Wednesday, September 10, 2008

A Big Vent and an Idiot Man

Okay ... this definitely is not about my cute little FarmHouse Kids.

Yesterday evening I called a friend of mine and accidentally got a wrong number. I hung up quickly and didn't leave a message when I realized it wasn't Marcie, and dialed the right number.

Wouldn't you think that would be the end of it? Not. No Way. No How. Nada.

"The Man" called me back. Fourteen times. I had Fourteen missed calls last night when I left the Mothers of Multiples meeting that I had gone to. No messages ... just missed calls. Either this person is desperate or lonely, or so so anal and compulsive that he can't stand the thought of "who" dialed his number by mistake. (notice that I'm calling him a man, for surely a woman wouldn't do this)

THEN, this morning starting at 5:15AM he called again. Four times.

Since my kiddo's have started roaming at night and getting in bed with us about two weeks ago, and sandwiching me until I sweat off three pounds a night, and kick me in the face, stomach and back from 3AM to 7AM ... I don't take calls that early. Nothing personal, but I quickly hit the silent button as fast as I can. I doze with my phone in my hand and pray that they won't wake up.

Anyways (Jay's country farm talk), this morning when I took the kids to preschool, I hit redial to find out why he's calling me back so many times. I only wanted to tell him I had dialed a wrong number and he didn't need to keep calling me to tell me that.

He answered, and yes, it was a Man. He ask who I was ... and why I called his phone. Well, duh ... it was a wrong number. Then he wanted to know if he could call me back sometime because I sounded "nice."

Stunned silence ... and I never have stunned silence!

Boy, he surely doesn't know who he's dealing with now does he? I'm a sleep deprived mom of triplets with issues, who usually let things roll off of my back, but I think I'm going to call "The Man" back tonight at 2AM and tell him that I don't date wrong numbers unless my husband and all my kids can come along!!!!

Do any of you call back numbers to find out who called you? Come on and tell ... I'll tell you if you tell me!