Saturday, August 25, 2007

Stupid People

Today we took the kids to Pizza Hut for lunch. It was a first, and it will be a last! At least, at that Pizza Hut.

I'm sure they will be just as happy to not see me, as I will not going back there!

When we got up to the counter and ordered, the woman ask me how old the kids were. When I told her, "Two", she gives me this look that says I'm trying to cheat her out of a piece of pizza and ask me, "They are all two years old?" .... so of course I answer, "Yes, they are triplets, all three of them are two years old."

So then she proceeded to tell me that she felt SOOOOO Sorry for me and that she couldn't handle her seventeen month old singleton baby! Then she further says, "Yesterday a woman was in here with a brand new set of triplet babies. I told her the same thing, that I feel so so very sorry for her."

I looked at the woman without cracking a smile or batting an eye and said, "well then I guess you probably p***ed her off as much as you're p***ing me off!" I don't think we'll be going back to Pizza Hut anytime soon! Actually, I don't think Marlboro Man wants to go any where with me any time soon, ever.

I seriously think I need a shirt that says, "if you're stupid, please don't open your mouth"

Be Blessed,