Monday, August 20, 2007

My New Office

What used to be a blue bedroom Saturday .... became a lime green office for me yesterday! At first I was very shocked when I walked in and saw the shade of green on the wall. The painter ask me if I wanted him to stop. I think I must have had the look! But to see only bits and pieces of lime green around just the windows and door frames covering what was a Robin Egg Blue ... was a shocker!

I spent my spare time gathering other limey looking things around the house, including a quilt that Marlboro Man's Mother made and a matching quilt block that I finished and was told MM's Grandma pieced together. I slapped a big cream rug on the hardwood floor and started decorating. I have a long way to go and when it's finished, I'll post pics from all angles.

My goal is to do this room in a Vintage Retro look. All limes, pinks and browns. Even Marlboro Man likes how it's coming together I think. He hung the Roman shades for me today. I have been editing pictures like crazy to frame and hang on the wall in my new office (hideout).

My plan for this room is to tell MM that I have work to do, then I'll close myself in there, turn on some music, kick back in the recliner and listen to him chase kids all day! Do you think I'll get by with this every Saturday and Sunday afternoon? I think I need to visit Home Depot and get some locks for the door .... ha~

Be Blessed,