Thursday, July 31, 2008

Happy Birthday Kelcie Jo

I had company this evening. She came to show me how high she can jump and how hard she can stomp. She also decided that I could take a little picture of her, or two or twenty or one hundred thirty-six!

Her Mommy is going to show her "Grandma's" blog so she can see the pictures ....
... and read all the nice comments from all of "Grandma's" friends that are wishing Miss Kelcie a Happy Happy Birthday!
It just seems like yesterday that she was born ... and on Saturday Kelcie will be four years old. I just can't hardly believe that she's growing up right before my eyes. We're having a dual party! Luke will be four just four days after Kelcie and .... we're all going skating and I'll get lots of pictures of every smile and fall!
By the way, here's her new stomping boots! Oh my goodness ... she reminds me of her Mother!
Be blessed everyone.