Friday, August 22, 2008

Hi Honey ... I'm Home!

Hi Everyone! Wow ... I haven't posted in a week and still almost "three thousand" people came to visit me, and for all the countless emails in the last couple of days of all of you checking on me to see if I'm okay ... I am. I'm back.

I didn't go anywhere, but I've been very busy. So busy that my head is still spinning in circles and I want to stop and get off. I'm nearing the end of the month at work and that is busy. I got called out two nights ago late in the night to start an IV and again last night, and that is busy.

My daughter Juli is getting married next Saturday ... and let me tell you, that is BUSY! Busy and exciting. My tonight and this weekend we are finishing wedding plans and making sure we didn't miss any details.

I'm also on stand-by and ready for two triplet Mom's that are in the hospital that are "hanging by the hair of a thread" that could possibly deliver. But we're praying that they can hold off for another two weeks at least. Both are very early, 28 weeks, but their babies are very healthy ... just need to bake in their cozy little ovens a bit longer. For those of you that don't know ... I'm photographing their births. I would appreciate everyone that reads here to say a quick prayer that A & A continue to hang on and keep those babies put! (Sorry A#1, I'm hoping you buy at least another week or two ... and I'll duck next time I come visit you in case you throw a shoe at me) Just kidding ... she's been a great sport for having been there for two months! A#2 just moved into the hotel(hospital) today for the duration ... and she's still a happy camper!!! I can joke about this, because I've been in their shoes, and the ceiling in a hospital room isn't really all that pretty. But just look at the little treasures that they'll get in the end. Baby A, B & C times TWO! Woo-Hoo!!!!

Which brings me to another reason why I've been so busy. My Birth Photography business. I'm working steadily in the evenings on my website. Hopefully it will debut in about a week along with my photography website that is changing as well.

And ... finally, the cutest reason I've been so busy is this peek of these little cuties below. Besides this beautiful set of triplets, I've done five other photo shoots recently.

This Super-Mom just pooped out for the last week ... but I'm back and will get back to blogging pronto!

Enjoy the pictures below ... they're gorgeous!