Saturday, February 28, 2009


(Picture at the end of the Post ... No Peeking!)

There's a certain little boy that I can not mention his name ... because he's hanging his head in shame. So to protect his innocence and integrity, I also can not post a 'after' picture of him. (want me to sneak one?)

HE WHACKED HIS HAIR! Right off at his bangs. TWO WHACKS! Right on top of each other. Right in the front. Right where you can see it! But not to the scalp! Praise God! But almost!

... and he's cute, and he looked at me with his pitiful looking face, with his pitiful little hair-cut, and he said, (like it's the scissors fault) "We just can't have them scissors in our house no more now .... can we Mommy?" ... and I melted and told him that it would grow, and that he was beauty-full!
So this evening he wore a Red fuzzy Santa hat ... the entire evening ... and he smiled, and he forgot that he whacked his hair and that I had a camera. His name starts with the letter 'S' and in 'Pig-Latin' it goes something like this: 'Am-Say'.

So what's your hair-cut story? Who's did you whack? Or did you whack someone else's?
When I was a kid ... but way old enough to know better, I cut my sister April's hair off. She had really long hair ... way down her back. We played 'beauty-shop' under the kitchen table late at night when our parents thought we were asleep. I was in charge and made her sit there and I gave her a new style .... a 'pixie'. Kim and Robin didn't wake up Mom and tell on me ... because they were going to be next! Guess what? It didn't happen ... only because my Mom woke up because we made way too much noise and thought it was way too funny. Trust me ... it wasn't funny at all. Not at all!