Tuesday, December 16, 2008

Home Again ...

Well, actually I didn't go anywhere ... but I am home again. Back to sanity at least. But I did take a little two week break from blogging ... and next time I'll let everyone know. Thanks to all you that kept right on visiting and sometimes a few times a day to see if I've posted. I needed a break .... it's been nuts here.

While I was gone, here's a little bit of what's been happening and what I've been thinking .... in my neck of the woods!

1. Happy Birthday Joey! Waaaaaa! My little boy is so grown up now, but he has been for a long time now. I'm finally realizing that I've actually cut the apron strings and didn't even know it. There are some days that I don't talk to him, then I panic and want to call him ... but I know he's okay. I do that with all my kid's. I have this need to nose and know what's up with them.

2. The Kitchen Project .... Zilch is happening. Here I am at midnight sitting here stewing and eating marinated artichoke hearts out of the jar and drinking orange juice, and looking at the pipes on the back side of my kitchen sink. I swear MM paid off the contractor to not come back or answer his phone. Now what??? Butch quit and the contractor never came back and I have a ripped out kitchen wall and an exposed and naked sink and a few wires hanging down from the ceiling. I'm calling the Carpenter's Union tomorrow! I need help!

3. The Living Room Project .... my painter thumbed her nose at me and decided that I don't know a thing about painting walls. Well ... how was I supposed to know that you have to take down the border around the ceiling before you paint. I just wanted to put a little bit of tape up there and keep it. So my painter ... aka Juli or Miss DIY laughed me out of the room the other night. Here she came all geared up to paint and threw a wrench in everything when she told me that the paint would bleed and ruin the border! Who made her the expert and the one in charge?!!? Afterall, I'm the Mom and I'm thinking crown molding about the size of the border.

4. Santa is coming ... yes he is. On the 25th they say. In 8 more days ... and I'm not ready. I've shopped til I've dropped and I'm going to keep on shopping ... and I've vowed to meyself that I will NOT be wrapping presents at 4:00 am on Christmas morning like I've done the last few years. I still have to put my tree up and I have to go buy a couple of those reindeer yard ornaments that light up and a great big Santa. MM has to string the lights still yet ... and can you believe that he waited until we had a ice storm and it's blistering cold outside. We're real prepared, eh???

We've tried going through all our old toys to clear out some of the old to make room for the avalanche of toys that are about to be mounded on top of us next week .... but they need to keep all the old ones ... just ask them. They love them all and we're not parting with a single thing if they have their way! What happened to the idea of giving away their old toys to someone that could use them?

5. The Desk .... here while back I got this wild new decorating hair and decided that I needed a desk for my office. Only thing is, my office is now the clutter bomb of the house and the desk won't fit in there until I clean the room out, and I have no where to put the accumulation of stuff in that room. I got the desk from my sister, who got the desk from an old bank. It's ancient and big and heavy and is a double sided his and hers desk. What was I thinking?? I paid someone $120.00 to deliver it to me and they could only get it as far as my living room. So I scooted everything around and made a corner for the desk. Now it doubles as a big folding table and I have the kids clothes neatly stacked with clean laundry. Okay ... tell me I'm nuts, but I have triplets you know and lots of laundry. Now I'm looking for someone to take the desk off my hands ... free of charge ... and the catch is, before Christmas.

Oh, one more thing .... never eat Artichoke hearts marinated in vinegar and oil and drink orange juice at midnight and think you're going to go to bed! IT DOESN'T WORK THAT WAY!