Thursday, April 5, 2007

Sam the Man!

This morning Sam wanted to wear a hat! So Sam has a hat! The hat is too small and won't stay on his head, but Sam is wearing a hat! Sam pretty much gets to do what Sam wants to do! (if reasonable) Not that we're spoiling Sam rotten or anything like that.... but what harm does it do to give in a two year old? It's only a hat .... and he looks so cute in his hat!

He's just "picture perfect" in his hat.... but of course I'm his Mother and I think he's perfect all the time. EXCEPT all the times that we don't give in to Sam, and there are plenty of those times! Sam can go "limp like a noodle" in nothing flat if he doesn't get his way. Flat to the floor and stretched out straight and stiff, face buried in his arms and pouting! Yep, that's Sam's "way" of getting his "way!" Only thing is, it doesn't always work! ... and when it doesn't work, he'll peek out from under those arms to see if you're watching ..... and all you have to do is grin, and Sam just can't stand it... he has to grin back at you! Of course, that's only if candy isn't involved! Then it's a whole different game plan and that's another story!
Be Blessed,