Thursday, July 17, 2008

You have the whole world in your hands ~

Dear Sam,

When I saw this picture of you that I had taken yesterday evening, I had to edit it. I can see your serious side. The one that I rarely see. It only lasted for a split second ... but I was quick enough to catch it.

You're our funny guy. The jokester. The one that laughs with all you have, from the inside out. You're the smallest, but you have a big personality and a big heart. You are the leader of the pack and you are so sure of yourself. You keep me hopping and always on my toes.

I often think back to the first few weeks of your life when you are being just Sam. In your beginning, it didn't appear that we would bring you home, and it certainly didn't appear that you would be healthy, both physically and mentally. But you are. You beat the odds, and you proved everyone wrong. Except God. He held you and lifted you up. I believe that.

I never believed them when they told me that you wouldn't live, and I didn't believe them when they said that you would not live a normal life if you survived. I believed that God had a bigger plan for you, and he gave you this life so that you will change men and move mountains. I believe that you are such a miracle that God will use you in a way to change the world. I believe that.

You have the whole world in your hands Sam ... the whole wide world, and someday when you're grown up ... I'll be here by your side as you speak and the world listens! I believe that.

I love you,