Thursday, May 3, 2007

"I no likes him"

I was reminiscing again and ran across this picture I took of Megan when she was 8 months old. What happened to the baby fat? What happened to the fat cheeks? What happened to those rolls of fat on her thighs? She grew up! They disappeared! After all, she's two and a half now and a little lady! I miss my fat little baby girl .... but the little girl that she's becoming is even better (Sometimes!)

Meg has a personality that is hot one minute and cold the next. She can be the most loving little girl with the prettiest smile and sweetest words, and the next second she is cold as ice and can stare right through you and never blink or crack a smile! Just like she did in this picture. She has the "get it over with" look going on!

She has decided that she doesn't like Michael (my nephew-in-law-to-be) .... she "no likes him!" Michael loves Meg and tries to win her over .... but she "no likes him!" Nope! Not even gummi bears, ice cream or climbing a tree could change her mind!
Oh well, Michael is going to be around for a long long time .... eventually he'll win her over and eventually she will "likes him!" I think I know why she "no likes him." That would be because she now has to share her Laura with Michael that she "no likes!" Two year old's are so funny ...... and so so cute!

Be Blessed,