Monday, March 31, 2008

Christmas Spirit

Being that Spring is now here, and tomorrow is April 1st, and yesterday was a fairly decent day, outside of the wind chill .... and a little bit of rain. I ask Marlboro Man to "pa-leeze" take down the Christmas lights on the front porch. (No, I can not post a picture ... he might do me bodily harm with certain hands on a certain throat, or dismantle my beloved computer) Ah, hem! But, rest assured that I did take pictures! Against his will! ... plus I timed him! It took eight minutes, and that was with his three helpers out there with him. I'd love to show you a picture of how cute they looked in their coats, shorts and cow boots. But I can't. I value my life ... and the life of my camera and computer even more. What's a woman to do! **sigh**

Marlboro Man thinks I am way to picky. "Just relax and go with the flow ... it ain't nothing!" he says. But, I just can't. I just can't live with the neighbors driving by and thinking that we live like the Chevy Chase movies! I just can not do it. It's not that I'm uppity or anything, or even anal, it's just that Spring is here ... and normal people don't have their Christmas lights still hanging on the porch in April. Granted, we're a tad bit far from normal, but I know when I drive by a house in the Summer time and see Christmas lights hanging from the rafters, I kinda think to myself, "Ahhhhhh! ... those kind of people!" Well, I don't want to be one of those kind of people. Even if I live way out here on Green Acres, and only the neighbors and cows see us.

Marlboro Man, on the other hand is a little (lot) more laid back than me. He thinks, "Why, by-cracky-heck-fire, just leave 'em there!" After all, the year is half gone ... what's another few months. Maybe we can add a few little red and blue streamers and start gittin' ready for Independence Day .... or hang a few little Punkin's for Halloween, and before you know it ... it's Christmas time again! Then he reminds me that, "they're clear lights ... not even red. You can't hardly even see them." Boy, that man always has his thinkin' cap on! I think that's why I love him so much!

I really didn't think I was asking for too much ... after all, all the snow has melted and all the ice storms are certainly over for this year. Though, I do have to admit, they did look pretty good with two foot icicles hanging from them a few weeks ago. Then, we have the fact that we haven't plugged them in for ninety-six nights now. Not that I've been keeping count or anything! But, Christmas is over!

I can tell you one thing ... in a few more months when he asks if we should put up Christmas lights, I think I'll decline! .... and God forbid we invest in a blow up Santa! (I saw one in a yard last week ... and he was waving to me!)

Be Blessed Everyone.

Sunday, March 30, 2008

The FarmHouse Kids - 6 months old



Dear Littles - Chapter Two

Sam, Meg & Jay
(click picture for better view)
Dear Littles,

In this picture, you were just a little over four months old. So little time had gone by, and yet you grew and fattened up, and our life with the three of you became routine. Everything in our life revolved around you and taking care of you.

At the time, taking care of you seemed endless. As much as I love you, the exhaustion was overwhelming. I'm not complaining, as I would do anything for you, but how can you prepare yourself for eight months of little or no sleep. Yet we survived ... and you thrived. As I look back on those days, I'm amazed at what we accomplished with little help.

Jo Caskey, your Nanny, was here from the day you came home from the hospital, until you were almost a year and a half old. How blessed I was to have had her here during the days. Oh, how we longed for her during the nights every once in a while. Then, at seventy-one years old, she retired .... and I was lost.

Even as an older Mother, even though I had raised four kids, she taught me so much. That woman was amazing ... she cleaned, cooked, quilted and took care of you like you were one of her many Grandchildren. I listened to every word she had to say, and hung onto every word. She knew you as well as I did. ... and she loved you too.

In the wee hours of the morning, I learned to feed all three of you at the same time by myself. It was a rare occasion that your Daddy missed a feeding in those early months, but as you grew and stretched out the hours, it was just me and you at 4:30am every morning.

It was at this time, that I dressed you all up and took your picture. It is countless, the photo sessions we had. In the night, at every feeding and every time you were awake. By the time you were this age, I actually had over three thousand pictures of you. Over time, you literally grew to hate my camera.

What beautiful babies you were, and just how blessed can one Mother be?

I love you,


Thursday, March 27, 2008

Orange Pop and Candy

I could rant and rant about how cute my kids are, but I won't. I don't want them to get big headed. They have super-sonic hearing and repeat everything these days, even if I don't say it. I believe that they can even read my mind. I think a thought and they run. It happens every time! I tried for 10 minutes to get them to sit on these concrete blocks out by a barn ... "No Way!" Sam said, "It's dirty!" I had to bribe them with Orange Pop and candy to sit down ... and they still wouldn't look at me. I really hate posed pictures at this age. It's hard. I don't have enough pockets for all the candy it would take to get them to look at me and smile.

Now Jay, on the other hand, ran all over the yard today wanting his picture taken. That was after I started talking about the Orange Pop and Candy. He was running place to place and literally begging for me to shoot him. That's shoot with a camera for anyone that tends to get radical.

