Tuesday, January 27, 2009

Dear Littles - Chapter Fourteen

Dear Littles,

Today has been a wild day .... we're pretty much snowed and iced in, and you're having the wildest time taking advantage of it, and tomorrow is going to be worse. Lots more snow .. and lots of freezing rain. Someday when you're all grown and the winter ice and snow comes ... think of me and how much I really hated snow and ice. Think of hot chocolate and warm blankets and the snuggles and books and all the hugs we've had today and remember the days of being little. If I could only stop time and keep us all like we are today ... I would do it in a heartbeat. I treasure every minute I have with you, and I thank God every time the thought of you crosses my mind.

Today I had plans of bundling you up and going out to build a snowman, but your Dad said that the snow wouldn't stick. Sam, no matter what either one of us says ... you always have it all figured out, and you immediately told us that we "could use glue, and glue the snow together." When we laughed at you ... you said the glue would make it turn into "icing." Sam, your brain is always in high gear and always clicking. I love that about you!

Old farmhouses are always cold ... and in the winter, our floors are no exception. I can't keep socks on you no matter how hard I try, and your little feet are like icicles. I bet we've gone through at least a dozen pair of socks today. So I took advantage of those cute little feet and pulled out my camera.

One thing I've never noticed ... and I thought I knew everything about you ... is that your pinky toes are all the same. They all turn in and tuck under your other toes. I had to laugh because your Dad's little toes are exactly the same. You all have little crooked Siekman toes. All six of those little pinky toes!

The highlight of my today is right now ... as I sit here and type this letter to you I can hear you in the living room playing "Church." I peeked around the corner at you and I saw the cutest thing. Jay, you and Sam are standing on the end of the couch holding books, and Meg, you are standing facing them with a book open in your hand. Of course I grabbed my little voice recorder, and somewhere in all the yelling, I could make out the tune of "You've Got the Whole World In Your Hands." How true that is. (When I figure how to make a link out of the .mp3 on my desktop, I'll add it here.)

I love you so much.