Friday, October 31, 2008

Happy Halloween!

Hi Firefighters!  Hello Tinkerbell!  Have fun at school today!

This is the first Halloween that they 'willingly' dressed up and were excited about Halloween.  But of course, the magic word 'candy' was spoken to Jay and he led the pack in the chase for the party at preschool this morning.

So here's my little cuties all decked out for some good trick or treating!

Oh by the way .... Tinkerbell said to tell everyone 'Hello!'  The firefighters were only interested in the loot!

Thursday, October 30, 2008

Happy Birthday to the The FarmHouse Kids

Better late than never!  These little guys turned 'four' last week and we had a big big party at Chuck E. Cheese on Saturday.  There were only at least thirty million kids there at the noon parties.  Whoa!  I wonder how many people ended up with a bad case of the 'snots' besides me.

Of course all thirty million kids were not in our party, but we did have four sets of triplets there, Kelcie and Luke and our sweet little niece Livia.  They all ate pizza and had a great time.  Then they got to open all their presents!  It's been a week and these kiddo's are still in 'Birthday mode'. 
They love love love their birthday presents!
The kids had cups of tokens and loads of fun.  Here's Kelcie and Luke, and Juli having fun.
Happy Birthday Boys ....   I can't believe that it's been 4 years already and to think that you're big enough to have a 'Big Kids' party and have your friends come.

Friday, October 24, 2008

Quiet Little Guy

Not that this is the Sam show .... but yesterday evening, Sam came to me and said, "Ahhhhh .... he sure is a quiet little guy!"

Yep Sam, that's a mouse .... and he's dead!  Feet in the air dead!  It's disgusting ... don't pick up dead animals!  Ewwwww!

Sam, along with his brother Jay has been taught by the higher order of the farm to go outside and pee at the end of the sidewalk!  That higher order forgot to tell them to leave the dead mouse outside!

This is farm country and yes, there are country mice!  Nice little fat ones ... that need to remember to live in the barn!

Thursday, October 23, 2008

Dear Littles - Chapter Twelve

Dear Littles,

Today could have possibly been the hardest day of my life, and I truly hope you don't remember it when you're grown.

This morning was your four year check up with Dr. Stone. I was so proud of myself. I got you there on time. By myself. Your Dad ended up having an emergency with a calf that ruptured and had to go back and meet the Vet.

Smooth sailing I thought. After all, you're four years old now and since that magic number came knocking on our doorstep last week ... life has been wonderful. I can do this. Alone. People that work in daycares have more kids than three .. and I know other Mom's that have even a higher order of multiples, and they do it, ... and so can I. Well, after today, I vow to admire them greatly.

We arrived. We checked in and I was smug. You of course had already started crying because you didn't want to be there .. but I blew it off and helped you suck it up.

When I saw the receptionist looking at me repeatedly with a very frantic look in her eye, my smugness started to disappear. I felt panic in my stomach and knew that something was terribly wrong. Then with a white face she leaned out through the window and said to me, "You are NOT on the schedule for today."
WHAT! I have to be ... I just moved heaven and earth to get these kids here on time, juggled my job and pulled myself together to boot. "You're mistaken", I said, "You're the one I spoke to on the phone and I wrote it down on my calendar right then, and again in another place while we were talking."

Of course, the entire waiting room was full of Mom's with kids waiting to get their flu shot and they all got that same smug look that I was wearing only two minutes before.

The receptionist then said to me, "There is no way we can see you right now .. but you can come back at 3:00pm today or reschedule. Today was not the day you were scheduled." I was feeling defeat and was almost ready to reschedule, then I said, "Well ... when was I scheduled?"

She said to me, "Well ...... (long pause ) Your appointment is for this same date and time ... only it's in 2009." The light bulb suddenly clicked on in my head and my smugness reappeared as quickly as it turned tail and ran, and yes, you were all still clinging to me and whimpering and whining like I was sending you to the gas chamber.

For once I knew that I had to stand my ground ... for I knew that they wouldn't cut me any slack if the shoe was on the other foot ... and I said, "I'm sorry, but you put the appointment in for the wrong year ... and I can't come back later today. I live 30 miles from here and what am I supposed to do with three kids in town all day. I have to go to work, and it's flu season, and I want my kids to have their flu shots today like I was scheduled." ... and yes, you continued to climb up my legs like Opossum babies with red eyes and snotty noses dripping on my shirt tail. I was able to keep my balance and stand there with almost 100 lbs of kids hanging from every limb while the receptionist called the nurse and told her that we could/would not come back later in the day.

Yes, you had your appointment and yes, it took right at one and one-half hours as scheduled. You had your four year exam, your flu shots and your four immunizations. It wasn't pretty kids, but I survived. You screamed until the walls shook, and I held my head up high as we walked out through at least 30 patients into a waiting room that was so full, that people were standing up ... and they were no longer smug.