Sam only stood still because I threatened him. No Pop! No Candy! No Food! No Water! No Toys! Nothing ..... for seventeen more years if he didn't stand there and smile. He did it! For a split second and he shot off like a lighten bolt. He had places to go and things to do .....

Jay even wanted his pictures taken twice in the same spot. Then he ask if he gets two Orange Pops and Two Candies. Now that's a smart kid. He's got it going on and adding it all up!

These two decided to work in the muddy garden before I caught up with them. Jay was planting Green Beans and Sam was planting Corn! Marlboro Man had not taken down the Tomato cages and they still have Tomatoes hanging on them. Sam and Jay found them! .... nothing more to add about that, except mushy rotten tomatoes that hung all winter are gross. So were my boys. MM is headed for trouble now ...

After wiping their hands on the grass .... they jumped on here and talked about Orange Pop and Candy!
Poor kids! I had to tell them that they can have it after Dinner .... it didn't go over well and I had to drag them in the house kicking and screaming! Summer is almost here! They're going to love all the Orange Pop and Candy they'll get if only they'll let me take their picture!
Be Blessed Everyone.

Tuesday, March 25, 2008

Driving School?

My kids told me yesterday evening that I need to go to driving school. They heard that from the man that pulled me out of a ditch twice in three days. That man just might could have been their Father ....

This evening we took the scenic route home from daycare. The one that takes us up and down the winding roads around our farm. The one that we sight-see on all the time. The one that houses the barns and cows that we talk to every evening ... and the road that had seventeen deer standing by it this evening. The road that I happen to live on. Did I mention that I was within sight of my house? Oh, so close ... and yet so far when you're stuck in a mud filled ditch.

We had gone up and down the road twice, then decided to drive over to the milk house (the place where Marlboro Man hangs out with all his women cows). Of course, once there, the kids ditched (no pun intended) me to ride home in the pick up truck with their Daddy.

I was just a bit in front of them, just inching along, watching the deer in the field, and watching the cows run up to the fence as we drove by ... and I was talking to Meg on the phone who was right behind me in the truck. Talking to cows is a very big thing when you live on a Dairy farm and you have three year old triplets. It makes for fabulous meal conversation when trying to get them to eat!

Suddenly .... I couldn't go anymore. I think I might have been stuck. Surely not me! In the mud and sucked down tight. On the narrow country road that is only a few inches wider than a car. My first hint was that I was tilted and leaning, and the cows seemed a little bit too close. I looked in my rear view mirror and Marlboro Man was close enough behind me that I could see the look on his face. You just wouldn't believe it ... so I won't go there! I can tell you that I heard him mutter and cuss through the phone that Meg was still holding .... shame on him! Then I laughed ... and he didn't! So I stuck my tongue out at him. ... and he didn't. Sometimes I feel real sorry for him for having to put up with me, but most of the time ... I think he loves me.

Out he gets with all three kids and hooks a chain onto my van and his truck. Gotta love those farmers and their pick-up trucks. Of course, the kids were so intrigued and asking a million questions, and were just loving it. Marlboro Man tends to clam up tight when he's mad. I think I made him clam up real tight. I'm not sure when, but I figured out real quick that he wasn't talking to me. Not even when I ask if I could run home and get my camera first.

So he proceeded to attempt .... did you get that? Attempt. It wasn't working ... so I put the brakes on and called him on the cell phone and ask the question of the day, "Hey Von!, I said. Am I supposed to put it in neutral or reverse? ... and should I give it some gas?" All I heard was, "You gotta be kidding .... are you serious?" You betcha buster! I wouldn't have ask if I knew what to do! This country girl don't do ditches often!

I could have just walked on home and left the van there ... instead I sucked it up and took it like a man. After a few spins and lots of mud slinging ... I was free! I'm asking for 4-wheel drive next Christmas.

Oh, .... about the cows. They were on his side! The uppity Heifers!

Be Blessed Everyone.

I think what got his goat ... was three days ago I was driving home after dark and backed off in a eight foot deep ditch. My rear end (not my butt) was suspended in the air, and only one back tire was barely on dirt, and my headlights were slightly pointing towards the sky. It could have slid at any moment and I could have rolled end over end. Of course the kids were terrified, and the policeman helped me get the kids out. Marlboro Man and his brother came to my rescue. Would you believe that they placed boards from underneath my van and when Don pulled the front end down ... MM drove it right out. ... and to think the police said I needed two tow trucks to lift it out! Two days prior, that same ditch was flooded and running over!

Sam had gotten out of his car seat and was standing up in it. I was coming up on a stop sign going forty and knew I couldn't stop ... so I whizzed right on through the stop sign and slowly came to a stop. I had to back out on the main road and Wham-Bam .... down I went. This country living is getting the best of me I tell you!

