Wednesday, March 21, 2007

The FarmHouse Kids - Yes, they're triplets!!!

Can you imagine a five foot long stroller that that you have to pop a "wheelie" to even turn a corner? You can't go in stores in a mall because you can't turn around.... furthermore, it looks like a Tornado left destruction in it's path.... you have six hands pulling clothes off the racks! A trail of six shoes and six socks left behind as they throw everything out, and they've slimed everything left hanging, with cookies! The sales people cringe when they see multiples coming in! I cringe at the thought of going in!

You can't go pee at the mall or anywhere because the restrooms aren't big enough for the "monster stroller" and you can't let them loose because they'd play in three toilets and unwind three rolls of toilet paper and you might lose one of them.

The worst part is Wal-Mart Mentality..... Wal-Mart has you by the "balls" when it comes to having triplets..... you have to go to Wal-Mart!!!!! It's the only place that accommodates the stroller and has everything you need all in one place.... groceries, tons of diapers, baby food, milk.... oh yes, 6 gallons of milk a week and anything else you might want. For the most part, the people that frequent Wal-Mart are okay.... but you really get your "winners!" You find yourself avoiding people and thinking that if you don't make eye contact you won't get stopped!

For example, a man walks right up and ask, "Did you automatically qualify for welfare and food stamps when you had them?" I'm so quick, I come right back, "No did you?"

NEXT? "Are they triplets?" "Yes, they are" I say ...... NO WAY! I just want to say, "You think I just collected three kids to waltz through Wal-Mart on a Saturday because it's fun?" They just stare at you speechless and say, "NO WAY! I've never seen triplets before!" WELL buddy.... look again ...... 1..2..3 !!! Can you say TRIPLETS?

The best question is, "did you do that there fertility stuff?" ..... "NOPE, just had sex three times and it really worked!" That gets them every time!!

And of course, the people with camera's...... what is it with people in Wal-Mart carrying camera's??? They ask if you can take a picture of them with the triplets and shove their camera in your face while they pose! EXCUSE ME..... are you hanging that on your fridge buddy, or selling it to the National Enquirer? EXCUSE ME...... don't get to close to Sam, he BITES! We definitely can not afford a lawsuit in Wal-Mart !!!!!

Seriously, the best part of having triplets means they always have a best friend! I'm so happy I have them... and I'm so happy they're two and a half years old now. I'm so happy it's getting a little bit easier! It's been a long hard three years getting them to this age and I'm looking forward to being able to go somewhere other than Wal-Mart this summer! That makes me so happy!

Be Blessed,