Wednesday, February 6, 2008

Comforting Sam ....

Does this ooze L.O.V.E. ... or what? (click the picture to see it bigger)

This picture makes my heart melt into a million little pieces everytime I look at it. I can't even print it and frame it. It is so out of focus and so pixelated, and so everything bad as far as a image can be .... but it's my favorite. I photoshopped (more like chopped) it to death to even get it this presentable.

This past Sunday morning I set up a background and my nifty little "Alien Bee's" (studio lights) in my living room and stripped the kiddo's down to tee shirts and underwear. I don't know who had the most fun .... them or me!

They rolled around and posed, and hugged each other .... rode their stick horses, turned flips and smiled for me. They forgot that a camera was clicking away, and they had so much fun.

THEN .... Sam purposely hit Jay upside the head with his stick horse, and it was all over. Instantaneous quiet overcame them. Sam sat down on his little green chair, with big tears in his eyes, and his two little comrades comforted him. They always "feed the hand that bites them." That has to be LOVE!

It's so funny how in one split-second, things change around here! Click the picture to see their faces .... and please ignore how bad the image itself is. There are tons more of this session that I have to wade through that are just perfect .... and I can't wait to edit them!

Be Blessed Everyone!

p.s. and to those of you that have missed me posting .... Maybe I haven't ever posted that the end of the month and the first two days are absolutely nuts for me. Reports are due in ... gotta keep that job you know, so I can by a new lenses, a new camera, a new backdrop or two, etc... OH, and pay my cell phone bill so I can talk to some of you!