Monday, March 24, 2008

Farm Boys

Jay. It was a cold Spring day, but he wanted to go outside with his Daddy. Amazingly, these kids are three and a half years old now ... no longer babies, no diapers, and the time has come that the boys want to be with their Dad. Of course, I gently push the issue. I quietly whisper little things like, "Hey boys, Daddy is leaving. Wanna go with him?" Then I yell out .... "Hey Von, they're crying and want to go with you. Can they go for a bit?" (hehehehehe, he's not sneaking out and leaving me with three kids ... no sirree!) Then it's a mad rush to get boots and jackets on, and herd them out the door before he changes his mind. Whew! That's hard work!
Sam. Dirt streaked face and the best little helper on earth. He too wanted to go outside and help his Daddy. Yes! I love it when he wants to do that .... of course, I love spending time with my kids. Really I do. I only have a few moments of guilt when I boot them out the door.

But they're farm boys, and I have to remember that .... and farm boys are supposed to go outside with their Daddy and learn stuff. They're supposed to learn cow and farm stuff, and all about tractors and things like that. It's their job. It's their roots! Their destiny! So I know deep in my heart I did the right thing by shoving them outside in the cold.

Well, it really wasn't that cold. I'm just overprotective and probably over-dressed them, and I even took the lining out of their coat. It's a Mom thing! You can't kick your kids out without a coat .... would look bad you know! The neighborhood would talk .... sigh.

Farm Boys I tell you! Jay was yelling for Sam to run fast. There's work to do!
Not that I would trade in my kids or anything, but I used to feel a little bit sorry for Meg being the only little girl here. No play mates for her. She's so prissy she won't go outside with the boys ... I'd really be pushing it with Marlboro Man if I sent all three outside to work on the farm.
I knew God knew what he was doing when he gave us two boys and one girl! Me and that prissy little girl get to stay in where it's warm and talk about shopping and lipstick!
Be Blessed Everyone!

Sunday, March 23, 2008

That Bunny is in T.R.O.U.B.L.E.!

Happy Easter - 2008

This morning The FarmHouse Kids woke up hearing the Easter Bunny. They heard him come in, and they were trying so hard to see him, but the Easter Bunny was very sly. He hopped into our house carrying the three "smallest" Easter Baskets that he could "legally and morally, and without guilt, get away with." He opened the door, came into our house, and left as quickly as he came. He hopped on down the bunny trail ... and The FarmHouse Kids heard him leave.

They ran downstairs as fast as they could, and found the three cutest little baskets they've ever seen. Each one had a soft fluffy bunny in it ... and lots of candy. The Easter Bunny is a very smart Bunny. When Mommy talked to him on the phone, she ask him to not bring any Chocolate .... and he didn't. He listened to her, and is giving the Chocolate to all the other kids.
The FarmHouse Kid's Mother just can't deal with Chocolate x 3. The Easter Bunny was heard muttering these words as he was leaving their house this morning, "If Momma ain't happy, ain't nobody happy!" Then he sighed, shook his head and hopped away!
You would have thought that The FarmHouse Mom was asking for way too much, as she swept up a small trail of fuzz on the floor. In defense of the sisterhood, Miss Katie, the farmhouse dog, had nipped just a bit of Easter Bunny tail as he hurriedly scooted on out the door!
Be Blessed Everyone.

Saturday, March 22, 2008

Just One More!

My Mississippi Kids are Home

My Mississippi kids are home. They made it in about noon today and will leave back out tomorrow afternoon. It's only about a six hour drive home, so they got up really early this morning and headed home for Easter. After dinner tomorrow, they have to drive back. Jared has to work and Elissa has classes Monday morning. It was so good to see them. It was also good to take a few pictures of them. (like I don't have enough)

The kiddo's were taking a nap when they got here, so we did a photo session. Up went the background and out came the lights ... and the fun began. We did lots of shots on the floor. Jared is hard to photograph because he's always acting so silly. Every picture of Elissa is great. Her smile is beautiful. I know they're my kids, but I have to say .... they're gorgeous! It was just a year ago this month that I did their engagement pictures.
When the little kids woke up we left for Boston's to have pizza. We did a little shopping and headed for home. They had to drive back to Elissa's parents tonight and they'd only had about three hours sleep last night. But I just talked to them and they're safe and sound, and already there.
Be Blessed Everyone .... I have to go and help the Easter Bunny get ready to come here in the morning!

Friday, March 21, 2008

It's a Carter Day!

Hasn't he grown? He has fat rolls. I can't show you of course, but trust me .... they're there. Several of them, in several places. Carter was instantly hungry when we got home yesterday evening and wasn't really in the mood for picture taking. But being that is my priority, he had to wait to eat. Pictures come first in this house you know. I'll have to save the big photo session for tomorrow since he'll be here all day.

Marlboro Man brought the kids home and they were so excited. This was the first time they've seen Carter in "live person." They knew him from all the pictures, but they were in awe. Especially Jay. He just couldn't keep from loving on him. They all wanted their picture taken with Carter, but they each wanted to be by him. They couldn't get enough of him.
At bedtime last night I rolled Carter's little bassinet into their room. Sam ask him if he wanted to watch Bob the Beel-dor, and Jay wanted his bed rolled over beside his bed, so he could watch baby Carter.
Then Jay ask if we could have a baby like Carter ........ and we decided we'd better give him back before Jay gets any more bright ideas! When you're Grandma, there IS a return policy!
Be Blessed Everyone.

