eat right out of our hands.

Then the 'watch out goat' yells out, "run everyone ... hide! Here comes Dana!" .... and all the goats scatter and hide on the other side of the pond, except the 'watch out goat'. Then he says in his nicest gruffy voice, "heheheheheh ... they fall for that every stinking time ... dumb ole mama goats! Hey friends! Got any more of them there animal crackers good buddies?"

He thinks he's slick now don't he?

Be blessed everyone.

Wednesday, September 10, 2008

Dear Littles - Chapter Ten

Dear Littles,

Today was Grandparents Day at your preschool. Most of the kids in your class were going to have their Grandparents come and have lunch with them and show them around and play in the Gym for a bit.

The last few days when I have picked you up from school, you have been so excited, and have constantly talked about your Grandparents coming to school, and you have been so happy and animated in waiting for this day.

It's a real big deal when you're a little kid. I remember those days and how excited I was, and how proud I was of my Grandparents eating lunch on little kids trays in the cafeteria with me. I remember showing them my room and my friends, and my teacher, and the papers I had taped to the wall.

But the Grandparents that had lived close to us are in Heaven, and they won't be there with you for this big event at your preschool. It breaks my heart for you. Although I'm sure you won't remember being three years old and being in preschool, or lunch today ... but there are going to be many more years and occasions in your life, and in your school that involve Grandparents, and yours won't be there.

I don't want you to be different. I don't want you to feel left out. I don't want you to watch the other kids walking down the hall holding their Grandparent's hands while you walk by yourself. I don't want your heart to be lonely or to hurt. I just want you to be like everyone else.

I know you tell me that they are in Heaven, but I also know that you're only three years old and you truly don't know what Heaven means and why they're not here. Trust me, if they could be here, they would ... and they would go to school with you, and they would play with you and brag on the pictures that you've colored and hung on the wall in your classroom. But that can't be.

But on the other hand, you're so blessed. You're loved and you have someone that is going to always be there for you on those days when your Grandparents can't be there, and I'm sure if your Grandparents could talk to us from Heaven, they'd be happy with the choices we've made for you.

Your Uncle Darrel and your Aunt Dana came and ate lunch with you today. You loved it. As soon as you saw me this evening, you immediately started telling me all about it. I saw the light in your eyes that told me how happy you were and how we'd done the right thing by asking them to go be with you.

You know kids, there was never any hesitation in their voice when I ask them. They love you too, and next year and the year after ... they'll be right there with you eating lunch on a little kids tray, and sitting at a little kids table, and holding your hand as you walk down the hall to show them your pictures on the wall.

As for your Grandparents, they'll be there too .... just not in the way we wish they could be ... but I know they'll be there.

I love you kids ... more than you'll ever know.



A Big Vent and an Idiot Man

Okay ... this definitely is not about my cute little FarmHouse Kids.

Yesterday evening I called a friend of mine and accidentally got a wrong number. I hung up quickly and didn't leave a message when I realized it wasn't Marcie, and dialed the right number.

Wouldn't you think that would be the end of it? Not. No Way. No How. Nada.

"The Man" called me back. Fourteen times. I had Fourteen missed calls last night when I left the Mothers of Multiples meeting that I had gone to. No messages ... just missed calls. Either this person is desperate or lonely, or so so anal and compulsive that he can't stand the thought of "who" dialed his number by mistake. (notice that I'm calling him a man, for surely a woman wouldn't do this)

THEN, this morning starting at 5:15AM he called again. Four times.

Since my kiddo's have started roaming at night and getting in bed with us about two weeks ago, and sandwiching me until I sweat off three pounds a night, and kick me in the face, stomach and back from 3AM to 7AM ... I don't take calls that early. Nothing personal, but I quickly hit the silent button as fast as I can. I doze with my phone in my hand and pray that they won't wake up.

Anyways (Jay's country farm talk), this morning when I took the kids to preschool, I hit redial to find out why he's calling me back so many times. I only wanted to tell him I had dialed a wrong number and he didn't need to keep calling me to tell me that.

He answered, and yes, it was a Man. He ask who I was ... and why I called his phone. Well, duh ... it was a wrong number. Then he wanted to know if he could call me back sometime because I sounded "nice."

Stunned silence ... and I never have stunned silence!

