Saturday, December 15, 2007

The Dairy Wife's Babies

They're not babies anymore! They just look so big to me these days ... and especially when I see pictures like these. Actually these pictures are the "bust" from the Christmas card attempt. With a little cropping ... a lot of photo shop and a few actions, I ended up with some pretty good pictures of these little kiddo's.

Jay carried the chair off here. He was just getting ready. See that evil little look in his eye and that crooked little grin. He's mischievous.Meg on the other hand is still the Queen! "Take my picture Mom!" about a hundred times. But no cheesy grin this time!
This little guy named Sam had his feelings hurt. He still has tears in his eyes here. It's amazing that even the "bad" pictures turn out "good"... I think it's just the subjects!
Be Blessed Everyone.