Wednesday, September 10, 2008

Dear Littles - Chapter Ten

Dear Littles,

Today was Grandparents Day at your preschool. Most of the kids in your class were going to have their Grandparents come and have lunch with them and show them around and play in the Gym for a bit.

The last few days when I have picked you up from school, you have been so excited, and have constantly talked about your Grandparents coming to school, and you have been so happy and animated in waiting for this day.

It's a real big deal when you're a little kid. I remember those days and how excited I was, and how proud I was of my Grandparents eating lunch on little kids trays in the cafeteria with me. I remember showing them my room and my friends, and my teacher, and the papers I had taped to the wall.

But the Grandparents that had lived close to us are in Heaven, and they won't be there with you for this big event at your preschool. It breaks my heart for you. Although I'm sure you won't remember being three years old and being in preschool, or lunch today ... but there are going to be many more years and occasions in your life, and in your school that involve Grandparents, and yours won't be there.

I don't want you to be different. I don't want you to feel left out. I don't want you to watch the other kids walking down the hall holding their Grandparent's hands while you walk by yourself. I don't want your heart to be lonely or to hurt. I just want you to be like everyone else.

I know you tell me that they are in Heaven, but I also know that you're only three years old and you truly don't know what Heaven means and why they're not here. Trust me, if they could be here, they would ... and they would go to school with you, and they would play with you and brag on the pictures that you've colored and hung on the wall in your classroom. But that can't be.

But on the other hand, you're so blessed. You're loved and you have someone that is going to always be there for you on those days when your Grandparents can't be there, and I'm sure if your Grandparents could talk to us from Heaven, they'd be happy with the choices we've made for you.

Your Uncle Darrel and your Aunt Dana came and ate lunch with you today. You loved it. As soon as you saw me this evening, you immediately started telling me all about it. I saw the light in your eyes that told me how happy you were and how we'd done the right thing by asking them to go be with you.

You know kids, there was never any hesitation in their voice when I ask them. They love you too, and next year and the year after ... they'll be right there with you eating lunch on a little kids tray, and sitting at a little kids table, and holding your hand as you walk down the hall to show them your pictures on the wall.

As for your Grandparents, they'll be there too .... just not in the way we wish they could be ... but I know they'll be there.

I love you kids ... more than you'll ever know.