Boy, he surely doesn't know who he's dealing with now does he? I'm a sleep deprived mom of triplets with issues, who usually let things roll off of my back, but I think I'm going to call "The Man" back tonight at 2AM and tell him that I don't date wrong numbers unless my husband and all my kids can come along!!!!

Do any of you call back numbers to find out who called you? Come on and tell ... I'll tell you if you tell me!

Monday, September 8, 2008

Just a Cute Kid

He's a poser ... and a smiler and I just wanted to post this picture of Jay because I think he's cute. Not that I don't think all my kids are cute ... but Jay jumped up on this big rock we have in our backyard and wanted me to snap about two thousand shots of him. Then he wanted to look at all of them and then he decided he wanted it on the computer.

Makes me wonder if I'm doing way too much photo editing these days ... eh??? I think he was trying to tell me something, and I think I heard him loud and clear.

So I don't think I'll be taking on any extra photoshoots during the month of September since I have a very busy schedule already.

"I love you Jay! Thanks for the heads up."

Sunday, September 7, 2008

A Wake Up Call

1988. This was taken twenty years ago when they were 4,5,6, & 7.

Today, Josh walked into my house and I didn't know he was coming. As he walked through the door, it hit me like a ton of bricks. He's twenty-seven years old now. I'm almost fifty-two years old now.

Of course I know that .... I gave birth to him March 17, 1981, twenty-seven years ago. Then I started reflecting, and then I got overwhelmed, sweaty and exhaustion set in. Long overdue exhaustion. Twenty years overdue. The kind that sets in when you have a wake-up call that says your're old as dirt and probably nuts too! The kind that brings you to a halt and your jaw hits the floor and you become catatonic for four hours and you drool. That kind. I had it today.

Then I looked around me, and it dawned on me when I looked at The Littles ... that Josh was just their age, not quite four years old and I had three more children younger than him. One every year for almost four years. That would mean if today was like then ... I would have three more kids younger than my triplets. Yikes!

Josh wasn't quite four by the time I had Juli, Joey and Jared. But I was young and didn't know what I was doing. But I did it, and I did it good. I listen to their stories now and I know that I was a good Mother to them then ... and now too.

Then I got old and should have known what caused it, but I was in lust and was determined to do it again. I had visions of one baby, and thoughts of one or two more after that ... but never in my wildest dreams did I think I'd have triplets. Three at one time.

But, I did .... and I did it good too, and I'm a good Mother to them now, and probably will be all of my life. I'll let you know in twenty more years.

The realization of my past life and the busyness of raising four stair-step kids then, hit me hard today .... and it dawned on me that those times brought me to my knees many times in my younger days, and it made me think about my life today.

Am I a crazy woman? Did I totally go and lose my mind? Am I literally insane? What was I thinking ....

I can tell you that it was busy back in the early 1980's raising four little kids ... but I can tell you that after I had my shock today and compared my life from years past ... I don't think I've changed that much as I've ventured into new motherhood again in my older and wiser years. I don't think it will be any harder than it was then. In fact, most days it seems a bit easier, and I would do it again in a heartbeat ... and then maybe some.

But maybe then .... just maybe I have a bit of Dementia and don't know it! I kid.

So what I want to know is ... what is your opinion ... you that are older, could you or would you do it again? ... and you that are younger, can you fathom a baby or babies in your late forties or early fifties?

Be Blessed everyone and leave me your comments and I'll comment back and we can discuss it. I'm just curious, and I promise I won't have a meltdown. Just kidding again! ~

Trip to the Zoo

Yesterday afternoon we went to the Zoo. Our Zoo just opened a new addition called "Amazonia" and it was pretty awesome. The kids loved it and loved the rain that came with it ... while I was busy trying to cover up my camera and my hair!
One of the funniest things is that almost everyone that met us stopped and did a double take ... Sam and Jay rode on the shoulders of Don and Von most of the time. Yep, identical twins walking side by side with two little boys that look almost alike. Wonder if next time we can get them to dress alike too?

Uncle Don and Aunt Bonnie are dearly loved by my little trio and when they said that they were going to the Zoo as well ... we made a day of it together. Sometimes I wonder if my kids know who are their real parents. Don and Bonnie treat them like their own and love them to death as well. My little boys think the sun sets in their Uncle Don ... because he's a farmer too! They ask us a thousand times a day, "What's Don doing?"
I'm not sure if I've ever mentioned that Don and Von are partners and farm together, which is great with my little guys because they get a double dose of farming and a double dose of loving!
Sam was plum tuckered out ... and let me tell you, that doesn't happen often in his life!

