Friday, January 4, 2008

Happy Birthday Carter

My grandson was born this evening, about ten weeks before we expected him. He entered this world via an emergency c-section and weighed in at 3.1 pounds and is 15 inches long. He is on a ventilator, but is doing well and is stable. He pinked right up at birth, but soon wore out and needed a boost due to prematurity.

Carter's Mother experienced a partial abruption and was life flighted to a hospital that could handle such a premature baby.

This evening I sat in my car outside the hospital waiting for the helicopter's arrival at the landing pad. Amy's Mother hadn't made it there yet, nor had my son. I parked and got out to go wait inside and heard the helicopter arriving. I got to stay with the nurse that received Amy at the landing pad and walked with them as they took her straight to surgery. Within thirty minutes of her arrival, Carter was born. He was coming into this world whether we were ready or not.

He's a beautiful little man, and could use your prayers. I'll post more pictures tomorrow after I get to visit this new little favorite man of mine. This one was taken with my cell phone and just isn't the best picture.

Count your Blessings Everyone!