Tuesday, October 30, 2007

My Best Friend

My beautiful daughter Juli, was in the city for a Orthodontist appointment today. She got her braces off after two long years. .... and her teeth are so beautiful. Snow white and so even.

We met at Salad World and celebrated with lunch. We sat there laughing and taking pictures of her smiling on our cell phones. This picture doesn't do her justice since we were sticking the camera phone up to her mouth. She had a couple hours to kill before going back to get a retainer glued to the back of her teeth, so she ran around with me while I worked.

I tell you .... I love that girl so much, and it's pretty amazing to have both a twenty five year old daughter and a three year old daughter. How lucky can one Momma be? It's great to spend time with Juli alone and have some Mom/Daughter moments. We talked about her divorce and her being a single Mother to Kelcie, her burdens and her happiness. I had three wonderful hours with her today, that I don't think I will ever forget. Although I feel that way every time Juli and I get together without our kids. She's my daughter, but she's also my very best friend.
She read this prayer at one of the places I had to go today while she was waiting for me and made a copy of it. As serious as she was, she was also laughing, and said, "Mom, pray this prayer for me." NOW!
Power of a Praying Parent:
Lord, I pray that unless your plan is for her to remain single, You will send the perfect marriage partner for my child. Send the right husband at the perfect time, and give her a clear leading from You as to who it is.
I prayed that prayer for her, and I will again tonight when I go to bed and pray for my children as I do every night. .... and even though you're not her Mother, I'm asking everyone that reads here to say a little booster prayer for God to hurry up, because this girl is impatient, and I don't want her to make a mistake and jump into a relationship that isn't meant to be.
If you're praying for her, you might add that she likes the cowboy type, and he needs to have a pickup truck, preferably four-wheel drive for muddin', and wear wrangler jeans, .... and the jeans must fit good too! He will also need to be a better fisherman than she is!
If you're praying for me, please ask that he's honest, good to her, will love Kelcie and that he has a good job. My only other request is that he lives close around here and he won't move my best friend far away!
Be Blessed Everyone ~

Sunday, October 28, 2007

A Dream Comes True (Conclusion)

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It was a long night, and Sam struggled, but held his own. They both sat by his side and touched his hand. He looked so tiny and so sick. She hummed a song, and he prayed for their baby. They had never held him. They could only touch him ever so lightly, and she couldn't even stroke his head. They wanted no stimulation. He needed to conserve his energy. He was fighting for his life, as she had done just a few short weeks before. So she hummed, and told him she loved him.... and she always would.

Miraculously, Sam held on. He was a fighter ... and he fought the fight of survival .. and he won. Over the next few days, he improved and came off the ventilator. He had never been held in his short life, and he was blessed with a loving nurse that night. She stayed over after her shift and held Sam for a long time. She talked to him and she hummed to him and she told him that he was loved.

Very early the next morning, they received a phone call from the hospital, and their hearts stopped in their chest. But this time, it was good news telling them that Sam was no longer on a ventilator and he was doing good. He was on C-Pap and they could hold him. Together they praised God and let the tears flow as they hurried to the hospital to hold him.

It would be three more weeks before they would bring their babies home. They had to learn how to suck, swallow and breath at the same time, and had to grow.

~ ~ ~ ~ ~

(November 30, 2004)

Dear Von,

Today Jay came home from the hospital. It was hard to leave Sam and Meggie behind, but it's exciting to finally be bringing them home, even if it is one at a time. I wonder what it's going to be like from now on .... are you scared? I am.



~ ~ ~ ~ ~

(December 4, 2004)

Dear Von,

Today Megan made it home. I couldn't hardly stand to walk out that door and leave Sam there, but I know he is just a few days away from joining us. I am so tired of running back and forth to the hospital. I am just looking forward being home with you and our babies.

I love you Von,


~ ~ ~ ~ ~

(December 7, 2004)

Dear Von,

Sam is home. We are all together again. I never thought I would see this day. We are truly blessed.



~ ~ ~ ~ ~

All within seven days, their babies had come home. Jay first, then Meg, and finally Sam. All three were on monitors and Sam on Oxygen. The Doctors had told them that Sam would probably be on oxygen for life, or for a very long time. But he proved them wrong. After only two months, he no longer needed it, and the miracle is, that Sam never got sick.

Through the months, they grew and were so healthy. The little boy that the Doctor's said wouldn't live, was the healthiest of them all. He led the pack in all aspects ... and the little boy that they said wouldn't have a normal life walked in the intensive care unit on his first birthday with his little bare feet... and they all cheered for him with tears in their eyes. A perfect little miracle named Sam. She knows in her heart that Sam knows that God held him when she couldn't.

Their three little miracles have grown and are the joys of their lives. God had a plan, and their dream came true .... he became a Father, and she became their Mother.

Be Blessed Everyone ~

A new story is brewing ... one of laughter, one of love and one of tales over the past three years of raising triplets!

Saturday, October 27, 2007

Desperation ~

I had a plan tonight. It was a bad plan, but it worked. We certainly don't want to start anything here, but I had to sleep for just a few minutes.

Marlboro Man gave the kiddo's a bath while I cleaned up dinner and the kitchen. Then I went into action. We were going to play, "daycare." Yes, my plan was going to work. MM was skeptical. Actually he was totally against it, but he gave in.

See, at daycare, these kiddo's follow their peers ... and they listen to Miss Patty. They are perfectly well behaved little beings. At home, they are referred to as the 'trio of terror.' They are totally in charge of us. Three of them against the two of us. We mind them well. Megan can shriek worse than a howling coyote when she wants something, and I'm sure if I don't give in to her ... she's going to break the dishes with her pitch. Sam is coming in at a close second and we can't take it. Jay just bawls like a newborn calf and is very persistent while hanging onto your legs. We have to take charge again, and we're trying to figure out how to do it. But we have to sleep sometime. This turning three thing is getting to us ... nothing can keep them down.

So, we played daycare tonight. I was Miss Patty and it was nap time. I put all their lovies on the couch and put one at each end and a big soft pallet on the floor for Jay. I turned off the lights and put all the couch cushions on the floor in front of the couch, and I laid down on them and supervised Sam and Meg.

Marlboro Man on the other hand, laid down by Jay and was in charge of him. Every few minutes I would say .... "ah-ah-ah-ah" and then it would be total silence. Jay and Meg fell asleep, but Sam was still going strong. He somehow had stepped over me and gotten a toy drill and toy screw and was sitting on the couch with a pair of toy goggles on fixing things and grinning at me.

THEN, I fell asleep. And, I snored. And, my neck got a crick in it. And, my leg cramped up. And, my back was hurting. And, I decided I'm too old to play daycare.

So, all humped over and in pain we carried them upstairs and laid them down. Sam took his tools to bed with him. I heard him reconstructing his bed for about 30 minutes before he finally went to sleep.

