Friday, June 29, 2007

Pop Tarts

Megan Grace
This morning I had a plan to get all three of the kids sitting together on a park bench outside of the play yard in our yard. We carried the bench out where there would be a pretty background. MM helped me get the kids seated all in a row and instantly Sam and Jay slouched and slid off ... so Meg and I had a short little photo session. She ate her pop-tart and smiled while I took her picture. She had to keep her hat on (we're really into hats these days) and had to keep telling me all about her hat! Isn't she cute? SO NOT A BABY ANYMORE!
Be Blessed,

Wednesday, June 27, 2007

My Triplet Pregnancy ...

I was thinking today about when I was pregnant with our triplets. I don't know why, but it was on my mind a lot today. This is Marlboro Man and I, when I was only 10 weeks pregnant. I was wearing maternity shirts by 8 weeks and filling them out nicely, not only in the boobs (that was the upside of triple trouble), but in the belly as well.

We knew we were having triplets, but the shock still hadn't soaked in. I think I have that "hehe, yes we're having triplets, and oh yeah, hehe, I'm almost 48 years old" look on my face, and MM on the other hand (50 years old), just plain looks like he is catatonic and unable to speak. Somedays he's still that way and they are almost three years old. When will it soak in?

The day we found out there were three babies, he turned white, and almost passed out! I was laying on the table and even I felt his knees buckle! Luckily, a nurse helped sit him in a chair and fanned him while he turned 40 different shades of pasty white and gray! I could hear him breathing hard, and I swear I saw his eye balls roll back in his head a few times and I also saw him repeatedly holding up three fingers in disbelief. I did figure out that the man could count though! 1-2-3! A-B-C! All the same when you're counting babies. He had jet black hair on the trip to the doctor's office .. but I swear it was half grey on the trip home!

The doctor on the other hand, was ecstatic! He was practically jumping up and down in excitement for us. I was crying and telling him, "just forget it ... I can't do that", and Von was sprawled out in a chair comatose, and he was telling us about mini-van's, extra washers and dryers, thousands of diapers and bottles and countless months of sleep deprivation. All with a big cheesy grin on his face! I do have to say, I don't regret one single moment of what we've been through and we are so blessed to have the meanest little kids in Indiana. I refer to them often as The Trio of Terror!

This is a ultrasound picture of all three heads. Trust me, I felt them in my ribs for months. The Doctor said that is very rare to have all three heads up at the same time. I don't believe him. I think they danced on my bladder the whole time they were inside of me! They played a little tune and hopped around in there until I was totally drenched many times! There is nothing like peeing on yourself 10 times a day and being so big that you can't hardly get up to make it to the bathroom! I wasn't a beached whale .... I was a wallowing wet whale most of the time!

I am a short person. Only 5 feet tall. This equals 60 inches! Two weeks before my little trio was born ... I was 58 inches around. This made me almost as round as I was tall. I don't know why MM didn't just roll me to the bathroom ... it would have made it a lot easier on both of us!

Be Blessed,


Tuesday, June 26, 2007

The Bridal Jewelry

Elissa came over night before last ... and I just recuperated! We started making bridesmaids jewelry at 9:30 pm and finished at 3:00 am. I was pooped! But it was so much fun! We made 13 bracelets and the earrings for the bridesmaids. Then I finished my jewelry. I am still debating to myself whether I want chunky or thin! Chunky? ... or Thin? Chunky? ... or Thin? Hmmm, that is a hard one isn't it? Of Course I want to be Thin! But I'm talking about a bracelet now! I'll post it later and gather some opinions!

We had pearls, crystals and silver all over the table! Not only was it fun to do this ... is was great for me to get to help Elissa make her jewelry... and it was great to spend some time with her alone without Jared around.

