Wednesday, April 18, 2007

His Decendants ...

Yesterday when the kids were running all over the farm I was reminded of "Dad." I always have a quiet moment when I think of him and these kids. It's so funny how on the "time line of life" just a few years can make such a big difference. They quietly passed each other like ships in the night. They never got to meet. They will never have known this Grandfather. They will miss this vital part of their lives.
As I watched the kids run over the same place where this man pruned his roses for the last time ... I thought of him. I thought of him when my boys stood outside the barn and I pictured their Daddy with his twin brother standing there so many years ago. I pictured him when my boys were asking, "what's that Daddy?" I thought of him with his own boys when their Uncle Don walked them all over the yard and answered their questions.

We live in the house he was born in ... I sometimes think about when he was a little boy and lived here. I think of him often. Even though my children will never get to meet their Father's Father ... he will always be present in their life through the stories and through their Father's eyes. They will know, that as a child he too lived in this house, he too explored this farm, and he too held their Father's hand, when he was a little boy, and ask, "what's that Daddy?"

Here's thinking of you Dad ... your poppies are budding and "three little roses" that you never got to meet are blooming, and I miss you! Tan