SO, I figured out how to get them to sleep and me take a nap at the same time ... only I'm too old to play 'daycare.'

Anyone have any ideas how to get this mess of trouble to go to sleep at night? So far, not much is working!

Be Blessed Everyone ~

Photo Shoot at DayCare

Jay. No Smile. Yesterday I took "school" pictures of a pretty large preschool and daycare. It was so much fun. I was exhausted by the time I left. Everything went so smooth and I was a nervous wreck until I safely had all the pictures downloaded and could view them. Only one other little boy didn't smile. All the pictures turned out great.
Meg. No Smile either. And her Mother was taking the pictures. Stone faced and proper she sat there. She didn't budge. Every shot was exactly the same. No matter what I did, she stared right through me.
Sam. He twinkled. I peeked up over the top of my camera and he just couldn't help himself. It was as if we had a little secret when his eyes met mine ~

I'd love to show you more of the little cuties that I photographed, but you know how it is, you just can't post other peoples kids on the internet without permission, .... not a smart thing to do, so I won't do it. Now I have tons of pictures to proof and get printed and packaged .... and a blog to maintain!~

Be Blessed Everyone ~

Friday, October 26, 2007

A Dream Comes True (Part Three)

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He was exhausted and could hardly go on. Harvest was in full swing and he was spending his days on the farm, and his evenings and into the night, with her. The babies were okay and so was she. All had survived.

She was no longer in a daze, and two weeks had gone by and she wanted to go home. Even though the plan was for her to stay until she delivered, the Doctor let her go home. Everything looked good and she would be in a hospital bed with monitoring at home. She was twenty-nine weeks pregnant and no sign of pre-term labor. Everything looked good, and she needed a change. She needed to go home.

Home was so good. Even though she was wasn't able to take care of herself, she was finally home. Determination to stay there, and determination to stay pregnant, bought her another two weeks.

Even though she knew she shouldn't, she had to sleep in her own bed. He helped her up the stairs. It had been a long time since she had slept with him, and she missed him. They had always held hands before they fell asleep since they'd been together, and she missed it. For the first time in months, she slept good.

In the night, she awoke to total wetness. She felt it as it came in waves. She knew it was time to have her babies. He felt the wetness too and was instantly awake. Nervousness overtook excitement due to the fact that she was 30.6 weeks pregnant and they were still very premature. This trip to the hospital would be the final one for her. Ready or not, they were coming.

As they rolled her bed into the surgery room, she couldn't believe what she was seeing. Along one wall, there were three stations set up, one for each baby. A tag hung from the top of each Incubator, Baby A, Baby B, and Baby C. Shortly, they would be here. A surgical team, a team for each baby, a respiratory team, and two Neonatologist were present and scrubbed and in the room. Almost thirty people were lined against all the walls. Little did she know, they had practiced for this birth. They all knew their job and all would go well.

With both of their families there, in the mid morning of October 17, 2004, her babies were born. All, one minute apart. Megan Grace first, then Jay Wyatt, followed by Samuel Von. One by one, she heard them cry. One by one, she quickly saw her babies as they took them to intensive care. It would be several hours before she could see them again.

She was told that all three of them were on a ventilator. All three were critical, but stable. As a nurse she knew this was common. They were premature, they needed a boost for now, but they would be okay.

It was finally over, and she felt instant relief. She could literally breath again, and she had pulled it off. She did it! They were here. Very small and holding their own, and so beautiful!

~ ~ ~ ~ ~

(November 3, 2004)

Dear Von,

It's been a long time since I've written in our book. As I look back over the last three months, it's almost like a bad memory, what I can remember of it. I feel very lucky to be here with you and I hop I never get that sick again. But we now have three beautiful babies. I wish I could have written in here the day they were born, but at least I am here to write to now. Megan Grace was born at 10:41am, was 2# 15oz and was 15.5" long. Jay Wyatt was born at 10:42am, and was 3# 8oz and was 15.75" inches long. Samuel Von was born at 10:43am, and was 3# 6oz, and was also 15.75" long.

It's amazing that at birth they looked so much like you, and now that they're two weeks old, they still look like you. I love to watch your face when you look at them. You are so full of love.

Even though Sam is still on the vent, they are doing so well. After all, they are only two weeks old. The days go slow for us now, but the day will soon come when they'll all be home with us.



~ ~ ~ ~ ~

The days were long and hard now. Constantly going back and forth to the hospital to see the babies and getting things ready for them to come home. Meg and Jay were were growing like weeds. Breathing on their own, and doing so well. Sam was still on the ventilator and was taking one step backward for every step forward. His lung tissue was swelling shut, and his breathing tube would come out. They were quickly able to reinsert it, and no damage was done.

Three weeks after their birth, Sam was still on a ventilator and still making no progress. That evening, they had come to visit their babies and as soon as they walked in the door, a nurse met them and ask them to wait outside. They could not get the tube back into Sam and things were looking bad for him. A Doctor came and talked to them and told them that Sam might not make it, and if he did, they wouldn't know his outcome. He had gone without oxygen a long time. They expected brain damage if he lived. He would probably live on a ventilator, again, if he lived. She heard the words, Mental Retardation, Cerebral Palsy, infections, death and her world reeled. What had they done? What had they done to him? It wasn't fair. If he lived, how bad would it be? Would she live long enough to take care of him? Who would take care of him then?

It was a long night, and Sam struggled, but held his own. They both sat by his side and touched his hand. He looked so tiny and so sick. She hummed a song, and he prayed for their baby. They had never held him. They could only touch him ever so lightly, and she couldn't even stroke his head. They wanted no stimulation. He needed to conserve his energy. He was fighting for his life, as she had done just a few short weeks before. So she hummed, and told him she loved him.... and she always would.

Be Blessed Everyone!

The conclusion is coming tomorrow!

Wednesday, October 24, 2007

A Dream Comes True (Part Two)

This is continued from the beginning story of Modern Day Woman ... Old Time Man. You can click here to start at the beginning of our life story, or you can click here to start at the beginning, part one, A Dream Comes True.

Without speaking, and in stunned silence, they left the office. She turned her face away from his and the tears poured down her face .....

They had just discovered that they were having triplets. Three babies. The chill of fear ran down her spine. She knew that it would take a miracle of God for her to pull this off. Little did she know, a miracle had already happened, and God would touch her and keep all four of them safe.

~ ~ ~ ~ ~

(May 3, 2004)

Dear Tan,

I always wanted to know what it is like to be in a NHRA dragster and go from 0 - 330 mph in about 4.5 seconds. Now I think I know. It's kind of like finding out you have three babies growing. In 4.5 seconds, the G-force makes your face go white for a few seconds.

