Friday, February 15, 2008

"You're making him nervous!"

Tonight when I was getting the kids in bed, Sam would not settle down. I "sorta kinda" yelled just a little bit at him to "get back in that bed!" He instantly dropped down in his bed and started to boo-hoo for his Daddy. .... and wail was more like it.

Jay sat up in his bed, looked at me, rolled his eyes, and in his utmost exasperated voice, he said, "Stop talking to my bubby like that .... you're making him nervous!"

Well, excuse me! I thought that was my line. The kid is only three years old and I thought that I was the boss. I just want to know who taught Jay that nervous word!

Oh, he's cute enough that he got away with it. That, and the fact that my jaw is still upstairs on the floor in their room.

Be Blessed Everyone!