Thursday, March 20, 2008

Cute Kids

This is a very cute kid. I think he knows it. Can you tell? This is Luke, my Grandson. He's Carter's big brother and very much in charge. I drove over to visit them this afternoon ... and probably shouldn't have, but I felt better today and thought I was up for it.

Luke got out of his cage right before I left. You know I'm kidding don't you? It was a pretty day and he walked outside with me as I was leaving. In the span of three minutes outside, he waded through a muddy ditch, got soaked, and was a muddy mess. I think the kid is ready for Spring.

Then his Uncle Joey caught up with him. .... and this is priceless. They're both cute kids.

Luke's little baby brother Carter came home with me, and is spending the night. I'm so excited and wow, is it bringing back the memories of the every four hour feedings. But what's a Grandmother for! Luke is going to his other Grandmothers for the night, and their Mommy and Daddy are getting a night off.

Gotta run .... it's bottle time and I hear the little pip-squeak squealing! Oh, I just love it.

Be Blessed Everyone.

Tuesday, March 18, 2008

Happy Birthday Josh

Dear Josh,

Today you are twenty-seven years old. Wow ... that just amazes me that all those years have gone by and you are grown up. It seems just like yesterday that you were born. I was young and clueless about Motherhood when you were born. I quickly learned. That instinct we Mother's have is internal, and comes from our hearts.

I'll never forget that overwhelming emotion of love I felt for the first time in my life the moment I heard you cry the very first time. You were here and you were mine .... and that would be forever. You were in NICU for a couple of days and I never left your side. The night you were born, I wrote you a poem ... I read those words today.

Early this morning, I read the letters I wrote to you while I was still carrying you, and it was as if I could go back in time all those years ago and remember that feeling. I wrote my first letter to you the day I found out that I was pregnant with you. Many followed through out that nine months and throughout your life. I looked at my first picture of you today. You were sucking your thumb, and you weren't even born yet. Someday I'll give you the book of letters that I've written to you. I'm just not quite ready yet to give them up. They carry a great piece of my heart, and there are times I like to read them.

Remember when you were a little boy and I used to read them to you? .... and you were so amazed and pretended that you remembered everything I wrote about. As I read them, you would talk along with me and tell me all about "whatever I was saying" to you. You were so animated, and talked with your hands and rolled your eyes and shrugged your shoulders just perfectly.

Here are a few of my best memories of things you did when you were a little boy ....

The real Easter bunny brought you a real little four-wheeler when you were only four years old. Your eyes were huge when you saw him come around the corner of the house riding your Honda 4-wheeler. You couldn't even talk. When the Easter bunny jumped off and took off running back to get another one for Justin and Ryan .... you jumped right on it!

I remember when you got a Sega Master System for Christmas, and you weren't even old enough to really play it yet. (yes, your Grandpa Keith spoiled you kids) But I was. You would sit by my side and watch and try to get to every level right along with me. The last thing you would say to me was, "Mommy, wake me up if you get there." .... and I did. What was I thinking? I would tiptoe in your room and carry you out of your room, still asleep, and lay you on the couch by me, and you would wake up and give me hugs because it made you so happy! That was in the 1980's ... I wouldn't do that today. I'm older and wiser and would never wake a sleeping child!

Do you remember when we practiced for a Earthquake .... and I kept you all home from school because we were supposed to have "the big one." I stored water and food and decided that if it came in the night, how would you know what to do? How would I get all four of you from your beds and out the door? How could I get you all down the stairs? I took the threat serious and meant business .... so we were going to have a "earthquake drill." For a couple of days, I repeated the procedure and explained that you were all to run down the stairs and straight out the front door and go across the road and hold on to that big tree, and no matter what ... don't let go of the tree because I would come and get you. I promised, because I am your Mother and I loved you more than anyone on earth. And we practiced, and you laughed and thought I was silly.

So, the time came to have the real drill, and I waited until you were all asleep and then I stood at the top of the stairs and yelled as loud as I could ....."EARTHQUAKE." ... and you were the only one that ran down the stairs, out the door and across the road and you hugged that tree like it was going to save your life. Juli, Joey and Jared all stood at the top of the stairs and screamed and cried and were terrified .... and at that moment, I realized how wrong I was to do this to you. But I did it because I loved you so much! I'm sorry for that now ... I must have scared you to death.

Do you remember when you duct taped the kids to your mattress and slid them down the stairs? I do ... I wanted to wring your neck.

Do you remember when you wrote a little play called "Shy Monster" and you were the director, the producer and the star? You read your play out loud. I still have that hand written play, and I love it.