Jared is way too in love .... he sits around and makes "goo-goo" eyes at Elissa! Geesh, they're going to be married in two weeks. Wouldn't you think he's past that by now? Just wait til they get about 15 years on them and a few kids! There won't be any "goo-goo" eyes then! If Jared doesn't stop with the "goo-goo" eyes .... he might be crossed eyed forever!

Anyway, I loved doing this with Elissa. I'm so glad she is comfortable to come around without Jared. Girls have more fun anyway! Get lost Jared .... go make "goo-goo" eyes at the dog, and rub her belly while you're at it!

Be Blessed,


Saturday, June 23, 2007

My Oldest Son

Josh & Luke
This afternoon Josh, Amy and Luke came out to visit. I was so happy to see them. I don't get to see Josh as often as the other kids because of his work schedule. So it was wonderful to get to give him a big hug in person instead of my daily phone call to him. Yes, I still talk to all my kids every day. I feel very out of sorts if I don't hear their voices at least once a day! I think it's a Mom thing! So we took pictures of his family and had a great afternoon.

Josh & Amy

We had a great visit! Amy cleaned me out of house and home. She loves to decorate and I can tell when she sees something that she'd love to have. So being the good Mom that I am, (he he) I pass it along to my kids. It's funny how I never miss a picture here and there, or something off a shelf that I once loved. It's kind of neat to give things to your kids ... and know that they appreciate it. BUT, I think the real reason Amy came today was because she'd heard of my adventure to Victoria's Secret! Hmmm, she was wondering what was in the bag for her! I love Amy, and Amy got her share! She left smelling very good! Juli was here last night and she must of called Amy and told her to get over to Mom's house, Mom had a meltdown at Victoria's Secret!


Luke of course got all my hugs and kisses. By the time we had a picture session, edited the pictures and printed them, he was ready to go. I'm sure Luke was asleep before they even drove down to the end of our road.

Be Blessed,


Wednesday, June 20, 2007

I Must Be Having a Mid-Life Crisis!

I think I've done gone and lost my mind! Yesterday I went to lunch with my sister Kim and we ran in to the mall for just a quick moment. There was a huge sale sign looming outside of Victoria's Secret that had our name on it! I hate Victoria's Secret! I don't recall ever in my fifty year old brain, having even ever been in Victoria's Secret, ever in my life! Anything I have ever smelled from there is so strong I get an instantaneous humongous over-whelming headache that practically drops me to my knees! What possessed me to even enter that store is beyond my comprehension!
I can not dare tell Marlboro Man that I bought all this stuff! He would never understand the weakness of a woman, or the loss of power that women encounter at certain times of the month, or any reason to spend hard earned money on 26 bottles of stuff that stinks! Now I must use all this stuff secretly and let him wonder why I smell like a Victoria Woman! Or I can tell him that I went Christmas shopping! He might buy that! But I doubt it! He's pretty sharp most of the time! Did you catch that: Most of the time! But being a man, he can not figure out what makes a woman tick or what makes them lose their minds periodically!
I called my daughter Juli and told her that I caught a great sale at Victoria's Secret ... and she said, "oh wow Mom, that's great! The lingerie side?" Can you say SEX on the brain ... she's twenty-five and deliriously in love! Definitely not the lingerie side! I'm chubby ... I wouldn't buy underwear from there for skinny girls!

NO JULI .... the lotion and perfume side! I had a brain fart! I had a meltdown of brain cells! I've lost my marbles! I'm doomed! I'm broke! I have 26 bottles of stuff that stinks, 6 lip glosses, 7 bottles of Very Sexy for Men (what was I thinking? Marlboro Man doesn't use that stuff!) a bottle of lotion called Yearn and a Yearn perfume, 1 tub of Peach Blossom Sand and Sea Body Polish, 4 pink bottles of Richly Deserved Intensive Body Hydrator (richly deserved my butt!) 4 white bottles of Simply Bare Moisturizing Body Cleanser, 6 bottles of Clean Streak (it smelled good) Moisturizing Body Exfoliator, and 4 beautiful clear bottles of SO IN LOVE Body Wash. I also bought a purse that had three bottles of Love Spell in it! I must have been under a spell! All I can say is that my sister spent 136.00 and our bags were equal in size! I will not be going to lunch with Kim for a long long time! Did I mention that everything I bought was 75 percent off the original price?