(The rest of the story will be added tonight when my Littles are safely carried up the stairs after being sedated with Tylenol.)

ADDED: I love you kids ... more than you can ever imagine, but today I wanted to disown you for a short period of time. You are smart kids, and you proved it today with Dr. Stone. You were totally in charge. When she came in to do your well check, she talked to you and kidded around and ask you all questions that you know. You all gave her the silent treatment. After you made that secret pact that you make with only a gaze in each other's direction ... you huddled and ignored her, and stared right through her. You never uttered a single word to her. Not one. The entire visit.

I'm sure she thinks I'm fibbing when I told her how smart you were and that you know your letters, and your numbers, and you can trace your name and carry on full conversations, and you can identify almost every thing you see. You huddled and you refused and became almost stuporous and catatonic until she gave up. I vow this day to pay you back when you're a teenager ... out of love of course.

I was never so thankful to leave a place in my life. But I had to get you out the door, and you refused to walk because your legs hurt. I felt like a bad Mother because I knew that I couldn't carry all three of you out, and I knew that if I just kept walking you would follow. So out the door I went with all of you screaming after me. All in a row.

So I learned today .... that magical number four has a bad side to it, and it hopped aboard and went with us today. Let's pray that when you go back next year ... it's long gone and you will at least utter a sound and make eye contact with Dr. Stone ... and remind me, to not do this again alone.

Did I like you today? Not much. Do I love you? Forever and Always.



Wednesday, October 22, 2008

"S" for Sam

Sam looked up in the sky this morning when he heard the honking of geese, and he said, "Look Mom ... S for Sam!  How sweet he is.

Monday, October 20, 2008

The Magic Number

This past week, I found a magic number, and I am loving it.  It's loving on me too ... and life couldn't be any better with this new found number thing that just mysteriously happened in our house.  It's the number "4". 

When "4" moved in last week, it brought lots of new changes to our home.  I wasn't prepared for these drastic overnight changes, and they happened so suddenly, from one day to the next.  I must have slept somewhere in between.   At first I was so reluctant to accept this, and desperately wanted to hang onto number "3" because I was so used to all the chaos and havoc it brought with it a year ago.  Mainly I was afraid that I couldn't handle the changes it was bringing ... but I was wrong.

Number "3" was very mouthy and irritable.  It would throw itself down and a have a total ridiculously floor flattened meltdown.  It would scream for no reason and have trantrums over the smallest little things.  It wouldn't eat.  It wouldn't drink.  It would throw things and hit people, and it would cry until my head would spin.  The only thing good I can say about the number "3" is that it did learn to pee and poop in the potty.  I wanted to give it a medal when it accomplished this, but overall the number "3" was more good than bad.  If only it wasn't so darn independent and unpredictable!!!

It's funny now, because when number "3" came here a year ago ... it was much better than the number "2" that had been here for the whole year before that.  Number "2" was terrible and ugly during his stint here in the Siekman house.  I am so glad he moved on out the door and down the road.  I don't care if he ever shows up again, and I vowed to pray for everyone I know that has a number "2" at their house, and I will always do my best to tell them that "2" is only temporary and it whizzes by so quickly that you just don't know what hit you.  The worst thing about "2" being here was the poop parties it encouraged.  I almost didn't survive that phase of "2", but then again ... those times was a bit better than number "1" when it came to sleep.  At least "2" slept like a log ... but only when its batteries ran down.

Number "1" exhausted and zombified me.  But oh how cute it was.  It brought the fattest little cheeks ... both cheeks.  The uppers and the lowers.  I just loved them.  "1" was a busy little number and it learned alot.  Sad little thing about "1" is that it couldn't seem to remember a single thing I said.  But all good things eventually come to an end and "1" didn't stick around forever ... he was booted out the door when "2" reared its head.

Now about number "4".  I truly love it.  It is so smart.  It understands everything I say to it.  When I tell it that it can not have a piece of gum until it picks up it's toys ... it just picks up its toys.  I can reason with it.  Wow!  I can really reason with it.  When I take it somewhere, it stays right with me.  It doesn't grab the gum and all the candy it sees and stuffs its pockets.  No, it simply ask for money.  Lots of money.  It is learning to write its name and it can count past thirty on a real good day.  It sings songs and it has learned to stay put in its own bed at night.  I really love "4" ... more than you know.  It's only been here a few days, but WOW ... it just sailed right in and took over.  It's a real smooth number.  Kind of mature acting .. and it says the sweetest things. 

