Saturday, March 17, 2007

We're getting a real picket fence!

Yes we are! A real white wooden picket fence for the kids to have a big place to play. I can envision it now.... me sitting out there on the new porch sipping lemonade and taking pictures of my little darlings playing in the warm sunshine! No fighting, no biting, no pulling hair, no tearing the house a part (triplets can do that faster than single kids... did you know that?), not a million toys to pick up, no climbing on furniture, no fighting.... did I say that already? NO FIGHTING!!!! That's my goal.... no fighting! Whew! .... and of course, no biting!

Speaking of biting, because Sam is a "Ace-in-the-hole biter" ..... he targets his prey, which of course is Jay or Meg, and zooms right in and quickly bites hard and then runs! I've thought of a new invention for biters. A face mask, kind of like the kind that paint baller's use! A shield that keeps him from biting! Wonder how many questions I'd get in Wal-Mart if Sam wore a mask????
By the way, if you're noticing that the man standing next to Marlboro Man looks just like him.... you're very observant! That's Marlboro Man's twin........ you should try telling them apart when they're out on a tractor!