Thursday, January 3, 2008

Ralph's Place (Part One)

Ralph's Place ..... just a old barn that is falling down back along a curvy country road that really takes you no where. No where special, no where at all.

Ralph's Place .... with a beat up old rusty Chevelle, just sitting there with sharp briar's growing in, and around it. With no windows and the cruel weather, it's just sitting there growing older by the minute. No seats to sit in, and no one to love this old car. It's day of beauty was over.

Ralph's Place .... just a left over old home place that is neglected and unkempt these days. Nothing there but a grain bin and a barn full of junk. No one visits there these days, and no one calls this home. It is pretty meaningless to anyone passing by. No memories, no love and only a place of the past.

But to a heartsick woman and a lonely man, it was about to become a special beautiful place. It holds the very beginning of their destiny. The very beginning of a country dream .... one that began long before they ever met. Long before they knew that Ralph's Place would be forever be in their hearts.

She rode along in silence as the semi bumped slowly along the narrow gravel road. What was she doing here? Mile after mile she rode, wrapped deep in her thoughts, until the air in the semi started to suffocate her. She could feel the nausea rise up from her stomach. She could feel her head spinning, and she had to lean back and take a deep breath. She had to get away from him.

This had to stop. Day after day she rode with him. No more, she vowed to herself. She was finished. She would no longer waste her life in this truck, going with him to make sure he didn't cheat. No more. She was over it and today was the beginning of the end for her.

As the brakes squealed, he rolled the big truck to a stop deep into the country, on a curvy country road. He slowly backed the rig into a small woods. They would sit here again for a hour and wait. Wait until the man on the bucksaw would pile the logs high on the trailer of the semi-truck. Then they would leave. But they would return. Again.

She couldn't stand the noise and the movement as the loader dumped the big logs, one by one, onto the truck. It shook the truck and jolted her to reality with every bang. She felt like running away.

Off in the distance, just across the old fence row was a barn. It was beyond repair and was grown up with weeds. Yellow flowers were bloomed, and they bordered the side of the barn. She could see an old green car that had been abandoned there, and a big stone well sat in the middle of the property. Off to the side, several old apple trees hung heavy with fruit, and she could see a mail box along the road that was rusted and broken. To her, the overall picture was intriguing, and she had to see what was inside that barn.

Slowly, she climbed the fence and headed towards the old barn. Alone, she had time to kill, and a lot of thinking to do.

To Be Continued .....

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