Seriously, I know if anyone can do it, you can . You are a wonderful person, and will be and are, a wonderful Mother. I will be here by your side and I will never leave you.

I guess we might both get what we wanted. You wanted two babies. I wanted one. That makes three.



~ ~ ~ ~ ~

She lived in constant fear of losing the babies. As each week went by, the visits to the Doctor became harder and harder. She quickly grew uncomfortable and was very sick. With each visit to the Doctor, she was reminded of her age and the consequences of prematurity and told this might cost her, her life. They were told to reduce the pregnancy to one baby. They were told that they could not and would not be successful in this venture. She was told that this was the most selfish thing she could do to another human being ..... to bring children into the world with probable disabilities from prematurity, that related to her age, she would not live long enough to take care of them. They simply could not take the lives of what was given to them. No matter the cost.

He bought her a gift. A pregnant angel. A willow tree angel ..... Cherish. The one that symbolized the other half to the three she had given the woman long before she knew that she would have three babies. A reminder for her to keep. A reminder of the woman she didn't know, but would know in her heart, for all of her life. A reminder that she would cherish.

They soon found out that they were having two boys and a girl. He named their babies. He chose simple names. Three letter names. Sam, Jay and Meg. She chose their middle names .... and they made plans for the future.

~ ~ ~ ~ ~

(August 5, 2004)

Dear Tan,

Yesterday we found out our baby girl Meg, more than likely is a baby boy. Three boys. My three sons. How will I do it? How will we do it?

I know you are so sick, and so crowded, and I know you are headed for trouble soon if you don't get better, and gain weight. Our babies have taken all that you have to give, and I wish I could do something to help you. I feel so helpless. We've come so far and have so far to go, and we might not get there. I shouldn't say that, I have to have the faith that you have, but I'm so scared right now. I never knew it would be this hard on you. I never knew that they would be in jeopardy as well. I just never knew, now I don't know what to do. I can only pray that God will make things easier and better and you and them will be okay. They can't be born yet, they won't make it ... they're too small.

I love you Tan,


~ ~ ~ ~ ~

She was sick. In a hospital bed in their living room on complete bed rest with monitors and IV's, and unable to get up without help. She couldn't eat. She couldn't stop vomiting, and she knew that she was in big trouble. In a blur, she lay in the bed, uncomfortable and waited for him to come home. She knew she could no longer stay home.

He came into the house, exhausted and worried, and knew that something was wrong. She was having contractions. Too many and too painful, and she was still throwing up.

At the hospital, they discussed the options with him. They would start vein feedings to nourish her and their babies. They would stop her labor. She would have to stay there. He didn't think she was aware of what a dangerous situation they were in. He was worried.

~ ~ ~ ~ ~

(August 18, 2004)

Dear Tan,

The ultrasound yesterday shows that Meggie is still with us. She's still a girl! I'm happy about that. We got the first face picture of Sam in 4D. He looks great. Jay wouldn't cooperate. They are still far too little, and just not ready to be born yet.

I can remember the first few ultrasounds and all the ones we've had as we've watched them grow. It's hard to believe that we can actually see them now.

I miss you being here with me. I know it's in the best interest of the babies, and you.

I love you all,


~ ~ ~ ~ ~

She knew that something was seriously wrong. She'd been a nurse for years. Even though she was the patient, she still was somewhat aware of her surrounding. She felt chilled from the fevers, and too swollen. Her toes didn't touch the floor when they helped her up to the bathroom. But the fevers were the worst. She was so cold, and shaking so badly. ... and dreaming so much, or was she? She heard voices, and saw faces, and didn't recognize some of the people in her room. She saw her Mother, and her sister, and she saw her husband standing by her side, and she saw the tears streaming down his face. She felt his hands. She was in a daze, and the lights came and went. She couldn't breathe. She was swollen. She couldn't pee. She couldn't move, and she inhaled the words she heard, and heard them echo through her.

She was septic, in renal failure and in congestive heart failure. She had gained seventy pounds of fluid in three days, and her kidneys weren't working. Her fevers were high and she was in trouble. Her life was swinging in the balance and no one knew which way she would go. She was spiraling downward into multi-organ failure .... and going fast.

But he had promised her .... they would not take her babies. No matter what. He would keep his promise to her. He would give her up, to give them a chance. The plan was that they would intubate her, (they didn't have to) and keep her alive as long as they could, to give them the chance they needed. He was losing her. How would he handle three babies without her.

She heard her Doctors' words floating some where in the room, and she felt her cold hands holding her face to hers. Some where in the world that she was in, she heard her words, "Tanya, do you hear me? You have to tell me it's okay to take the babies. We have to take them now. Von won't give his permission. I know he promised you, but we have to take them now. You're very sick, and to save them, we have to take them now."

She heard herself whisper, "No." She knew she wasn't going to die. Somewhere in all the voices she heard, she heard her own, "you think I'm going to die, but I'm not." They said it wasn't possible that she heard them, but she did. She heard them all .

~ ~ ~ ~ ~

He had ask to be alone with her. He sat in a recliner at her bedside. He wrote to her one last time with tears streaming down his face.

(September 21, 2004)

Dear Tan,

I love you yesterday, today, tomorrow and forever. This may be the last letter I ever write to you. I read every word we've ever written to each other. I read your words, and I can almost hear your voice. I wish I could.



~ ~ ~ ~ ~

Alone in the room, he snapped their book closed one last time, and leaned over onto her bed. He closed his eyes and began to pray ... and he begged God to spare her life. She knew he was there.

~ ~ ~ ~ ~

Be Blessed Everyone ....

To my friends that read my blog ... this is very hard for me to write. I get chills when I think of how close I came to dying before my babies were born. I know how lucky I am to have survived. I give all thanks to God that I lived.

Click here to read part three.

A Dream Comes True (Part One)

February 2004

On a bitter cold night, just a short week after his Mother passed away, they lay in bed and made a pact. Before they fell asleep, holding hands a decision had been made. They would do whatever it took to have a child together. He desperately wanted to become a Father. She desperately wanted him to. Defying all odds, and against medical advice, they did .....

They sought help. Help that came in the form of a talented Doctor and a beautiful young woman's gift. With all odds against them, and a warning that they wouldn't succeed, they took a chance. They knew that God was with them, and they knew in their hearts this was their last chance. God is good.

She wrote a letter. A letter to a young woman that she didn't know. A woman that she would always think about, and a woman that she would always pray for. She knew that the young woman would get her letter and her gift. She didn't sign the letter .... for she couldn't.

(March 29, 2004)

We want to thank you from the bottom of our hearts for giving us a chance to have a child together. Even though we don’t know you, we know that you have a big heart, and that you are a very caring and compassionate person or you would not have done this for someone you don’t know. We know that you will probably always wonder if we were fortunate enough to have a child, so we wanted you to know that if we are blessed, our child will have a very good life and will be very loved.