Do you remember when you ramped your little truck through the upstairs window and thought that was the coolest thing in the world because it landed on it's tires and kept going? Again .... I wanted to wring your neck.

Do you remember when you got your drivers license and you ripped the door off of our van backing up with it open, and you brought it home and parked it behind the house with the wrecked side facing away .... like I wouldn't notice! Yeah right! I think I did wring your neck on that one ....

Do you remember when you got mad at me .... you would "separate." Just like Voltron ... or was that Transformers? Your face turned red and you shook all over until you "separated." Oh that was so cute!

Do you remember when I was paranoid about strangers because we lived by a highway .... and the test that you all had to take? What was it going to prove? I typed a test with 15 questions and scenario's about strangers knocking on our doors, and having car trouble, or wanting to use the phone, or just about anything I could think of. I tried to trick you, but I tried to be real and get the answer that I wanted. You flunked it. You all did. You would have let a stranger come in our house, give him gas, borrow the car, use the phone, etc... We did another test! I'll never forget how I had each of you sitting at the kitchen table going over each question and why it was dangerous. Do you ever have any doubts about my sanity? ... or is it Motherly love?

There are so many things about you and happy memories and funny stories, and I could keep writing until tomorrow. We'll save it for a day that we're together and we'll talk about those times when you were a little boy. Once you told me that you had the best childhood, and that meant the world to me, for I know that is because I made it good for you.

My children's birthdays are so emotional for me. They should be happy times, and they are, but I reminisce back to the days when you were babies and just little tykes and I was your whole world. I like to think about the fun times you had and all the experiences that made you who you are today.

Mainly, I'm so glad that you did not move away when you grew up, and you're just a stone throw away from me, and you're always just a phone call away. It's wonderful to pick up the phone and know that you'll always answer when I call.

Now you're a Daddy to Luke and Carter ... and I know you know what love is. Isn't it wonderful?

Happy Birthday Josh! You are so loved my son, and I so love being your Mother!



Monday, March 17, 2008

One Year of Blogging!

Today I've been blogging for one year here. Before then I didn't know what a blog was ... let alone how to do one. Boy am I a quick learner! I love my blog .. and my blog buddies. Marlboro Man just doesn't understand ... or get it. "How can you know someone that you don't know?" he says.

Well, I can. .... and I do. I've gotten to know quite a few people in the past year, and I've made some really good friends out here in blog land. Near and far. I love the emails I get, and the friends that I've made, and the ones that I chat with on the phone. Don't tell Marlboro Man ... please!

I've also gained a new perspective of my life. I've had a soul cleansing with the stories that I've written, and I've grown fonder of me! It's amazing how just writing things down really helps the spirit and soul. I started out keeping a "sort of scrapbook" of my kiddo's ... and ended up with a few post written directly to you! It's been a fun year, and hopefully I'll be a blogger for many years to come.

So Happy Blogoversary to me! .... and please don't send money or gifts, Marlboro Man wouldn't let me keep them. He's like that. .... but you are welcome to send a few e-cards or just leave a few comments!

Be Blessed Everyone.

~ by the way, I'm giving away a gorgeous Bali Silver and Vintage Rose Crystal Dangle-Bracelet/Watch that I just sat down and specially made. The person with the most comments to this post will be the winner. Midnight tomorrow night (Tuesday night - 3.18.08) and the time is up! So if you want it .... let's see how many different comments you can leave, and you can't copy and paste the same comment each time, or your comment can't just be a word. They have to be comments, and IF you have a blog ... you should share the love, and post a few lines and link it back to here. (you know me, just revving up the stat counter). Have fun everyone and I'll be commenting back to all your comments to keep it exciting! ~ DW


Times Up! It's midnight .... and the winner is: Bubbles (Kathy) with 76 comments. She and Becky had quite a race going there for awhile. Becky came in 2nd place with 43 comments. ... and because Becky was such a good sport ... she wins a bracelet too. How about a "Mommy" bracelet Becky? Please email me ladies for wrist sizes!

Congratulations and thanks for playing gals! It was fun! Soon you will own an original "FarmHouse Kids" sterling silver bracelet!

Saturday, March 15, 2008

They're Not My Children

Beautiful? Huh? You weren't with me today at Wal-Mart, the Restaurant, or the Veterinary office. I'm still mad at them. It's okay for me to be mad at them, as long as I still love them .... and I do.

What started out as a great day, considering that I still felt weak, woozy and am in considerable pain after surgery yesterday, ended with three screaming Hyena's that got put to bed.