I'm sure by next October I'll find a new magic number and it will be the number "5", and I will be asking it where it has been all my life.  I might  never let it go either ... because once it leaves my house, things will really change fast.  School, activites, boyfriends, girlfriends, telephones ... and the next thing you know, cars and trucks follow it home, then it leaves for college and never comes back.  I'm not looking forward to that ... so for now, I'm going to enjoy "4" being here, and I'm going to enjoy every single day of it!

Sunday, October 19, 2008

Prayers for My Mother

ADDED: My Mother's CT scan came back clean. No tumors and no cancer. She does have Aortic congestion and that isn't good. She does seem to be a bit better and that is good. Praise God.

I've never been a smoker and I just can't understand why people do it ... and why they can't quit. Surely something that can save your life would be easy to do. It would have been wonderful if Mom could have quit five years ago ... what a difference that would have made. My Mom is only 69 years old.

Thanks for all your prayers.

I've received tons of emails and calls asking if I'm okay since I haven't been blogging and especially since I haven't posted about the kids birthday.

My job is very busy right now for the next week, and I have a lot going in my life. My Mother is very ill and needs everyone's prayers. Hopefully she'll get through this, but she is very sick. She has COPD and just went into CHF (Congestive Heart Failure) and now they're looking for tumors in her heart and lungs. Pray that her CT scan comes back clean and her condition improves.

I'll be posting my Dear Littles Birthday Letters tonight or in the morning ... but I wanted to let everyone know that has emailed or called me ... Thank You for your thoughts and love!


Sunday, October 12, 2008

The Weed Field

Early this morning the boys were playing farmer. Not a new thing here since that is a daily event with these little guys. So I took advantage of the "farmer" clothes and herded them out into a fescue field behind the house.

Of course, I had to drag the Princess since she doesn't do well in the weeds. I ended up carrying her and had both my camera's slung over my shoulder so I could beat the boys to where I wanted to go. Next time I think I'll dump her in a wheel barrow and push her around instead.
I had great ideas of the three old school desks that I bought at a junk store, sitting out in the middle of the field with my gorgeous littles in the sunshine doing "homework" and writing their names. Can't you just picture that image in your head? I wanted it to do a portrait for their fourth birthday that is coming up this week. Sometimes I'm way too sentimental and I'm always trying to capture that "perfect" shot of my little trio all together. Together is the key word here.

Well, it didn't happen! According to Meg, the weeds were itchy, her legs hurt, she didn't like it, she wanted to go home, she wanted held, she wanted a drink, she didn't want her picture taken in the weeds, and she needed to go pee. The "go pee" was the one that did the trick for her, and we headed for the house.

Oh well .... maybe next time!
Meg doesn't know it yet ... but since there is no school tomorrow, we're doing this all over again in the morning, and I'm serious about the wheel barrow ... ha ~

Wednesday, October 8, 2008

That Time of the Month

Wow ... I've been MIA haven't I? Whoa ... a whole week. Did I ever tell all of you that I have a job. I'm a RN for a pharmacy and it's been that "time of the month." It's the time that my head spins in circles and I meet myself coming and going. All because I want a paycheck to support my lens habit. My boss man has my monthly goods (reports), so now I can breathe and return to the leisurely life of a working mom of triplets, photographer, blogger, wife, etc ... (I'm just kidding, my life is anything but a piece of cake and leisurely ... I'm a very busy Momma!)

I have so much to blog about and so many cute pictures of the littles to edit ... but let me tell you this. It just might make it into a "Dear Littles" story. Last night Meg said to me, "If you don't hold me, I won't play with you anymore." Then Jay said, "Mommy ... I'll always play with you." Isn't that sweet? Just gotta hang onto all those little things they say ... and tell their story, so someday when they read it to their Grandkids, they can say ... my Momma had it B-A-D!

Saturday morning we went to a Pumpkin Patch with lots of other families with twins, triplets, quads and quintuplets, and I have some great pictures of a certain little trio showing off on a big slide.

We're also getting ready to have a very big thing happen in our house the end of next week ... we're having a Chuck E. Cheese Birthday Party for three special little turkeys that live here, and I'm going to ask all of you faithful readers to send them a birthday card or just a note so they can keep it in their Treasure Boxes. I'll write more about that later.

But just so that you know that I haven't been all work and no play .... here's something very pretty to look at that I did Sunday evening, and tomorrow morning I'm regrouping and starting a "catch up blogging binge."

Let me know what you think. Me and my best friend, Miss Canon 5 D, will be attending her pushing party in the next few weeks and the little lady that will make her entrance into this world is going to be little Miss Ava.

Guess what? I am going see her take her FIRST BREATH. hint: my birth photography site is L-I-V-E! Yay!

So .... did you miss me?? Just a little bit? Just a little bitty teensy weensie tiny bit?? I missed you too!