We want you to know a little about us also. We’ve been married for almost three years ago. My husband is a farmer and I am a Nurse. His family has farmed here for almost 200 years. We live in the country in a big old farmhouse. It’s an awesome place to live. I feel like we live in a small piece of Heaven. My husband is the kindest person I’ve ever met in my life. I know if we do have a child, he will teach him or her something very worthy every day.

We would like you to have these Willow Tree Angels as a remembrance of what you’ve given us. Heart, Hope, and Thanks.

Again, Thank you and remember in life to always be a giver and you will have peace in your heart. I will always keep you in my prayers and thank God you came into our lives this way. You are a beautiful person!

Three days later, life would begin.

(April 2, 2004)

Dear Von,

Today was a special day. It was the day we were given a gift. A gift from heaven. The gift of life.

I watched your face the whole time. I felt your hand in mine, and I felt the connection we share. What are the odds? We don't know. But I have faith .... and that faith will get us through this.

You're loved Von!


p.s. Please always pray for her, this woman. She has to be a good person to have given us this. Never forget that in life you always give more than you take, and how do we repay her? With prayers and good wishes ....

The week wore on .... and time stood still, and only time would tell. .... and it did.

(April 10, 2004)

Dear Von,

Congratulations! It looks like we've done it. We've done it good. Twins! I'll pray that they are beautiful boys for you, but if we're having girls .... I know you'll be just as happy. You are going to be the best Dad in the world.

I guess it will take a while to soak in. It's funny .... all we ever thought about was having just one baby, now we're getting two!

My head is reeling ... I'm in shock! How will I do it? My girls are having babies at the same time. I'm going to be a Grandmother, twice, just a couple of months before these guys get here. What have we done? I'm so excited, yet so scared.

I guess "real" will come soon enough. We are going to have our hands full! Can we do it? How?



The state of shock was overwhelming. It was like a blast of reality in their face. Surreal, but not real, yet it was true. Two babies were coming, and all would be good.

She wanted to buy something for them. For in the back of her mind, she needed something to tell her they were here ... and something for them in case it didn't last. Together they went, and bought their babies a gift. Each a little bunny that said a prayer. One yellow and one green, and she hugged them. As they left the aisle in the store, she felt an overwhelming feeling to reach back and grab another one. A third little green bunny found a home with the others.

Quickly, the days flew by and it was time to see the little ones growing inside of her. They were so excited to see two heartbeats. To see that their dream had come true.

As she lay on the table at the Doctor's office, she kept her eyes closed tightly and she prayed. He stood beside her. One hand on her shoulder, and the other intertwined with hers. He too prayed. ... that they would see the heartbeats, and all would be well. The heartbeats were there, and were strong .... and there were three.

He turned pale, and he felt weak. He had to sit down. She closed her eyes and felt the tears roll down her cheeks with the reality of what they had done. She was almost forty-eight years old and he was all but fifty. Being a nurse, she knew what was ahead, and it wouldn't be good.

Without speaking, and in stunned silence, they left the office. She turned her face away from his and the tears poured down her face .....

Be Blessed Everyone!

Click here to read Part Two!

Tuesday, October 23, 2007

I've Been MIA ....

Just wanted to let all my blog buddies know that I haven't hung up the blog world, I've just been so busy.

I'm a RN and I work for a pharmacy. The past several days my head has spun in circles, and today I held a Flu shot clinic, and have another one tomorrow, so it's been rather hectic. It's not like I also have three year old triplets or nothing to do, and lots of pictures to edit! Now, I'm making myself more tired just talking about it! .... ha~

By the end of the week, I'll be back at it with a great story to tell! You'll love it!

Be Blessed Everyone!

Tristyn and Kristyn

Say hello to my two beautiful little nieces. Tristyn thinks she's a movie star and really doesn't like her little sister, Kristyn,touching her. Not even for pictures. These two little ladies kept me hopping in poses and running all over this farm for different shots of them. They pranced, prised and loved it! I took lots of pictures and am going to give them each a poster size collage of themselves. I think they'll love it.

Talk about "Hannah Montana mode" .... these little gals have it going on! My brother is a single Dad raising them on his own. .... and I thought I had my hands full!

Be Blessed,

Sunday, October 21, 2007

Apples and Cokes

After their birthday party this afternoon, and after everyone had left, we escaped to the yard with the camera. It was too late for a nap and they were way too cranky to be inside with each other.

It's so funny how much a barely three year old can remember. Jay wanted his picture taken and he ran over to where I had taken a senior girl last week. He stood in the door way and smiled just like he was posing. THEN, Sam and Meg joined him and they went in .... and found apples and diet coke in the fridge. I didn't have the heart to take the cokes away from them.

Here's Sam with his apple. He had three apples. He dropped the first two and had to have a new one each time. Now I have a couple apples with a few bites out of them with a bit of dirt on them.

Jay held onto his too tight to drop it. Usually with both hands.
We walked around outside until they were out of the 'fighting mood' and their apples and cokes were gone.
Then we posed for a picture or two! Just like a senior girl!
Where's Meg? In way to bad a mood for a picture .... I'll catch her next time!

Be Blessed Everyone ...

Friday, October 19, 2007

Another Fun Day!

The kids had their three year check up today and got their flu shot! The boys hadn't seen Dr. Stone since their two year check up, and Meg had seen her once in April for a follow up. Pretty impressive huh? Very impressive for three little kiddo's that started out so premature and so small.

Kelcie also had her appointment at the same time as well. She was in the room next to Sam, Jay and Meg. The kids could hear her crying as the Doctor removed the tubes from her ears, and they all glued their ears to the wall to listen. That was cute!

After their checkups, which went perfectly, since there are no issues with them, Marlboro Man left me and Juli with the kids, and we took them to eat Chinese food.

This was a first for us. Probably a last too. I never want to offend anyone, so if any readers are Chinese and work at "Kung-fu-poo-pie-po-pee-fung-lo-ling-ping-fu-fa-poo Buffet", I'm sorry, but I have to tell this.

We walk in with four - three year olds. Instantly we're celebrities. Not in English though. In Chinese. Almost everyone working there came up to greet us .... before we were seated. One young woman ask their ages, then would translate our answers back to the group that had gathered in Chinese. Then more questions. Then more translations. Finally we were seated.

THEN, they brought more workers from the kitchen and stood at our table and told the story again to them. I have no idea what they were saying about us. I hope it was good, but I'm not sure! They would point to me, point to Sam, Jay & Meg, point to Juli, point to Me, then point to Kelcie and giggle. I think they got it that I was Juli's Mother, Kelcie's Grandmom, and Sam, Jay & Meg's Mom too.

By the time we got the plates dipped for the kids and did bathroom duty one at a time with all four of them, we were there for almost two hours. I know that every employee in the place came to our table at least once and some twice. I wonder if triplets exist in China?