For a little bit, he was nodding off, and I thought he was going to fall asleep up there.
Bye Porky-pine! The kids wanted to take you home with us but we talked them out of it! I bet that made you real happy .... you have no idea how much your life would change living with The Littles! You wouldn't be having that little siesta up there in that tree now would you?
We had a great time at the Zoo and can't wait to go back again!

Friday, September 5, 2008

Quints + Trips = Loads of Fun

We had a Quintastic-Triptastic time this evening! Me and my FarmHouse Kids met up with Emily and The Wright Five at her house this evening for some pizza and playtime. Eight kids, two Mom's and a big couch! Can you believe that all of them sat there and were so good?! I can ... because they're great kids! Even though our kids each played in their own sibling circle and totally tuned out their new friends .... we all had a great time and can't wait to do it again!

We've known each other for a long time, and I was there when her babies took their first breath when I photographed their birth, but this was the first time we've gotten our kids together.

It took a while to get there .... okay okay, I'm never on time, but I have triplets that have to go Pee a few times every single time we go anywhere ... and we only live twenty-five minutes from one another!

Let me start off by saying that Emily has several awesome ceiling to floor windows in her living room, and when we pulled up all five of her kiddo's lined up to see what was happening outside!

What was happening is that my "potty trained trio" couldn't wait to go Pee! As soon as I opened the sliding door on my van, Sam dropped his pants and pee'd out the door of the van onto the driveway ... right in full view! By the time I got his pants pulled up and everyone clear of the pee puddle, I turned around to see that Meg had pulled down her pants and was squatting by the window to pee as well. Needless to say, peeing for her outside, isn't as easy as for the boys, and she was drenched from the knee's down! What a vision we were! The country kids came to town and pee'd outside .... ha ~

Then as soon as we got inside ... would you believe that Jay had to go Pee, then all three had to go Poop!

Of course, we had to jump in the picture too. It wouldn't be complete without us!

The funny thing is that I'm over twice Emily's age, but having all these kids close to the same age and having so much in common makes us very good friends. Once you become a HOM (higher order multiple) Mom, life changes and you see things so differently than the life you had before babies. It's nice to join ranks with others like you, that understand what you're going through, or have battled prematurity and won. Hands down ... it's a harder life than what we anticipated before kids, but it's a good life, .... and it's our life, and we wouldn't trade it for the world!

We're both Blessed now aren't we?

Tuesday, September 2, 2008

A Storybook Wedding

Once upon a time there was a fair maiden named Juli Beth and she was beautiful and so happy. She gathered her closest friends and dressed them in the finest Chocolate and Lime garments that she could find .... and they set off for a wedding on a warm August day.

Together, they marched down the aisle towards the tall man that she had chosen to marry, and they prayed, and they gave their blessings to the man as he stood at the altar holding his small son.

The Bride walked towards him holding the hand of her small daughter, who was dressed like her Mother, in a beautiful white "mermaid" dress. Together they had dreamed of this day for so long, and they knew that he would make them happy, and their families would become one.

As the Groom kissed the Bride, everyone in the Kingdom rang their bells and wished the couple a joyous and bliss filled life.

Then suddenly, as they were pronounced man and wife, the church came to life and music filled the air. The Bride and the Groom broke out in a dance, ... and they danced and they twirled ... and together they skipped down the aisle to the tune of "Walking on Sunshine." ... and the crowd cheered, and laughter broke out, and God beamed down at the couple that he had blessed ... and he gave a nod that all would be well in their life.

The Mother of the Bride (that would be "Me") who stood at the arm of the Groom, winked up at the Heavens and said a small prayer to her God, "that he had answered her prayers and sent a man to make her Daughter happy, and that the wedding was over and they both had survived, and her Daughter would be allowed to live, and she wouldn't have to kill her or pull her hair out or do her bodily harm."

... and she heard her God chuckle and he whispered so that only she could hear .... "it's time to start over and do this again, because Joey and Mariah are getting married next July 18th!" ... and the Mother of the Bride fanned herself and slowly fainted away! (God has a great sense of humor doesn't he?)

The End.

(by the way, I was blessed to be the Mother of the Bride and the portrait photographer at my daughter's wedding .... so let's hear some cheers for these gorgeous pictures!!! My daughter in law and my daughter in law to be filled in for me when I had to be in a picture .... I loved it!)