Sunday, January 6, 2008

Josh and Carter

Meet Josh. He's Carter's Daddy, and Luke's Daddy too. Today we went to the hospital to see Carter and see how he was doing. .... and, he's doing marvelous!
Meet Carter Joe Eblin. He is off the ventilator, and has no oxygen needs. That is a blessing handed down from God. They placed his nasal feeding tube today and will start feeding him tonight. His umbilical line is out and he has a little IV for hydration. Otherwise, he's doing better than expected for a little thirty-weeker.

He is the spitting image of my son Joey with Josh's dimple in his chin. He's a beautiful baby and I can't wait until the day comes that I can hold and cuddle him. But for now, he has to grow. His little foot is smaller than my thumb, and he has the cutest little round head, with lots of fuzzies on it.

This brings memories of how small my babies were when they were born. Carter was born at the very same gestation to the day as my little kiddo's, and is the exact same size that they were, within a few ounces. Three years as gone by since they were born, and walking into that NICU brought back the memories as if it were yesterday!

Please continue prayers for little Carter, he still has a long way to "grow." It appears that he's what we nurses call a "feeder and grower" and that's about as good as you can get with a little preemie in NICU.

Be Blessed Everyone!