It was wonderful to spend the evening with Kelcie and Juli, after having lunch with Luke and Josh yesterday. They make my world go round!

Be Blessed Everyone!

P.S. I took pictures of the kids at the Chinese restaurant and while shopping tonight as well. BUT, I'm a chicken. Yes, a full blown chicken from town ... and it's way too dark out here in the sticks, and the dogs are barking, and it's late, so you all have to wait until the sun comes up before I can go out there and get the little camera I carry in my purse! Don't laugh at me now .... I'll know it! 'Bock - Bock!'

You've Blessed Me!

This is a brand new never been used before award. I created it yesterday because I have read a few blogs lately that touched my heart and won't let go.

It's about reading someone's story that grabs hold of your heart, and after you've moved on .... you remember, and are reminded that you've been blessed. It's about faith, and love and hope for ourselves, our future, our families and those we love. It's about empowering women and standing strong together. It's about the fight we have in us to survive relationships, abuse, cancer and loss of loved ones. It's about overcoming struggles that make us stronger and who we are today. Simply, it's about love. Loving one another.

The very first recipient of the new "You've Blessed Me" award goes to Helena at Thrice Blessed Momma. She is the strong Mother of triplets that lost her husband a year and half ago. He died very suddenly and left her to raise their children. Her children are beautiful and smart and so lucky to have her as their Mother. Two of them have Cerebral Palsy, but Helena makes their life beautiful. She is a wonderful Mother and from my heart to hers ... she blessed me.

The second recipient of this new award goes to WhyMommy. She is battling Inflammatory Breast Cancer. This form of cancer is so aggressive that she is battling for her life. Her life as a Mother to her very young boys and her life as a wife. Facing a future that she is so unsure of, she is the strongest woman I know in blog land. In her battle, when she has no strength left, she wills herself to Walk on. And she walked. Even though she completed the mile in the Race for the Cure ... it wasn't just the mile she walked. She's walking SO much more. So from my heart to yours, WhyMommy ... you have blessed me.

Speaking of Walking On, Cynthia at Walking On deserves this as well. On the ladder of hard knocks, she's been there. She is strong and powerful. The words she writes holds power for all women. If we would listen as we read her words, they all have meaning. Her words can be life changing for a lot of women. Not only has she walked the walk of domestic violence and won, she is becoming the eyes for three of her children that are losing theirs. She also found strength to write to her daughter about the sexual abuse her daughter endured at her own Father's hands. Cynthia, from my heart to yours, .... you blessed me.

There is a baby named Ivey Elizabeth that was born without eyes. She is beautiful and her Mother loves her so much. Ivey received her new eyes, and they are the color green. Even though she will live in darkness, she will see the light. God is using her, and will make sure she'll see rainbows. Go see her and leave a comment for Ivey. She will truly touch your heart like no other. Ivey, from my heart to yours, ... you bless me.

So, from my heart to yours ..... you bless me! I hope to see this award floating around for many years to come. Everyone reading this today ...please take it and give it to someone that has touched your heart. Please let them know that you were blessed by the words they wrote.

Please mention this post originated here and link back to it, and spread the Blessings!

Thursday, October 18, 2007

My Secret Date

I had a lunch date with this little man today. Of course I had to pay, he doesn't have a job yet, and he only had a quarter and a nickel in his pocket. He showed me.

He can't drive either, so his Daddy and Mommy had to bring him to meet me. He's a short little guy and has to sit in a car seat. But I like 'em short. The shorter the better. Usually the shorter they are, the cuter they are. And cuddly too! And he smelled soooo good! Just like a little man with a hint of baby lotion and powder.

He got out of the car and came running towards me with both arms outstretched and was yelling, "Grandma Tannie, I love you. Iloveyousomuch!"

I picked him up and twirled him around since I'm too big for him to twirl me. But someday ....

I kissed his cute little cheeks and told him how special he is and how much I love him and how I dearly love our special dates. I told him that it's our secret and we won't tell the "other" kids, and he can have all the treats today.

He is very into "alike things" right now .... so we both got a kids meal with milk, and he got both toys! He wouldn't share either, and I begin to see the light .... he's only three!

I watched him climbing over the seats and he started crawling under the table, and he was all puffed up and yelling, "look at me Grandma Tannie." I laughed at him and kept saying to his Mommy, "Oh he is so cute." I watched him spit his milk on the table and crunch up all his chips and drop them intentionally on the floor when his Daddy told him to stop it.

Then I watched the man of my dreams disappear and turn in to a melted down heap of three year old boy that was in trouble by his Daddy.

Then after he got in trouble, I got in trouble by his Daddy. His Daddy said to me, "Mom, you can't laugh at him. He has to sit here and eat. When you laugh at him, it just makes it worse. Geesh Mom, you should know better, you have three kids his age."

For a fleeting moment, I wanted to pout and throw myself on the floor and kick my feet on the wall. I was being corrected by my twenty-six year old son. He had forgotten all the times he embarrassed me at Pizza Hut and fell out of his chair and covered his hands over his face and layed on the floor curled up and yelling, "don't hit me Mom .... oh my god Mom, don't hit me. Please Mom .. stop Mom, don't hit me, just don't hit me!" I didn't hit him, but I did want to kill him! (the kind of kill Mom's do when they want to fall through the cracks in the floor and disappear).

Yes, I should know better ..... but I'm a Grandma Tannie! I have an excuse. I'm so in love with the little guy and he is so cute! He makes my heart melt, and he lovesmesomuch!

"Luke, next time we'll go without them. I have a car and it's bigger than yours and I can drive it. We'll both climb over the seats and crawl under the table and have fun! You can have my toy too!"

Be Blessed Everyone and Share the Love!

Dear Sam, Jay & Meg

Dear Sam, Jay and Meg,

I know yesterday was your birthday, and I know that we always write you a letter on your birthday, but we have been without sleep now for three nights, and I'm so tired I can't hardly hold my head up. My eyes are crossing and I can't even focus, and I can hear you waking up now.

Why you ask? Well it's because you won't go to sleep at night. We can't keep you in your beds. You have a new found freedom.

Several weeks ago, I ask the advice of the good people who read my blog and they advised me to get rid of the crib tents and "go for toddler beds". They told me it was time. You are ready. After all, you're three years old now!

So we took their advice. Boy, that was the sorriest advice I've ever taken in my life. Now I'm living the life of three toddlers flipping end over end of their beds and partying til the cows come home. Only thing is, the cows aren't coming home, and you're not sleeping.

How can three little kids go without sleep I ask you? I think I already know that answer. It comes in the form of a short little guy named Sam.