The only thing I can think of is Victoria saw me coming! She subliminally called out to me and made me read the fine print on all the bottles and jars in the store! I read words such as: desire, angelic, davine, love, all-over glow, radiance, starry, enchant, ethereal, kissed with gold dust, heavenly complexion, silky romantic, etc... Or else, I've completely lost my mind!

One thing I do know for sure beyond a shadow of a doubt, I will smell good when Marlboro Man puts me in "THE NUT HUT" when he finds out!

Be Blessed,

Monday, June 18, 2007

Sisters ...

Megan Grace and Juli Beth
They are sisters ... Juli is 23 years older than Megan. Juli has never had a sister before. She says Meg feels like her niece instead. I don't think Meg knows what a sister is since she's only two years old. These two beautiful ladies are my only daughters and I love them equally the same. They are so lucky .... they are Sisters!

Juli Beth

Sunday, June 17, 2007

Happy Father's Day Dad!

My Dad - Keith I. Wyatt
Happy Father's Day Dad! I want you to know that you have been "the very best Dad" in the world to me and I love you very much. I also want you to know that when you married MaryAnn 25 years ago... you also gave us a second great Mother!
Sometimes I think about life and how very fast it goes by us. One day turns into another so quickly that sometimes my head spins. I'm 50 years old now and you're in your seventies. It just doesn't seem possible does it?
I remember so vividly when I was a little girl all the fun things you used to do with us. I think the best memory I have is such a silly little thing ... but it sticks in my mind and I did the same thing with my older kids and I'll do it with Sam, Jay and Meg when they get older.
When I was young, one day you came home and it seemed to me that you had pockets and pockets full of change. You threw the change up in the air and us kids scrambled to get it. I'm sure it wasn't as much money as I thought it was back then ... and I'm sure it wasn't as many coins as I thought it was ... but I remember you laughing and I remember how much fun that was for me! I remember that we counted it and we were so excited to see who got the most!
I remember going rabbit hunting with you ... I loved that! But you made me hold the legs while you skinned the rabbit. I hated that! I also hated that huge garden that you made me hoe row after row of potatoes! But I remember that summer so well ... and Mom cooked the best meals from our garden!
I remember that I thought you were so bossy when I got my drivers license and you told me that if you ever caught me on the highway you would never let me drive again. Now that I am a Mother ... I can see exactly why you made me that promise! It was because you loved me so much!
I love you Dad ... and it was great for all of us to get together today.
Be Blessed,

Saturday, June 16, 2007

Saturday Play Date

Today was a day to play at home and have fun. Our yard is starting to look like a school playground! Lots of big climbing toys to move and mow around ... but oh well, they have to play! It's a rare occasion to have them line up and sit perfectly for a picture ... well, almost sitting perfectly!
We had the water Octopus out and got sprayed by Meggie! Meg was in charge of the water. They boys didn't really like it all that well.

Meg was first to go down the slide on her belly. She yelled, "Mommy! Look at me!" This girl loves the camera!Jay was next ... it's monkey see, monkey do around here!

Sam is heading up the rear! He held on all the way down and I think I could hear his feet scooting and holding on too!
They were drying out on their little picnic table and Meg and Jay were rubbing noses. It's great to see them love each other!
Be Blessed,

We Pooped! We Pooped! We Pooped!

Well .... only Jay pooped on the potty and I can't even post a picture of the turd! That would be very "sick-o" according to Marlboro Man! But I want too! But I can't! I didn't even take a picture of it anyway! Jay flushed it down the toilet right before he washed his cute little hands!

