Friday, August 24, 2007

Many Faces of a Woman

The Goddess. Yes, I'll sit here on this rock and look pretty for you. But you owe me. I want a new baby doll and some candy, and yes, a sucker too.

Mom, I'm serious! Please stop buying these itchy dresses at Good-Will for Two Dollars just so you can take my picture. Stop Mom! You're obsessed! I hate them!
I mean it .... no more old Good Will dresses. I am hot and I am itching and you didn't get me some candy. I quit! I'm going home! After all, I am only two years old!

Did I hear you say candy? Ahhhh, on second thought I might just smile. Hurry though, it's 103 degrees and this dress itches!

I just can't take this anymore. I feel exploited and abused! And this dress is horrid. It stinks and it is stiff and I can't twirl in it. I am never doing this again! I am going to refuse from now on. I have better things to do! Please Mom!

Yes, everyone .... my Mother really does go to resale shops and Good-Will and buys these two dollar dresses just so I can be a Princess and play dress up and she really does force me to walk out into the fields tripping on the hem of these stinky old dresses .... all for just a picture! And, then, she conveniently forgets the promises of candy and suckers.