Wednesday, April 30, 2008

Littles - Chapter Four

Dear Littles,

Last week we started a new tradition in our home. Every morning since, before we leave to go to preschool, you sit in a row on the couch and we talk, and we hold each other's hand. Your Daddy and I sit in front of you on your little chairs, and we make a circle. A circle, that is our family. .... and you listen, and you talk. In your childish voices, you talk with such sincerity, it melts my heart.

For a few minutes, we talk about you, and how much you are loved, and we talk about your life. Although you're young, we want to set a foundation for you to follow. We want to teach you honesty, and integrity. We want to teach you values and respect. But for now, we want to teach you to love each other ... and to always hold that high in your heart. You are each other's family ... and that is so important. Long after we're gone, we want you to always cling to each other.

I'm amazed at the maturity of you at three years old, and just how deeply you love us. I see it in your faces, and I hear it in your voices, and it reinforces just how much I love you. I know how my heart feels when I see you. I know that joy when I feel the warmth, and the smallness of your hand, as you slip it into mine.

You now are remembering what we talk about about, and you're telling each other, and you're telling us it is time to have "our family talk." You're reminding each other, and you're hugging one another and you're saying, "I love you."

This week, I've made it my mission to write down every little thing you've said about us as a family, and how we love each other. "For with love, all things will fall into place as you grow." Mainly, I'm intrigued at how you interpret and relate it to each other, and us as a family. Then I remember .... you are only three years old. ... and I smile.