Monday, February 25, 2008

White Chocolate Raspberry Creme Lipstick ... Anyone?

Night before last, Meg found a Christmas present that I hadn't given her yet. Well, actually I've been hiding it from her ... and probably would have forever, if she hadn't found it. ... and find it good, she did. A big double sided "Dazzle Dream Make-up Case" ... full to the brim!~
Of course, she couldn't dive into it all alone ... so I let them all sit on top of the dining room table and put their "lipstick" on. They were loving it. Meg barked out orders to the boys, on how to apply lipstick correctly. They didn't listen though. They were too busy digging their fingers into the little containers and smelling it. I'm thinking that "the more they use now, the sooner it will all be gone!" Plus, if they're sitting on the table, they can't get it on anything except themselves.Meg actually rubbed half of that tube of lipstick/gloss/chap-stuff/wax/pink-stuff on her lips. All at one time. Back and forth 33,478 times. I counted every time she slid it across her lips. The entire time she stared at me and puckered them babies up!
Sam was eating his, as much as he was rubbing it all over his face. He's just not feminine enough to apply it correctly. He has no idea ... only that it smells good. He does have a good pucker though. ... and he is cute!

Jay, on the other hand only used a tiny little bitty speck of lipstick. He likes to save things. For later. Like hide it in his sock, to keep it later after everyone else is finished with whatever they had, and he can bring it out and tease them with it. He does this. He hides his bubble-gum in his sock too.

Final shot. ... and she's telling me to put the camera down and hide her lipstick from the boys. It's a girl thing she says .... and they're only boys!

Be Blessed Everyone!