Thursday, July 3, 2008

Dear Littles - Chapter Eight

Dear Littles,

Sunday we took you to a air show, but there were no airplanes. We went expecting to see big jets and lots of buzzing in the sky, but there were no airplanes. It was too windy and it was delayed.

You didn't mind ... for we found a big hill close by the river where we could watch the boats in the water and watch the trains go by.

You sit for a long time, then you got restless. You realized that the hillside you were on was steep and it was a long way down. You rolled and scooted to the bottom ... and you giggled, and you had fun. You loved it, and I loved watching you. Every time you reached the bottom, you held hands and trudged back up to the top.

I wonder if you'll remember the fun you had, and how big that hill was to three small children. I wonder if you'll someday hear the echo of laughter in your mind when you see this picture. I know as long as I live, I'll remember, and I'll count this day as one that was special. A big hill and my three kids. Will you remember this day?

I love you with all my heart.