Wednesday, August 22, 2007

Lighten Up? Huh?

I just read through this blog of mine, and I said out loud, "Dairy Wife, you need to lighten up. You need some deep therapy old girl." The problem is: I love to write. I love creative writing, and I love to write with emotion. I can go on and on, and stir the deepest emotions and paint a picture with words. I know this. I get carried away sometimes. My stories are true. They are my life and I felt like I needed to put words to my thoughts this past month. Why? I don't know. I just did.

Starting tomorrow, I'm dedicating a whole month to happy thoughts and lots of pictures Of course, that means that Marlboro Man isn't going to like it. For when I'm on a roll ... he's usually on the other end of my camera. Him and his cows and his kids. His kids I love, his cows I don't. They don't like me anyway, so I can poke fun at them all I want. They're just jealous because they have to share him with me!

Be Blessed,