You should have seen how proud of himself he was! This was a true MONUMENTAL MOMENT! He yelled out really loud, "Daddy! I pooped a turd! Daddy! Look!" Of course Daddy came running and we clapped our hands and jumped up and down and Jay was so excited and he stuck his head into the toilet and said, "LOOK! A TURD!" We all looked and told him how wonderful it was and how big it was and what a BIG BOY he is! Then we called Aunt Janet and Jay told her all about his TURD! He talked about his turd the rest of the evening and even when I put him into his crib ... he was still talking about his turd. Sam even slowly said, "Jaaa-y! Tuuurrrd!" and rolled his eyes and shook his head like it was a great thing that had just happened! This one pretty little brown turd got more attention and caused more excitement than anything that has happened in our household in a long long time!

It also is the beginning of something I have been dreading for a long time! If any of them even so much as hears a word that sounds like p-o-t-t-y .... they started stripping buck naked! Everything comes off! I suddenly have three naked little kids all trying to go to potty! ... and this can happen several times a day! I almost avoid words that even start with the letter P! Think Tanya before you speak! No P words!

I had what I thought was the perfect plan. I intended to take a week's vacation from my job the second week in September and concentrate on potty training! I envisioned taking the boys outside while the weather was still warm and teaching them to pee on a tree! I was going to get Meg pretty pink underwear and teach her not to pee on Dora, or Cinderella, or Ariel, or who ever is on her underwear! I thought if I waited a month before they turned three years old, they would be ready and it would be easier ..... but Jay's little turd last night has started something that I don't want to do!

Be Blessed,

Friday, June 15, 2007

Happy Birthday Juli Beth ... you're 25!

Today is my daughter's birthday. It doesn't seem like twenty-five years has gone by since she was born. 1982, now it's 2007! All the years in between have just flown by and now she's all grown up and has her own little girl.
I can remember the night she was born like it was yesterday. I'm sure most Mother's can do the same thing. There is something about being a Mother that never lets you forget every single detail of your children's birth.

I didn't go into labor or my water didn't break in the middle of the night ... I simply went for my weekly Tuesday appointment and he said, "you're in labor, go on over to the hospital" ... I did and 4 hours later my first daughter was born! I was so moved and so full of emotion and so full of love for her.

She had a complete full head of hair .... jet black! Her hair was so thick and wavy that she looked like a little Indian papoose! If I hadn't watched her be born ... I would swear that she wasn't mine!

I can close my eyes and see every detail of her life at every stage and every age. Juli was good child and now she's a good woman and a good friend to me. I'm proud to be her Mother and I'm proud to say that the I love the woman she has become!

I do have to say ... Juli wasn't a good baby .... she was a beautiful baby, but she was a turd! She had colic and screamed every single day of her life for the first four months. It's kind of funny because I'm sitting here smiling thinking that she kind of was a screamer for the next 25 years .... or is that a girl thing? HAPPY BIRTHDAY JB! YOUR MOM LOVES YOU ...

Be Blessed,

Thursday, June 14, 2007

Goat in the Road!

If ever I needed my camera with me, it was today! As I was taking the kiddo's to the babysitter about 10:00 this morning .... we were driving down a little stretch of highway and I couldn't believe what was running towards me! It was a really big billy goat! It was white and had huge horns and was in my lane heading right towards me. A real goat! Big! With horns!

At first I couldn't believe what I was seeing ... I think I had a little moment for just a second that I doubted that I was awake and driving!

So, of course, I had to save that goat from getting run over ... or else I had to turn around and go back to see it again! The goat just kept on walking at a fast trot right down the middle of the highway with me following it with my flashers on! I was herding a goat on the highway in my mini-van with my triplets in there with me! How nuts is that? ... and they kept saying, "goat goat!" ... and Sam started saying, "MY GOAT!" Was this a hint that we needed a new pet?

For a brief second I wondered if this goat was homeless ... but then my common sense took over and being a farm wife myself I know that animals get out all the time. So I turned around and went to the nearest house ... no one was home! I went to another house and the woman that answered the door said she'd get a hold of the farmer that he (Mr. Goat) most likely belonged to.

