Wednesday, November 26, 2008

Down Comes the Wall

Today marked the era of an historical event!  Marlboro Man committed to and began a project that he was totally against .... only love could have moved him to do this, or the fact that I told him if I he didn't ... he had to buy me another house.  He took the cheap way out and took out the wall!

We live in a almost 200 year old farm house that his Great-Grandfather built when they came over from Germany many years ago.  I kind of think this house is the homestead, but I wasn't around back then and don't know all the history behind it.  I love the house ... but the kitchen was the only room that MM hadn't modernized when he bought this house and restored/remodeled/updated/fix'd-er-up!

When he did this about ten or fifteen years ago ...  he didn't know me yet.  I definately would NOT have put my kitchen stove in front of a window, and today ... it had to go.  I no longer could deal with a greasy window.  No more!

One day last week I met up with MM at Lowe's and we began this project.  In one hour and ten minutes, I picked out a new stove and refrigerator, countertops, floor tile, ceiling light and cabinets.  Talk about decisive ... that would be me!  Then I changed my mind and decided to have the cabinets custom built by a Amish Cabinet maker.  Even MM agreed with me on that move.  So it's all in the works and construction has begun!

We have, or should I say ... had a galley kitchen.  It sure was a long and skinny little thing!  But now it's an alcove off of the dining room and WOW ... what a difference it made.  The kitchen was a add on years after this house was built and the main wall is all windows.  I only have a thirty inch piece of wall in the entire kitchen and that will be the home of my new stove.  My sink is being moved to where my stove was ... my stove is being moved to where my fridge is and my fridge is dancing down to the end of the kitchen where a few glass cabinets will be knocked out!  Three floor length pantry's are coming and another one will be around the corner in the dining room. 

Not even this picture cold excite me as much as getting a new kitchen!  Only thing is ... everything in my house is covered in dusty dirt from the wall being ripped out, and MM told me I am not allowed to make any changes at this point.

As I sit here and blog while he's asleep ... I'm thinking now that I don't want woodwork around the big opening ... and I'm already planning on how I'm going to paint and what saying I'm going to put above the entry way! 

I think I'll just leave him a note about the woodwork ....