The Littles needed a haircut. When Jay gets bushy ... he doesn't look good. So off to see Melissa we were going. One amazing thing that happened early in the morning here, is that I too had enough time to get showered, dressed and made-up for the day. That's a rarity with the busyness in our house.
Meg had her morning melt-down because she didn't get to put make-up on. It's a necessity these days since she turned three. Just a bit of powder and blush is all that she requires, and a touch of lipstick. But I didn't do it right to suit her. She caught on this morning that the containers were still closed and I was faking it! It's worked just fine that way for months now ... and today the scam was up. Meg got carried out to the car under her Daddy's armpit with her feet in the air. She wasn't a happy camper! Between the screams, we heard the words, "I don't like you!" Whoa! Those are fightin' words!
Melissa works wonders with the Littles and they anticipated the candy filled Easter eggs that they were going to get, and did great in the beauty shop. My shabby kids are now sporting great looking cuts and lots of candy. We're such good parents and feed our kids right. They had Ding-Dongs for breakfast, and jelly beans for snack!
Then off to the Veterinary office we went. I thought it would be a good thing if we all went in instead of sitting in the car and waiting for Marlboro Man to stand in there for twenty-five minutes and talk "Cow" to everyone .... so unbuckle and in we go.
Meg, who is the leader of the pack in the screeching department, and who is the most verbal announced loudly that it stinks in there. Then she remembered that she didn't have her make-up on. It wasn't pretty. The boys destroyed the waiting room and took every flyer they could find that had a picture of a dog on it. We ended up with about forty. Marlboro Man says that we won't be going back to the Vet office again.
We went to a pizza place buffet for lunch, and outside of the waitress having to clean up the floor for about forty minutes after we left ... it was uneventful. I think they were storing it all up for Wal-Mart.
I'd like to work for Wal-Mart for about five minutes. I'd make an executive decision across the board for every Wal-Mart in America .... to NOT put the candy at the cash register. I bet a single man with no kids designed the layout of the candy department, and I bet he has a hidden camera linked to every store and sits back there laughing at all the Mom's that give in. Next time I'm going to Target!
Be Blessed Everyone.

Thursday, March 13, 2008

Bob on the Brain! (God help me)

Yes, Bob is still on the Brain! Mine, Jay's, Meg's and mainly Sam's! This morning when I took the kids to preschool the electric company people had about four trucks blocking the road while they were setting new utility poles on our road.

Before we ever left home, Sam was so excited. He got all the way out to the car, and then he suddenly stopped and turned around and ran back up the sidewalk to the door. He forgot his hat! ... and as we all know, Bob always wears his hat!

He had to have the hat because Bob the Beel-Dor wears a hat and he was going to see Bob and Liftie. Liftie had Bob up in the air in a bucket, and Sam was going to watch him. Sam was even going to work with him. (so he said) I parked the car sideways in the road so the kids could see, and we watched Bob work like we have every morning this week before preschool. Bob is quite amazing! He's on TV, and he works on our road too! Bob is quite an talented guy! Oh how I love that Bob!
This morning Bob even came over to the car and spoke to the kids. Sam was blushing and was so excited that his ears and cheeks were bright pink, and he couldn't even bring himself to talk to Bob. It's not every day, that Bob and his helpers stop what they are doing and come and talk to you. Even if they're coming to tell you that they cut your telephone line in half accidentally and your telephone doesn't work anymore.
So we sat there and watched Bob work for a good little while. The whole time Sam was mesmerized. I thought for a brief moment that no way could I take his Bob movie away from him. He loves it so much. No matter how tired of living, eating and thinking Bob I am. I could, however, just hide Bob for a few days. So tonight folks, that what I did. I hid Bob the Builder on top of the TV ... up so high that Sam couldn't possibly reach it.
Then as I sat here blogging my little heart out .... I heard a little boy upstairs singing, "Bob the Builderrrrrr! Can you do it? Yes, we can!" Over and over I heard this. Then I heard banging and slamming and more banging. Then I heard Bob the Builder on TV. Bob the movie had somehow found it's way into the DVD player. It must be magic!
I tip-toed my way upstairs to see what was going on. For I knew that Marlboro Man was surely wide awake while on bedtime duty. Surely the man didn't shirk his duties and fall asleep!
Lo and behold when I opened the door .... what a sight did I behold! Lordy be! The bedroom light was on, Marlboro Man was sound asleep in the recliner. Meg was asleep in her bed, and Jay was asleep in his bed!
Bob's sidekick, Sam, was standing on the chair that goes to his cute little desk. The cute little chair was on top of Jay's bed! Sam was on tippy toes reaching to put a CD in the CD player on the top shelf! (thank goodness the shelf is bolted to the wall) He looked at me and said, "It doesn't work!" .... then he grinned. Then I grinned. Then I didn't have the heart to get upset with him. He knows I'm a sucker for that grin!
So now I'm sitting down here whistling ........... "Sam the builderrrrrr ......... yes, he can!" God help me! When I get this tune out of my head, I promise that I won't tell any more Bob the Builder stories! Never ever! Well, maybe .. if Sam is in them!
Be Blessed Everyone.

Tuesday, March 11, 2008

The Littles - Chapter One

Dear Little's,

Yes, you're still little. Even though you think you're big now ... you're not. It's only been three and a half years since the day you were born. Some days my head spins with your busyness, and I am still grasping the fact that I gave birth to you. All of you. A minute apart. Every minute for three minutes, I delivered each of you. That in itself makes you a miracle. Each of you are beautiful miracles, and I am so blessed to be your Mother.