I drove back up the highway to make sure the goat was okay and two mini-vans with women in them had stopped along side the goat. They got out and shoo-ed the goat around. He passed me and headed back in the opposite direction. These women ran along side of him, one on each side and I followed in my mini-van. The goat was smarter than we were ... he knew exactly where he lived. When he got to his driveway ... he turned left (so did the women) and we herded him all the way up the long driveway to his house.

I know I live out in the boon-docks, but I swear this was a highway ... a well traveled highway and not in no-where land! My kiddo's can vouch for my story .... there really was a goat! It really was a interesting morning and my kiddo's are still talking about the goat!

I think I'm going to ask Marlboro Man for a pet goat now!

Be Blessed,

Wednesday, June 13, 2007

Where Did They Go?

Where did they go? It seems so long ago that these little kids were babies. Times were very busy back then. I used to be able to hold all three of them at the same time. They used to love to be held together. I used to have 45 pounds of babies, now I have 90 pounds of little kids!

It still amazes me that I have triplets ... I feel so blessed, but feel so overwhelmed with the feeling that YES, they are mine! When I reflect back on pictures when the trio were babies ... the emotions overcome me sometimes. I love them so much! I also can see how far we've come as they've grown.

I used to say, NO, it doesn't get easier ... it just gets different. But now as I sit here and think about it .. it definitely is easier than it used to be when they were six months old. It's different, but it's better. .... I'm sure the best is yet to come!

Be Blessed,

Tuesday, June 12, 2007

They Called Me "Grandma"

Kami J.
We had a bridal shower Sunday afternoon for my daughter-in-law to be, Elissa, and these two little cuties were there. Kami and Chelsi are my daughter Juli's, boyfriends, two little daughters.
They are cute as buttons.

Chelsi J.

Chelsi excitedly came up to me and said, "if my Daddy marries Juli, will you be my Grandma?" Of course I say, "yes I will ... for the rest of your life!" Chelsi then said, "can we just call you Grandma now?" Guess what my answer was? I now have two little girls calling me Grandma. I feel honored.

Be Blessed,


Sunday, June 10, 2007


Megan was playing on an old tree stump! I know I'm prejudiced, but she is so beautiful! Some times she poses and smiles and other times she just has the most beautiful expressions with the cutest turned down mouth when she doesn't realize that I'm taking her picture.

It's time to go somewhere else!
Be Blessed,

Saturday, June 9, 2007

A Big Mistake

Our New Sand Box! Marlboro Man made them a sandbox today! They were the biggest helpers. They helped push the wheelbarrow full of sand across the yard to fill this big tractor tire.
Here's Meg and Jay checking it out. Sam went running in the house to get his tractors!

Meg has already gotten her hands dirty. We can't have that you know. She's a prissy girl and prissy girls don't get their hands dirty.
They just throw sand on their wimpy brothers and make them cry.

Then they sit down and take the the toys away from their brother!
Marlboro Man had to referee .... we think we made a big mistake!
Be Blessed,

Friday, June 8, 2007

This is "Whitey"

"Whitey" the cow!
This is Whitey Siekman .... he was born two days ago. Me and the kids just happened to stop by the barn about 15 minutes after he was born. I think he is so cute and being the city girl turned country girl that I am ..... I am attached! We just had to keep him. It took a lot of begging and when that didn't work ... I simply pulled rank! I'm the farm wife you know! The Mother to Marlboro's Mans children, the woman that he married and brought from the city to the country. I pulled rank! We get to keep him and Whitey is staying on the farm.
Being dairy farmers, we don't keep Angus bull calf's. They are sold at three days old. If this little guy was born a Holstein heifer, she'd be a queen some day, but he was born a boy and boys aren't good on this farm! Nope! They're quietly shipped out like they never existed. So here I am thinking I saved this little guys life and he's going to be a great little pet for the kids. I have visions of them riding him ... nuzzling up to him and walking him on a rope. I believe that he'll know his name one day and that he'll come running when he sees me or the kids. We'll be out there yelling, "WHITEY" and this humongous 1,500 pound black bull will come running! We'll have no fear because we've raised Whitey since he was a baby. He'll be gentle because he's our pet cow and Jay named him!
Marlboro Man, being the realist that he is thinks I'm nuts! Whitey is only staying because I pulled rank and because he will make good steaks one day! That's two years down the road and right now Whitey is a cute little baby and I love him!
Be Blessed,