Sam, not that I'm blaming you entirely, but yes, you are the main culprit. You have the ability to bounce up like a yo-yo with every thought that comes into your cute little head. I have never seen a kid with so much energy. Yes, I know you're exploring this big world you've been brought into, but please just go to sleep.

Jay, I know we're trying hard to wear big boy underwear all the time, but when you have to go pee at 3:00 am, and you want to pee off the porch, you have to take off your pajama's. Yes, it's cold outside at three in the morning. It's a rough world when you're a man Jay .... you have to take off your pants to pee!

Meg, I don't know what to say. I thought you would always mind your mama, but no, you follow the crowd. Please don't strip your bed and put everything you own in Jay's bed. He doesn't like getting buried in toys, baby dolls, blankets, six pillows, four blankets, fifteen books, your baby bottles, your flip flops that you sleep with every night, and every toy that you dearly love that's in the toy box. Only you can sleep on a layer of 'stuff' that is eight inches deep. When you do that at 1:00 am, it makes Mommy really cranky. Because when you wake up Jay, everyone wakes up. You can't throw the stuff on his head in the middle of the night.

One more thing kids, you can't unzip Sam's pajama's. He has got to keep his clothes on. He can't pee into Jay's bed in the middle of the night. Sam is not a clown .... he's your brother. Don't laugh at him! Please.

So tonight, we're going to try this again ... with a positive attitude, and we're going to do it. We are also going to ask Jessica to NOT let you have a nap today. And, if you don't go to sleep tonight, we're going to put the crib tents back on until you are in the sixth grade. (that's really just a empty threat, Sam destroyed them)

I love you all so much, but please go to sleep tonight. Mommy and Daddy need to sleep just a little bit. A few hours a week isn't asking for much now is it?

Have a great day my babies!



Wednesday, October 17, 2007

Happy Birthday Meg, Sam & Jay (Triple Trouble turned Three)

Today is my kiddo's birthday! They turned three years old. It's hard to believe that these little miracles have turned into the most beautiful little people. It's still hard for me to believe that I was capable of giving birth to these three little guys all at the same time. I am so totally in awe of them and I love them so much!

I don't have a new picture to post of them today, but what I'm going to do is write each of them a letter. I'll post their letters late tonight.

Von and I both have written letters to them at their birth and on each birthday! A lot has happened in the past year, and we both have a lot to say to them.

Be Blessed my Friends!

Community Blogger Award

Cynthia over at Walking On bestowed this beautiful award upon me. Although Cynthia's blog speaks deeply from her heart and she much deserved this herself, I have no doubt that one day Walking On will soon rise up and be read throughout the blog land. I am honored that she felt like I deserved this.
Please go visit Cynthia and leave her a comment. You won't be able to stop reading. Sit with a cup of hot tea and listen close to her words. Her blog is one of the few that I have read in it's entirety. Her story is touching, heart warming and heartbreaking. Her strength is tremendous and her faith alone will carry her through. Three of her children are losing their vision. She is teaching them sight with her words.
I think that I would like to bestow this award to Kara over at McTriplets. She is the Mother of three little boys that grew in her womb together. She delivered her miracle triplets way too early, several weeks a part. They are both amazing and beautiful. She is amazing. She works closely with the March of Dimes, and her words rang out loudly across this land and gave hope to many others that are fighting prematurity. She gave hope not only to officials, but to parents that truly needed to hear her words.
Secondly, I would like to give this Community Blogger Award to Scully over at SkyWritings. I am truly amazed at her ability to write. She is a jet pilot turned federal agent and has lived through domestic violence that cost her unborn child's life. Although I only know this woman in blog world, I have the highest respect for her. Her words give you thought and you leave her with such peace. It's almost as if your soul has been internally and emotionally cleansed.
Last, I am bestowing this award to Connie at Little Red Hearts from God. She is a Hospice nurse. As a nurse myself that has worked Hospice, I admire her. Mainly, I admire her gift of prayer, and her ability to bring peace and understanding that enables her patients to cross over into another world. She lifts up to God, her dying patients. Thank You Connie for what you do. I've been there and it is hard, but so rewarding.
Thank you again Cynthia and have a blessed day!

Tuesday, October 16, 2007

View Outside My Door

My new header is a picture I snapped this evening as I drove down the road with the kids as we were about to turn into our driveway. We get our "Cow" fix every day around here.

They come right up to the fence to see what's going on. We stop, roll down the windows and start yelling .... "COW COW COW!" The kids love the cows and I get my heartstrings jerked every single time I watch them talk to the cows. They are so animated and so excited. Every time we drive down the road and see the cows, you'd think it was the first time they ever saw a cow!

Either the cows think we're nuts or they L.O.V.E. us! Let me know if you L.O.V.E. our cows too!

It's so easy to get so wrapped up in all the big things, and forget the little things in life. So, I'm asking, tomorrow, why don't you take a few minutes out of your day and give a little thanks for all the little things in your life. Count your blessings ..... one by one.

Be Blessed everyone!

Party Time ...

You know you're in trouble when you have three two year olds flipping end over end from one crib to another! We're in trouble. Big trouble. As bad as this sounds, I used to look forward to the end of their day, when I could tuck them all up nicely and they would stay there. Those days are over. Long gone and over. I think it's time to take the cribs down! Anyone in need of a kid or two or three a couple nights a week so we can get some sleep? Any takers?

Sunday, October 14, 2007

FarmHouse Photography - Client Session

Here's a couple of photo's from a client session today. I don't think I looked like this at seventeen. This girl was so photogenic, all she had to do was just stand there. Like most Senior girls though .... lots and lots of clothing changes! But they're cute .... so I don't mind.
I do have to tell though .... five changes, right down to the shoes and earrings! She did get a peek of the SOOC (straight out of camera) shots and was very pleased. Now the editing is yet to come ..... ahhhhh! Many more 'FarmHouse' shots of Camie will be posted within the week in my photosite. Did you look like this at seventeen?

Be Blessed everyone and say, "cheese."

Good Morning!

My kiddo's haven't yet figured out that when they get out of bed, they can come downstairs. I hear them play for the longest time in their room and then slowly someone will open the door and escape and the other two will follow and I hear them say, "Momma."

My most favorite thing in the world is to watch them and hear them playing when they first get up, when they aren't aware that I can see them. We can watch them through a closed circuit monitoring system in their room on our big screen TV in the living room. The giggles that are emitted from these three are music to my ears.

I was sitting there watching a few minutes ago and Sam, being the self-appointed clown that he is, was running all over the room, reprogramming the TV and changing DVD's. I yell up the stairs and it becomes total silence for a few seconds. Then the party begins again! Meg and Jay won't get out of their beds without much encouragement from Sam. I can hear Sam saying to Meg, "Meggie, turn the light on." Meg says, "Mama says NO." Do you think she'll always listen to what Mama says?

Here they come! Gotta Go! My day has begun and French Toast is already in the oven ....