I look at the pictures of the day you were born and I revel in the fact of how far you have come. Each of you were on ventilators in these pictures, and that was your beginning. You were born long before you were ready and before you could breath on your own. I felt so guilty and so overwhelmed. I guess that is why I am so overjoyed that you are okay, and you made it. But then again, I am your Mother and it's my job to feel joy when I think of you. You're each strong and doing well. You are healthy ... and so am I. We're a team now, you and I.

That first day was such a blur. It was only hours before I got to visit each of you, but it felt like weeks. To see you lined up on one wall .... all together, but so far apart from when you were in my womb, was surreal. It was real that you were here, but I didn't expect the fear for your life that coursed through my veins, or the reality of just how fragile you were. Or the instantaneous overwhelming love I felt for you. I knew a Mother's love, as I was a seasoned Mother. But what I didn't know was the countless prayers and the endless bargaining, that I would do with God.

For awhile, every day was one step forward and two steps back until each of you grew, and each of you were out of danger. Many sleepless nights happened in our house, and many nights I couldn't sleep. and would get up and drive to the hospital just to touch you. and let you know that I was there. Every day was another day that we made it, and another day under our belt. NICU became our way of life for those two months before you came home. But you grew, and you grew to breath on your own without help. Each of you. ... and one by one, the tubes and lines disappeared, and one by one, you came home to live with us.

These pictures don't truly show just how small you were. Each of your heads fit in my hand, and your fingers were so tiny I was afraid I would hurt them when you wrapped them around mine. But you knew me then, as you you know me now ... and you hung on, just like you hang onto me now. I'm always here for you. It's been a good three years and we're still a team .... You and I. Forever.



Monday, March 10, 2008

The FarmHouse Kids

Sam's media center. Just ask Sam. He owns this theater ... lock, stock and barrel. He is in charge of movie hour at this house and he only chooses the movie. Of course, he takes about fifteen minutes to choose the movie and it's always the same movie. We are wearing out "Bob the Beel-dor."

Secretly, I am ready for a change, but Sam is not! I think, dream and hum Bob, and Bob is really getting on my nerves these days. Really. I find myself asking myself the ten-thousand dollar question before I do anything .... "can we do it? yes, we can!" Do you know how annoying it is to hear Bob the Beel-dor and say the chant before you start an IV in someone? It's disgusting to be a well rounded mature adult who thinks in Bob terms with every move because of a three year old that loves his Bob the Beel-dor! So, we're making some changes.

Yesterday I cleaned their room and rearranged things in order to make more room for some "floor activities and lessons." We're going to start doing homework in their room! I want them to love their room, and I want their room to be cozy and warm and inviting .... mainly, I want them to want to be in there doing something other than watching Bob the Beel-Dor!

When you have triplets .... it's all about choices and entertainment, so we might as well make a few good choices and entertain them in a good way. So their room is turning into their "class room" over the next week or so.

The first thing I did was to label it their room! I found an awesome site that lets you choose whatever saying you want and turn it into stickers that look painted or stenciled. So up by the ceiling between the boys bed ..... it says who they are: "The FarmHouse Kids."

I've ordered three more quotes for their walls that will be here soon. I wrote a little prayer for each one of them and will put it on the wall above their beds.

We have three of these desks that I've had since they were babies ... and now they're finally big enough to use them. We're going to load them up with their supplies and start doing school work and keep busier learning things rather than having just free play on weekends all the time. I'm going to get to be the Teacher .... and I'm sure Sam will get to be the leader some of the time.

Looking at this little desk and just thinking of how much they'll love sitting at their own desk and learning their school work just melts my heart. I still haven't processed the fact that I have them ... and I certainly can't believe that they're three and a half years old and are so hungry for knowledge.

So Good-Bye Bob the Beel-Dor! .... we're moving on!

Be Blessed Everyone.

Thursday, March 6, 2008

Hand in Hand

I felt the need to have a little one on one with my child, and a special little boy named Jay spent some time with me this evening.

We got Sam and Meg to go upstairs to watch TV, so that Jay and I could leave without them crying to go with us. They'll get their turn, but tonight it was Jay's turn.

He was so excited and put his coat on by himself. He stood at the door and ask me if I was ready to go. Then he reached out his hand and slipped his into mine.

His little hand was so warm and so small, and I was so aware of his fingers wrapped tightly around mine. We walked side by side down the narrow sidewalk with our arms swinging in the night air. As I looked down at the top of his little head, it just amazed me how tall he is getting and how grown up he must feel tonight. It was just me and him. He was looking up at me and talking as we walked to the car, and he was totally oblivious to where we were going. Just happy to be going.

We weren't going anywhere special. Only for a short drive just so we could talk. Just me and him, by ourselves, just for the pure joy of his company. Company that I was needing tonight. Him.

