Sunday, January 4, 2009

Chicken Frying Fool

All the kids were here last night ... and I was ordered to fry chicken. Lots of greasy fried chicken! We had a Happy Birthday Everyone" party since it's pretty rare to get everyone together these days. As it ended up all of my kiddo's ended up here and all the grandkids except Carter. He's a little snotty right now and was with his Mama. Today's Carter's birthday as well.

Today is Jared's birthday. He's twenty-four now. Unbelievable in my eyes. He was my baby until my little babies came along ... now he's my big baby! Last month Joey and Mariah had birthdays and Elissa's was in October! Juli and Josh will have to wait for the Summer "Everyones Birthday Party!"

Since Jared and Elissa didn't make it home for actual Christmas last week, we celebrated that too last night. The kids had a ball opening presents again. I can now say that Christmas is officially over for this year!