Saturday, October 13, 2007

We have Trouble ...

Toilet Trouble! and ...guess who did it? It would be those three little kiddo's watching their Daddy dig up the septic tank!
Since we're in the throes of potty training and being almost three years old .... we like to "do it myself." When we "did it myself", we flushed lots and lots and I mean a whole container of wet wipes down the toilet. So Daddy had to unplug it. .... and guess who said it was, "Nasty". Jay did! His nose was so curled up and he was telling Meg and Sam that is was Stinky.Sam decided to do a little digging while the others went off to get a pipe to pry the lid off.

Oops .... Sam fell in the hole. But Sam loved the dirt .... all over his new shoes!
He's almost got it ... Whew! That shovel is heavy .... and BIG!
"Hey Mom! Come help me!"
After all this hard work, Sam had to sit down and take a break. We really shouldn't be working our kids this hard. Don't tell okay?
Heck with the work .... Sam found another "Willy Worm" to be his friend. (We're hiding this one from Jay's shoe!)
Be Blessed Everyone!

Friday, October 12, 2007

A Gentle Reminder

Three weeks old. Next Wednesday, they'll be three years old. I took this picture after Sam came off of the ventilator. We had never held him before that .... nor had he been with Jay and Meg. This is the first time they were together since they were womb mates. Laying side by side, just like they did when I carried them. Born together .... Friends forever.

God gives me a little nudge every once in a while and I am reminded of just how blessed I am.

Wednesday, October 10, 2007

Tree of Life

Several years ago my Dad retired, and he couldn't stand staying at home. It was way too quiet and he's way too cool to do just nothing. I think it drove him absolutely nuts. I know he drove his kids nuts.

This was about election time and Dad had opinions of who we grown up 'kids' should vote for. He would make the rounds to each of our houses, and tell us exactly how to vote and who we needed to vote for .... and why. I heard all about those 'damned republicans' ... and I heard how great Clinton was, because he was for the poor man. Dad would also certainly let us know that Bush wasn't any good, because he was for the rich, and he was a 'no-good republican.' I do believe that my Dad is a 'democrat man' ... all the way! I told him that I voted for Ross Perot just to get a rise out of him. That rise lasted for about 6 months and caused me lots of grief.

This went on for several months. Retirement wasn't agreeing with my Dad. We 'kids' were pretending like we weren't home when he pulled up. And we quit answering the phone. Don't get me wrong, I love my dad ... but, he was bored and had lots of time on his hands. Way too much time. I heard that one of my sisters saw him getting out of his car and locked her door and nose dived to the floor, just as he was peeking in the window and pushing the door bell.

The man desperately needed a job. So he went out and found one. Since he's working again, we 'kids' are happier. On the other hand, it ended up being a good move for him. He's learned a lot over the last couple of years. He's also learned how to use a computer, and he even has email! God help us all! He has learned to forward jokes. So, if you have any good jokes you want to send or just want to say hello to my Dad, you can email him at: kw_dad at yahoo dot com. Tell him I sent you, and make sure you tell him I'm way cool.

In his endeavor of learning modern technology, such as a computer, my Dad wrote this poem for us 'kids' .... and gave each of us a signed framed copy. I love the meaning behind it and I love my Dad. I read it almost every time I walk by it. It really puts life into perspective. It makes you think. Read the poem and let me know what you think. Did it change how you feel about life? Are you the top branch? Did the branch above you fall? How did it effect you?

I'm not looking forward to being the top branch. I haven't lost either of my parents yet, but I've lost my grandparents and a Uncle. I think I'm very fortunate.

The Tree of Life (by Keith Wyatt)
Life is made up of many things, that takes time to understand.
There's love and joy, grief and sorrow, and greed for the upper hand.
In assessing what life's been about, and what is left to be.
We'll assume all the things of life, and liken them to a tree.
Let's first take the greed tree and see what it's life is about.
It takes all the nutrients it can get, and never does without.
But it's limbs are never even, some skinny and some fat.
Some scraggly and some rotten, some ... self ordained aristocrats.
They go through life with little struggle, they try to have it all.
They only know compassion when they've reached the top, then fall.
Now, the love and joy tree, would be great to stay that way.
But even with love and joy, grief and sorrow have their day.
In life you have your struggles, and you just can't see so well.
Grief and sorrow opened my eyes, when the limbs above me fell.
But life goes on, no matter the hurt, because you just can't stop.
You've got all those limbs under you, so you have to go to the top.
All the limbs beneath me, has been my love and joy.
They've made me lots of branches, my little girls and little boy.
So look after those little branches, keep them happy, one and all.
Because you'll get to be the top limb, when the limbs above you fall.
Have a great day everyone ... and be blessed!

Tuesday, October 9, 2007

Country Dreams (Part Three)

Want to read Part One first? You can click here to start at the beginning of this story.

Time has a way of healing the heart, or at least softening the ache. He missed his Father deeply. Memories rushed through him like a warm breeze. Losing your Father, even as a middle aged man deeply hurts.

(June 14, 2003)

Dear Tan,

I want to thank you from the bottom of my heart for all you have done for me, Dad and Mom. I could not have fulfilled his last wish without you. Dad trusted, loved and became dependant on you. (maybe I became more dependant on you than Dad did.)

I went in at Mom's the other day and Mom had the group Easter picture out looking at it. What I see is all the things that at the time seems not worth the trouble, but later turns out to be very important. I thought Dad was too weak to go outside and stand for the picture. Now, that is the last family group picture of all our family in it. I can't hardly keep from crying when I think about it.

Like the picture you took of Dad sitting in the garden. Everyone has pictures of Dad, but that is the last picture of him when he was still able to put on his overalls and go outside. I love that picture.

Before Dad passed away, you told me and Janet that if we wanted to tell Dad anything we should each have some time alone with him and talk to him, as he wouldn't be with us much longer. That was the last conversation I had with my Father and it gives me great peace. Peace I would never have had without you.

Like the letters you had us write to Mom, no one wanted to write, but you encouraged us all to write them. Everyone said Dad would not write one, but you also encouraged him as well. Now those letters mean everything to Mom. Especially the one Dad wrote to her. I'm thankful that you got to know my Dad, even though it was for a short time.

I love you,


His heart ache was easing. He was busy. His Mother didn't need to be alone. They would all take turns spending the nights with her, and the woman they had hired during the days, was keeping her busy. Harvest was again here and life was getting back to normal.

(September 18, 2003)

Dear Von,

Well ----- I'm pregnant again. This time, we have a better chance of succeeding. I only wish I didn't have to take those shots.

It's funny how I've looked back through our journal and time has just flown by. Now that I'm pregnant again, the days are so slow. I'm worried, and I just wish time would fly again until I know everything is okay with the baby and I've reached a safe point.