Sunday, June 3, 2007

Fun at the Park

Sam, Jay & Meg

We went to the park today. They really all three sat down together and let me take pictures of them ALL TOGETHER! What a rare event! Jay was hamming it up and saying Cheese every time he heard the camera shutter! I shot in continuous mode and he couldn't keep up. That was so funny!

Meg liked the swings best of all. She liked the wind blowing her as she got pushed higher and higher. Jay liked the tunnels and the slides. He was doing belly busters down the big slide!
Sam didn't like the bucket swings for babies.... it was the big boy swing for him! Only thing is, this is the only way he'd get on it. Notice all the Boo-Boo's on his legs? He fell off the porch at home before we left today. He loves the band-aids though!Sam also like the slides ... he likes climbing up them better than going down them!
Meg liked to sit at the bottom of the slide. That is until Jay would come along and knock her out!

Play time is over ... and we're heading home! Three tired little kiddo's had so much fun today!

Be Blessed,


Like Father - Like Son

Marlboro Man (Von) is a avid drag racing fan! He loves drag racing and fast old muscle cars! The stories he tells from when he was young is enough to make your hair stand on end.

Early this morning, MM and Sam were watching a replay of last night's NHRA's qualifying. Sam sat with his Dad eating apples and is totally mesmerized. Sam too loves cars! I hope his love for fast cars ends with always sitting with his Dad and just watching it on TV.

Be Blessed,

Saturday, June 2, 2007

Luke hates his Tux - but loves his Grandma!

It's not easy to get a two year old to try on clothes! ... and it's especially not easy to get a two year old to try on a Tux! It took talent, bribery, candy and finally just holding him down! We had to know if it fit him ... and it did. What a handsome little man you are Luke!
He ran all over the house and wanted it OFF! I bribed him with little gummi-lightening bugs that light up with these great little toy tweezers that light up the bug (candy) when you pick them up .... NO WAY! I'll take the candy thank you, but NO pictures of me today Grandma!
This is as good as it gets! I never could get a full front shot of Luke in his Tux .... ahhh well, he'll wear it again July 7th ... we'll see how good he is when he's the ring bearer in Jared and Elissa's wedding! I'm not taking any bets ...

Be Blessed,

Friday, June 1, 2007

This Life Really Makes Me Think ...

Playtime in Mommy's bed
When I see one of my kids looking me straight in the eye ... I am reminded of how very thankful I am for their mind, their body and their soul. I am so thankful for their strength and their ability to learn and their ability to run and to jump and to play with each other. I am reminded that even though there are times that I am tired, I am so blessed that God chose to let them be born and let them live without disabilities. I think about their future and what's in store for them in this life. I hope they grow up always loving each other and God.
Daddy gave them cheerio's in our bed!
It's hard to have three babies at one time. It's hard to take care of them and it's hard to keep up with them. They constantly have me on my toes, and what one doesn't think of .... the other one does. They are so busy, but every day keeps getting better and better with them. I can't imagine my life without these blessings! It's amazing how much my heart actually feels from this triple love I've been given.

Thank you God for what you've given me. I know I don't give thanks enough and I know I am jolted to reality when I read or hear of a sad situation with a child. Whatever it is that you have in store for us raising these kids .... I'm ready!

Be Blessed,