I ask Jay what he learned at school today, and he sighed and said, "I didn't learn nothing ... I just colored." ... and that made me smile. I ask him if he learned his ABC's or counted his numbers, and he rubbed his little head and said to me, "I already know them all." In the dark, quietly to myself, I smiled even bigger. He melts my heart.

We only drove for a short distance and our little mission was accomplished. As I pulled back into the drive, I heard Jay yawning and ask him if he was ready to go home, and ready to go to bed, and he said in the most grown up of voices, "Mommy, you forgot to bring my Jammie's with you."

I unbuckled him from his car seat and ask him if he wanted me to carry him in the house, and he said to me, "I'm very big, I can walk now", then he sweetly said, "Mommy, will you hold my hand?"

I reached down and took his little hand in mine and we walked up the sidewalk together .... side by side. I was so aware of how small his hand was, and how warm, and just how good his hand felt in mine.

Someday, his hand will be bigger than mine and he'll lead me up and down that sidewalk ...

Be Blessed Everyone.

The Simple Things

It's really funny how kids see things. It's always entirely different than how we as adults view things. These are just empty jugs .... just worthless plastic that hadn't made it out to the "recycle rope" yet.

But through my Little's eyes, they didn't see trash. They saw these as something to treasure, and they saw these as something new, something that came in three's, and something that is for boys and something that is for a girl. I have to sit here and smile as I think back to last night and the things I heard them say about these jugs.

Marlboro Man picked the kids up from his sister's house last night about 8:00. She's been so good to keep them the last two evenings since I've been sick. So when they walked in the back door, the first thing they spotted were these empty fabric softener bottles.

Sam was first to grab them, and as the "leader" he gave each of them a jug. He handed Jay a blue one and a Meg a pink one, and he kept a blue one. The boys were so excited to have a new colorful jug, even though they didn't have a clue what it was. They had so much fun throwing them up in the air and were talking a mile a minute about their new found treat.

With wide eyes, Megan instantly grabbed her pink bottle, hugged it to her chest and exclaimed, "Oh-My-Goodness! It's Pink. Did you buy it for me Mommy? Just for me?"

I sure did Meggie .... just for you, just because it's pink.

Such simple things .... just melt your heart when you're a Mom.

Wednesday, March 5, 2008

Lady Bugs

This morning I woke up to this. You have to go visit Nan at her blog to see the full post. She is hilarious! It made my day! It also made me cough because I laughed so much! Having Pneumonia isn't much fun!

The funny thing that I haven't told Nan is that this little tune is driving me nuts too, and has been running through my head non-stop since Saturday! It's very addicting! But I love it.

When I first heard this little jingle, I thought of my Mother-in-Law that I truly loved from the bottom of my heart. I think about her often and especially when I see Ladybugs. She was always on a mission to get rid of them, and they were so plentiful that she could never get them all.

So I started looking at Ladybugs differently after Mom passed away. I saw them as cute, busy little creatures ... just like Mom was. She was a joy in my life and I miss her so much. There are days I look at my kids and just would give anything if they could have met her. Then I see a Ladybug and they make me smile! So in my heart, I like to think that Mom knows my kids, for her presence is always with us.

You didn't even know it Nan, but thanks for the reminder of her this morning! Her birthday is coming up next week and you gave me a great reminder of someone I really loved.

If the little Ladybug song isn't playing when you read this .... you can scroll down to the bottom and click it. It will make you smile!

Have a Blessed Day Everyone!

Tuesday, March 4, 2008

They Know What Love Is ...

Tonight, I turned around and I saw these kids differently. I saw them no longer as my babies, but as little kids. They talk to me and they talk to each other with meaningful conversations and they mean what they say ... to me and to each other.

All about Sam!

He's the sweetest little guy and he's a leader. He's the quickest temper and he's the softest heart. He loves his animals as if they were real. He cuddles them and holds them and strokes their faces and kisses them. He loves them. He loves me. He tells me so. He rubs his cheeks on mine and tells me, "we're so soft." He feels his love in his heart, and he talks about it. He knows what Love is ....

Megan. Her voice is so sweet. She tells me that mine is too. She says that she is my baby, and that she loves me so much. I love her too. It's been so many years since I had daughter this young. I almost forgot how sweet it is. She talks about love, and girl things and how we'll go shopping and be the bestest of friends together and forever. How can she know this at her age? She knows, and she knows what love is ... So do I. I feel it in my heart.

All about Jay.

How lucky can one Mommy be. He's tender. He's sharp. He's quick. He wears his heart on the outside and we watch it softly beat. It beats with love for his sister and his brother, and he's always ready to take care of them when they hurt. He loves them. He tells them so. He loves me too. He says it every time the thought enters his mind .... and it's often. He smiles all the time, he's happy and winks at me like he has a secret. ... and he does. He knows what love is.

It's so wonderful to watch these kids grow. I sometimes wonder what did I do to deserve this. This opportunity doesn't come along very often in a woman's life to have this kind of love in triplicate. I'm so very blessed ... and so are they.

Be Blessed Everyone.