I know you are so busy with the farm and I wish you didn't have to work so hard and have such long days. But that is the life of a farmer ~

It was fun to take a couple days and go to Indy together. I have never been to a NHRA drag race before. By the way, what does NHRA stand for?

I love you,


Something in her heart told her that this baby would follow the path of the others. She didn't feel right. She felt empty inside. She miscarried again on September 30th.

(September 30, 2003)

Dear Von,

Well, it happened again. Another sad day for us. I know we can't continue to get pregnant and have this outcome ~ it's too hard on me and too emotional for both of us. It's pretty sad when your Doctor begs you to stop it with tears in her eyes. We both said it before, but this time, we have to call it quits.

We will always have each other, and that's forever.



They had been married for only two short years with many losses already. Their marriage was strong, but their hearts were broken.

(November 20, 2003)

Dear Von,

Happy Anniversary. I didn't buy you a gift because I couldn't find anything that I thought you would like. Instead I made something for you.

I know what a special man your Dad was to you, so I made something that would remind you of him. I made a 'old country rabbit' for you. I cut up a old pair of your Dad's overalls and made the bibbed overalls for the rabbit, and I cut the sleeve out of the old flannel shirt that he wore the last day he was up, and made a little shirt.

I chose to make a rabbit because rabbits love gardens, and your Dad loved his garden.

I hope you like it ~



He loved the rabbit. It brought tears to his eyes. Mainly because she was thinking of his Dad, and she knew that he missed him.

(November 20, 2003)

Dear Tan,

Happy Anniversary. Thanks for the rabbit you made from Dad's old clothes. I really like it.

Also, thanks for your smile, your kindness and love, and for being my best friend.

I love you today and forever,


Christmas came and went and winter was hard and cold this year. They all continued to take turns staying nights with his Mother. She was doing well until a cold February morning. Three days later she was gone. So suddenly. They had brought her home from the hospital to die. By her side, they stayed until her last breath. Burying his Mother was just as hard as losing his Father only nine short months earlier. So much loss in so little time.

(February 26, 2004)

Dear Tan,

I started to work on Mom's tax papers and I found the original letter I wrote to her on her birthday, and I thought I should write to you and thank you for all you did for my parents. I don't know how I would have taken care of Mom and Dad without you, but just as important is you cared about them too.

Also, it means so much to me that I had you to share my grief with, after they both passed away. I still have a hard time believing that they're both gone. I look at their house every time I am over there, and the stillness haunts me. It was so sudden. The house is cold and empty now, and it was such a warm home to grow up in.

You are the most caring and giving person I know. It's a comfort to know that you miss them too. I'm not by myself. I need you now and forever.

I love you,


For the first time in the short two and half years they'd been married, life was becoming settled. They were home in their own bed at night and Spring was on it's way. They prayed that no more heartache would find them.

(March 10, 2004)

Dear Von,

I miss Mom and Dad too, and I know it must be very hard for you to work over at their house every day. You must feel very empty over there.

But this Spring, Dad's roses will bloom and you will think of him ... and in the Fall, the Pecans will fall, and you will think of Mom. You'll still have your heartaches, and you'll still miss them, but as the seasons change, it will ease. You'll smile as little thoughts of them pass through you as you work over there.

Life changes Von. ... and unfortunately, we don't know why God chooses the times he does to change things. But I'm sure there is a reason.

I'm glad you love me and I promise ~ I won't ever forget it ~ no matter where I am.

I love you,


~ The End ~

Be Blessed everyone ... and thanks for peeking into our life, and for the kind words that you leave me in the comments.

A new story will begin soon. A story of fear, love and determination. A story that will rock you to your very core, and leave you knowing that God truly wraps us in his arms, and carries us when we're unable to carry ourselves. They could not stop their dream. The dream of having a child. Defying death, their dream will finally come true, and they will be blessed. Triple blessed.

Monday, October 8, 2007

The Secret of Life

Today I really listened to Kenny Chesney's song on the radio .... 'Don't Blink'.

I guess I have had heard it before, but in my busy state of mind I didn't listen to the words, so today I really heard it for the first time.

What I heard was long after the song was over .... I got to thinking about 'The Secret of Life', and how when we blink, life whizzes by in circles. Around and around, until I'm dizzy with so much to do and so much that should have already been done, and one day turns into another day with another day coming up, and yesterday is already gone, and I'll never get it back.

My older kids and my little kids are growing and changing every day. I want to be the best Mom in the world to all of them. I think I've slacked. I want to be there for them when they need me. I want time for me. I want time for my husband, and I want to get off this merry go round and smell the roses again. I want to clean my house. I want to clean my life.

Don't get me worng, I have a great life. A blessed life, and I know it. It couldn't be any better. I'm lucky in love. We own our home and farm. We have no debt. We're healthy. I have wonderful children that I am so proud of. They have no problems. They all are successful. I couldn't ask for more.

I really listened to that song, to the words, and could hear them singing over and over in my head.

I decided that 'The Secret of Life' for me, is to slow down and make a plan. Quit flying day by day by the seat of my pants. It's wearing me out. I need structure. I used to have structure. I miss it. I miss it a lot. Structure is hard with three year old triplets, but as they get older it's getting easier.

The plan for my 'Secret of Life' is to draw my children together monthly, and have a dinner and have a play date for all of us! To take a breath and remember that when you blink, life passes by and you can't bring back the days that are gone. I want them to grow up and grow older, and have memories of all of us together. I had that before, and I want it again.

What's your 'Secret of Life' ? What makes you tick? Think about it and let me know.

... as always, be blessed.

Sunday, October 7, 2007

Joey and Mariah

This evening Joey and Mariah came over for dinner. I didn't know how much I missed him until I saw him get out of the car and walk toward me. It's been almost two months since I've seen him. Kids shouldn't go away to college and leave their Mama's! It should be against the rules. We decided to do pictures while the kiddo's were napping. We got it! All in about fifteen minutes! Here they were acting cocky leaning against the barn!

The infamous rock! I love this rock for picture taking!
BUT, this rock is even better! Just ask the man! This kid of mine has been calling that hump on his arm a 'rock' since he was a early teen. That rock rocks!
I think they make a beautiful couple. Joey told me that they are attending pre-engagement counseling at the college they go to. Secretly, this makes me very happy!

I believe these kids love each other! It's quite obvious!
He hugs me just like this .... and I yelp most of the time! This kid used to hold me down and wouldn't let me up and laugh like it was the funniest thing in the world. He practiced his wrestling moves on me and once twisted my neck and I couldn't turn it. How do you put the 'hurts to them' when they're bigger than you? Now it looks like Mariah is getting the bear hugs!
Now he has her modeling her 'rock' as well! She doesn't know what she's getting into .... I'm going to have to warn that girl!
Be Blessed, and I hope your tomorrow is great!